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Chapter 040

Taken Chapter 040

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – Gladys arrives


Gladys arrived at the car rental agency and I'd never seen her more agitated. She walked up to Tanya and remarked, "I can't believe that bastard Chief of Police took your credit cards."


Tanya replied, "They were in my purse when he took us in and now they're missing."


Gladys replied, "The minute we leave here we're going to the Mayor and get him to fire the bastard."


I cautioned them, "Gladys and Tanya are you sure that is a wise idea?"


Gladys looked at me and asked, "Why wouldn't it be?"


I replied, "John Rowe is already angry with us. Do we really want to antagonize his friend, the Chief of Police?"


Tanya looked like she was in deep thought, then said, "Masha could be right about this. Perhaps there are other ways to handle this problem."


Gladys asked, "What sort of ideas do you have in mind?"


Tanya suggested, "We need to focus John Rowe's and The Chief's anger toward someone else - like John Rowe's soon to be ex-wife."


I agreed but with a caveat, "Tanya, that is a good idea as long as we can make sure that she is safe."


Gladys said, "We could hire private security for her."


Tanya replied and asked, "With the way the men in this town stick together I'm not sure that would work. However I have another idea, Masha do you think she could move into your house?"


I shook my head replied, "Wouldn't that still focus their attention on me?"


Gladys affirmed and asked, "She right Tanya, however we could have her move in with me. Now how do we focus John Rowe and the Chief's attention on her?"


Tanya replied, "That's easy. As her lawyer, I will demand that she receives one-hundred percent of everything that John Rowe has accumulated."


I asked, "Is that normal in America?"


Gladys replied with a smile, "That depends on the judge we get and I might have some influence on who that will be."


Flashback – Banzai and Jack – The continuing saga


With Lieutenant George properly castigated. I decided to find Amir and check on the children we rescued.


As I walked through the hospital, many of the enlisted men approached me and expressed how happy they were that Jack and I were back. From what they said, all Lieutenant George did while we were gone was complained and give everyone shit.


A corporal approached me and I asked, "Where is the teenage boy named Amir who I brought back with me when I rescued all those children?"


He thought for a moment and then shocked me by saying, "I think he left, but you need to check with the doctors and nurses to make sure I'm correct."


I rushed into the doctor's lounge and asked, "Did the teenage boy named Amir leave the hospital?"


One of the doctors replied, "He was bothering the nurses so they threw his ass out of the hospital."


I complained, "What the hell!"


That was the wrong thing to do because the doctor stood up and said, "Sgt. is that any way to talk to an officer?"


I replied, "Sorry Sir, I can't believe he's gone and that is what really bothers me."


He showed his idiocy when he replied, "Good riddance to bad rubbish!"


I noted his name and decided if I ever got the chance he was going to have an 'accident'.


Flashback – Glen – Call from the JAG officer


I returned to Evelyn's room and she demanded, "Well? Was I correct? Did your witch daughter get into some sort of trouble?"


I countered the question, "Evelyn, as long as you call our daughter a witch, they will never let you out of here."


Evelyn shot right back, "Glen, that's fine with me. Living with a witch is dangerous."


I started to say something when the nurse entered and announced, "General it's another phone call for you."


I said to Evelyn as I left, "I will be right back."


I followed the nurse to the station, she handed me the phone and punched the line button. The JAG officer said, "Glen, your daughter is in a world of trouble. The FBI claims she hacked into the power grid and they have proof of her action."


I swore under my breath. What the hell was Jennifer doing?


I replied, "Damn when it rains it pours! I'm in the hospital with Evelyn and now Jennifer has been taken. Would it be possible for you to handle this?"


The JAG officer replied, "Don't worry about it. I will see what I can do and will keep you in the loop."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I began to feel slightly better so I suggested, "Mira, perhaps we can now pursue Kostia?"


Mira replied, "Ira, do not burden your cerebral personality about the matter. There will be time to kill Kostia after you have healed."


I moved to a more comfortable position and stated, "Thank you Mira for your tender ministrations."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I should have known better! This truck smoked some but then an ominous noise developed in the engine - a knocking noise that could only be attributed to the connecting rods of the engine.


I slowed down but it didn't help. The racket from the engine grew worse, then there was a bang, a belch and the truck died in a cloud of smoke and steam.