Chapter 042

Together Chapter 042

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


I couldn't fucking believe it! The fucking towelheads began to push the nurses and doctors out the windows so I was past pissed off and into total annihilation mode. My stomach was a fucking mess from seeing the senseless carnage. I yelled for Jack, "Jack, I need your eyes over here!"


He complained, "Damn Banzai, we have a shitload of towelheads on our six. I'm not sure I can break free."


I ordered, "Jack, I don't give a rats ass about the towelheads behind us, they can fucking kill us for all I care. I need you here now."


Jack crawled over beside me just as I took out another fucker - unfortunately it was right after he pushed a nurse out the window. Jack recognized it and swore, "Those fucking sons of a bitches, they pushed a live nurse out the window! What do you need me to do?"


I said, "There are too many of the fuckers for me to handle, so fire up that M25 of yours and help me take out the fuckers before they can push all the nurses and doctors out the windows."


With Jack's assistance, we were able to stop some, but unfortunately not all of the fucking towelheads. Every nurse or doctor that hit the ground added to the knots in my stomach. Hell, just when I thought I had seen every sort of evil in the world, something new was added.


One of the Marines watching our six yelled, "We could sure use Jack's rifle here again."


I looked over my shoulder and was shocked with what I saw - we were damn close to being overrun! I looked at Jack and said, "As much as I hate to do it, we have to pull off killing the fuckers in the hospital and take care of the fucking towelheads behind us or we're not going to make it."


As if to emphasize the point, one of the other Marine's shot detonated a suicide vest. The fucker was close enough that the ground shook and we were pelted with rocks.


Jack swore, "Fuck this shit!" We both spun around and began to kick some more ass but even over the din of the firefight I swore I heard the screams of the doctors and the nurses as they were pushed out the windows.


We were surprised when a bunch more Marines showed up and began to help us. I turned around to start taking care of the fuckers in the hospital but realized it was too late. With the added help we chased the fucking towelhead rats back into their rat holes and things were remarkably quiet.


I gave Jack a grim look and said, "I'm heading over to the hospital."


Jack answered…


Hell, Banzai is fucked up! It had to be from the fuckers pushing the doctors and nurses out of the windows. He sometimes lets that sort of shit get to him. I try to settle the situation, "Hell Banzai, there was nothing any of us could do about…"


Banzai glared at me and interrupted, "… Like hell Jack, we didn't have the intel we needed. This whole mission was one huge Mongolian Cluster Fuck! If things don't start going better… I… I… I… Hell, I don't know what I'll do."


I sure as hell didn't like it when Banzai got this way! Since I remembered what happened in Russia when he took off I cautioned, "Banzai, make sure you don't go off the deep end like you did in Russia."


Banzai grinned at me but I sure as hell hated what he said next…


Flashback – Masha – A rude introduction to America


So far my worries were unfounded. The 'people' on the bus, who originally watched me, went back to reading their papers or looking at their mobile phones. I questioned what so many of them found so very interesting on their phones, especially as I observed an occasional period of mirth cross their faces.


I no sooner began to relax, than the bus stopped and a large mixed group of boisterous young teenagers entered the bus. The other passengers on the bus began to shrink from the teenagers who came up to them and bothered them for money. If the passengers did not provide the boisterous teenagers money, the teenagers would continue the verbal assault on the passenger until they complied. I had tried to remain invisible, however that did not last. Several of the girls came up to me and began to verbally accost me. The female ringleader said, "A woman dressed as nice as you should be able to help us out by giving us at least twenty dollars."


I looked at her and inadvertently added to the confrontation, "It would require more than that for you to purchase suitable clothing."


The two other girls with her laughed and one of them asked, "Are you going to let her disrespect you like that Frances?"


Frances glared at me and threatened, "I bet this bitch won't be as mouthy after we strip her and the guys have their way with her."


