Chapter 061

Together Chapter 061

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Present – Thom – Looking for Inga


I get ready to put on my clothes and realize I smell bad so I take a long hot shower, put on some clean clothes then leave my room to find Inga and smooth things over with her. I can't find her anywhere so I head to the control room, walk in and ask, "Does anyone know where Inga is?"


Gretchen glares at me (I guess she knows what happened) and spits out, "Inga and Mabel just left in a taxi and headed to town."


I leave the control room and head toward the garage to see if I can catch them before they leave.


I pull out my mobile phone, call Inga but I don't get an answer. I guess she's more pissed at me than I thought. I walk into the garage, see Susan loading her bags into a car and ask, "Hey what's going on?"


Susan also glares at me and says, "Well, thanks to you I was fired."


I stutter, "Wai… Wai… Wait a minute Susan, let me talk with Jennifer, I'm sure I can clear this up."


Susan swears at me, "Fuck you Thom - forget about it! You really screwed things up because you didn't tell me you and Inga had a relationship. Inga told Jennifer she's leaving and not coming back, that's why Jennifer fired me."


I try to tell Susan, "But I never…"


She shuts me off by saying, "…Yeah, everyone knows how you tortured poor Inga, flirting with her and then not satisfying her. Hell, you're lucky that Jennifer still lets you stay here, you worthless bastard."


She jumps into the car and leaves. I am left speechless…


Present – Jens – In the control room


I verify that things are set up correctly (in other words this system is totally isolated from the rest of the network), sit down at the computer and begin to analyze the fracking Trojan horse virus which infected our systems. It's a real bastard of a virus since every time I try to decompile the executable, it shuts down the decompiler and morphs into something new.


Gretchen comes over and asks, "How are things going?"


I shake my head and reply, "They aren't going at all! Every time I try to decompile the virus, it changes into something else. How's the system running?"


Gretchen answers, "Things are fine now. I'm sure glad that you had set things up in a virtual environment otherwise we'd be screwed. So what are your plans if you can't decompile the virus?"


I think for a moment and ask, "Can we setup an isolated connection to the Internet?"


Gretchen replies, "Give me about an hour and I can pull one of the pairs off the OC3 network and isolate it. It will be slower, and will of course slow up our network, but it will be totally isolated from the rest of the network. What are your plans?"


I grin at her evilly and say, "I'm going to use it to drive that beotch Stacy crazy with wonderful reports from Ben and my honeymoon."


Gretchen asks, "Are you sure this will work? Won't she know that the honeymoon is over?"


I grin at her and answer, "I don't have any plans to tell her so I don't think she will know."


I have a heck of a surprise when two (actually three) old friends walk into the control room…


Present – Maria, Linus, a baby and Jens – In the control room


Linus and I have been busy… No, that's not the correct word, we've been occupied. Yeah, Linus knocked me up, we got married and had a beautiful baby girl. Jennifer sees us, jumps up and says, "I've wondered like heck where you've been. Now that I see the baby, I know! Thanks a fricken lot for not telling me."


I apologize, "Sorry Jens, Linus and I sort of lost track of the time. So boss, do we still have a job?"


Jens runs over, hugs me and announces, "Of course you still have a job…"


Linus interrupts, "… Jens, we want to congratulate you on your wedding…"


Jens frowns and complains while interrupting, "…Linus, I made a heck of a mistake and I'm not sure if Ben and I are still married."


We're practically in shock when Jens tells us the whole sad story. For myself, I simply can't understand that Jens wouldn't believe Ben. Then she tells us about the sex traffickers capturing them so I naturally ask, "Jens, what are you doing about finding those bastard sex traffickers?"


Jens laughs and responds, "Linus, why should I do anything about them?"


I continue, "Well, shouldn't you find them to prove that Ben didn't father Mira's baby?"


Jens continues, "Linus, I made the mistake of not believing Ben once; I won't do that again - especially since Liz told me about Mira's visits to a fertility clinic in Denver. To be truthful, I'm thankful to have both the twins out of my hair and out of my life."


I look at Maria to see if she knows what I'm thinking. She squeezes my hand and I suggest, "Jens, it's not right to let those bastards get away with taking the girls. We need to do something about this."


Jens says, "Well, I'm satisfied not doing anything since I figure they got what's coming to them. But if you feel so strongly then more power to you."


I affirm, "Okay Jens, I plan on finding them and rescuing whomever they have captured. How's your security force?"


Jens says, "Most of them are new so this will be a good exercise to evaluate their abilities."


I hug Maria, give her and our baby girl a kiss and say, "Well, I'm off to talk to the security team…"


I smile at Maria and say, "Wow that's a beautiful baby girl, what's her name?"


Maria returns the smile and says, "Jens, I hope you don't mind but I named her after my best friend."


I giggle and tease, "Don't tell me you named her Linus?"


Maria laughs and says, "No, we named her Jennifer."


I am floored and ask, "Are you sure you want to give her my name?"


