Chapter 006

Together Chapter 006

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Flashback – Ben – A new mission


The first layover was complete and we were back on the plane. We were also, for the most part, back in the good graces of most of our fellow Marines. I leaned over toward Jack and complained, "You sure came up with some crazy-assed stories about Russia. Hell, I had a terrible time keeping up with all your bullshit."


Jack gave me a satisfied smirk and self-righteously answered, "I didn't tell them anything they didn't want to hear."


Jack was correct, even though he stretched the truth to almost the breaking point, it was clearly what the other Marines wanted to hear. I figured I would lighten the mood on the plane so I loudly asked, "What do you call and Iraqi with a camel and a goat?"


Someone toward the front of the plane moaned and complained, "Not that old joke! You call them bisexual."


There was some laughter so I continued with the jokes, "Why aren't there any Wal-Marts in Iraq?"


One of the Marines yelled, "Because there are Targets on every corner."


More laughter that time so I was motivated to continue, "What's the difference between an Iraqi woman and a catfish."


This time there was no answer so I yelled, "One has whiskers and smells like a fish and the other is a fish."


There was a huge amount of laughter this time - so loud that it created problems…


Flashback – Captain M – A new mission


The Marines in the back of the plane started laughing like crazy which woke up the Boney bitch. Following her primal instinct she ordered, "Captain, get your ass back there and see what the hell the Marines are laughing about."


I slowly exited my seat but the Boney bitch screeched, "Captain, move your lazy ass!"


The boney bitch could order me around but she sure as hell couldn't tell me how damn fast to move. I ambled toward the back of the plane and a familiar voice quizzed, "What do you call an evil Iraqi?"


One of the other Marines answered, "Mu Ha, Ha, Ha, Med."


The Marines burst into uncontrolled laughter and I chided, "Just what the hell is so damn funny about that joke! A sure way to piss off the Iraqi's is to insult Mohammed. Sgt. Blaine, that's enough of the jokes!"


The Marines began to complain so I nipped it in the bud, "Well, if you think that joke is so damn funny, then all of you can drop in the aisle and give me a hundred."


There was groaning as they complied with my order…


Flashback – Jack and Ben – A new mission


I was in the aisle doing fucking pushups with the rest of the Marines and complained to Banzai, "Shit Banzai, don't do anything the rest of the flight and we just…"


I didn't finish because the fucking plane hit an air pocket, we dropped like a rock and the next thing I knew I was falling from the ceiling to the floor. I made sure I landed fine and was feeling okay until some big fuck Marine crashed down on top of me…


The fucking Captain M didn't like my jokes so he had all of us doing pushups in the aisle, which didn't really work because there were too many of us to all fit in the aisle at the same time. The fucking pilots hit an air pocket and the plane dropped like a rock. I was able to wriggle around and land on my feet while Jack was doing okay until some big fucking gorilla fell on top of him.


I jumped through our row, helped the gorilla Marine off Jack, checked him and found he was unconscious. I yelled, "Corpsman! We need a corpsman back here immediately."


My chant was taken up by others on the flight and soon all you could hear were moans from the injured and calls for a corpsman…


Flashback – Captain M – A new mission


Son of a bitch! What a terrible time for this to happen. I had the Marines doing pushups in the aisle when all hell broke loose. The next thing I know the Boney bitch is beside me screeching, "Captain, what the fuck did you do to the men!"


I glared at her and countered, "I was just following your orders, Sir!"


She glared right back and me and countered my counter with, "I sure as hell didn't order you to have our men get out of their seats."


She barked like the bitch she was, "Everyone that is able get back in your seats immediately and fasten your seatbelts. Those that can't move under their own volition wait until a Navy Corpsman evaluates you before you try to move back to your seat."


She spits at me, "Captain, if our mission in Iraq is compromised by this boneheaded act of yours, I will make sure that you hang for it. Now accompany me while we ascertain the extent of the damage you created."


We made our way toward the back of the plane - through the many Marines still in the aisle who were waiting for a corpsman. We were almost to the rear of the plane when I saw Sgt. Blaine kneeling beside a prostrate Sgt. Reynolds. The boney bitch looked at them, then looked at me, moved closer and whispered, "Captain, the old man has some special plans for the two of them, so you had better pray to God that Sgt. Reynolds is okay."


Then she shrieked, "Corpsman! We need a corpsman here immediately."


A corpsman arrived, Sgt. Reynolds woke up and asked, "Where's the fucking bus that hit me."


The corpsman order, "Stay still and tell me where it hurts."


Sgt. Reynolds replied, "My lower back feels like hell."


The corpsman probed his back, Sgt. Reynolds jumped, the corpsman looked up at us and stated, "Sirs, I think it's probably a back strain, but it could also be disc injuries. We will know better when we get an MRI at the hospital."


