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Chapter 058

Taken Chapter 058

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Flashback – Masha, Gladys and Tanya – After lunch heading to Marsha's house


We finished lunch with Linda eating a huge amount of food, including some edamame.


Gladys remarked, "Linda sure eats well. I think she ate more than you did Masha"


I concurred, "Yes, she has a healthy appetite and if I ate as much as her I would gain weight."


Tanya asked, "So are we taking Masha home?"


Gladys replied, "Of course, unless Masha needs to do something else."


I teased, "Well we could go look at the store front again."


Tanya asked, "Do you really want to do that?"


I smiled and admitted, "Not really. I just wanted to see what you would say if I mentioned that."


Tanya practically yelled, "Masha, you and your sense of humor!"


Gladys suggested, "Masha, let's take you home before Tanya gets even more upset."


We went out to Gladys' Rolls, I put Linda in her car seat in the back and then reminded, "Tanya you were going to make sure that I am added on Jack's car insurance."


Tanya had calmed down and replied, "We need to check his insurance cards in the car when we get to your house. Give me your license number and I will call the insurance company for you."


I handed her my new driver's license and she wrote down the number. We had arrived at the house so I took Linda and the car seat out of Gladys' Rolls. Tanya said, "Gladys, wait a minute and I will be right back."


Tanya asked, "Where are the keys for Jack's car?"


I replied, "Let me put Linda inside and I will come back with them."


I took Linda inside, removed her from the car seat, grabbed Jack's car keys off the key rack and Linda and I walked back outside. I handed the keys to Tanya, she opened the passenger door, checked in the glove box and said, "Masha, if you don't mind I'm going to take the insurance card with me. Don't worry, they will issue you a new card when you're added to the insurance policy."


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


The doctor finished with the examination and commented, "I still can't believe that Lieutenant George did this to you."


Jack replied, "Not only that, he tried to keep us from coming here to have Banzai checked."


I asked, "Doctor, are you going to arrange the transport to the BOO?"


He replied, "I will as soon as I'm finished documenting this. If I were you I would stop and see Colonel Maggie while you're there and file formal charges against Lieutenant George."


Jack asked, "What do you think will happen to Lieutenant George?"


The doctor said, "My guess is he's going to be court martialed."


I tried to smile but my mouth was too sore.


Flashback – Jennifer – Studying


Daniela asked, "Señorita Jennifer, perhaps you would come downstairs and help me on the computer."


I replied, "Sorry Daniela, but after all that's happened with computers today, I'm not getting on any computer tonight."


Daniela sighed, "Okay, Señorita Jennifer. I can certainly understand that."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I staunched the blood flow from Mira's wound and she immediately tried to rise while declaring, "Ira, now we can pursue Kostia!"


I replied while restraining her corporeal self, "No Mira, now we can continue to let you heal. Kostia will be available when we are in combat readiness."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I carefully entered the town, making sure that I wasn't seen. After a careful survey I approached a cheap hotel, walked to the desk and wrote in my tablet, "I would like a room."


The desk clerk teased, "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"


I pulled my shemage down so he could see my throat and he apologized, "Sorry about that."


He gave me a key for the room and said, "That will be twenty dollars."


I peeled a twenty off my stack of bills, handed it to him went to my room. After a quick check of the room, I took my clothes off and hopped into the shower.