That was all I needed to hear! Frances began to call the guys over so I reached into my purse, withdrew my tactical baton, flicked my wrist so it extended, stood up and struck Frances on the side of her face. She screamed and fell to the floor. The other girls were not so brave and started to run, so I struck them on the back of the legs and they also screamed and fell to the floor.


The guys came over and one of them threatened, "You shouldn't ought to do that to our girls, now we will have to mess up that pretty face of yours."


Another added, "But that ain't going to happen until we rape you until you can't walk."


The first one began to reach into his coat. I didn't wait to see what he was going to bring out as I instantly attacked all three of them. I used my tactical baton to rain blows on them as fast as I could swing it. One attempted to grab me so I swung my purse (to which I had added several billiard balls Jack had in the garage) and came down upon his arm. His bone was instantly shattered and he fell to the floor and swore. I determined he was under the influence of drugs when even with the broken arm he tried to reach my leg with his good arm, so I promptly kicked his nose as hard as possible as I continued to rain blows upon the other two.


As my purse worked as such an effective weapon on the first assailant, I decided to us it to beat the other two teenage boys into submission. I landed two blows on the first teenager's head, which rendered him unconscious when the last teenage boy standing, backed up, raised his hands and begged, "Please don't hurt me."


I relaxed my guard slightly but continued to intensely watch him. He tried to slip his hand inside his coat so I approached him and hit him over the head with my purse which rendered him unconscious.


With all the adversaries disabled, I was shocked when I heard clapping. I carefully switched my view to the other passengers, who were praising me. Several of them approached the disabled teenagers and began to remove items from them.


The bus quickly pulled to the side of the road, there were sirens and flashing lights then one of the passengers announced, "It's the police!"


I was shocked when one of the passengers broke out a side window and jumped out - many of the rest of the passengers followed the first one. For a brief moment I considered following them but decided it was better if I stayed on the bus.


The bus doors opened and the police entered the bus with their weapons drawn. I held up my hands, kneeled on the floor and the policemen rapidly restrained me with handcuffs. One of the police men said, "Damn what happened to these teenagers. Call an ambulance and take her outside with the rest of them."


The other policeman helped me up, escorted me outside where I saw the rest of the passengers (the ones that tried to escape through the broken window) detained in handcuffs.


He ordered me, "Stay here with everyone else and don't try to run away."


One of the passengers came beside me, she was an older black woman, and said, "I want to thank you for taking care of those young punks. I hope you don't get in much trouble for it."


I was surprised at her words so I asked, "Why would I get into trouble; they threatened me so I simply defended myself."


The lady laughed and said, "Honey, you're not from this country. You're a grown woman and those were teenagers…"


The police took the teenage girls off the bus, Frances pointed at me and accused, "There she is, that's the bitch that attacked us."


I moved toward her and countered, "That is not what happened, I was…"


A policeman interrupted me, "Ma'am don't come any closer to this child…"


I interrupt the policeman, "…She is not a child, she is a hooligan…"


The policeman ordered, "…Ma'am if you persist in your current actions I will be forced to restrain you further."


Frances and the other girls left, three ambulances arrived for the teenage boys and the medical technicians took them off the bus. Finally the policeman who ordered me taken off the bus came up to me and said, "Ma'am, can you tell me what happened."


I described everything to him, he looked at me and said, "That doesn't agree with what the teenagers told me." I began to complain, he held up his hand and continued, "But don't worry, when we look at the video on the bus we will see which of you is telling the truth. Until then you will be our guest at the police station."


I said, "What did the other passengers on the bus tell you about what happened?"


The police man said, "They all said the same thing: That 'they didn't see anything.'"


I couldn't believe it, no one on the bus supported what actually happened! The same older black woman came over and said, "That's the way it is here sweetie, no one is willing to say anything because they worry they will get into trouble."