Sgt. Blaine and the corpsman assisted Sgt. Reynolds, who was in obvious pain, into his seat. Sgt. Blaine fastened the belt after Sgt. Reynolds was seated. Then maneuvered through the row of seats, got in my face and threatened, "Captain M, if Jack is…"


He never got to finish (unfortunately or I would have had his ass) because the Boney bitch interrupted, "Sgt. Blaine ten hut!" He snapped to attention and she continued, "Sgt. don't say or do something stupid. I will make sure the Captain pays for his idiocy. Now get back in your seat as I ordered."


He glared at me, sat down and fastened his seat belt…


Flashback – Jack and Ben – A new mission


I didn't want to make a big fucking deal out of it right now because there was nothing that could be done about it, but my lower back was seriously fucked up! Banzai and the Navy corpsman helped me back into my seat and strapped me in, but the pain and spasms were so bad in my back I couldn't sit still. The corpsman gave me some pills but they weren't doing shit!


Colonel Maggie and fucking asshole Captain M left, Banzai reached into one of his pockets, produced a flask, handed it to me and said, "Drink this, it should help."


I smiled and Banzai and said, "I thought alcohol was verboten on this flight."


He softly chuckled, "It's only forbidden if you get caught, now drink up and enjoy."


I unscrewed the cap on the flask and took a big slug. I expected Banzai's normal Knob Creek, but this was a surprise: It was smooth as hell going down, much smoother than Knob Creek. Shit this might be the best bourbon I ever tasted. I asked, "What the hell is this?"


Banzai laughed softly and answered, "It's Pappy Van Winkles Family Reserve, there's hardly any better bourbon in the world."


I took another slug and stated, "Shit, it's a shame to drink such a fine bourbon in such a cavalier manner."


Banzai again chuckled and answered, "Don't worry, I have a few more bottles stashed in my rifle case for special occasions."


I held the flask toward Banzai and asked, "Do you want a snort?"


Banzai shook his head, "No, just take your time and enjoy. But be careful, it will kick your ass."


I took Banzai's recommendation and enjoyed it. By the time we landed in Baghdad I wasn't feeling any pain…


Flashback – Masha – At the market


After being treated rudely and insulted by the salesgirl and the жирная свинья (fat pig) customer behind me in line, I left all my groceries on the belt and started to leave the market. I was almost to the door, when a rather obese man came up to me and said, "Excuse me Ma'am, I am the manager of the store and just witnessed the unfortunate encounter you had with our salesgirl and customer. We value all our customers equally and I would like to find some way to rectify the situation if possible."


I was not certain I believed this man so I questioned, "Why should you care about my business since I am only one person. A large store such as this must have many customers."


He smiled at me and explained, "Yes, you are only one customer. However, if we fail to take care of your needs you will tell your friends, and they will tell their friends and soon we would be out of business. We rely on word of mouth advertising. So please tell me how I can rectify the situation that forced you to leave."


I was certainly not going to tell him that I had no friends in America so after I thought for a moment I said, "If the salesgirl was to give me an apology that would rectify the situation."


He smiled and said, "I will do one more thing even better than that." He escorted me back to the salesgirl, she looked terrified and he ordered, "I observed your shameful interaction with this woman and you owe her an apology."


The жирная свинья (fat pig) customer loudly complained, "She can do that after she finishes checking me out."


The market manager glared at the customer and demanded, "What about the extra merchandise you put in your purse and under your clothes? When were you planning on paying for them?"


The жирная свинья (fat pig) customer also looked scared but replied, "I don't know what the fuck you are talking about."


The market manager made a motion with his hands, a uniformed policeman walked up and said, "Ma'am I have reviewed the stores surveillance video. It is obvious that you have shoplifted many items from this store. Come with me quietly and we won't add resisting arrest to your charges."


The police officer escorted the жирная свинья (fat pig) woman away, the young salesgirl looked at me and apologized, "I'm sorry Ma'am for giving you such terrible service. I promise I will never do that to anyone again."


The market manager threatened, "If you do you will lose your job; now bag up this lady's groceries so she can leave."


I questioned, "How much do I owe you for these groceries?"


The market manager said, "Because our service was so poor today, your salesgirl will be paying for them out of her salary. Please tell all your friends how you were treated here today."


My groceries were in the bag, I smiled and said, "Thank you sir and I will make sure to inform all of my friends about my excellent treatment here today."


The manager left, I looked at the salesgirl and said, "I am sorry that you got in trouble and I do not want you to pay for my groceries." I reached my wallet inside my purse, took out a twenty dollar bill, handed it to her and continued, "I hope this will cover the cost of my groceries which will be deducted from your salary."


