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Chapter 051

Taken Chapter 051

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Present – Ben and Mabel – Feeding everyone.


Mabel tastes the soup using a clean spoon and announces, "Ben, the soup is ready to eat."


I walk over to the intercom and announce, "Lunch will be served in the main conference room."


Mabel wonders, "Ben, why are we serving it there?"


I reply, "Because it's the only room big enough for everyone to eat together."


Thom shows up and I comment, "Perfect timing! I need some help moving this soup pot to the main conference room."


Thom says, "No problem, give me a potholder."


We each took a pot holder, moved the pot off the stove and carefully headed toward the main conference room.


Mabel asks, "What about the bowls?"


I reply, "I will come back and get them after we get the soup moved."


Mabel says, "It's too bad I didn't have time to make bread."


I inform her, "Mabel, bread is one thing that we don't have a shortage of - check the pantry."


Mabel checks the pantry and remarks, "Ben that's not white 'Wonder Bread'."


I laugh, "That's right, it is whole grain bread."


Mabel brings the bread while Thom and I shuffle to the main conference room with the soup pot.


We arrive and Jens sasses, "Ben it's about time - we're all starving!"


I don't like her attitude so I tease, "Jens, it looks to me like you've gained a few pounds."


She whines, "Ben my love I have not! I just weighed myself this morning." Then she grins and continues, "Besides, I know a way we can take care of both of our weights."


Thom complains, "That's too much information you two."


We finally arrive in the main conference room with the big pot of soup and there's a huge group of very hungry looking people.


I suggest to Jens, "Why don't you head back to the kitchen and bring the Styrofoam bowls and plastic spoons."


This time she really insults me, "Yes my captain!"


Thom laughs at Jens comment and almost spills the soup so I complain, "Thom, if you spill the soup then we won't have any lunch."


Thom and I hoist the pot up and set it on one of the tables.


Mabel announces, "Jennifer is getting some bowls for us then we will eat."


The crowd starts to clap and I’m humbled.



Present – Samantha and John – filming lunch


John suggests, "Stacy, this would be a great opportunity to film the rescued prisoners."


I agree, "So let's do it."


John shoulders the camera and begins to film and I begin, "Good afternoon America, I'm Samantha Stevens and today we have good news. The women and children that you see behind us were rescued from evil people. The Blaine's have opened their cabin to them and are providing them a place to stay and as you can see food to eat."


The food reminds me so I motion to John to kill the video. I walk up to Mabel and remark, "Mabel, Henri was wondering when you're coming back to the restaurant."


Mabel smiles and replies, "You can tell Stacy that I'm now working for the Blaine's."


I sputter, "Mabel, are you sure about this?"


Mabel continues with her smile and replies, "Of course I'm sure about this. Ben made me an offer I couldn't refuse."


I counter, "Mabel I'm not going to do your dirty work for you, if you want to quit you need to tell Stacy yourself."


Mabel complains, "Samantha I thought we were friends. If you won't tell Stacy then I suppose I will have to make the trip into town myself."


I counter, "Mabel we are friends but like I said earlier, I don't have any plans for doing your dirty work for you."


Mabel shocks me when she announces, "Samantha, you are no longer welcome to eat any of the soup."