Maria hugs me and affirms, "Of course, Jens, you might not know it, but you changed not only my life, but also Linus's life. You gave me a job when no one else would and then tolerated my drinking problem."


She hands Jennifer to me and says, "Jennifer, I'd like to introduce you to Aunt Jennifer."


She squirms in my arms and I remark, "Wow, I didn't know babies were so heavy. By the way, how is your drinking problem?"


Maria replies to both questions, "Yeah, she's a real armful - some days my arms hurt like crazy just from carrying her. And I no longer have a drinking problem because I no longer drink. I gave it up when Linus knocked me up and I have no plans to ever start again."


I can tell Jennifer wants to be with Maria again so I hand her to Maria and mention, "I guess we will need to give you three one of the bigger rooms. Why don't you check in with Gretchen and have her find you a room.


They leave and I get back to work on the fricken Trojan virus…


Present – Liz and Bernie – Outside


Bernie and I have an incredible time (in spite of not having 'sex'), we're both more than satisfied and Bernie suggests, "Liz, how about we take a little walk."


I know why he wants to take a walk: We've been in the tunnels too much and Bernie's going a little crazy. I smile at him and answer, "That sounds wonderful to me, let's go."


I stop by the mirror, make sure I look okay and frown at the baby bulge. Bernie sees the frown and comments, "Liz you look beautiful to me."


I complain, "Bernie, I'm getting fat!!!"


Bernie interrupts…


I never knew Liz would need so much support, but pregnancy is taking a toll on her self-esteem.  I hug her and say, "Liz, you're not getting fat and the doctor even said that you could stand to put on a few more pounds."


Liz whines, "Bernie what if…"


I put my finger over her lips to stop her and say, "…Liz I know you and I bet you will be back to your normal weight two months after the birth of our baby."


Then Liz confesses to her real problem, "Bernie, I'm concerned how my viewers will feel once they find out I'm preggers."


Ah, now the truth comes out. Liz is always concerned with her ratings, especially since Samantha has been working for us. I smile and say, "Liz, I'm sure they will be almost as excited as we are, especially if you do some reports on your pregnancy."


Liz thinks for a moment, her whole face smiles and she replies, "Bernie, that's a great idea. Thank you."


We open the door to our room, move into the hallway and hear a baby crying?


Present – Bill – taking care of business


We stop by the terminal, pick up Victor and I make the introductions, "Victor, this is my boss Ms. Stacy Summers and this is her best friend Ms. Samantha Stevens - she's the one that's looking for a body guard."


Vic replies, "It's good to meet both of you, thank you for the opportunity to interview for a job."


Ms. Summers asks, "Victor, Bill tells us you have a family?"


Victor replies, "Ms. Summers, please call me Vic and that's right. Mellissa and I have been married for five years and have one beautiful boy."


Ms. Stevens asks, "Vic, I hope you don't mind me calling you that? How old is your boy?"


Vic explains, "Please, feel free to call me Vic, most people do. I hope you don't think any less of me, but he's six years old. Melissa and I had lived together, then broke up. Once I found out she had my baby I married her…"


I clear my voice and interrupt, "…Vic, are you up for some action today?"


Vic replies, "Hell yes, what's going on?"


I explain the situation to him with Ms. Summers adding some additional information. I finish by saying, "Ms. Stevens is planning on coming on the raid with a film crew; you would be responsible for her protection."


Vic responds, "So it sounds like an interview by fire."


Ms. Summers adds, "Vic, you won't be the only one helping to protect Samantha, Bill has insisted on having three people for each of us."


Vic replies, "It would be better if neither of you went but I am sure that Bill told you that so I won't fight with you over it. Three bodyguards would be good in case one of us goes down."


We arrive back at the building then Vic and I begin to prepare the team…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – preparing for the mission


We get back to the building and Bill and Vic leave to prepare the team. I grab Samantha's hand and order, "Follow me." We head to my room, I go to my closet, pull out a protective plate carrier with the plates in it from Armored Mobility. I hand it to Sam and order, "Sam, please make sure you wear one of your new outfits and wear this over it."


Samantha remarks, "Stacy, this isn't as heavy as most of the body armor I've used, are you sure it works?"


I tell Sam, "This is state of the art body armor, unlike some of the ceramic or Kevlar vests that you've probably used in the past. It's level III certified for multiple hits."


Sam replies…


I really can't believe how light this tactical vest is. But then Stacy always uses the best so I'm sure she's correct. I reply, "Thanks Stacy, do you have any extras for the camera operators."


Stacy replies, "Of course we do since this is what all my team uses now. Let me get ready and then let's round up your camera operators and get them fitted for the vests."


I help Stacy get dressed and surprisingly she wears some old BDUs so I ask, "Stacy, don't you want to wear something newer or better?"


Stacy smiles and says, "No way Sam, these are my lucky BDUs. They are what I wore when I was with Ben."


Stacy really is obsessed with Ben; I sure hope this somehow works out for the two of them.


We stop by my room where I put on one of my new outfits and the body armor Stacy gave me. She adjusts it some and then we leave to find the guys.


