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Chapter 041

Taken Chapter 041

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben and Thom – Discussion about security


Thom exclaims, "Ben I'm not sure how you were able to get your DD214 changed!"


I smile at him and comment, "Thom, it was necessary so that my family could be safe and before you ask, I'm not going to tell you how it was done. I'd like to change the subject and talk with you about increasing the security at the cabin."


Thom smiles and replies, "Okay, I'm not going to mention your DD214 again. So what sort of security do you want on the cabin?"


I think for a moment and reply, "I don't think it needs to be as serious as it was before because the threat level isn't as high. But of course we need to have the front gate manned and probably some roving security."


Thom asks, "What about the so called black witches? Are you worried about them taking your children and Jennifer?"


I inform him, "Thom, we permanently took care of the black witches."


Thom starts to ask a question when we're interrupted by Mira and Ira.


Mira walks up and begins, "Mr. Blaine we would like to…


Ira continues, "… work for you again."


I smile at them and ask, "So you don't want to live with Alexi anymore. What changed your minds?"


Ira starts, "Mr. Blaine, we have spoken of this and decided…"


Mira finishes, "… that living in that environment was not conducive to our good health."


Thom asks, "What was so bad about living with Alexi?"


I know what is coming so I excuse myself, "Thom you can stay and listen to this but I still need to talk with Mabel about all our new guests."


I begin to leave and Mira asks, "Mr. Blaine are all the strangers remaining in residence?"


I smile at them and answer, "They are for now."


Ira responds, "Then we will need to ensure they are not a danger to your family."

I tell them, "No you won't - we already know who they are. They were being held prisoner by the black witches and are innocent victims. You two would do well to remember when you were prisoners."


Ira remarks and asks, "Mr. Blaine that is something that Mira and I choose to not reflect upon. Did the sweat lodge ceremony provide resolution to the black witch problem?"


I can see that Thom is going to ask about the sweat lodge ceremony and I nip it in the bud by saying, "Sorry I still need to talk with Mabel. Mira and Ira you are welcome to stay here for as long as you desire." I leave and watch as Thom and the twins continue to talk.


I walk into the kitchen and Mabel immediately asks, "Ben, how many more people am I cooking for?"


I reply, "Mabel, I'm not exactly sure how many people the FBI rescued. Let me find the head agent and ask him."


Mabel announces, "Ben, we will probably need to purchase more groceries."


Shit! I'd forgotten that Mabel doesn't drive. I reply, "That's Okay Mabel make a list and I will get them for you."


Mabel reminds me, "Sorry Ben, but I prefer to purchase the groceries myself."


I reply, "Then make the list and I will take you to the store. While you're making a list I will get a head count from the head FBI agent."


I wander into the main conference room, approach the head FBI agent and ask, "So, how many prisoners did you rescue."


He of course replies with a question, "Why do you want to know?"


I decide not to be a pain in the ass and simply answer, "Mabel wants to know how many people she needs to cook for."


The head FBI agent comments, "She is one fine cook! Please tell her that we rescued forty-eight prisoners."


I wave and respond, "She and I are headed to town to purchase more groceries."


I head back to the kitchen and tell Mabel, "The FBI rescued forty eight adult and child prisoners."


Mabel remarks, "Land sakes, I sure didn't think it was that many!"


I ask, 'Is there a problem with the number of people you need to cook for?"


Mabel replies, "Not really but I could use some help in the kitchen."


I offer, "I would be glad to help."


Mable gives me a strange look and asks, "What do you know about cooking?"


I smile and reply, "Well, my specialty is grilling, but I sure can handle a knife with the best of them."


Mabel says, "Well, we can give you a try and see how you work out. Now let's go get more food for lunch today."


We walk to the garage, climb into truck and head to town.


Present – Samantha, Bill and Stacy – Lunch


Stacy confronts him, "Bill, that wasn't a nice thing to say."


I complain, "Stacy and Bill, if you're going to keep fighting with each other then I'm going to leave."


Bill replies, "Sorry Samantha, but I really didn't like the black witches."


Stacy adds, "Samantha please stay. You don't want to disappoint Chef Henri."


I threaten, "Okay, but if you two fight again I'm leaving and going back to the cabin."


Stacy informs me as she changes topics, "We're going to hire some people to clean Alexi's house."


I gasp and mention, "I hope they are going to be men."


Stacy laughs and replies, "Of course they will be. I sure don't want to have Alexi marrying any more women."


Bill adds, "Yasmin even agreed they had to be men."


I suggest, "Stacy, have you thought about starting a cleaning company?"


Stacy says, "I'm not sure there would be much of a need in Leadville. But we can certainly let Alexi do the analysis on it. Bill will you make sure to take care of that?"


I wonder, "Bill how are things coming with a body guard for me?"


Bill says, "We should have one for you this afternoon."