The salesgirl began to cry and said, "Thank you Ma'am for being so nice. I really don't deserve it after the way I treated you. I have a young child to take care of so we barely survive on my salary."


As I walked home I marveled at what happened. Of course I never would have been treated this poorly in Russia, but if I had been treated in such a manner they would not have corrected it in such an incredible manner. Then I remembered the young salesgirl. I felt sad for her predicament and begin to wonder if there was some way in which I could assist her…


Flashback – Jennifer – at the doctors


Daddy and I had avoided eating mother's cooking and the gastric problems we had experienced promptly disappeared. Now we were back at the doctor's office for the results of the tests. The doctor was looking over the results and started, "This is just crazy."


Daddy looked at me, looked back at the doctor and asked, "What is crazy?"


The doctor answered Daddy's question with a question, "Are you sure you didn't forget to tell me about some of the medications you were taking."


Daddy replied, "Hell no! Neither my daughter nor I are taking any medications. Why do you ask?"


The doctor shook his head and answered, "Well, there are traces of laxative, nifuroxazide and attapulgite in the both yours and your daughter's stool samples."


Daddy stated, "I know what laxative is, but what the hell are nifuroxazide and attapulgite."


The doctor said, "The nifuroxazide is an intestinal antiseptic and attapulgite is a magnesium aluminum silicate which has absorbent intestinal action."


Daddy shook his head and said, "Can you please explain this in English?"


The doctor smiled and said, "It looks to me that someone was adulterating your food to give you either diarrhea or constipation."


Daddy looked at him and stated the obvious, "Well isn't that why we originally came here – to determine the cause of our problems? So what can we do to keep this from happening?"


He said, "Stop eating wherever you were eating when you were getting sick."


We walked out of the doctor's office, Daddy looked at me and said, "Jennifer, I hate to say it but Evelyn has deliberately done this to us."


 I asked, "I agree Daddy, so now what are we going to do???"


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


I of course informed the psychologist of the confrontation last night with my 'family'. He asked my 'parents' many questions then he said something which shocked me. He looked at my 'parents' and ordered, "I agree that Alexi is required to come back and live at the laboratory, however I also think that Chow Mein should live with him in the same room."


'Mother' practically exploded, "What the hell are you talking about you fat old fart! There is no way my baby is going to live here."


The psychologist looked at my 'father' and replied, "You were not deceitful when you told me about her mental lapses." He stroked his beard for a few moments and then added, "And Alexi, we need to commit your mother to this facility for a serious psychological evaluation."


'Mother' jumped up from her seat and loudly complained, "There's no way in hell I am being committed."


Unbeknownst to 'mother', the psychologist had a button under his desk which summoned the orderlies (I discovered it one time when he left me alone in his office). When 'mother' became belligerent, the psychologist must have pressed the button because two orderlies arrived in the room and he ordered, "Take her away and put her in restraints until I can complete a total psychological evaluation."


'Mother attempted to fight them, however they were much larger and stronger than she was. They took her out of the room and the psychologist apologized, "Alexi, I am sorry you had to witness this, however your mother's instability could be the primary cause of your illness."


I feigned an innocent smile and questioned, "What illness sir?"


'Father' asked, "Alexi, do you not remember sticking your head out the window like a dog last night?"

I replied in feigned shock, "'Father', I did no such thing!"


'Father' smiled at me and said, "Alexi, I will bring your and Chow Mein's things today and help you to arrange your room. I am truly sorry about this."


I smiled at 'father' and asked, "Will you still take me out for dinner or a movie twice a week."


He laughed and provided an answer which made me feel badly, "Alexi, with your mother being gone, you are my only remaining family…"


Flashback –Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


I awoke and wished I would have expired! Kostia had arranged one of his sexual tortures for us and I was being violated in more ways than I knew was possible. I turned my head and occulated that my poor sister Ira received even harsher treatment. I closed my eyes and fervently craved death's embrace…


Flashback – Todd – the next morning


I woke up and realized last night did happen since my sexy translator was nude and in my bed beside me. I guess we had too much wine combined with too many shots because the next thing we knew were back at my place having sex.


The only problem was immediately obvious: It wasn't like the sex I had with Liu or Lin! Sex with her was – well, boring.


My movements must have awakened her as she opened her eyes, smiled at me and said, "Where in the world did you learn how to make love like that? I had more orgasms last night than I have ever had in my life."


I thought back to Liu and realized there was no way to explain what I did last night because it was something Liu taught me. I blushed, jumped out of bed ran into the bathroom and started the shower. Perhaps if I took long enough in the shower, she would be gone when I was done.


I came out of the shower and realized that my assumptions were incorrect…