Chapter 010

Together Chapter 010

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Flashback – Captain M – Sgt. Reynolds' MRI


Because Sgt. Fucking Reynolds was on a gurney, I didn't need to help the smelly old fucker into the ambulance, which was good because he smelled like a fucking brewery! Then it hit me: Somehow the old fucker snuck whisky onto the bus. This was a court-martial offense that the Old Man couldn't ignore. Things began to look up for me after all, then all hell broke loose…


Flashback – Ben and Jack – on the way to the hospital


Jack burped and then laughed, it smelled like a fucking brewery in the back of the ambulance.


The corpsman looked at me and said, "Sgt., if this man has been drinking you might wish to dispose of the evidence. If it's found when we arrive at the hospital it will be an automatic court-martial for both of you."


I leaned over and whispered to Jack, "Give me the flask before we get into trouble."


Jack laughed and said, "Why the hell should I?"


I'm quickly tired of waiting for a response, so I begin to check his pockets and finally find it in the lower left pocket. I took it out, handed it to the corpsman and said, "Here's a little gift for you, for helping us."


He turned it over in his hand and replied, "Damn this is nice, thank you."


I grinned and requested, "Is there anything you can do for Jack's breath?"


The corpsman pulled out a pack of gum, handed it to me and said, "Have him chew a couple sticks and you should be fine. I will also change the medications in his chart so it looks like he's been overmedicated." Then he surprised me when he pulled out a bottle of alcohol and poured a shitload of it on Jack.


Jack complained, "Hey these were clean, what the hell did you do that for?"


I understood so I explained, "Jack, the corpsman is covering our asses by making your BDUs smell like alcohol. Here, chew a couple sticks of this gum and whatever you do don't burp again."


Jack laughed, let out a huge burp and asked, "You mean like that?"


I complained, "Jack, you do that around the Captain or the doctors they will know that you've been drinking. That would mean a court-martial for both of us."


Jack nodded his head and started smacking the hell out of the gum and then all hell broke loose. The ambulance started to careen around, which would have tossed us out of our seats if we weren't wearing seat belts. Shit, it was almost worse than the combat landing.


Thank God Jack was strapped to the gurney and the gurney locked to the floor; if not he would have bounced around worse than on the plane. Jack started whooping, "Now this is what I call an ambulance ride."


The driver banged on the sliding window between the cab and the box, the corpsman opened it and the driver yelled, "We're under attack. Captain, please man Ma Deuce."


The Captain complained, "What the hell! You want me to open the top and fire the machine gun? There's no way in hell I can fit through that window to get in the back."


Jack yelled an insult," Typical fucking officer, none of them can fucking fight!"


Thank God this Humvee ambulance had some armor because rounds started rattling off the ambulance and made it sound like we were in a huge hailstorm. The driver continued, "If someone doesn't get on the gun, we might not make it."


I volunteered, "Shit, if the Captain is too much of a pussy to fight, I’ll do it." I unfastened my seat belt, grabbed on to anything I could to keep from being tossed around, worked my way to the front of the ambulance and popped the roof hatch. I climbed outside, made sure Ma Deuce was loaded, racked the action and began to give them hell.


Jack started yelling, I dropped my head inside and asked, "What the hell is wrong."


The corpsman shouted back, "You're doing a great job keep firing. A piece of hot brass fell inside Jack's shirt."


I kept Ma Deuce firing, sweeping the fucking rooftops and doorways until finally things calmed down…


Flashback – Masha – the next day


I woke up early today because I had a new purpose. I jumped out of bed, did some calisthenics, then some yoga stretches and finally made a light breakfast which I ate with my tea. I finished off my morning routine with a shower, then of course my makeup, my pantyhose, another nice blouse and skirt. Then it was off to the market to shop for today's meals and talk with the young salesgirl.


I arrived at the market but was disappointed when the young salesgirl wasn't working. The manager however was working. When he saw me, he came over and questioned, "Back again so soon?"


I smiled at him and asked, "Where is the young girl from yesterday?"


He smiled at me and answered, "Today is her day off. She likes to work the weekends because she makes more money."


I then answer his question, "Yes, I am back today because I need to buy my food for today."


He gave me a strange look and then asked, "Ms. I don't want to insult you, but can you tell me this. In the country you come from do you need to shop for food each day?"


I had heard Americans were more forward than Russians, so he didn't offend me with his question. I replied, "Yes, I would normally shop at small markets on my way home from work for food required in preparation of the evening meal and breakfast."


He smiled at me and provided valuable information, "I thought so. Ms., in America most people only shop once or twice a week for food. You will find if you buy food it will be good up to a week past its expiration date assuming you store it correctly."


I was baffled by this 'expiration date' so I ask, "I am sorry, I do not know what an 'expiration date' is."


He answered, "Follow me and I will show you."


He took me through different parts of the store and took the time to show me the expiration dates on the food. Then he says, "I bet you don't eat much frozen food in your country?"


I had seen some frozen food in Russia, however never tried it because it was expensive and from what I had been told, poor quality. He took me down these aisles of freezers which looked to contain wonderful food. He pulled out a package named lasagna and said, "Here, this is my gift to you. Take this home tonight, follow the directions on how to cook it printed here on the back and when you come back the next time tell me what you think."


I replied, "Thank you very much for spending so much time with me. However I do need to be getting back home."


He walked me to the exit counters and instructed the cashier not to charge me for the lasagna. I paid for the rest of my food and walked proudly home with my prizes…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – trying to solve a huge problem


On the way back home in the car Daddy said, "Jennifer, I think we will have to wait until tonight to sneak all this food into your room. You know how your mother is about things like this."


