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Chapter 061

Taken Chapter 061

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Present – Ben, Mira and Ira – Arriving back at the cabin


We arrive back at the cabin and I'm surprised because Jens meets us outside. She waves, I stop the truck, roll down the window and she suggests, "Mira and Ira, lets wash your clothes in the bed of the truck before you put them away in your room."


The twins have become smarter than when they were here last. They both blush as Ira confronts Jens, "Mrs. Blaine, we understand why you want to wash the clothes outdoors because they smell terrible."


Mira continues, "But do not worry Mrs. Blaine, you have not offended us and we are happy to wash the clothes. If only we could bring them into the cabin without bringing in the smell."


Jens suggests, "Well, we could put them in some trash bags and close the top. That should prevent the smell from leaking out."


Ira says, "Mrs. Blaine, if you would bring the trash bags, we will be happy to load our clothes in them."


Jens replies, "No problem, I will be right back with them."


Jens leaves as I look at the twins and smile. Mira asks, "Mr. Blaine what amuses you?"


I reply, "Both of you do. I can remember a time when Jens' ruse would have fooled you."


Ira explains, "Mr. Blaine we have had the proverbial fleece pulled over our ocular units too many times from living with Alex. We now guard ourselves from these occurrences."


Jens arrives with the trash bag and offers, "Do you need any help?"


The twins both reply in unison, "No Mrs. Blaine. We will perform this odious duty without your assistance."


Ira holds one of the trash bags open and grimaces as Mira stuffs the clothes into it.


With the clothes being moved, the smell begins to travel. Jens gets a whiff of it and says, "My God Ben those smell terrible! I hope they don't contaminate the washer."


I remind her, "We can always run the washer on several wash cycles to clean it out. And if it's too bad we will just replace the washer."


Then I remember something and say, "Jens I forgot to tell you, we're paying the twins each what we're paying Mabel."

Jens asks, "How in the heck were you able to talk them into that deal?"


I reply, "It was easier than you think and I'm not sure how much money they need but I figure it is a good thing for them."


Jens agrees, "Yeah it will be good having them here and even better that they are being paid for the work they will be doing."


I ask, "So now that they are back do you have any plans on more martial arts contests with them?"


Jens frowns and replies, "I don't think so. My guess is they still have the same issues as before."


Ira and Mira walk over with their clothes in the trash bags and Ira remarks, "We are ready to launder our odiferous garments."


We head inside to the washing machine and the twins demand, "Mr. and Mrs. Blaine, please direct us to the laundry detergent and then leave the room for your own protection."


Jen replies, "The detergent is here on the shelf. Because this is a front loading washer make sure you don't overfill the soap or it will cause problems." Then she shows them on the dispenser cup how much detergent to use.


Ira asks, "Mrs. Blaine is there a place where we can hang our clothes to dry."


Jens asks, "You mean like a clothes line? No, we don't have one of those but we do have an excellent dryer." She then gives them quick instructions on the use of the dryer.


I check my watch and say, "Hell, I need to get the grill going if we're going to eat on time."


Jens teases, "I sure hope dinner isn't as late as lunch was."


I reply with one of Mabel's favorite phrases, "Just remember that good food takes time to prepare."


First I head to the garage to bring out some charcoal. I haul it over to the grill open the lid and notice the grills are not as clean as I would like. I take them off, run them into the kitchen, open the dishwasher, put them inside and fire it up on extra high.


Mabel says, "Ben, would you please taste the potato salad and tell me what you think?"


She takes a clean spoon and hands me a large amount. I pop it into my mouth and remark, "Mabel you've outdone yourself! This is the best tasting potato salad I've ever had."


She remarks, "Well since your cooking the hamburgers I need to make sure my potato salad is up to snuff."


Mabel asks, "So when are you going to start cooking?"


I reply, "I’m cleaning the grills right now. I'm going to go out and start the charcoal while the dishwasher cleans them for me."


I head outside, open the bag of charcoal, place a large amount of it in a charcoal chimney, light a match and it catches quickly.


I spread the rest of the bag of charcoal in the bottom of the grill, knowing that I can use the charcoal from the chimney to start the rest of it.


Mabel comes out and remarks, "Now that's a real grill and it make me happy to see that you're not using lighter fluid to start the fire."


I grin at her and reply, "That's right the lighter fluid never really leaves the charcoal and flavors the food you cook."


She answers, "You're right." She continues, "Is there anything I can do to help?"


I think and ask, "Did you make the applesauce?"


She replies, "Of course I did. I hope you don't mind that I used that blender of yours to grind up the apples."


I answer, "That's what it's there for."


Present – Samantha and John – Continue the discussion


My phone rings and it is Stacy so I answer and ask, "Hey BFF what can I do for you?"


Stacy asks, "Sam, I was wondering if you would help me place some ads for a new chef."


I reply, "I would be glad to help, when would you like to do it?"


Stacy suggests, "We could meet at the restaurant for dinner and work them up together."


I question, "Did you tell Henri about Mabel yet?"


Stacy replies, "No Sam, I didn't because I'm not sure I can deal with his reaction right now."


I question, "Stacy, what's going on right now to keep you from telling him?"


I'm shocked at what she tells me next.