I was placed in the back of a police car and driven to the station…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – finally back home


We were headed toward home, I was with Daddy in his car and Cpl. Conners drove mother's car. Daddy seemed much more relaxed because the mess with mother's car was over and I almost hated to bring it up but I needed to so I said, "Daddy, don't you think we should call Daniela and let her know that Cpl. Conners is coming to dinner with us?"


Daddy swore, "Shit! I didn't think about that but you're right. Jennifer would you mind calling her, she might take it better from you."


I hated even more to remind Daddy, but I did, "Daddy, you do remember that we're having ceviche mixto tonight for dinner don't you?"


Daddy swore more (he seemed to be swearing a lot lately) which meant he was under more stress - understandable with mother leaving us, "Dammit! I sure as hell hope it's something that we can all eat."


I added, "And not get sick from eating it like mother's food."


Daddy complained, "Jennifer, please don't remind me of that again. I still can't believe Evelyn did that to us."


I became brave and asked, "Daddy do I reallllllyyyy have to eat the ceviche mixto? Can't I just eat the food we have stashed in my room?"


Daddy emphatically stated, "Jennifer, if Daniela took the time and effort to make the ceviche mixto for us, you will at least try it. Who can tell, you might even like it."


I was lucky Daddy didn't see me stick out my tongue. I was sure I wouldn't like raw fish and even more sure about raw octopus and calamari. I countered, "Daddy, I'm almost sure I won't like it."


Daddy ordered, "Young lady, you will at least try it and that's final."


I called Daniela and told her we had Cpl. Conners coming to dinner with us and offered with huge hope, "But if you don't have enough ceviche, I can eat something else."


Daddy cleared his voice to express his distaste with my offer but Daniela ruined my idea when she laughed and answered, "Ms. Jennifer do not forget, I am Peruvian and I always make more food than you will eat. So do not worry, I have enough ceviche for all of you, and if I didn't I wouldn't eat. It is the Peruvian way."


I disappointedly ended the call, Daddy began, "Jennifer…"


I interrupted him before he got going and said, "… Daddy, don't worry. Daniela told me she has enough food for all of us. She said something about it being some sort of Peruvian tradition."


Daddy laughed and said, "You should thank Daniela because she just saved you from a grounding."


I was feeling sassy, so I replied, "Daddy, I'm not one of your fricken-fraken soldiers so don't try that military garbage on me."


I couldn't believe Daddy's reply…


Jennifer was being a RPITA which I sure as hell didn't need right now, not with everything else that happened. She had always been headstrong, but I couldn't tolerate her insubordination and had to counter it immediately. So I announced, "Jennifer, with Evelyn being gone and with the way you've been acting, I think it's time we send you to a military school and I know just the one…"


Jennifer interrupted, "…Daddy, what do you mean the way I've been acting? I've been trying to be good…"


I interrupted her, "…Like hell you have! Since Evelyn left you have turned into some sort of little rebel and I'm not going to tolerate it."


Jennifer surprised me when she began to cry and begged, "Daddy, please don't send me away. First I lost mother and now I'm losing you. Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee Daddy."


She moved over beside me, hugged my arm and I felt like shit. I relented, "Okay Jennifer, let's make a deal: I won't send you to military school and you will dial down the rebellion a few notches."


Jennifer sniffled and agreed, "Okay Daddy, I promise but let's pinky swear on it."


Sometimes the things fathers do for their daughters - we pinky swore! I gave Jennifer a hanky and I said, "Okay now dry your eyes and blow your nose because we're almost home."


We made it home, I opened the garage door with the automatic opener, we parked both cars in the garage then we walked into the house.


I offered, "Cpl. Conners…"


He interrupted, "…Sir, just call me Jed."


I answered, "Then you can call me Glen, can you stay for dinner?"


Jed answered, "That would be great I don't get many home cooked meals."


Jennifer slightly annoyed me when she said, "Well I hope you like ceviche mixto, because that's what we're having."


