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Taken Chapter 053

Taken Chapter 053

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Present – Ben and Mabel – Lunch is finished


The hungry horde makes short work of the soup and Mabel remarks, "Ben, I think we barely made enough."


I concur, "Mabel you're right. I knew they were hungry but I didn't think they had been starved."


Mabel remarks, "It was a good idea to use the Styrofoam bowls because I can't imagine doing this many dishes."


I add, "Yeah, what a frightening thought. If this keeps up we're going to need an industrial dish washer."


Mabel thinks for a moment and suggests, "Perhaps we could feed them at Stacy's restaurant."


I shoot down that idea by saying, "Mabel, since you quit working for Stacy I don't think she's going to let you use the restaurant. Besides it would cost a fortune to pay for this many people to eat at the restaurant." Then I continue, "So when are you going to tell Stacy?"


Mabel frowns and says, "Ben I don't suppose…"


I interrupt, "… Mabel don't even continue - the last thing I want is to talk to Stacy."


Mable apologizes, "Sorry Ben, I forgot the issues you've had with her."


I confess, "Mabel, you probably only know half of what she's done, not just to me but to my family."


Mabel shakes her head and replies, "Now you understand why I don't want to work for her anymore. She's rich and feels entitled. That makes working for her a real chore."


I continue my rant, "Entitled hell, I once made a mistake with her and I never will again."


Mabel asks, "Ben what do you mean?"


I explain, "She was on the run and I saved her from some bad people, then we hung out together for a few months."


Mabel gives me an amazed look and says, "I never knew about that!"


I state, "It's not something that I'm proud of so I would appreciate it if you don't mention it to anyone."


Mabel acts like she's closing a zipper across her mouth and says, "Don't worry my lips are sealed."


Thom walks up and praises our efforts, "Well you two, that was excellent soup."


Mabel says, "We barely made enough for all these people.


Thom states, "I guess those black witches didn't really feed the prisoners when they had them."


I reply, "Then it's a good thing we made soup for lunch since it will be easy for them to digest." Then I continue, "Mabel what are we making for dinner?"


Mabel thinks and says, "Ben why don't we call the delivery company to see if they will bring the food here. That way we can get started on dinner immediately."


I suggest, "Mabel how about we make hamburgers with potato chips for dinner?"


Mabel counters, "Instead of nasty potato chips, how about I whip up some potato salad."


Thom adds his two cents, "You could also do some vegetable sticks with dipping sauce and apple sauce for dessert."


Mabel comments, "Thom, you do come up with some good ideas sometimes."


I request, "Mabel please find the phone number for the delivery company."


Mabel says, "It's in my purse in the kitchen."


We follow her to the kitchen, she gives me the delivery number, I pull out my mobile phone and make the call.


They begin to give me shit so Mabel says, "Ben, let me talk to them."


Mabel reads them the riot act and they ask her what they should bring for dinner. She replies to them, "We're having hamburgers for dinner. I need fifteen pounds of your best ground chuck and sixty hamburger buns."


I motion to Mabel that I take the phone and continue, "We also need all the trimmings, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Do you have any good barbeque sauce?" After they describe their great sauce I say, "That will be fine and I also need about two dozen eggs."


Thom reminds me of his idea so I continue, "And some carrots and other vegetables to make a dipping plate."


Mabel motions for the phone and add more, "We also need fifteen pounds of good potatoes, light mayonnaise and chives."


Mabel puts her hand over the phone and says, "Ben they want a credit card."


I take the phone back, give them my card number and they reply that we should get the order in about twenty minutes. I caution them, "We have guards on the front gate so make sure you announce yourself."


They reply, "Don't worry, all our vans have our name on them."


After we are finished with the food company Mabel says, "Well, I guess it's time for me to bite the bullet and call Stacy."


Thom snidely asks, "Why are you calling her?"


Mabel explains, "I'm calling her to tell her I'm resigning from the restaurant."


Thom changes tone immediately and surprisingly offers, "Hell Mabel, I will be happy to call her for you!"


Mabel smiles and says, "Thanks, I really don't want to talk to her."


I laugh and explain, "Mabel, Stacy is afraid of Thom."


Mabel asks, "Why's that?"


Thom laughs and informs her, "Because I damn near broke her nose!"


Present – Samantha and John – The aftermath of the lunch.


John remarks, "Damn, Samantha you really pissed off Mabel."


I grin at him and reply, "Well she's going to learn that I won't do her dirty work for her."


John complains, "I'm not sure it was a good idea."


I ask, "Why not?"


John says, "Well, if we're going to be here for some time, I would like to eat every once in a while."


I suggest, "Well we can always call Stacy and have our meals delivered from the restaurant."


John holds up his hands and cautions, "That would really piss Mabel off!"


I smile at him and reply, "That's right."