We knock on the door, enter the guys' room and I order, "We need you two to gear up because we have a dangerous mission." The guys ask a bunch of questions but John is the only one that's in for the mission. We head to the equipment room and find the sheriff. He's in the process of swearing in the team as his SWAT team deputies. He sees us in our tactical gear and surmises, "Don't tell me you two are going."


Bill handles the situation, "Yeah Jim, they both are so we need them sworn it too."


Jim grimaces as he swears us in, then he cautions, "Just make sure you two don't get yourselves killed. I really don't want to deal with that paperwork."


Stacy salutes Jim and sasses, "Yes Sir! Whatever you say Sir!"


Jim shakes his head and leaves. We're ready, now all we need is for Ben to call and tell us where we're needed. 


Present – Ben and Destiny – success!


 I pushed the hell out of my truck; the big Cummins diesel was blowing black coal out of the dual exhaust I had added to my truck. We arrive in Denver in record time with Destiny once again being correct - there was no law enforcement on the highway. I brag to Destiny, "Hell, I'm proud of my truck, I didn't know she still had it in her. Now how are we going to find the fucking location of the sex traffickers?"


Destiny requests, "Ben hand me Mira's scarf." Yes, I had taken Mira's scarf from Jim's office before we left. I hand it to Destiny, she sniffs it, sticks her head out the window and directs, "Ben, keep going straight until I tell you to turn." We continue on I-70 eastbound, cross I-25 and begin to enter one of the industrial areas of Denver. Destiny orders, "Ben slow down some."


I abide by her command, she continues sniffing then she says, "Exit the freeway and stop here."


I exit at the Suncor refinery, pull over into a parking place and Destiny says, "Ben, they are somewhere close, however with the stench of the refinery I cannot tell where."


I complain, "Great, so what are we going to do now?"


Destiny teases, "Don't worry Ben, I will go talk to some friends and we will find Mira and your baby."


She begins to change into her wolf form. I figure two can participate in this playful game so I tease her, "Do you want the vest from the sheriff's office?"


The low resounding growl she gives me is an effective NO! I open her door, she jumps out of the truck cab and takes off running. I begin to catch some shuteye when I hear a howl and realize Destiny is back already. I open the door, she changes back, climbs into the truck and announces, "I have good news. I talked to a couple street dogs and they gave me the location of the sex traffickers and they are close."


I start the truck, and follow Destiny's directions. Destiny wants me to pull up across the street from a dilapidated looking warehouse however I countermand her wish, "Destiny, did you miss all the surveillance cameras on the building?"


She apologizes, "Yes Ben, I did miss those."


I drive past the building, pull into an alley two buildings down and Destiny announces, "Ben, I'm going to make sure they are here, I will be right back."


She begins to get out of the truck, then a scruffy looking dog runs up. Destiny and the dog seem to have some sort of conversation. Destiny then says, "Ben, please call Stacy, they are here. My friend also asked if we could free one of his friends if he is still alive - the sex traffickers are using him as a watch dog."


I make the call to Stacy…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to Denver


This waiting is driving me crazy! I can't wait for Ben to call so we can go and help him, and of course I get to see him again. Finally my phone rings. I'm so nervous I fumble with it, almost drop it and finally answer it on the forth ring. It's Ben and he scolds, "It's about time you answered your phone."


I apologize and tell a little white lie, "Sorry about that, the phone startled me and I dropped it."


Ben laughs and says, "Don't worry about it, how about putting it on the speaker and I will give you guys the address."


I oblige Ben, he gives us the location and we hear another person (a woman no less) say, "Ben tell them they need to hurry."


I try not to sound too jealous as I interrogate, "Ben, who's the woman with you?"


The female voice says, "Hello Stacy, I'm Destiny and remember you from the wedding. The dress you wore was beautiful." She giggles and continues, "Tell Patches I said hello."


I hate being reminded about the wedding, but I bite my tongue and remember. Destiny… Destiny… Destiny, oh yeah I remember her, she the one that Ben traveled the Rocky Mountain trail with and if what I heard was true, kept Jennifer (UGH) from finding him.


I look at Bill and sort of say/ask, "If time is really critical, we could use the helicopter."


Destiny replies, "Thank you Stacy, that would be perfect because we don't know how long the hostages will be at this location…"


Ben interrupts, "… Stacy, let me talk to Bill so we can come up with a good landing area."


I hate giving the phone to Bill since I would rather continue talking to Ben but once again, I oblige Ben.


Bill waves his hand to catch my attention and whispers, "Ms. Summers, please have Ms. Stevens call the airport to make sure the chopper is ready."


Samantha hands me her phone, I call the airport to ready the chopper.


Bill looks at us and says, "It's all set, however there's still time for the three of you to bail."


I glare at Bill and say, "Bill, there's no fucking way I'm bailing on this…"


Samantha adds, "…That's right, there's no way I'm missing this story."


We jump into the van and head to the airport. When we arrive, Bill gives us some bad news…