Chapter 012

Together Chapter 012

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – on the way to the hospital


The driver yelled at me but I couldn't hear him. I ducked back inside and asked, "What the hell did you say?"


He held up a pair of hearing protectors and said, "You did a hell of a job but you forgot these. How are you ears?"


I complained, "No shit Sherlock - thanks for being about ten fucking minutes too late. My ears are ringing like the church bells in Moscow."


I couldn't believe it when the Captain complained, "Sgt. Blaine, watch your language."


I suddenly had a great idea and responded, "Sorry Sir! My ears are fucked up and I can't hear a fucking thing. Please speak a little fucking louder."


The Captain repeated even louder, "Sgt. Blaine, watch your language!"


Yeah, this was working great! I replied, "Sir, I still can't fucking hear you."


The Captain gave up and yelled to the corpsman in the back, "Check Sgt. Blaine's ears."


I moved back to my seat while the corpsman came over, grinned at me and asked, "How bad are your ears?"


I grinned at him, slid the window closed so the Captain couldn't hear and answered, "They are a little fucked up, I was just giving the Captain shit."


The corpsman smiled at me and said, "Yeah, I could tell you two got along like oil and water and he seems to be a huge pain in the ass. Okay, we will start a chart on you. Let's document this and see if we can't give the Captain some more shit." He began the paperwork.


We finally arrived at the hospital and even though there was a line of ambulances, it moved right along. We finally arrived at the door and the back was opened. I grabbed my rifle case and jumped out while a couple of guys hauled Jack out on the gurney. The corpsman was talking to what looked to be a doctor. Then Captain M came to the back of the ambulance and ordered…


Flashback – Captain M – Sgt. Reynolds' MRI


Now was my fucking chance. If I could prove that Sgt. Reynolds was drinking on the flight, the court-martial would automatically follow. I came to the back of the ambulance and ordered the two men taking Sgt. Reynolds out on the gurney, "I want a blood alcohol test done on this man immediately."


A doctor walked up, glared at me and said, "Who died and made you the king around here? Unlike America we don't perform unneeded and useless tests here. I can see from his chart that this man was injured because of something foolish you did and I'm not going to help you cover your ass. I also see from his chart he has a priority listing for the MRI machine. However, we have other more critical patients who must us it first. So you three will need to patiently wait your turn."


Sgt. Blaine yelled, "Thank you doctor!"


I glared at Sgt. Blaine and asked, "Well, can we at least check this Sgt.'s hearing?"


The doctor took Sgt. Blaine's chart from his free hand (the other was holding his rifle case), looked through it and commented, "Captain, you seem to have a knack for letting the men under your direct command become injured by your…"


I interrupted, "…What the hell are you talking about…"


The doctor pointed to his rank and said, "Captain, do you see these birds on my shoulders? I am a doctor but I still outrank you and I sure as hell didn't give you permission to talk let alone interrupt me."


I felt that I was being setup as he continued, "Captain, my medical staff is excellent and they never forge charts. The chart says that Sgt. Blaine's hearing was damaged because he was not provided with the normal hearing protectors that all gunners are supposed to wear. This happened while he was under your command so it is your responsibility."


I countered, "I was never informed of that requirement for the gunners."


The doctor looked down his nose at me and commented, "Captain, I know you're not a moron so do I really have to tell you that ignorance is not an excuse? Assuming you don't aggravate me any further by demanding useless tests on the Sgt.'s, such as the blood alcohol test you demanded, I will see what I can do to keep you from getting in trouble. You three wait for your turn on the MRI machine and try not to get into any more trouble."


The doctor left and I wanted to kill him. I took a look at Sgt. Reynolds grinning face and I demanded, "Sgt., what the hell is so funny?"


Flashback – Jack and Ben – at the hospital waiting for the MRI


I found it extremely entertaining that the doctor ripped Captain M a new asshole, and I guess because of my partially inebriated state I let my face display a grin. The Captain saw it and gave me a ration of shit about it so I lied through my teeth, "Captain Sir, I was not grinning because of what just happened, I was grinning because I am a little high from the medication the corpsman gave me."


Banzai thankfully added, "Yes Sir Captain Sir! They even gave him more medication on the way to the hospital because he was in pain as the ambulance juked around during the firefight."