Jed grinned and remarked, "Damn! I haven't had any ceviche mixto since I bummed around South America after my time as a Marine." He looked at me and asked, "Sir, I didn't know your wife knew how to make ceviche."


I was a little embarrassed as I lied, "Jed, Evelyn is at her mother's so our Peruvian housekeeper made it."


Jed grinned even more widely "Damn, the ceviche in Peru is the best in all South America, you two are in for a treat."


I grinned at Jennifer because her plan backfired and I had to fight laughing when she stuck out her tongue at me.


We walked into the house, Daniela greeted us, "Welcome home General and Ms. Jennifer and friend of General Donaldson."


I was surprised when Jed answered her in Spanish. They had a short conversation in Spanish, then Daniela said, "Please sit at the table and I will bring your food."


We sat at the table, Jed rubbed his hands together and remarked, "You two are in for a great treat tonight. Daniela made the ceviche with fresh sea bass."


Jennifer griped, "I think you forgot about the octopus and calamari."


Jed grinned and offered, "I will gladly eat those if you don't want to."


I superseded Jed's offer, "Jennifer needs to at least try one of each."


Daniela, brought out the plates of ceviche and Jed practically salivated like one of Pavlov's dogs. She sat the plate in front of Jed and Jennifer, Jed picked up his fork and Daniela scolded him, "Señor Jed, please do not eat until everyone is served and we give thanks to Dios for our food."


Jennifer looked like she was going to be ill, Daniela walked back into the kitchen to bring our plates, I looked at Jennifer and threatened, "Young lady, if you get sick and throw up your food, I will make you eat it again."


Jed laughed and added, "Jennifer, I wouldn't push the General on this - he will make you do it."


Daniela came out of the kitchen with our plates and said, "I still do not feel comfortable eating at the table…"


Jennifer jumped all over this opportunity and said, "Daniela, if you don't sit at the table, I won't eat."


Daniela capitulated, "Si Ms. Jennifer, I understand that but I would not want to keep you from eating this ceviche, it is a real treat in my country."


Jed asked, "Could we please pray, the food is getting cold."


Daniela laughed, "Señor Jed, ceviche is always served slightly cold, but yes let us thank Dios for our food."


We bowed our heads and Daniela said a prayer, when it was done Jed began to eat and exclaimed, "This is the best ceviche I have ever had."


Daniela blushed and answered, "Thank you Señor Jed, you are too kind." She noticed Jennifer hadn't eaten yet so she asked, "Ms. Jennifer why haven't you tried the ceviche?"


I glared at Jennifer, she took a small bite of the fish, put it in her mouth, began to chew it and remarked, "Hey, this is good."


Jed suggested, "You have to try the octopus and calamari."


Jennifer poked at one of the tiny octopus with her fork and says, "I don't know about this - they look weird."


Daniela encouraged, "Ms. Jennifer, if you do not eat at least one of the pulpo and calamar then you cannot have dessert."


Jed quickly asked, "Dessert, you made dessert? What did you make?"


Daniela smiled at him and answered, "Señor Jed, have you ever tried tres leches?"


Jed answered, "I sure did, and it was one of my favorites when I was in Peru."


I was concerned when Jennifer asked, "What is trez leeches, some sort of new torture."


Thank God she didn't offend Daniela, but Jed replied, "It's tres leches, not trez leeches and is this great cake made out three different kinds of milk…"


Daniela interrupted, "… Sorry Señor Jed, my tres leches should be called quatro leches because I use four different kinds of milk."


Jennifer remarked, "That sounds really good."


She made me proud when she picked up the smallest octopus on her plate, put it in her mouth and ate it. She smiled, took a piece of the calamari, put it in her mouth and ate it then she remarked, "I like the fish and the calamari, but sorry Daniela, I don't like the octopus because it's kind of chewy."


Daniela smiled and said, "Do not worry Ms. Jennifer, not everyone enjoys pulpo."


Jed offered, "I love pulpo and would gladly eat yours."


