Chapter 059

Together Chapter 059

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Present – Jens, Thom and Inga – Thom's room


Inga approaches me after the meeting and attempts to give me some comfort, "Jennifer, I just wanted to tell you that you made an honest mistake with Ben. Any woman presented with identical information would have done the same thing."


I frown at her and reply, "Inga, thanks for trying to make me feel better, but it wasn't an honest mistake - it was a fricken-fracken stupid mistake. When Ben swore it wasn't his baby, I had a chance to make our relationship better by believing him. Instead I let jealousy rule me and called him a liar. Ben's gone again and now I'm paying the price."


Inga continues, "Jennifer, I disagree with you. I know I would have done the exact same thing…"


I interrupt her, "… Inga we're wasting time beating a dead horse. Let's go and see if Thom will get the TSIFFTS helping."


We head toward Thom's room and I ask, "So, what's going on with you and Thom?"


Inga pouts and exclaims, "Nothing!"


I continue this line of questioning, "Why not?"


Inga continues with the pout and proclaims, "Jennifer, he is the most frustrating man I have ever known. I have done everything short of tying him up and attacking him but he still isn't interested in me."


I relay to Inga how long that I pursued Ben until we finally got married. Inga surprised me when she says, "Jennifer, I don't think I want to marry Thom, I just want to have sex with him."


That shocks me a little and unfortunately I ask, "Seeing that Thom has a friend with benefits in most truck stops that the TSIFFTS uses, I wouldn't think he would have a problem with that."


Inga confuses me when she begins to cry, "Jennifer that's the big problem, he wants them and not me."


We duck into one of the side rooms. I hug her and it's my turn to try to give comfort (even though I lie), "Inga I'm sure that sooner or later if you keep after him, you will get your way."


Thank God she stops crying, hugs me tighter and disgusts me when she says, "I hope your right because it's been forever since I've had sex and I'm horny as hell!"


I don't know what to say so I change the subject, "Well, let's go talk to Thom."


We reach his room, knock on the door and he yells, "Who the fuck is there and what in the hell do you want?"


I throw the door open, barge in, get ready to complain when I quickly cover my eyes and Inga cries…


Hells Bells, can't a guy get any privacy around here? I was bumping nasties with Susan (a female security guard) when Jennifer and Inga burst into the room and interrupt us.


Susan quickly rolls off the side of the bed away from the door to hide and I complain, "I didn't say you could enter my room."


Jennifer replies, "Thom, you should have locked your door."


Inga swears, "Thom, I… I… I don't believe you." Then she runs out of the room.


Susan somehow slips into her clothes, stands up and says, "Sorry Ms. Blaine this won't happen again." She glares at me and also leaves the room.


Jennifer also glares at me then complains, "Thom, how could you be so cold hearted? You have a wonderful woman that practically worships the ground you walk on, and you do this to her."


I question the obvious, "Do you mean Inga?"


Jennifer insults me, "Of course I mean Inga you hard headed idiot! Why in the fricken-fracken heck do you continue to torture her?"


As I begin to get out of bed to get into my clothes, Jennifer turns away and I say, "Hell, Inga's the one that's torturing me with her constant flirting. I am sorry about Susan and I hope you don't hold this against her. But a man can only take so much teasing then he has to release it somehow. Now, what did you want?"


Jennifer says, "I was hoping you could get the TSIFFTS to start looking for Ben's truck."


I complain, "Hell, if that's all you wanted…"


Jennifer interrupts, "… Yes it is and it's very important to me so get it done quickly."


She leaves my room and I figure I had better find Inga and smooth things over with her…


Present – Liz and Bernie – good and bad news


I'm cuddling with Bernie in our room and remark, "I'm glad that we went to the gynecologist with Jens today."


Bernie affirms, "Yeah Liz, I agree. It was good to hear that everything looks fine for our baby. However, it's going to be hard to not have sex with you until after the baby is born."


Yeah, that was the bad news. The gynecologist said it wouldn't be wise to continue having sex. I hated it because Bernie and I were so good at having sex.


I smile at Bernie and suggest, "Honey, there are things we can do other than having sex that are just as fulfilling."


Bernie complains…


It upset me when the gynecologist said we should stop having sex until after the baby was born. He was concerned that with Liz's age and previous inability to become pregnant, sex might cause her to go into labor.


I reply, "Yeah, there are and I'm sure we will do all those things. However, I'm going to miss the closeness I feel with you when we're making love."


Liz begins to kiss me and then she… Well, I don't kiss and tell!!!


Present – Samantha and Stacy – coming home from NYC


I can't believe the nice clothes that we bought and how much money Stacy spent. I'm beginning to feel really bad about all the money that she's spending on me. I have of course questioned her motives, but so far she's had no ulterior motives. We're back on her jet headed toward Leadville and Stacy asks, "Sam, why are you still wearing your old clothes?"


