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Chapter 038

Taken Chapter 038

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya –  The Chief of police arrives


The helpful bystander called the police on his phone and announced, "The Chief will be here in a few minutes. He asked that you wait for him."


I looked at Tanya, she shook her head and replied, "Like I can go anywhere in my SUV…"


True to his word the Chief arrived in about five minutes. However, this time he acted totally different. He looked at Tanya's SUV and politely asked, "What happened here?"


The helpful bystander replied, "Some man in a truck…"


I interrupted, "…It was John Rowe."


The helpful man continued, "…Rammed into her SUV many times."


The Chief shocked us when he called on his radio, "I want an all-points bulletin issued for John Rowe."


Tanya mistakenly asked, "Chief, why are you being so helpful?"


The Chief remarked with a funny smile, "I'm not sure what you're talking about. I've always been helpful." Then he continued, "You should rent a car to replace your SUV and by the way the SUV will need to be impounded for evidence."


The helpful man offered, "I can take you to a rental car agency."


Tanya replied, "Whatever is the closest is fine with me."


I wasn't sure about that statement but I did not challenge it.


We arrived at the rental car agency where I removed Linda and her car seat from the back seat. We entered then Tanya opened her purse and swore, "That bastard! He took my charge cards!"


I affirmed, "Do you mean the Chief of Police?"


Tanya said, "Yes, that's who I mean."


Tanya walked up to the rental counter and asked, "Would it be possible to use your phone."


The man behind the counter said, "Sure, as long as it's a local call and you limit the time of the call to less than five minutes."


Tanya turned the phone toward her and dialed a number. I determined Tanya had called Gladys - one of her group of supporters. She told Gladys about everything the Chief had done. I could hear Gladys yelling in anger through the phone. Tanya hung up the phone, looked at me and said, "Gladys is on her way down here to take care of the rental car and then we're headed to the Mayor's office."


I was still not certain it was a good idea to make enemies of the Chief of Police…


Flashback – Jack and Banzai – Arriving at the hospital


The corporal door gunner really minded his P's and Q's for the rest of the flight. I guess we had put the fear of Banzai in him.


I leaned over and commented, "Banzai, you do realize that Lieutenant George is going to be pissed at us."


Banzai laughed and replied…


I couldn't believe that Jack was concerned about Lieutenant George. I looked at Jack and answered, "I don't care if Lieutenant George has his panties in a bunch over both of us being gone. I guess for once he had to do some fucking work."


We landed on the roof where Jack pointed and noted, "Look who's waiting for us."


Of course it was Lieutenant George and he looked pissed off!


As soon as we exited the chopper he got in our faces and complained, "What the hell were you two doing! I can't believe both of you left here at the same time! I should have your stripes for this!"


I laughed in his face and replied, "So, you want to break the reenlistment agreement I made? Fine, go for it and I will leave the Marines."


Lieutenant George immediately backpedaled, "Now don't get hasty Sgt. Blaine."


Jack added his two cents, "Hell Banzai, after a greeting like that we should leave together more often."


I concurred, "Jack, I think it's time that we talk to Colonel Maggie about being reassigned."


Lieutenant George confessed, "I want to apologize to both of you, but things have gone to hell without you two here."


Jack laughed and commented, "Now you know why they have non-coms in the Marines."


Flashback – Jennifer – Help


As the FBI agents took me away I asked Daniela, "Please call the hospital and tell Daddy what has happened."


Daniela assured me, "Don't worry Señorita Jennifer I will do that immediately."


The FBI agents said, "Calling your father won't help. We have you dead to rights for hacking into the power grid."


Flashback – Glen – Call from Daniela


A nurse walked into Evelyn's room and said, "Sir, your housekeeper called you on line one."


I questioned, "Can you forward the call in here?"


She replied, "No Sir, you need to come to the nurse's station to take the call."

I excused myself, "Evelyn, I need to go see what's going on, I will be right back."


Evelyn declared, "I bet that witch daughter of yours has gotten herself into some sort of trouble."


I shook my head as I left Evelyn's room - she wasn't getting better at all! I followed the nurse to the nurse's station where she handed me the phone and pressed the line button.


Daniela rapidly said, "Señor Donaldson, something terrible just happened!"


I attempted to calm her, "Daniela, calm down and slowly tell me what happened."


Daniela blurted, "Señor Donaldson, the FBI came to the house and took Señorita Jennifer away!"


I bellowed, "What the hell! Did they say what they took her for?"


Daniela informed me, "It was something to do with something she did on the computer."


I swore under my breath but controlled myself and said, "Thank you Daniela for calling to tell me this. Now I need to find out where they took her."


I made a call to the base JAG officer. He answered the phone and I said, "This is General Donaldson, I might need your help."


He asked, "General, what can I do for you."


I replied, "My housekeeper just called and informed me that the FBI has taken my daughter into custody. We need to get her back."


He answered, "Sir, let me make some phone calls to see what's going on."


I explained, "I'm at the hospital now with my wife so call me here when you find out something."


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


As I held Ira I remarked, "Sister, I am regretful that you were so traumatized."


Ira replied, "No Mira, I am remorseful that we cannot pursue Kostia."


I comforted her, "Do not worry my sister there will be sufficient opportunity for that later.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I was surprised that the dealership didn't ask me for a driver's license, but even more surprised that the truck had a full tank of gas. That was a good thing because I didn't plan on stopping for gas any time soon.


I was sure the border patrol agent had been rescued by now and that they would have all law enforcement looking for me and the van.


I laughed about stiffing the idiot at the car lot.


Then Murphy asserted his law and something bad happened.