With all the interactions at the table, I had yet to try the ceviche. Jennifer of course noticed and teased, "Daddy, unless you eat your ceviche you won't get any of the milk cake."


I took a big fork full, put it in my mouth, chewed it up (it was damn good for what I normally would have called 'fish bait'), swallowed and said, "Daniela thank you for making ceviche for us, you can make this anytime you want. The only thing that would make this meal better would be a beer."


Daniela profusely apologized, "Sorry Señor, I forgot to give you a beer. I will be right back."


She practically ran into the kitchen and came back with two beers, one for Jed and one for me. I glared at the bottle and remarked, "Light beer???"


Jennifer laughed and interrupted, "… That's right Daddy, I already told Daniela that you only drink light beer. But if you don't want it, I will drink it."


The twinkle was back in Jennifer's eyes so I said, "Well, even though light beer tastes like horse piss, it's still better than no beer at all."


Jennifer laughed and confronted me, "Dadddddyyyyyyy, how do you know what horse urine tastes like?"


We all laughed and continued to eat. Jennifer gave Jed her octopus, which he ate with gusto.


We were surprised again when Daniela announced, "Ms. Jennifer, when I cleaned your room today, I found enough food to last for weeks. I hope you do not mind, I brought it down here and put it in the cabinets."


Jennifer showed some anger when she asked, "You found all my hiding places?"


Thank God Daniela didn't notice the anger and replied, "Of course Ms. Jennifer, I could not believe the amount of dirt in this house so I did a proper cleaning."


Jennifer continued her adversarial posture and asked, "What about my books…"


Daniela interrupted, "Do not worry, Ms. Jennifer your diary is back where I found it and I would never look in something so personal. I forgot to mention, I rearranged all the clothes in your and your father’s dressers."


I sure as hell didn't like that since I had my dressers the way I liked them. Jennifer (who knew this from helping Evelyn put away my clothes) looked at me and grinned like a Cheshire cat. Daniela noticed Jennifer's grin and asked, "Ms. Jennifer did I do something wrong?"


Before Jennifer said anything, I answered, "I sort of had things the way I liked them."


Daniela said, "Do not worry Señor, I think you will find my way better."


We had devoured the ceviche and Jennifer offered, "Daniela, I will clear the table while you get the dessert."


This time Daniela didn't complain. Jennifer cleared the table and Daniela brought out four whisky tumblers (I wasn't sure I liked her using my whisky tumblers for this) full to the brim with the tres leches cake. It was heavenly and I commented, "Now if I had a shot of bourbon, it would be perfect."


Daniela jumped up and asked, "Would Señor Jed like also like a bourbon?"


He grinned at her said something in Spanish which made her blush and she rushed off to get the bourbon. Jed leaned over and told me, "Glen, where the hell did you find her, she's fantastic."


I answered, "You're not going to believe this, but a friend told me about her."


Daniela came back with two fingers of bourbon in each glass and asked, "Would either Señor desire ice in their drink."


We both declined, and finished the tres leches with the bourbon.


Jed left, Daniela left, then Jennifer came to me and said, "Did you see the way those two were looking at each other?"


I answered, "No I didn't, what are you talking about?"


Jennifer scolded, "Daddy, sometimes you are so dense. I could tell those two were falling in love."


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


With Chow Mein rampaging through the laboratory, I was confined to my room. I was occupied documenting my current interactions with Chow Mein when I couldn't believe it, there was a yowl and a scratch at my door! Chow Mein wanted back into my room! There was no way I was going to let her in since she had attacked everyone and I certainly didn't want her to attack me. There was only one problem: Without a phone in my room, I had no way to contact the orderlies about Chow Mein's location.


