Chapter 008

Together Chapter 008

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – A new mission


We approached Baghdad without any further issues until the fasten seatbelt light started to go crazy. The co-pilot got on the intercom and announced, "There are some hostiles on the outskirts of Baghdad so we will be performing a combat landing1."


1 Combat Landing – Spiral or corkscrew landing approach to avoid SAMs and manpads.


I looked over at Jack (because he was still passed out from the bourbon and pills) to make sure his seat belt was fastened and tight. It was fastened but I wasn't sure it was tight so I got up, pulled all the fucking slack out of his seatbelt, quickly got back in my seat and barely got my seatbelt fastened by the time the flaps went up the wheels locked down and we began the fast fucking spiral toward the landing strip! Combat landings were hell! They were worse than any rides at Disneyland, which was confirmed by the retching of many Marines who puked out their guts. The smell on the bus got toxic from all the puke and it was all I could do to avoid puking myself.


Then it was over as fast as it started. As the wheels touched down, the copilot announced, "Welcome to Baghdad!"


Jack woke up and complained…


I woke up, tried to stretch my back and complained, "My back feels like more than twenty miles of bad road."


Banzai answered, "Don't worry Jack, we're finally in Baghdad and we will get you an MRI to see what the fuck is going on with your back."


I realized my seatbelt was about twice as tight as it was when I sat down so I asked, "What the hell happened?"


Banzai laughed, "Hell Jack, you were lucky because you slept right through the combat landing."


I blinked a couple of times but still couldn't believe it so I commented, "Are you fucking sure about this?"


Banzai laughed, "Hell yes I'm sure about this! Just use the nose that God gave you."


I took a deep breath, retched and said, "Thanks a fucking hell of a lot! The fucking smell is so bad I damn near puked!"


Banzai laughed and answered, "See, I told you fucking so. I will go talk with Colonel Maggie and let her know you need an MRI here in Baghdad. Here's my flask, go ahead and finish it off and sit tight until I get back."


I sure as hell wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when Pappy Van Winkle bourbon rode in on that horse …


I worked my way up front, found Colonel Maggie, stood in front of her, saluted and requested, "Sir! Because of Captain M's foolishness in making us perform pushups, my spotter Sgt. Jack Reynolds’ back was injured. He needs a MRI here in Baghdad because I am not sure they will have the facilities in Ramadi."


Colonel Maggie returned my salute and answered, "Sgt. Blaine, you are correct. The General has many plans for you and your spotter, so I am ordering Captain M to remain in Baghdad with you and oversee the MRI."


Shit! And double Shit! This was not what I wanted! However I knew better than to counter one of Colonels Maggie's orders. I smiled at her and lied, "Thank you Colonel!"


She continued, "Captain M, please accompany Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds to the hospital while Sgt. Reynolds gets an MRI on his back. Keep me informed of the results from the MRI. You are both dismissed…"


Flashback – Captain M – Sgt. Reynolds' MRI


I couldn't fucking believe it! Did the boney bitch really assign me to stay in Baghdad and oversee fucking Sgt. Reynolds' MRI? What the fuck was she thinking? I'm sure she's still upset because Dorothy dropped a house on her sister. Staying in Baghdad would put me into Ramadi much later than the rest of the troops and would impact to which combat team I was assigned, and with the boney bitch being here I would probably end up being assigned to be an REMF1! The last thing I wanted to do in this war was push papers or shuttle cargo because a soldier without some god damn war to fight might as well be dead!


1 Rear Echelon Mother Fucker – A pejorative name for a soldier who provides logistical support and has no real appreciation for what is really happening in the field.


I wanted to complain but I knew better. I thought for a moment and decided I could probably really fuck up things if I cloaked Sgt. Reynolds' results, told them nothing was wrong and had him and Sgt. Blaine assigned immediately to the worst possible group in Ramadi… Yeah, that made much more sense than listening to the boney bitch…


Flashback – Jack and Ben – A new mission


Banzai made it back to our row but didn't look happy, however I sure as hell was not feeling any pain thanks to the pills the corpsman gave me and a good dose of Pappy Van Winkle. I slurred my voice and asked, "Banzai, what the hell is wrong?"


Then I noticed Captain Fucker as he walked our way. Banzai made a motion with his hand so I realized I needed to keep quiet and hide the flask which is exactly what I did. The stupid Captain M walked up and ordered, "Okay you two, we need to get Sgt. Reynolds to the hospital ASAP."


