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Chapter 049

Taken Chapter 049

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben and Mabel – Finally Making lunch


We finally make it to the kitchen and Mabel commands, "Okay Ben, you can start scrubbing the hell out of all the vegetables."


I smile and reply, "No problem." I clean the sink with a disinfectant, scrub my hands, dump the vegetables into the sink, grab a scrub brush and go to town."


Mabel praises me, "Ben, I am glad to see that you cleaned the sink first."


I smile at her and say, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The last thing I want are people getting sick from your cooking."


Mabel laughs and corrects me, "Ben, you mean our cooking."


Mabel moves to a second sink, sanitizes it and begins to clean the chicken.


She reminds me, "Ben, you were going to call the company that delivers the food to the restaurant."


I suggest, "Mabel, let's wait until we start cooking the meal. I don't want to clean my hands again."


Mabel agrees, "Ben you're correct, thank you for thinking of that."


I question, "So what are we cooking today?"


Mabel replies, "We need something that can be eaten by everyone so we're making chicken soup." Mabel is finished cleaning the chicken, brings out a huge pot and says, "Shoot I forgot to boil some water first."


I point to a separate spigot on the side of the sink and say, "I'm not sure how hot the water needs to be, but that's hooked to an instantaneous water heater under the sink."


Mabel replies and remarks, "I like the water just below boiling, and that's a great device to have. Why did you install that?"


I reply, "I got tired of constantly boiling water for everything - that's why this is here."


Mabel takes a cup, puts some water in it, checks the temperature and says, "This should be perfect. Ben can you help me fill the soup pot."


I grab the big soup pot, move it over to the hot water spigot and begin to fill it. I ask, "How do you want the vegetables sliced?"


Mabel replies, "Ben they just need fit in the blender. We want the soup as smooth as possible to lessen the chance it might give someone indigestion."


The big soup pot is full of hot water so I move it to the stove, put it on the burner and turn it on. Mabel brings the cleaned chicken over, puts it into the pot and begins to throw in some spices.


I move back to the vegetables and begin to quarter them so they fit into the blender. Once the blender is full, I put some of the hot water in it, place it on the base and blend the hell out of it. It quickly makes short work of the vegetables - with a hell of a noise.


Mabel asks, "What sort of blender is that?"


I reply, "It's a Blendtech. I bought it because I was tired of the wimpy blenders that broke all the time." Then I inform her, "The company is crazy and as part of their advertising they blend all sorts of things in the thing."


Mabel asks, "Like what things?"


I reply, "Marbles, Golf balls, hell they even did a mobile phone."


Mabel states, "Well the only issue I can see is we're not ready to add the vegetables yet."


I state, "Don't worry, we have several containers available." I reach under the counter, pull out several more and begin to clean them. Once they're clean I repeat the process with the vegetables. When I get to the end, I don't have quite enough room in the last container so I cram it completely full. When I blend it there's a little problem - the vegetables leak all over the base and Mabel complains, "Ben don't burn yourself!"


I reply, "Sorry about that, but I didn't burn myself and now all the vegetables are ready. Don't worry I will clean it up."


Mabel continues, "Ben you really need to be careful, I don't want to lose my assistant on the first meal."


I apologize, "Don't worry about it, I'm pretty damn tough."


Present – Samantha and John – heading to the cabin


With Mike out of our hair I remark, "John it wasn't wise to aggravate Mike."


John admits, "I sure never figured he would shoot me."


I scold, "You were lucky you were wearing a ballistic vest. I'm not sure what I would do if you would have died."


John poo poos my statement, "Sam, you would have just found a new cameraman."


I angrily reply, "Like hell I would! John, you're the only cameraman for me."


John tried to get out from under his mistake by answering, "Come on Sam…"


But I interrupt, "…John, don't you dare minimize your roll in my success!"


John relents, "Okay Sam, I'm sorry."


I don't let him off the hook that easy and say, "Sorry and…"


John thinks for a moment and replies, "Sorry and I promise not to antagonize our next bodyguard."


I continue, "And…"


John thinks quickly and says, "And I promise to get a new ballistic vest and wear it."


I finally nod my agreement.


Present – Samantha and John – at the cabin


We arrive at the cabin and I realize the scope of the rescue. John whistles, "Damn that's a hell of a lot of prisoners."


Jennifer comes up to the van and greets us, "So you finally made it."


I smile at her and apologize, "Sorry, we had some issues with my new bodyguard."


Jennifer asks, "What happened?"


John answers, "The crazy guy shot me!"


Jennifer looks him over and comments, "I don't see any blood."


I explain, "John was wearing a ballistic vest."


Wanting to change the subject John asks, "So how do you want to proceed?"


Jennifer replies, "Sam, these women have been through hell so you need to take it easy on them."


I reply, "Of course! And I'm sure we will avoid any talk about the whole witch situation."


John reminds me, "Sam did you forget what Stacy wanted to know?"


Jennifer frowns at his comment and complains, "What does that bitch want to know?"


I answer, "She was wondering how you defeated the black witches."


Jennifer grins, leans closer and confides to me, "Tell her to go suck an egg."