I went to the door, banged on it and began to yell for the orderlies. I heard Chow Mein go more insane on the other side of the door as she began to yowl louder and banged against the door so hard it rattled. I didn't like this so I kicked the door and Chow Mein's anger exploded. She made so much noise it was frightening, and banged the door so hard I felt she was going to invade my room by sheer force of will. Then she began to stick her front feet under the door and claw at the rug. I came up with a new idea: The next time she stuck her feet under the door, I stepped on one of them. Her yowl, even heard through my door, was almost deafening; she began to hiss and spit under the door and clawed like she was trying to dig a hole under the door.


I came up with a new idea, ran back into my room, grabbed two more items and went back to the door. I knelt on the floor and looked under the door. Chow Mein also looked under the door and when she saw me she growled and hissed then tried to dig under the door again. I took the ruler I brought with me and began to hit her paws with it. Every time I hit her paws she growled like crazy and banged into the door. Then I made a mistake: I stuck the ruler under the door, Chow Mein captured it and yanked it out of my hands. Then I heard some cracking noises that could only be Chow Mein destroying the ruler.


It was time to try my next torture. I took the piece of rope I brought over, fastened it into a loop, put it at the edge of the door then banged on the door again. Chow Mein stuck her paws under the door right into the loop on the rope. I pulled with all my strength and captured both of her paws. She fought harder than the fish I caught on a fishing trip with 'father' and I was sure she would pull the rope from my hands.


She rolled on her back, trying to escape, so I looped the rope twice over the doorknob, pulled it tightly and tied it to itself. She began to furiously bite into the bottom edge of the door and I was afraid she would tear a hole into the door. I ran back into my room, threw a coat over the camera, grabbed some matches and came back by Chow Mein. When I lit the first match, she must have smelled it and became even more enraged. I held it against one of her paws and the noise she made was practically deafening. The first match extinguished so I lit another match and Chow Mein somehow pulled so hard her legs slipped out of my noose.


Things became deathly still in the hallway outside my room so I again peeked under the door. Chow Mein was waiting for me, lunged at the door, slid her paws under the door and almost caught me.


I wasn't sure what to do, then I heard some voices in the hallway. I banged on the door and yelled, "Help me!"


Chow Mein let out yowl, the voices began to scream and I could hear them run down the hallway.


I peeked under the door again, this time making sure I was further away and Chow Mein was gone. I considered what to do and jumped like crazy when someone knocked on the door. I asked, "Who is there."


I heard a familiar voice, "Alexi, it is your father, let me in."


I wanted to be safe so I asked, "Is Chow Mein gone?"


'Father' answered, "Alexi, I don't see her anywhere, what happened to your door?"


I began to answer him, when I heard Chow Mein's yowl and 'father' said in a sweet voice, "Chow Mein girl, remember me?"


I yelled, "Run 'father' she's gone crazy!"


Chow Mein emitted a long yowl and 'father' screamed, "Get away from me you devil cat."


Then the yowling and 'father's' voice faded away…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


My sister Ira's plan had one very fatal flaw. Unfortunately, she would not listen to reason in her current irate condition. Yes, Ira's anger had overridden her logic! I followed her up the steep slope until we finally stopped and Ira said, "This is the perfect location from which to terminate Kostia's helicopter."


I carefully reminded Ira, "My sister, what manner of helicopter conveys Kostia?"


She looked at me and answered, "Mira, did not you recognize the Hind 24…"


She stopped speaking and blurted, "Offspring of a female saluki! Our weapons will have no effect on his helicopter."


I agree, "Ira, you are correct however these implements might damage the helicopter…"


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I actually made it to the outer edge of the compound without encountering any more deadly animals. But there were still problems to deal with which weren't revealed to me in the mission briefing (I wondered how many other ‘things’ were conveniently 'forgotten'). The compound was on the highest piece of ground in the area and there were serious armed patrols walking the perimeter.


I scanned the area for a tree, but they had removed all of them from the perimeter of the compound. I slowly slipped back to the edge of the jungle, climbed a tree and did what I did the best, I waited and contemplated…