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Chapter 046

Taken Chapter 046

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Flashback – Masha, Gladys and Tanya – New Computer


The saleswoman showed me what I considered to be a huge desk and I complained, "I do not have room for such a large desk."


Tanya countered, "Masha, I know that's a three bedroom house you live in so don't tell me that you don't have room for that desk."


I replied, "One of the bedrooms is mine, the other bedroom is for Louise and Linda while the third bedroom is set up for my husband Jack."


Gladys asked, "So what does Jack have in this bedroom?"


I replied, "He has a work table and the gun safe."


Sensing victory Tanya laughed, "And since he's deployed, how often does he use those things?"


I explained, "He doesn't but sometimes I do." Mention of the gun safe reminded me of killing the teenage girl and I began to cry.


Gladys asked, "Masha, what's wrong?"


I once again explained, "This whole situation reminded me of when I had to kill that teenage girl."


Tanya remarked, "Masha, we didn't know that unfortunate situation was still bothering you."


I replied, "Well it does."


Gladys offered, "Masha, perhaps you need to go to counseling for this."


I replied, "No, what I need is for me to not be constantly reminded about it. I'm sure Jack is going to be upset because the police confiscated the shotgun."


Gladys offered, "Masha, I will check and see if they will return it to you."


Tanya attempted to support me, "Masha we are sorry for causing you pain about this."


I dismissed it with a wave of my hand and said, "Let's just get this whole computer debacle over with."


I looked at the saleswoman and asked, "Do you have any desks which are smaller?"


She smiled and replied, "Of course we do."


My new phone interrupted her and startled me when it rang. I answered it and heard Louise, "I'm not sure who called me."


I replied, "Louise it is me, Masha. This is my new phone number on my new phone."


Louise asked, "What happened to your old phone?"


I replied, "I was coerced into purchasing a new phone by Gladys and Tanya." I complained further, "Now I'm being compelled to get a computer."


To my surprise Louise had an upbeat reply, "Masha that's great news! It's about time you got a computer."


I answered, "Well, I'm not sure where we are going to put it."


Louise suggested, "How about the room with all of Jack's stuff in it."


I said, "I am not sure there is enough room."


Louise countered, "Masha don't be crazy! We can move the table out of the way and it will work great." She continued with a question, "Perhaps I could use the computer too?"


I looked at the saleswoman and asked, "Is it possible for more than one person to use a computer?"


Gladys interrupted, "Masha, is that Louise? If so, make sure you tell her about the job offer and tell her it comes with a new laptop computer."


The saleswoman motioned to us and said, "I think you all are going to be busy, I will be back later to help you."


I began to tell Louise about the job offer and she became very excited.


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


I hit the ground floor, got ready to dash outside and was stopped by a corporal. He asked, "Sgt., where are you headed?"


I replied, "I’m going to rescue Amir and bring him back to the hospital."


He concurred with my mission and added, "It was the fucking Lieutenant that caused the problems with him."


I asked, "I was told he was bothering the nurses?"


The corporal set me straight, "Like hell Amir did! While you were gone the Lieutenant thought he could get free passage into the nurses' panties. They didn't like it so to shift notice from his actions he blamed everything on Amir."


I queried, "Are you sure about this?"


The corporal confirmed, "Hell yes Sgt.! You can ask any of the men."


Jack walked up and I relayed everything to him, "Jack, this corporal just gave me some important information. He told me that the Lieutenant was chasing the nurses while we were gone and then blamed it on Amir."


Jack swore, "That son of a bitch! So Banzai, what are your plans."


I replied, "Jack, I think I'm through working with him. It's time that we fix his ass - but good."


Jack asked, "What do you have in mind?"


I pulled Jack to the side and detailed my thoughts.


Flashback – Glen – Heading home


I was thankful that I could go home and even hoped that Jennifer might be there when I arrived. I went to the parking garage, picked up my car and slowly drove home. When I arrived home and pulled into the garage, Daniela was there to meet me. She remarked, "Señor Donaldson, you look terrible!"


I tried to ignore her remark about her appearance and asked, "Is Jennifer here?"


Daniela replied, "Si Señor Donaldson, she just arrived home. Are you hungry? I could make you something to eat."


I thought for a moment and replied, "Daniela, that would be nice. But first could you ask Jennifer to come down here."


Daniela left and I slumped into my comfortable chair. It wasn't long until Jennifer stood at the doorway and said, "Daddy, you're home. I'm soooo sorry for what happened."


I held out my arms. She ran to me and jumped onto my lap, I held her and said, "Don't worry, things are going to be fine."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We translocated from the area of my rehabilitation and moved toward the direction in which Kostia escaped. While I was still slightly injured and therefore not at my physical peak, it felt good to be doing something besides impatiently waiting for recovery


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I took the compass and the map from my backpack and laid out a course through the area. I set a target on the horizon and booked it.