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Chapter 047

TAKEN Chapter 047

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben, Mabel and Thom – Making lunch


We arrive back at the cabin and the lunch lines are already forming. I look at Mabel and comment, "You were sure right about how impatient people are about their food."


Mabel confirms, "That was one of the things I disliked about the restaurant: People often complaining their food took too long."


I smile and respond, "Well, you won't have to deal with that anymore. Was there anything else you disliked about the restaurant?"


Mabel questions, "Why would you like to know?"


I grin and reply, "Now that we have you back, I want to make sure you're not offended because we like you and want you to stay."


Mabel grimaces and admits, "Yes. Some of the restaurant customers demanded to 'see the chef' but when I cook I never feel like I'm presentable enough to be seen by the public."


Thom walks up to my window and asks, "Do you need any help bringing the groceries?"


I want to swear but bite my tongue and reply, "Sure, but know it's going to take some time before we're ready to eat."


Thom glares at me and responds…


I sure as hell don't like waiting for my food, so I complain, "Ben, perhaps you could be more organized about this."


Ben glares at me and shocks me with his reply, "Thom, if you feel like that perhaps you can now find your own damn food to eat."


I look at Mabel and thank God she has mercy on me and says, "Now Ben, don't be crabby?"


Ben replies, "Mabel, I'm not crabby but sometimes I get tired of the constant complaints I hear."


Thom apologizes and redirects my attention, "Sorry Ben, I didn't mean to insult you. How about I help cook lunch?"


Now it's Mabel's turn to complain, "Thom, I'm not sure that I want you helping in the kitchen."


Thom demands, "Why the hell not?"


Mable explains, "I already have Ben helping and you know what they say, 'too many cooks spoil the broth.'"


Present – Samantha, Mike and John – heading to the cabin


Mike complains, "Hey, I don't like the fact that you called Stacy and ratted me out."


I counter, "Mike, you work for me, not the other way around."


John interjects, "Mike really makes me appreciate Victor."


Mike demands, "Who the hell is Victor?"


I inform him, "He was my previous bodyguard and did a hell of a job without insulting anyone."


Mike whines, "Hey, I sure as hell don't need this bullshit."


Now I reach my limit, "And I sure as hell don't need you to work for me! Now leave my home."


Mike threatens, "You two will both be sorry for this."


John replies, "Not as sorry as you will be."


I call Stacy again and complain, "Stacy, Mike has threatened me so I'm firing him. Please have Bill come and escort him out of the castle."


Bill takes Stacy's phone and says, "Samantha, don't worry I will be there immediately."


I glare at Mike and demand again, "Leave my home immediately!"


John adds to the insult, "And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."


Mike lunges for John, but John dodges as he surprises the hell out of me by reaching behind his back and produces a pistol. He points it at Mike and says, "You have now been asked twice to leave, now get the hell out of our home."


Mike does the unthinkable: He retaliates and shoots John in the chest. I quickly dash to the control panel for the alarm system and trigger the alarm. Then I kneel and begin to render aid to John.


Bill arrives, observes what has happened and says, "Mike, you're going to jail for this."


Mike points his rifle at Bill and threatens, "I don't think so."


Mike doesn't realize but when I triggered the alarm, it put out a call to all of Bill's security team.


Bill grins at Mike as the security team, with rifles ready, dashes into the castle and says, "Oh yeah - you're going to jail! We sure as hell don't like threats to our people let alone shooting them."


Bill's security team calls the sheriff, Bill looks at me and apologizes, "Samantha sorry for this problem."


Then he looks at John and asks, "When did you start wearing a ballistic vest."


John replies, "When this whole black witch thing came up."


I smile at John and say, "I'm sure glad you had a vest on, otherwise Mike would have killed you."


John slightly complains, "Well the vest stopped the bullet but I think I have a hell of a bruise on my chest."


I demand, "Okay John, take the vest off and let's see."


John counters, "Sam, I'll be fine. Let's gear up and head to the Blaine's for the interviews."


Bill says, "I'm going to get someone else to be your bodyguard."


I ask, "I sure as hell hope they aren't crazy like Mike was."


Bill promises, "Don't worry, I think I have the perfect person in mind."