Banzai threw him a half-assed salute, I wasn't sure how the hell he got away with it. Then he grabbed his big assed rifle case, unfastened my seatbelt and helped me to stand. I swayed and almost fell. The fucking Captain M demanded, "What the hell is wrong with Sgt. Reynolds?"


Banzai created an excellent lie, "Sir, he's been 'out of it' for the whole flight and even slept through the combat landing so I think the corpsman might have over-medicated him. If you could help him on the other side it might be a good idea."


Captain M took my other arm and we marched down the aisle, if someone was in our way the Captain yelled at them and the obstacle was magically cleared. We reached the air-stairs and Captain M asked, "How the hell are we supposed to get him down these stairs?"


Banzai replied, "No problem Sir. If you would carry my rifle, I can solve this problem."


Banzai set down his rifle and the Captain grabbed it and immediately banged it into the air-stairs. Banzai complained, "Sir, please be careful with that."


Captain M began to laugh, then the Colonel walked up and said, "Don't worry Sgt. Blaine; the rifle must be too heavy for the Captain so I will carry it."


She took the rifle case from the Captain and I swear she smacked him in the ass with it. Banzai said, "Jack, let me give you a piggy back ride down the air-stairs."


I wrapped my arms around Banzai's neck, he lifted me like I weighed nothing and then walked down the air-stairs with me on his back - right to a waiting ambulance.


The orderlies and Banzai helped me onto a gurney and put me into the ambulance which was really a Humvee fitted with a box on the back. Colonel Maggie gently set Banzai's rifle case into the back of the ambulance with us. Banzai smiled at her and said, "Thank you Sir for treating my rifle with such care."


She returned Banzai's smile and said, "Sgt. Blaine, I know about everything you have in the case. The General has plans for you two and this rifle and I'm sure the other items in the rifle case will help you relieve some stress after your assigned missions. Just make sure you save some for me if I happen to show up between your missions. Don't worry about the ammo for this beauty, I will take personal care of it and make sure it's waiting for you in Ramadi. Now if the Captain gives you any problems at all, please contact me immediately."


I began to laugh and whispered, "Banzai, I guess you aren't as sneaky as you thought."


Captain M opened his maw and questioned, "Sir, what are you talking about."


Colonel Maggie put him in his fucking place when she answered, "Captain, that's on a need to know basis and you don't fucking need to know. Now you make sure you take special and good care of these two or your ass is mine."


Banzai climbed in the back of the ambulance with me, the fucking Captain climbed up front into the passenger's seat and we headed to the hospital…


Flashback – Captain M – Sgt. Reynolds MRI


The Boney bitch had my curiosity going about what else was in Sgt. Blaine's rifle case and of course how in the hell she found out what it was. Somewhere, someone had to inspect the inside of the case, but now there was a good sized padlock on the case. I could probably pick the padlock, given some time, but Sgt. Blaine never let the case out of his sight. I knew for a fact that the case would have to be left somewhere far away from the MRI machine since the superconducting magnets in those loved to suck in anything made of steel. Perhaps I would get my chance then.


I continued to ponder the issue on the ride to the hospital, which was interesting in its own way because we were in a fucking convoy with a group of Humvees. I questioned the driver, "Is this normal for Baghdad because I thought we had control of the city."


The driver informed, "Yes Sir, this is normal because no one really controls this city, at least not totally. You never go anywhere in this fucking shithole without ground and air support. If you do you're a fucking sitting duck."


I continued with the questions, "Well if it's this bad here, how bad is it in Ramadi?"


The driver laughed and answered, "Hells Bells! At least here we have a semblance of control and convoys have a chance. In Ramadi the fucking camel jockeys control everything and they have open hunting season on the convoys."


I decided it was a good thing for now I wasn't in Ramadi and hoped that by the time we arrived the other Marines would have made things safer…


Flashback – Masha – At home


I could not get the thoughts of the young salesgirl with the small child out of my mind as I made dinner that night. To me it seemed like a travesty that the American government did not provide better child support for her like the Russian government did for Russian mothers. I was quickly acquiring an education about America and everything was not all roses as portrayed on American television. I laughed to myself and decided that American television was a very successful form of propaganda. In Russia the salesgirl could have relied on her parents and if they were unavailable there were excellent childcare programs which were free.