I added more fuel to the conflagration, "Plus, I was burnt by a fucking piece of hot brass that fell into my shirt and that hurt like hell."


Captain M switched his looks between the two of us and threatened, "Sgt. Reynolds, if you weren't injured we would 'take a walk' together."


I knew what the hell that meant - it was in open invitation for some one on one, hand to hand combat. Hell, I wished I wasn't hurt because I would have taken him up on that in a New York minute.


Banzai piped up…


Shit! Major… I mean Captain M wanted to 'take a walk' with Jack! I did some checking on the Captain and he was supposed to be damn good at martial arts. Jack was too fucked up right now to take him up on it but I was surely not. So, I loudly volunteered (to stay in character with my hearing damage), "Captain Sir, since Jack can't 'take a walk' with you, I would be more than happy to take his place."


The Captain glared at me and answered, "Sgt. Blaine, while I can afford to damage your spotter, I was told the Old Man has some plans for you so I can't afford to damage you. Therefore, our walk will have to wait until later."


I continued to pretend to have hearing issues and said, "Sir! I couldn't hear you, could you please speak the fuck up!"


The Captain repeated himself and yelled, "Sgt. Blaine, while I can afford to damage your spotter, I was told the Old Man has some plans for you so I can't afford to damage you. Therefore, our walk will have to wait until later."


I grinned at the Captain and answered, "Yes Sir, however when that time comes I will be your Huckleberry."


The Captain asked, "What the fuck does that mean?"


Jack grinned at the Captain and answered…


Hells Bells! With the way Captain M was hated after fucking up so many of us on the fight, I could make a small fortune selling tickets to a fight between Banzai and Captain Asshole.


I was disappointed when Captain M backed out of the fight because I would have made big bucks so I tried to put my fortune back on track and taunted, "Captain Sir! That's a phrase that Banzai uses from the movie Tombstone. Doc Holliday says it right before he drills Johnny Ringo. It means he's going to kick your ass!"


The Captain glared at me and answered, "Sgt. Reynolds, I highly doubt he could kick my ass - many have tried and all have failed."


I laughed and continued the taunt, "That's only because you've never fought Banzai, he's undefeated."


I heard the cash register drawer slam closed when the Captain laughed and answered, "Good try Sgt. Reynolds but I'm not going to fight him now. When I damage him I would be in more trouble than I am already in."


I figured I would get in one last barb when I said, "Yes Sir! I do know you really fucked up on the flight when you injured so many Marines and then fucked up again by not having Banzai wear the hearing protectors. That's like… What two strikes? So one more strike and I guess they would do what? Send you back to Thule?"


I guess I went a bit overboard because the Captain lunged at me…


Jack was giving the Captain a huge ration of shit but he finally went too far. The Captain lunged at Jack but I intercepted his hand, twisted it around behind him and had him in a hell of an arm bar.


The Captain fought to get loose and swore, "Sgt. Blaine, get your fucking hands off of me."


Jack egged me on, "Break the fucker's arm Banzai."


The other patients in the hallway, who observed what happened, started egging me on even more, "Yeah, break the bastard's arm… He fucking deserves it for fucking us up on the flight… Rip his damn arm clear off and beat him over the head with it."


I calmly replied, "Sorry Sir for laying my hands on you, however I cannot let you injure my spotter especially when he's still strapped to the gurney and can't defend himself. If you wish to press charges against me, then go for it. However from the sound of things, I don't think you would have many witnesses in your favor."


The other patients continue their catcalls, "That's right you fucking bastard… The bastard Captain started all of it… Sgt. Blaine was just defending himself…"


Captain M wisely submitted, "Okay Sgt. Blaine, I'm not going to press charges and I'm not going to injure Sgt. Reynolds. Now release me - and that is an order."


I released my arm bar on the Captain but expected what happened next…


Flashback – Captain M – waiting for Sgt. Reynolds' MRI


Son of a bitch! I lost it when Sgt. Reynolds kept taunting me. When I went to slap the shit eating grin off his face, Sgt. Blaine grabbed my arm and put me in a hell of an arm bar. I hoped the other Marines in the hallway waiting for their MRI's would support me, but most of them were from the flight and verbally expressed their dislike of me multiple times. Too bad - otherwise Sgt. Blaine would have had a one way ticket to Leavenworth. Sgt. Blaine slowly released his arm bar. When my arm was free, I spun around and went for a face strike with the palm of my free hand. The next thing I knew I was flat on my fucking back and everyone was cheering.