I tug at my sleeve and reply, "Stacy these are comfortable for me, besides I might get my new clothes dirty."


Stacy laughs, "Sam, I bought you new clothes because you really needed to update your image on the Truth Network. I was surprised that Liz let you get away wearing those old clothes for so long."


I reflect some on her comment and reply, "Liz never suggested I wear anything other than…"


Stacy interrupts, "…Sam, that's because Liz is threatened by you. You have to remember she's also a reporter."


I frown at Stacy and say, "Stacy, I'm not really sure about your analysis of Liz's motives. Why would she not care what I wore?"


Stacy leans close and says…


I love Samantha like a little sister and even though she's a reporter, she hasn't had much experience dealing with the competitive side of other women. It's extremely obvious to me that Liz wanted Samantha to appear less professional than she, so she didn't make the suggestions for Sam to improve her wardrobe. I lean close to Sam and answer, "Sam, Liz let you wear your old wardrobe so that you would appear less professional than her. It was her way of making sure she was the 'top dog' reporter."


Sam slightly retaliates, "Stacy, I can't believe that Liz would do that to me."


I challenge, "Okay Sam, I will prove it to you. Watch what happens to your ratings after the first report you do in your new wardrobe. I will bet you they will shoot through the roof."


Sam doubts me, "Yeah right! If they do that I will… well, I don't know what I will do."


I smile at Sam and suggest, "I tell you what: If I'm right then you draw up the plans for my new offices at the top of the hill."


Sam returns my smile and says, "Hell Stacy, with all you've done for me, that's the least I can do for you. What do you say we begin on them now - just give me your ideas."


Sam pulls out another yellow legal pad, a ruler, a new number two pencil and we get to work.


Present – Bill – taking care of business


John finishes all he can do in Ms. Steven's 'castle' so I ask, "John, how would you feel about starting on cleaning up the building at the top of the hill."


John thinks and responds, "You mean the old smelter building?"


I affirm, "That's the one. Since we're reopening the brewery, we're moving our offices to that building."


John looks at the floor, kicks at something imaginary and refuses, "Bill, you know we love the work from you however I'm going to turn this down because of the building - it's a toxic mess and I won't expose my men to that."


I didn't figure he would so I quickly fix the situation, "John don't worry about it - I understand. We will use government funds to get a hazmat crew in to remove the toxic waste…"


John smiles at me and interrupts, "…Bill, if they can certify the building free of toxic waste, we will be happy to clean up the rest of it."


I shake his hand and reply, "I'll let you know when that happens."


The front doorbell rings and I get a hell of a shock when I check the camera and see who it is. I call over the intercom, "How may I help you?"


Ben Blaine (that's right - now you know why I was shocked) replies, "I'd like to talk with Stacy."


Ms. Summers is going to be pissed that she missed him but I reply, "Sorry Ben, she's in New York City right now, but she should be back later. You're welcome to come in and wait for her."


Ben swears, "Shit! I could really use her help and I don't have time to fuck around waiting for her. Thanks for the offer, but we need to get going. Please have her give me a call at this number when she gets the time."


Ben Blaine leaves, then I notice a wolf following him that looks a hell of a lot like the wolf from his wedding to Jennifer Donaldson. Wait, shouldn't he still be on his honeymoon?


I'm still trying to analyze the situation when my phone rings, it's Ms. Summer. I answer and she says, "Bill, we're at the airport, how about a ride back to the offices."


I reply, "I will be right there and the trip back to the office will give us a chance to talk. Some things have come up while you were away."


Ms. Summers asks, "Bill can you give me a hint?"


I reply, "Sorry Ms. Summers, this is something that I need to tell you in person."


I no sooner hang up my phone, when it rings again - this time it's Victor. I answer and he says, "Bill, I'm at the airport, should I take a taxi?"


I reply, "Vic, you have perfect timing since I'm headed to the airport to pick up Ms. Summers and Ms. Stevens. So just wait in the terminal and we will drop by and pick you up."


Present – Ben and Destiny – working on a plan


After we leave the Sheriff's office, Destiny goes into one of her trances. I know from my trip up the Rocky Mountain trail better than to interrupt her, so I pull over and wait. She finally comes out of the trance, looks at me and says, "Ben, before we leave Leadville, you need to contact Stacy Summers."


I complain like hell, "Destiny, have you lost your fucking…"


She interrupts me, "…Ben listen to me. If the two of us go up against Boris we will both die. We need more resources and Stacy Summers has the best resources available."


I can't help but feel that it's a huge fucking mistake to get Stacy involved so I begin to complain. Destiny touches my arm and the next thing I know, I'm with her in her vision. Hells Bells! She's right! We find the fucking sex traffickers, bust into their warehouse and are promptly killed. They are badass motherfuckers. Her vision was realistic as hell!


