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Chapter 057

Taken Chapter 057

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Present – Ben, Mabel and Thom – Ben starts to prepare the hamburgers, Mabel makes the potato salad.


I take one of the knives and begin to dice the onions. Mabel asks, "Ben what are you doing?"


I reply, "I add diced onions and barbeque sauce to the hamburgers when I cook them."


Mabel smiles and says, "I see you've diced some onions in your time."


She says that because she watched as I first halved the onion then I put the onion flat on the cutting board and made slices almost through to the bottom of the onion, then I turned the knife parallel to the cutting board and sliced through the onion leaving it nicely diced.


I reply, "I learned this trick from a video on the Internet and it works great."


She says, "Well, you make it look easier than it usually is." Mabel continues, "Well I need to get going on the potato salad, do you have a big pot for the potatoes?"


I reply, "When the dishwasher finishes you will have your big pot."


Mabel remarks, "Ben, we need to make an inventory of all the cookware here because I might need more."


I agree, "I'm not sure how long we're going to be feeding this many people but I'm sure we will if it keeps going."


Mabel asks, "So Ben are you going to grill the hamburgers?"


I smile and reply, "Of course - anything else would be an insult to a hamburger."


Mabel laughs at my comment and says, "I hope you have a big grill."


I reply, "Of course I do I made sure to have one built when the cabin was remodeled."


I finish with the onions then pull a big mixing bowl out of the cupboard. I wash the hell out of my hands and even use hand sanitizer on them. Next I toss the onions in the bottom of the mixing bowl, add a healthy amount of barbeque sauce, take the meat out of its packages and dump it in the mixing bowl. I remark, "This is great meat and should make wonderful burgers."


I take some of the eggs, add them to the mixture and Mabel comments, "I bet those are so the burgers don't fall apart."


I reply, "That's right. If you don't use them then the patties fall apart on the grill."


The dishwasher is finished so I open the door, dry the pot and ask Mabel, "Where would you like this."


Mabel replies, "Let's fill it from the instant hot water spigot and then put it on the stove. I will finish scrubbing the potatoes and cook them."


I take the big pot to the sink, fill it from the instant hot water spigot then put it on the stove. Mabel comes over and throws several large handfuls of salt into the pot, turns on the stove and returns to scrubbing the potatoes.


I clean my hands again then I dig into the mixing bowl with both hands. It doesn't take long until the meat is ready. I clean my hands again and then I move to the work island, and cover most of it with wax paper. I grab my patty maker out of the drawer and begin to make the patties and place them on the wax paper.


Mabel remarks, "That's a handy gadget."


I reply, "It sure beat the hell out of doing by hand. Plus, this way each patty is the same size so they will all take the same amount of time to cook."


Mabel finishes scrubbing the potatoes and takes them over to put them in the pot.


Mira and Ira come into the kitchen and Ira announces, "Mr. Blaine, we are proceeding to Alexi's house to retrieve our possessions. Which room should we procure as our domicile?"


I clean my hands (again), walk over to the intercom and call, "Jens, Mira and Ira would like to know which room will be theirs."


Jens replies through the intercom, "Ben, let's give them their old room."


Mira and Ira smile and I can tell that it's good for them so I ask, "Do you need any help moving?"


Mira replies, "Unfortunately Mr. Blaine we do. Unlike before we have many things to move."


I cover the hamburger patties with another piece of wax paper and reply, "Okay we'll take my truck."


Ira asks, "Mr. Blaine, do we have access to the gun room?"


Once again I go to the intercom and call Gretchen, "Are the twins setup with access to the gun room?"


Gretchen replies, "I didn't know they needed it. Give me about five minutes and they will."


Mira says, "That is good since we need to secure our rifles there before we leave."


I look at Mabel and ask, "Is there anything you need before I leave?"


Mabel replies, "Thanks, but I'm good."


I walk with the twins to the gun room. We arrive, Mira presses he hand against the hand scanner and the door unlocks and swings open. They walk in and Ira remarks, "Mr. Blaine you have added some more weapons to your collection."


I fight to keep from blushing and reply, "Yeah, I did pick up a few things."


Mira notices, "Mr. Blaine, you left the place for our rifles. Perhaps you surmised we would again provide for your security?"


I don't want to tell them the truth (which is I didn't have anything else to put there) so I smile and lie, "Well, I hoped some day you would be back."


They store their rifles; we exit the gun room and head to my truck. On the way I ask, "Do you need any help moving your items?"


Ira starts, "Mr. Blaine, we would not subject…"


Mira finishes, "…Your olfactory units to the stench of Alex's domicile."


I comment, "I've smelled some pretty bad things in my day…"


They both get their frightened looks and replied in unison, "Please Mr. Blaine, honor our wishes."


Present – Samantha and John – Continue the discussion


John asks, "Samantha do you really think that Stacy can find a replacement for Mabel?"


I answer, "I'm sure she can. However, she's will probably need to pay more for a new chef."


John continues, "Do you know how much she pays Mabel?"


I reply, "I do however I'm not sure that I should tell you."


John complains, "Okay be that way."