I answered, "Thanks Daddy, I was wondering how I would get all this food into my room." Yeah, I think Daddy might have gone a little overboard at the BX: Not only did he get me bunches of granola bars, rice cakes, bagels and a huge jar of peanut butter, he also bought me a big package of beef jerky, some sort of beef stick snacks, potato chips, peanuts, my favorite chocolate chip cookies and even some Vienna Wieners (that name always made me laugh, who would name food that way?). Anyway, we had 6 big bags of groceries which would take several trips to get to my room.


Then I came up with an idea and suggested, "Daddy, how about if I lower a rope out my window tonight and you tie the grocery bags to it. Then we can bypass the stairs."


Daddy came up with an even better idea, "Jens, how about I take Evelyn out for a walk after dinner? Then you can sneak it all up to your room and hide it. Wait, do you have a place to hide this much food?"


I laughed, "Don't worry Daddy, I do have my secret hiding places and I am not going to be showing you where they might be."


Daddy asked, "Well, what if I want some of this food because… well you know why?"


I giggled and replied, "Now I understand some of the purchases, they're for you and not for me! Because you're such a great father I guess I can dole out essential food to you."


Daddy glared some so I thought he was angry when he laughed, "I should have known better. Don't worry, I will keep my food in the garage."


I complained, "Daddy, you worked very hard to lose the extra weight, please don't ruin it with this food. Promise me you will only eat it if it's an emergency."


Daddy chuckled, "I guess I can't fool you – okay, I will leave most of it for 'emergencies'. By the way now is an emergency so hand me one of those beef sticks.


I countered, "Daddy, what's the emergency?"


He laughed, "All this talk about food and the smell of the takeout is making me hungry."


I relented, found the beef sticks, took out two of them, gave one to Daddy while I ate the other and remarked, "Hey these are good!"


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


This was annoying! Now Chow Mein had become more than annoying; she had become a major pest. I guess because she didn't get all the attention from 'mother' she felt that I should take my 'mother's' place as her attentive servant. She refused to sleep in her pet bed but instead slept on my bed. Not content with the foot of the bed, she wanted to sleep right beside my head. Then in the middle of the night she would invariably turn and face her foul anus toward my face. I can't think of many worse things than waking up in the morning and seeing a cat's anus when you first opened your eyes.


Then it became even worse! I would be doing my school work or trying to work on the cryptex and she would want – no demand - attention. She would either yowl or crawl up into my lap, or sometimes even did both.


I wanted to go back to torturing Chow Mein, however I knew I was under constant surveillance so I didn't dare do anything unkind toward her.


Finally I came up with a plan, I just wasn't sure how to implement it…


Flashback –Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


My sister Ira and I had slightly healed when Kostia walked into our prison cell (yes we were in prison) and announced, "Good news my girls, I have a new mission for you that should be well suited to your skills."


I occulated the evil look on his face and knew it would not even come close to being anything we would like.


We patiently waited while he announced, "We are going to use the two of you in our S.E.R.E.1 training program."


1 SERE – Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training. The program is supposed to help in case you're captured but many times the techniques amount to the same tortures you would face if you were captured. Fun things like Palestine hanging, waterboarding, ice water baths, extended sessions of standing in one place, or just plain beatings. You commonly hear the phrase, "Train like you fight and fight like you train" to justify the tortures. S.E.R.E. training is not pleasant, but it is critical to properly prepare our most endangered combat forces for the reality of enemy capture. Was I ‘tortured’ by the US military? No. Was I trained in an effort to protect my life and the lives of other American fighting men? Yes! Freedom is neither Free, nor does it come without sacrifice. 


Ira boldly questioned, "And if we escape we will be free?"


Kostia laughed and responded, "Do not worry, you two will not escape because the men chasing you are motivated to capture you. You see, if they capture you they get to have their way with you. And whatever they want you two must provide."


I occulated my sister and briefly noticed a look upon her face which revealed her acquisition of a strategy…


Flashback – Todd – the next morning


My interpreter arrived to pick me up and rang my door bell. As I opened the door, she barged into my house, pressed herself against me, gave me a kiss, (which was more like being mouth-raped by her tongue), shoved my hand up her skirt, then pulled away and announced, "I want you to know I'm not wearing any underwear today. I can't wait for the meeting to be over so I can fuck your brains out! It's a shame we don't have time to fuck right now, but we're going to be late as it is. Come on, let's go."


She grabbed my hand and we left my house. She didn't really understand how dirty I felt from her behavior at my house this morning. It didn't excite me, it wasn't sexy, it made me feel raped and I wanted to throw up.


What she also didn't know was I had already determined an escape from this problem.


We arrived for the meeting, walked in and I signed, "Please tell me more about this mission?"


My handler replied, "I will tell you everything I can, but there are details which cannot be revealed until you accept the mission."


He went into his description while my translator attempted to distract me by moving her legs in a provocative manner. When he finished he asked, "Okay, what do you think? We could really use you on this mission."


I smiled at him and signed, "I will take it, but only if I can leave tonight."


I could see the shock in my interpreter's eyes as she signed my answer, then she gave me a dirty look.


My handler had one more question, "Okay, since you can't speak, how would you expect to contact us? Do we need to send your interpreter with you?"


I could see hope in her eyes until I shot it down by tapping my answer on the desk. My handler asked, "Did you just tap out your answer in Morse code."


I tapped, "Yes."


He smiled and answered, "That's great, I didn't think of that."


Okay, you can leave tonight but need to stay here until then to prepare.


My interpreter gave me the dirtiest look I had ever seen, and in retaliation I smiled at her…