The next thing I know I'm back in my truck with Destiny beside me. I whistle and ask, "How often do you see things like this."


Destiny smiles, the same smile that sounds like aspen trees quaking in the wind, and says, "All the time Ben. How did you think I was able to keep Jennifer from finding us while we were on the Rocky Mountain trail?"


Mentioning Jens gives me an idea so I ask, "Destiny couldn't we use Jens to help with this instead of Stacy?"


Destiny gives me a peculiar look and replies, "Ben with what has gone on between you and your wife, do you really feel having her help with rescuing Miranda and the others would be wise? I know you're also thinking about calling some of your old Marine friends, but we don't have the time for that. If we waited for them it would be too late. The best choice we have is to contact Stacy Summers."


Destiny has convinced me so we head over to Stacy's building and I'm thankful as hell when her main assistant tells me she's not home. Destiny and I leave, we get in the truck and Destiny says, "Ben we don't have time to wait for Stacy, we need to get to Denver immediately and find the location of the human traffickers before it's too late."


I head toward Denver and Destiny prompts, "Ben, step on it!"


I begin to complain and she continues, "Don't worry Ben, I will let you know if there are any police on the highway."


We haul ass towards Denver and my phone rings…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to their building


Bill picks us up and says, "Ms. Summers, we're going to head over to the main terminal to pick up Victor, however before we get there, you might want to call Ben Blaine at this number."


I sputter, "Ca… Ca… Call Ben? How did you get this number?"


Bill replies, "He stopped by the building while you were on your way back from New York City and asked you to call when you got back."


My hands are shaking as I dial my phone…


Ben answers, "This must be Stacy?"


My voice catches as I reply, "Ye… ye… yes, it's me Ben, what did you want?"


Ben requests, "Stacy, I hate to ask you for this, but we need to borrow some of your security force."


This is a strange request so I ask for clarification, "Ben what's wrong? Don't tell me something happened to Jennifer (UGH)?"


I secretly hope that he says yes, instead he fills me in on everything that has happened. I want to cheer when he tells me what Jennifer (the stupid bitch!) did to Ben on the honeymoon. I am shocked when he tells me about Miranda Sedankina saying she was pregnant with his baby (but I know better than to ask Ben if it's his). He tells me how they've been captured by a sex trafficking ring and that time is of the essence to save them.


I ask, "Ben, how many of us do you need?"


Ben pauses like he's talking to someone, then comes back and answers, "Stacy, these people are bad motherfuckers, if we could have the best ten of your security team, armed to the teeth, it would be perfect."


I reply, "Give me a minute to talk with Bill."


I mute the phone, give all the information about the situation that Ben told me to Bill and ask, "So, can we come up with nine of your best men?"


Bill says, "The only problem I can see are possible legal implications of having our strike team go after these bastards."


I unmute the phone, put it on speaker and tell Ben, "Bill says there's no problem other than we might be held legally responsible."


Ben says, "I will call my good friend, Jim the sheriff and have him make your strike team deputies."


Bill suggests, "That would be great and should keep us covered, especially if Jim can be part of the team."


Ben replies, "Bill, I'm not sure that would be a good idea, he's got a family…"


I interrupt, "…Ben when and where do you want us?"


There's a short pause and Ben asks, "Us? Stacy, don't tell me that you're planning on coming on this mission?"


Bill interjects, "Ben's right Ms. Summers, a mission like this with the people involved is no place for you."


I firmly (and figuratively) put my foot down, "Bill and Ben there's no fucking way I'm sitting at home. I'm not worried because I know what I'm…"


Samantha interrupts, "…Stacy if you're going then we're coming too. I can't pass up a story like this."


Ben complains, "Is that Samantha Stevens from the Truth Network? If it is I could order you not to come."


Samantha sasses, "Bennie Blaine, don't you try to pull that bullshit on me! While you are a part owner of the Truth Network, Liz has given me carte blanche on the stories I can do."


Ben swears and asks, "Son of a bitch! Bill try to talk some sense into those two women, tell them that we don't have the resources to keep them safe and should the worse happen, and they get captured, they would be sold like the others. Destiny knows they are someplace in Denver, but we don't know where yet, I will call you when we discover the location. Please get your team ready because time is of the essence."


Bill replies, "Yes Sir!"


Ben continues his swearing, "Sir! I ain't no fucking Sir! I work for a living."


Ben ends the call and Bill begins, "Ms. Summers and Ms. Stevens, Ben is right…"


I nip it in the bud, "Bill, you work for me and I've already made the decision that we're coming on this mission."


Samantha reinforces, "That's right Bill, we are both coming."


Bill relents, "Have it your way but that means I'm bringing sixteen people and assigning three to each of you as body guards."


I'm really excited because I'm going to get to not only see, but to also work with Ben again…