As I ate my dinner alone in our wonderful house, I made a decision to help the young salesgirl. Yes, I would offer to watch her child for free while she worked. I would make a trip back to the market tomorrow and make my offer to her…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – trying to solve a huge problem


I asked Daddy what we were going to do to solve the problem of mother doctoring our foods. Daddy thought for a few minutes and gave me some ideas, "Jennifer, I can only think of two ways to fix this problem: We continue not eating at home, or we hire a housekeeper who is also a cook."


I answer, "Daddy, I don't think we can stop eating at home because the food is not very healthy when we eat out. And are you sure if we hire a housekeeper who cooks that she will keep mother from messing with our food?"


Daddy laughed and answered, "Jennifer, it all depends on what sort of housekeeper who cooks we hire. If she is a real bitch then Evelyn won't stand a chance."


I wasn't sure this would work but I replied, "Okay Daddy, I will trust you on this. However, if I start getting sick again I'm going to only eat packaged foods. Now can we go by the BX so I can buy some granola bars, rice cakes, peanut butter and bagels?"


Daddy laughed and answered, "Of course we can, and we will also pick up some food for dinner tonight…"


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


I didn't count on the psychologist putting Chow Mein in my room with me and I wasn't sure how she would react to me. At first she hid under my bed and only came out for food and her litterbox - yes thank God she started using her litterbox again. I did not like the concept of cleaning up my room every time she needed to go to the bathroom.


Even though we were in the same facility, I never did see 'mother'. The psychologist told me that she wasn't stable enough for visitors and he didn't want me exposed to her. 'Father' did come by daily to ask how I was doing and even shared some evening meals with me.


Yes, being back in the laboratory was good…


Flashback –Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


The torture delivered by Kostia completed and we both survived but merely by the cutis of a pullet's dentins. I hugged my sister Ira as water emanated silently from her occular units realizing she had once again taken the brunt of the behavior by the bullies who brutalized our bruised and broken bodies.


Ira stated with soft vocal emanations, "One day Mira, we will be free of the beast."


I replied with equally soft vocal emanations, "Yes, Master Kwan has given us hope. However, I have concerns that we might not survive until that day."


Ira groaned in pain and continued, "It was very wise of us to leave Safia with Master Kwan, I am not sure she could have endured the punishment."


I concurred, "And if she did physically endure the punishment, she would have been more mentally damaged than exhibited by her current state."


Even in our damaged condition, my sister Ira gave soft vocal mirth, "Did you find it mirthful when she determined to terminate Kostia?"


I mimicked my sister's vocal mirth emanation and added, "Her outburst was evidence of her lack of training. Kostia would devour her."


Ira shuddered and answered, "I hope the day of Kostia's demise comes soon."


Then she slipped into slumber…


Flashback – Todd – the next morning


Yes, while my interpreter might have enjoyed the sex last night, for me it was boring and I would have enjoyed it more if I had used my right hand. I went into the bathroom to shower, made sure to lock the door hoping she would take the hint and leave. However, when I came out of the bathroom she was still there and shocked me when she said, "Hey big boy, why don't you come back to bed."


I signed a complaint, "But I just showered and I'm clean?"


She laughed and said, "But I know a great way to get you dirty."


I knew there was no getting her out of my house, so I climbed back into bed and once again had lackluster sex. When we finished this time she complained, "Hey, that wasn't as good as last night."


I thought, possibly not for you but it was for me. Then I signed a lie, "Sorry, I guess I am still tired from last night."


She smiled and said, "You poor boy, you haven't had breakfast yet so of course you're tired. You stay right here and I will make breakfast for you."


I heard an inordinate amount of noise in my kitchen then she came into the bedroom proudly holding a tray full of juice, hard boiled eggs, and pancakes. I tried them and signed a lie which I was sure I would get sent to hell for, "This is great thank you."


She snuggled up to me in bed, we ate breakfast together and I came up with an idea so I signed, "Shouldn't you change your clothes for today's meeting."


She swore and jumped out of bed, "Son of a bitch you're right! I can't wear the same clothes two days in a row or they will suspect what we did last night."


I watched her get quickly dressed, she came over kissed me on the cheek and said, "I will be back in a couple hours to pick you up for the meeting. I hope that later we can have some more fun."


I wish I had thought about the clothes earlier to get her the fuck out of here. I got up from the bed, threw away the shitty breakfast she made and silently swore when I saw the kitchen - it looked like the tornado that moved Dorothy's house had rampaged my kitchen. There was no way in hell she was ever getting back into my house…