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Chapter 043

Taken Chapter 043

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Present – Ben and Mabel – Grocery shopping


We arrive at the grocery store and Mabel remarks, "This will be new experience for me."


I ask, "Why's that?"


Mabel answers, "At the restaurant, I just call in an order and the groceries are delivered."


I quickly think and ask, "With as many people as we're cooking for, do you think they would deliver to the cabin?"


Mabel replies, "That's a great idea, we can certainly ask them. That would save hours of time."


I question, "Do you have the delivery company's phone number?"


Mabel answers, "Of course I do, but it's in my purse back at the cabin."


I offer, "I will call them when we get back if you desire."


Mabel says, "That will be great! You will also need to setup an account with them if they agree to the deliveries."


I ask, "I assume they want a credit card to setup the account?"


Mabel affirms, "That's correct; now let's get the groceries for today."


I offer, "To save time, I will be glad to take half your list."


Mable reluctantly tears her list in two and commands, "Make sure all the food is fresh and the best quality."


That makes me think of something so I ask, "What happens if the delivery company does not deliver good food."


Mable grins, "That happened once at the restaurant and I can guarantee that it will never happen again."


I remark, "So you put some fear into them?"


Mabel chuckles, "I sure as hell did! I refuse to cook with any food that doesn't meet my standards."


I mention, "Well we sure appreciate you coming back to cook for us."


Mabel replies, "Well, I sure couldn't leave all of you stuck with the problems you were having."


I decide to ask, "Do you know when you will be returning to the restaurant?"


Mabel surprises me with her answer, "I'm not returning until things calm down at the cabin."


I wonder out loud, "Aren't you worried that Stacy will fire you?"


Mabel laughs, "Well if she does I will just work for you guys again."


I caution, "Mabel I don't think that we can pay you as much as Stacy does."


She laughs again and replies, "Ben, I don't spend the money that she pays me anyway. I'm assuming that the arrangements would be the same as before?"


I counter, "Not really, we would have to pay you something for cooking for us."


Mabel suggests, "How about a fourth of what Stacy pays me?"


I ask, "How much does she pay you?"


Mabel shocks me when she replies, "Stacy pays me one thousand a week."


I ask, "So you're willing to work for us for two-fifty a week."


Mabel adds, "And of course a room in the cabin."


I smile and reply, "You've got a deal!"


Mabel says, "Now since that's settled, let's get the shopping done because I have a lunch to prepare."


I add, "You mean we have a lunch to prepare."


Mabel smiles, "That's right, I forgot you're going to help me."


Present – Samantha, Bill and Stacy – Lunch


A man in full body armor walks into the restaurant and Bill introduces us, "Speak of the devil. Mike this is Samantha Stevens - you're going to be her bodyguard."


Mike says, "Ms. Stevens, I've of course seen you on the Truth Network, it will be an honor to make sure you're safe."


I shake his proffered hand and reply, "Thank you I hope I won't be too much trouble."

He answers, "I don't foresee us having any issues."


Stacy asks, "Bill, where will Mike be sleeping?"


Mike suggests, "If I'm Ms. Steven's bodyguard I should sleep at her castle."


I mention, "We do have some extra rooms at my house."


Bill agrees, "Then it's settled. Mike you're to sleep at the castle with Ms. Stevens, Ms. Summers and myself."


Mike asks, "What about meals?"


I reply, "I'm cooking tonight so I will make sure to make enough for everyone."


Stacy suggests, "Sam, since the restaurant isn't busy perhaps we should come back here to eat."


I answer, "That's a great idea! However we should let Henri know we're coming tonight."


Mike asks, "Ms. Stevens, what's the plan for the rest of the afternoon?"


I reply, "I'm headed to the Blaine's cabin to see if there's a news story out there just waiting for me."


Stacy requests, "Sam, please see if you can figure out what they did to the black witches."


Mike scoffs, "Black witches! This isn't Halloween!"


Stacy informs him, "Mike, I personally met with two of them not all that long ago."


Bill concurs, "That's right. I was there the first time they came to the office."


Mike gives everyone a strange look but says, "Okay, if that's what you all say."