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Chapter 052

Taken Chapter 052

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha, Gladys and Tanya – Getting Internet


Gladys took out what looked to be a huge phone (much larger than mine) and placed a call to her ISP. They discussed some things then Gladys announced, "Masha good news! We can get your Internet installed in two days."


I asked, "And how much is it going to cost?"


Gladys replied, "Masha. I already told you that I'm going to pay for it so it costs you nothing?" She continued, "Now to give our saleswoman the good news."


She found the saleswoman who was writing up something and said, "Good news! They will install the Internet in Masha's house two days from now."


The saleswoman replied, "That is good news! We will deliver all of the computer items on that day, set them up and make sure everything works."


Tanya reminded us, "Gladys, I think you forgot about software for Masha's new computer."


Gladys sighed, "Dammit Tanya you're right."


The saleswoman suggested, "We can install the newest versions of Microsoft Office on your computer."


I asked, "What is Microsoft Office?"


Tanya explained, "It's a group of programs which includes a word processor to write with, a spreadsheet program to chart financial information and a program for creating presentations."


I remarked, "Why would I need any of those programs?"


Tanya exasperatedly said, "Masha! You just need those programs so don't argue this time."


Gladys ended the discussion when she told the saleswoman, "Please install the newest version of Microsoft Office on Masha's and Louise's computers."


Tanya remarked, "I forgot about the laptop for Louise."


Gladys asked the saleswoman, "Okay, what else are we forgetting?"


The saleswoman all too cheerfully replied, "We recommend that antivirus and anti-malware programs are installed on all our systems."


I once again asked, "Why are those programs recommended?"


The saleswoman answered, "They protect your computer from infections."


Before I could again request more information Gladys said, "Thanks I forgot about those. Yes, please make sure they are installed on both computers before they leave the store."


I had my fill of feeling a total lack of control so I complained, "I do not understand why I need all those programs, and they must be expensive."


Gladys said, "Masha trust us, you need all these programs. I have them on my computer so you need them on yours."


Tanya concurred, "Yes Masha Gladys is correct."


Flashback – Banzai and Jack – The continuing saga


With Amir properly appeased, it was time to figure out what to do about Lieutenant George."


I suggested, "Jack, if we stopped doing our jobs at our normal high level, how would that affect Lieutenant George?"


Jack said, "Lieutenant George would just complain to Colonel Maggie."


I further suggested, "How about if we complained to Colonel Maggie first?"


Jack shot this idea down too, "No, that wouldn't work because she wouldn't listen to us."


I was frustrated so I said, "Jack then don't worry about it. I will take care of Lieutenant George myself."


Jack cautioned me, "Banzai, don't do anything crazy."


I laughed and replied, "Jack, you know me too well."


Now to find Lieutenant George and let his poorly thought out actions hatch my plan.


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – the rest of the night


I asked Daddy, "Is it okay if I go to my room?"


Daddy warned, "Jennifer, please don't go on the computer tonight."


I crossed my heart and replied, "Don't worry Daddy, I won't."


I got to my room, sat on the bed and wondered what in the heck I should do.


Suddenly, Grandmother appeared and startled me. I jumped, she laughed and said, "Jennifer, you should know better than to be scared by me."


I laughed with her and replied, "Well, if I could do that to you then it might make us even. Grandmother why are you here?"


She replied, "My girl I've decided since your mother isn't here to be distressed by your study of witchcraft then you should be able to study the witch manual again."


I excitedly said, "Yippy Skippy! I was wondering what I was going to do. Now I know."


I waved my hands and the book appeared just like before…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We took turns approaching Kostia's position by pilfering spots behind cover until further potential locations were in non-existence.


Mira foolhardily announced, "Ira, I'm going to terminate our nemesis."


She stepped out from behind the cover and was immediately wounded by a well-placed shot.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


With my new landmark established, I resumed my easy loping pace.