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Chapter 048

Taken Chapter 048

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha, Gladys, Tanya and Louise on the phone – New Computer


I inform Louise, "I told Gladys that I needed someone to help with the Krav Maga and the yoga classes and that someone is you."


Louise replied, "Masha, I'm not sure I can afford to take the job because I would lose the benefits of  free tuition for my schooling."


Gladys motions for the phone so I replied, "Louise, Gladys wants to speak with you."


I hand Gladys the phone and Gladys somehow puts the phone on speaker and offers, "Louise, Masha says she needs you to work for her. I am willing to match the offer from your current job, including the health care and I will even throw in a new laptop."


We hear Louise reply, "Gladys I'm not sure what to say. I have worked at this store forever and never thought I would leave."


Gladys said, "Well, you need to decide."


Louise said, "I would love to take the offer however I would need to know that I have some sort of job security."


Gladys comforted her, "As long as Masha is happy with you, you can be sure that you will have a job."


Louise confessed, "Masha I'm not sure what I will do for you."


I replied, "Louise, you would help instruct the Krav Maga classes and the yoga classes."


Louise became silent then finally said, "Okay, I will accept your offer. When will I start?"


I looked at Gladys and asked, "When will the studio be open?"


Gladys replied, "Masha that probably won't be for at least several months. But if you want to hire Louise sooner that's fine with me."


I thought for a moment and said, "Louise, if we hired you now then we could get you better trained on Krav Maga and yoga along with being better prepared for our opening."


Louise said, "Masha, thank you for this opportunity. I will give Michael my notice today."


The saleswoman came back and asked, "Are you ready to buy your computer now?"


Gladys said, "Yes we are and we have good news - we are also going to add a new laptop to this purchase."


We found a desk that I liked and then the saleswoman started to talk about things I didn't understand like processors and memory and hard disk space. Gladys rescued me when she said, "Just give Masha the best computer, monitor and printer that money can buy."


The saleswoman said, "That certainly presents no problem. With the computer taken care of what sort of laptop would you like."


Gladys again instructed, "Once again let's get the best one money can buy."


I advised some caution, "Gladys, I'm not sure we want one that's too large."


Gladys replied, "Masha you're right. Let's make sure it's not too big."


We walked over to the laptops and the saleswoman suggested, "This is a nice laptop that isn't too large. It has a full HD touch screen."


Gladys said, "Well take it. Now we need to have the desktop and computer delivered to Masha's house. But we will take the laptop with us."


I gave the saleswoman my address and she said, "We will deliver the computer and desk tomorrow morning. I will make sure it's all set up for you."


Tanya asked, "Masha, do you have Internet at your house?"


I shook my head and replied, "No I don't, is that a necessity?"


The saleswoman remarked, "We want to delay the delivery of the computer until the internet is connected at your house."


I questioned, "Why is that?"


She replied, "So we can make sure the computer properly connects to the internet."


Gladys swore, "Damn! I guess we need to get that taken care of first."


I remarked, "I never thought getting a computer would be such a complex process."


Flashback – Banzai and Jack – The continuing saga


I pulled Jack to the side and detailed, "Jack, I still have some pull with a few of the nurses so I will have a talk with a couple of them and see if we can't convince them to get Lieutenant George in a compromising position. Then we can bust in the room and get pictures of the whole scene."


Jack frowned and replied, "Hell Banzai, I'm not sure that would work. Besides, Lieutenant George might enjoy it too much. So let's try this: We get him and a nurse together then we let him 'overhear' that the nurse has a case of the clap."


I smiled at Jack and said, "Jack you devious devil, that's a great idea!"


Jack added, "Yeah, and if we can get a doctor to confirm the clap, then Lieutenant George will be removed from here."


I added, "There's only one problem - the nurse is going to get in trouble too."


Jack swore, "So what's the big fucking deal about that?"


I said, "The big fucking deal is she will probably get in more trouble than the fucking Lieutenant."


Jack laughed, "Hell it will serve her right!"


I wanted to smack the fuck out of him but decided to fight dirty, "So Jack, how would you feel if it was Masha who got in trouble?"


Jack looked confused and asked, "Banzai, what the fuck are you talking about?"


I explained, "Jack, we won't know if the nurse we accuse is married or not. If she has a husband it would be just like someone accusing Masha of sleeping around."


Jack finally saw the light and said, "I think we need to figure out some other way to get Lieutenant George."


I agreed so we figuratively put out heads together for a new plan.                                    


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – explanation


I started to explain to Daddy, "Daddy, I really didn't hack anything at all. All I did was to go to their control site to confirm the rumored problems."


Daddy hugged me and replied, "Jennifer, it doesn't matter now. Your college professor has worked out an arrangement with the FBI which will solve most of the problems."


Daniela walked in and said, "Señor Donaldson your dinner is ready."


Jennifer asked, "Daniela I'm a little hungry too, is there enough food for me."


Daniela laughed, "Señorita Jennifer did you forget that I always make more than enough food."


We gathered at the table for one of Daniela's feasts.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Finding Kostia's trail wasn't difficult. He did not even attempt to disguise his path of retreat. Mira said, "My sister, perhaps this is the situation where we will finally eliminate this son of a female saluki."


I cautioned, "My sister, we must not count our Gallus gallus domesticus before they are incubated."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


With my target in sight, I took off at a slow jog - one that I could continue for hours on end.