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Chapter 045

Taken Chapter 045

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben and Mabel – Heading back to the cabin


I comment to Mabel, "That didn't take long."


Mabel replies and agrees, "Not long at all, thanks to your help. I did check your purchases and you did an excellent job of selecting quality food."


I smile at her and reply, "Thanks, I'm glad it meets your approval."


We take the multiple carts out to my truck and put them in the back seat.


Mabel checks her watch and says, "Shoot, it looks like lunch is going to be late today."


As if someone heard, my phone rings. I check the caller ID and determine it's Jens. I answer, "Hello my love, what can I do for you?"


She replies, "Ben, where are you and Mabel because everyone is getting hungry."


I reply, "My love, we just finished shopping for lunch and should be home in a few minutes to prepare everything. So hold your horses."


Jens saucily replies, "I think I know something else I'd rather hold."


I fight back my building blush and give her some good news, "Jens, that will have to wait until later but I have a couple bits of good news to share with you."


Jens says, "Well, don't keep me waiting."


I reply, "First, we hired Mabel to cook for all of us full time and second, Mira and Ira are moving back into the cabin."


Jens remarks, "Ben that's great news - now get back here because we're hungry!"


I tease, "Okay boss, we're headed back now."


I hang up the phone and Mabel asks, "So Jennifer is the boss now?"


I chuckle, "Mabel, you should know she's always been the boss."


I start the truck, begin to drive and my phone rings again. This time it's Thom and because I don't like to drive and talk on the phone at the same time, I stop the truck and answer the phone. Thom asks, "Ben, do you know where Mabel is because we're all hungry."


I swore, "Dammit, Thom, we had to shop for food and we are on our way back to make lunch now. That is if everyone will leave me alone so I can drive."


Thom says, "I should probably relay that information to everyone."


I reply with a bit of a bite, "Yeah, that would be a great idea."


Mabel says, "It sounds like the troops are getting restless."


I reply, "Yeah and I can't believe it."


Mabel declares, "Ben get used to it. People expect food when they want it and they don't realize that good cooking takes time."


I counter, "Well if they don't like it they can go out and buy their own damn food."


Mabel laughs and says, "I could just see you saying that to Jennifer."


I begin to drive and admit, "You’re right, I don't think I want to have that discussion."


Present – Samantha, Mike and John – headed to the cabin


With lunch being over, it's time to get to the cabin. I motion to Mike and say, "let's walk up to the castle, pick up John my camera man and head to the cabin."


We head out the door and Stacy reminds me, "Sam, please find out about the black witches."


I tease, "Oui, mon capitaine."


Stacy comments, "I thought you took Spanish lessons."


I did so I answer, "Si, mi capitán."


Stacy replies, "Eso es más como eso."


That's more like it.


Mike asks, "So you speak French and Spanish."


I giggle and explain, "No I speak Spanish and know a few words in French."


Mike attempts a joke, "A person that speaks two languages is called bilingual. What do you call a person who only speaks one language?"


I've heard this one before but I humor Mike, "I'm not sure."


He chuckles and replies, "An American."


I give a halfhearted laugh and order, "Mike stay here, I will get John and the van."


Mike counters, "Sorry Ms. Summers, I need to make sure that you're safe so I'm coming in the castle."


I snidely reply, "What-ev-er."


Mike complains, "Ms. Summer's I'm just trying to do my job."


I state, "Mike, the castle has a state of the art alarm system, if there was a problem we would know."


Mike queries, "How can it be functional with John inside?"


I inform him, "Because of the way it's configured. You will see later tonight."


We both walk into the castle, John sees Mike and asks, "Who are you?"


I reply, "John, this is Mike - he's my new body guard."


John extends his hand to shake and Mike says, "Sorry, I don't shake hands when I'm on the clock."


I counter, "Mike, you shook my hand in the restaurant."


Mike stated, "That was because you're my new boss."


I order, "Mike, shake John's hand."


John says, "Forget in Samantha, Mike is too fucking late. Are we headed somewhere."


I reply, "Grab your gear, we're headed to the Blaine's cabin to interview the prisoners."


Mike annoyingly reminds me, "Don't forget that Ms. Summer's wants to know about the so called black witches."


I glare at Mike and threaten, "Mike, keep it up and you won't be my body guard."


Mike arrogantly counters, "Ms. Steven's, only Bill can fire me."


I've had my fill of Mike so I pull out my phone call Stacy and complain, "Stacy, I don't think Mike is going to work out."


Stacy orders, "Bill, call Mike and find out what the hell is going on."

Mike's phone rings, he answers and I can hear Bill reading him the riot act…