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Chapter 065

Taken Chapter 065

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben – Attracting a crowd


It doesn't take long until a large group of the prisoners show up to watch me work the grill. The little girls giggle and point at my apron so I comment, "My wife Jennifer bought this for me."


One of the women insulted me (without intending it as an insult) by saying, "For all you've done for us, I would certainly kiss you."


I glare at her and counter, "Keep it up and we will make you leave. I don't kiss anyone except my wife Jennifer."


Fiona and James break the tension when they run up and James asks, "Papa, who was Sharik?"


I smile at him and explain, "He was a dog that loved your Mama and unfortunately he died before the two of you were born. Now why did you two ask about him?"


Fiona replies, "We found his grave and didn't understand who was buried there."


I'm a little surprised it took them this long to find it so I mention, "Why did it take the two of you so long to find the grave?"


The truth finally comes out when James confesses, "Papa, sorry but we didn't really find it - some of the other boys and girls did and they asked about Sharik."


Fiona remarks, "Sharik is a funny name."


I inform them, "Sharik was named after a dog that thought he was a prince. He originated in a Russian movie titled Сердце собаки written by Mikhail Bulgakov. We have the movie and can watch it together if you want."


James asks, "How can a dog think he's a prince?"


Fiona giggles and comments, "Dogs don't even think."


I counter, "Oh but Sharik thought all the time. Why don't you run and ask Mama about Sharik."


They leave yelling, "Mama, Mama!"


The other children ask, "Sir, might we watch the movie with you?"


I ignore the sir comment and reply, "Please call me Ben and we will see what we can do about setting up movies for the evening's entertainment." I pull out the meat thermometer, check several of the burgers and announce, "The burgers are done!"


I'm shocked when everyone cheers. However, I begin to slide the burgers back onto the cookie sheets and plan on taking them inside to eat.


Several of the prisoners ask, "Can we eat outside?"


Some of the boys and girls add, "It would be like we're having a picnic!"


I smile and ask, "I bet it has been a long time since you've had a picnic?"


I am almost swarmed with the answers, "It's been forever – I don't even remember the last time we had a picnic – I don't want to eat inside again."


I announce, "Okay, you've made me realize that we need to eat outside tonight. But only until it starts to get cold."


Some of the women state, "We remember how cold it got in the cages at night. Only the lucky few of us had blankets."


I ask, "So how did all of you get captured?"


One of them gripes, "I can't believe you, of all people, are asking that. Didn't they take your wife and children?"


I reply, "Touché! You are correct. However I also got them back and then the FBI rescued all of you."


The same woman replies, "But not before they raped us."


Several of the other women confirm, "Not just once but many times."


I'm not sure what to say so I keep my mouth shut. Jens comes up and rescues me, "Ben thanks for telling Fiona and James about Sharik."


I motion Jens to the side and ask, "Jens, did you know the black witches raped most of the women?"


Jens answers, "Ben why do you think I've been counseling them?"


I continue, "Shouldn't we find out if any of them are pregnant?"


Jens explains, "Ben, we will do that once I talk to the head of the FBI because I don't want to assume responsibility for their healthcare."


I smile at her and add, "We're having a picnic outside tonight, at least until it gets too cold."


Jens smiles and replies, "That's a great idea."


One of the children adds, "Then we're going to watch a movie about a dog's heart."


Jens asks me, "Ben, how are we going to do that?"


I reply, "I'm not sure yet. I thought I would ask Gretchen if she had any ideas."


Jens smiles and says, "Well, if we can come up with a projector, we could project it against the side of the garage."


I mention, "Only until it gets too cold outside."


Jens replies, "You're right and I'm not sure we have enough blankets for everyone."


That brings up the 64 million dollar question so I ask, "Jens, where are all these people sleeping tonight?"


Jens replies, "Don't worry I will figure it out."


Mabel comes out with the rest of the food for tonight, including the condiments for the burgers. Jens offers, "Ben, I will get everything else and bring it out here."


I swear, "Shit Jens, I'm not sure we have enough Styrofoam plates."


Mabel corrects my statement, "Ben, the delivery company dropped off Styrofoam plates and paper cups."


I reply, "I like this delivery company more all the time." Then I think and wonder out loud, "What are we going to drink tonight?"


Mabel suggests, "I can whip up some lemonade in about two shakes of a lambs tail."


I tease Jens, "Well, my love, you'd better start shaking your bootie."


Mabel laughs and Jens asks, "Mabel, where did you say the Styrofoam plates are?"


Mabel answers, "They're on the counter - you can't miss them."


Jens looks over her shoulder, sexily struts away and asks, "Ben, am I shaking enough for you?"


Present – Samantha – Checking up on Stacy


I decide I've given Stacy enough time to call her psychologist so I take out my mobile phone and make the call. She answers the phone and I ask, "Please tell me Stacy called you?"


Her psychologist replies, "I haven't heard from Stacy since our last session. Is she having issues again?"


I inform her, "I think she's having problems again coping with Ben Blaine."


The psychologist says, "Don't tell me! I will go and see here immediately."