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Chapter 055

Taken Chapter 055

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Present – Ben, Mabel and Thom – The food arrives for dinner


We haul the now empty soup pot back to the kitchen and Thom offers, "I will be glad to clean this for you."


I reply, "Thanks for the offer but if I work it right this should fit in the dishwasher."


Thom questions, "So it doesn't even need to be prewashed?"


I shake my head and continue, "Not with our dishwasher."


Thom exclaims. "Damn, what sort of dishwasher do you have?"


I answer, "It's just a normal dishwasher that I modified to have additional cleaning power."


Thom laughs and asks, "Please don't tell me that you added more power to it like 'Tim the Tool Man Taylor' did on the TV show Home Improvement. I practically laughed my ass off when it exploded."


I glare at Thom and reply, "Of course not! Unlike the fucking Tool Man, my home improvements work." Then I add, "However, that episode wasn't as funny as when the toilets exploded."


Thom continues to laugh and agrees, "Yeah that was classic. Damn, I wish we could watch those again."


I inform him, "Well, we do have all of them on the computer so we can watch them anytime you want."


Thom asks, "How did you…" He pauses and then says, "Forget it. I'm sure I don't want to know."


I smile at him and agree, "Yeah, you probably don't want to know."


The front gate announces over the intercom, "Ben, there's a food truck here with a delivery."


I walk over to the intercom, press the button and say, "Please send them to the front door of the cabin."


I ask Thom, "You feel like helping bring the food into the kitchen?"


He eagerly replies, "Of course, especially since I can't wait to have one of your famous hamburgers. However what I would really like is some of your chili."


I explain, "Thom, the chili would be too spicy for the prisoners. Besides I need antelope meat to make it and right now the freezer is empty."


The front door guards announce over the intercom, "Ben, the food delivery van has arrived."


Thom and I head to the front door and begin to bring the food into the kitchen. I'm surprised when the delivery driver helps and comment, "Thanks! I didn't know you were going to help."


He replies, "I was told since this order is going to be for Mabel that I needed to help."


I suggest, "You might want to talk to Mabel concerning breakfast tomorrow."


He answers, "That's a good idea, thanks."


We walk into the kitchen Mabel looks up and says, "Rick, it's good to see you again."


Rick replies, "Not as good as it is to see you again Mabel. So you're working here now?"


Mabel replies, "That's right, I'm quitting the restaurant."


Thom says, "Shit I forgot to call Stacy for you."


I suggest, "Well no time like the present."


Thom laughs, "Now this should be fun." He pulls out his mobile phone and makes the call. It must be intercepted by someone because he asks for Stacy Summers. She comes on the phone and Thom says, "Stacy Summers, I'm calling to tell you that Mabel isn't working for you anymore."


I swear I can hear Stacy yelling through Thom's mobile phone.


He laughs as he hangs up the phone and comments, "Now that was fun!"


Mabel says, "Thank you Thom for taking care of that for me."


Rick follows my earlier suggestion, "Mabel, while I'm here why don't I get a menu for tomorrow's breakfast?"


Mabel asks, "Rick, do you guys have any good steel cut oatmeal?"


Rick replies, "Of course we do, how much would you like?"


Thom interrupts, "Mabel, could you add some blueberries to the oatmeal?"


Mabel says, "Not just blueberries, how about strawberries and oranges."


Thom smiles and responds, "Now you're talking."


Mabel says, "Rick, why don't you bring several large bags of steel cut oatmeal since that will save you a trip out tomorrow."


Rick then asks, "And how much fruit would you like?"


Mabel checks the refrigerator and says, "How about a large bag of oranges, and a flat each of blueberries and strawberries."


Rick wonders, "How large of a bag of oranges?"


Mabel looks at me and asks, "Ben do we have any large fruit bowls?"


I smile and reply, "Of course we do and it's a great idea to put fresh fruit out for the taking."


Mabel thinks and adds to the order, "Rick let's also add a large bag of apples to the order."


Present – Samantha and John – Continue the discussion


My phone rings, I look at it and the caller ID shows me it's Stacy. I answer the phone and ask, "What's going on my BFF?"


Stacy complains, "Sam, I just received a call from Thom. He told me Mabel isn't going to cook at the restaurant anymore. Do you know anything about this?"


I think for a moment about lying but decide to tell the truth, "Stacy, Mabel tried to get me to call you about this but I refused."


Stacy continues with the complaints, "Sam, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the restaurant now? With Mabel gone we lost half the menu and a lot of our customers."


I suggest, "Stacy, why don't you hire a new cook to replace Mabel."


Stacy says, "Sam that's a great idea."