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Chapter 039

Taken Chapter 039

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Present – Ben, Jens, Destiny, Fiona and James – Meeting the new arrivals


Jens comes over to me and asks, "Honey, can you find Mabel and tell her we have many more people for lunch?"


I reply and ask, "Sure thing, what are we planning on doing with them for the night?"


The head FBI agent comes over and asks the same question, "What are you two planning on doing with these prisoners overnight."


Thom interjects, "They have enough rooms in their cabin for all your prisoners. That is if you don't need to take them in for questioning."


The head FBI agent replies, "We don't have the rooms to house them in, so if the Blaines will agree we could question them here. But only if the Blaines don't mind the company."


Jens smiles and looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I nod my head, she understands and says, "We don't mind them staying here at all. But first we need to get them fed and make sure that any injuries are taken care of."


I recognize my cue and announce, "I need to talk with Mabel about cooking for more people."


I leave and see Jens go back to counseling the women and watch as James and Fiona continue to play with the other children. It's going to be good to have a full cabin once again; I make a mental note to make sure to increase the security some more.


Then Thom walks up to me and says, "Ben, it wasn't a wise idea to tell the FBI about all the missions you had that were cluster fucks."


I ask, "Why's that?"


Thom says, "You can bet after a comment like that, they will pull your DD214."


I laugh and explain, "Let them do that because my DD214 doesn't show any other missions besides those of my time with the Marines."


Thom raises an eyebrow and asks, "How did you arrange that?"


I reply with a line from a Garth Brooks song, "I have friends in low places."


Present – The head FBI agent – Thankful


It's been a boon to us that the Blaines are going to house the prisoners since transporting them to Denver would have been impossible. The only thing I don't like is Jennifer Blaine talking to all the women before we get a chance to interview them. I walk over to where Jennifer is talking with some women. She looks up at me, smiles and asks, "Hello, can we help you?"


I return her smile and answer, "I was hoping that we could interview the women before you talked to them."


Jennifer continues, "Sorry Sir but that's not going to happen. These women have been through a very rough time and need help right now. If you don't like it you're welcome to take them back to Denver."


I backpedal, "That won't be necessary."


Jennifer smiles at me and I can't help but wonder if she doesn't already know the logistical problems we would have in transporting them.


Present – Samantha, Bill and Stacy – Lunch


Stacy finally arrives for lunch, takes a seat and says, "Wow that was an interesting morning!"


Bill complains, "Stacy, you shouldn't have seen the black witches without me beside you."


Stacy laughs and confronts him, "Bill, who's the boss?"


Bill confesses, "Stacy, you know you are but I can't protect you if you take foolish risks."


I don't like it when Bill and Stacy fight so I intervene, "Stacy, what do you want for lunch?"


As if he heard me, Chef Henri comes out of the kitchen with menus and announces, "It's good to have someone to cook for."


Stacy asks, "Don't tell me that we aren't busy?"


Chef Henri confesses, "Without Ms. Mabel here, business has really dropped off. Do you have any idea when she will be back?"


That information surprises me so I offer, "Let me call the Blaines and see what their plans are."


I pull out my phone, call Jennifer's phone but I don't get an answer.


I frown and remark, "That's not like Jennifer - she almost always answers her phone."


I continue, "I think I will call Gretchen."


I call Gretchen's number, she answers and I ask, "Jennifer isn't answering her phone so I wondered what's going on?"

Gretchen explains, "Jennifer's busy counseling a whole bunch of prisoners the FBI rescued from the compound."


I ask, "Is that the black witch compound?"


Gretchen confirms, "That's the one. The FBI launched a huge raid and saved many women and children."


Stacy waves so I ask, "Do you know when Mabel will be coming back to the restaurant?"


Gretchen replies, "I don't think it will be anytime soon since she's busy cooking for everyone."


I end the call and Stacy asks, "What did you find out about the black witches."


I reply, "The FBI launched a raid on the compound and rescued a whole bunch of women and children."


Chef Henri asks, "When will Ms. Mabel be back at the restaurant?"


I try to soften the blow, "Henri, she's cooking for the Blaines and all the rescued prisoners. I don't think she will be back anytime soon."


Henri began to mutter in French and left.


Stacy laughs and says, "Sam, it's a good thing you don't speak French."


I smile at Stacy and reply, "I don't need to speak French to recognize swearing."


Stacy wonders out loud, "I bet the two black witches disappearance had something to do with the FBI raid."


Bill laughs and says, "It serves them right for taking women and children captive."