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Chapter 064

Taken Chapter 064

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha – The technician finishes


I watched as the technician used a cable to connect my desktop computer to the Internet box. She started the computer and asked, "Ms. Reynolds, what would you like to use for your username and password."


I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I have no idea, is it important?"


She replied, "Yes it is. Once it's set it isn't easy to change the username and your password needs to be strong enough to thwart hackers." She thought for a moment and asked, "Do you have a gmail account?"


I held up my mobile phone and replied, "Yes I do."


She questioned, "Do you know your username and password?"


I confessed to her, "I have no idea."


She requested, "Please unlock your phone and let me see it."


I complied. She pulled out a piece of paper, made a note and said, "This is your username and we should know your password soon." The phone beeped and then she continued, "That's an e-mail with your password." She wrote the password on the paper beside the username and suggested, "I think we should use your gmail credentials for your computer."


I agreed, "That's fine with me."


She finally turns on the computer then goes through a lengthy setup which asked many questions about which I had no idea. It finally asked for my username and password which she copied from the piece of paper. She handed the paper to me and remarked, "After you memorize the information you should destroy this."


I asked, "Would it be okay if I kept it someplace safe?"


She laughed and said, "I figured you might say that. Tell me Ms. Reynolds have you ever used a computer?"


I replied, "Please call me Masha, and the answer to your question is no."


She said, "Well, let me get the laptop set up on the Internet and we will go over some computer basics for you."


I called out, "Louise, the technician needs your laptop!"


Louise walked into the room with her laptop and said, "I hope you don't mind but I already turned it on and went through the setup procedure."


She smiled and said, "That's good since at least you're not a computer newbie like Masha. Now let's connect you to the wireless part of the router."


The technician looked at me and asked, "Masha did the ISP leave any paperwork when they installed the Internet."


I replied, "They left too much paperwork but that was not all the left!"


Louise added, "Masha is angry at the ISP installers because they made a huge mess that she had to clean up."


I said, "Let me gather the paperwork."


I went to my bedroom, opened the file cabinet, removed the folder with the ISP paperwork and brought it back into what used to be Jack's room. I handed it to the technician, she paged through it and declared, "That's what I needed!" She took Louise's laptop and in a couple seconds she announced, "There you go - and you now have Internet."


Then she turned to me and said, "Okay Masha, let's go through some things about your computer. First, your computer will automatically update all of the installed software. Now let's setup your e-mail. " She then launched a program from the toolbar and said, "Remember the gmail information? We're going to enter that into the e-mail program."


I handed her the slip of paper with all the information on it and she entered the information in the e-mail program. I asked, "Since I have the phone, why do I need this information in the e-mail program?"


The technician replied, "Because it's easier to type on the keyboard to reply to e-mail than it is on the little phone."


That made me wonder so I asked, "Do they make Russian keyboards for this computer?"


The technician replied, "Of course. However getting one in America would be difficult. In the meantime I can make this keyboard act like a Russian keyboard."


She made a few changes and said, "Now if you click this button on the bottom of the screen you can switch between English and Russian." She showed me how it toggled the keyboard between Russian and English and remarked, "Now you can use either language."


Her phone rang, she answered it and said, "Well, I need to get to my next call."


Louise let her know of our classes, "I didn't get your name, but you should know that Masha and I are going to be giving free Krav Maga and yoga lessons. Look for them to start in about a month at our storefront downtown."


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


The orthodontic surgeon poked and prodded my mouth like crazy and it hurt like hell! He finally announced, "Well Sgt. Blaine, you're lucky you're not going to lose any of your teeth. Now I do believe you're supposed to report to Colonel Maggie's office."


I thanked him, "Thank you doctor and I will go to her office immediately."


I left and headed toward her office when I was stopped by a group of officers. I was shocked at what they said.


Flashback – Jennifer – The next morning


I woke up after a great night's sleep, stretched and decided I wanted to go for a run. So I changed into my running clothes, put on my running shoes and headed downstairs. When I arrived downstairs, it was quiet - too quiet. I checked Daddy's room and it was empty and Daniela wasn't here yet. I figured Daddy had already gone back to the hospital but it was strange that Daniela wasn't here. Oh well, I will figure it out after the run.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Mira finally swore, "My sister, do not be the southern end of a northbound mule. Let me arise!"


I replied, "No possibility of any change of status Mira! You are remain here until the bleeding terminates."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


My friend greeted me, "Todd it's great to see you! What's it been, ten years?"


I smiled and wrote on the tablet, "More like twelve years."


He asked, "Do you have the address for the delivery?"


I wrote the address on the tablet tore the page out and handed it to him.


He asked, "Don't tell me you're going after the company?"


I smiled and just shrugged my shoulders.


He declared, "Hell I don't blame you after all they've done to you!" Is there anything you need from here?"


I pulled a carefully crafted list out of my pocket. He looked it over and replied, "Come back tomorrow and I will have these items ready to go."