Sgt. Blaine stood over me, grinned and added insult to humiliation, "Sorry Sir! But I thought you were supposed to be fast?"


He reached out his hand but I slapped it away and complained, "I can get up on my own." Then I kipped up. I studied Sgt. Blaine closely as he was a more formidable foe than I originally assumed…


Flashback – Masha – dinner


I implicitly followed the directions on the lasagna package the store manager gave me (I felt a little badly because I forgot again to ask his name). There were two options: One was to 'cook' it in the microwave; the second was to really cook it in the oven. I decided on the second choice since 'cooking' anything in the microwave was suspect to me. While the lasagna cooked in the oven, I made a small salad and some green beans with almonds to provide me with the additional nutritional requirements for the day. The timer dinged which meant the lasagna was cooked.


I was already concerned over the massive size of the portion of lasagna, and when I read the calorie content I was more than concerned - I was distressed! Especially when I noticed this was supposed to be a single portion of 370 calories! If American women ate like this all the time, it was no wonder they were grossly obese. I knew that my basal metabolic rate1 was 1250 calories per day at my current level of activity. The almost 400 calories from the lasagna would easily put me over the 1250 calories which meant the extra calories would be stored as fat.


1 BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate - Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is defined as the minimum number of calories your body burns whether at rest, working out or lying down.


I set my feast upon the table, looked again at the lasagna and decided I would only consume half of the lasagna today and then eat the other half for lunch tomorrow. Even though I was married and lived in America I was not going to become a fat American woman.


I took a bite of the lasagna and smiled as it was very good. It would be very easy to eat all the lasagna and it took all my willpower to stop when I had consumed only half.


Tomorrow was a weekend so I would return to the market and make my proposition to the young sales girl and inform the manager how much I enjoyed the lasagna…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – trying to solve a huge problem


In our attempt to solve the problem with mother adulterating our food, we inadvertently created a new problem. Yes, we bought all the foods at the BX to survive if we had too, however Daddy and I consumed all the very tasty beef sticks on the way home. I was so stuffed that I could barely walk. We walked into the kitchen from the garage and mother announced, "It's about time you two got home. What's in the bags?"


Daddy answered with a little lie, "I needed some things so we stopped by the BX and this is a full fried chicken dinner with all the side dishes."


Mother gave Daddy sort of a strange smile and answered, "Well wasn't that nice of you. I guess I will just put the dinner I planned away for use on another day."


I announced, "Mother, I'm full and think I will skip dinner tonight."


Mother countered, "Jennifer, a ballerina needs to eat to keep her strength up."


I counter countered, "Yes Mother, however I think I have put on a few pounds with all the meals we've been eating out lately. A ballerina cannot afford to become fat."


Mother smiled and answered, "Yes my prima ballerina, you are correct." Then she appeared to think for a few moments and continued, "In fact I think we need to weigh you first thing each morning and keep track of your weight."


I suddenly had visions of mother starving me if I was a pound overweight so I tried to counter, "Mother a better test would be for me to try on my costume from Swan Lake."


Mother grinned and answered, "My prima ballerina, don't you realize you've been growing and soon you won't fit into that costume anymore. No, we will weigh you each morning right after you awaken. Nevertheless if you are full, and are sure you've gained some weight, you can be excused from dinner. However, you need to practice in your room until you lose the weight."


Rats, double rats and triple rats, what sort of new monster did I create?


I went to my room and practiced until my outfit dripped with sweat. There was a knock on the door, Daddy and mother stuck their heads in my room and mother said, "Very good job my prima ballerina, a few more nights like this without dinner and you will be back to your dancing weight."


Daddy announced, "Jennifer, your mother and I are taking a walk. We should be back in about an hour."


They left for their walk so I ran downstairs to the garage, opened the trunk on the car, hauled all the food into my room and began to hide it in my many secret places.


I was shocked when they came back as Daddy came into my room and complained…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


I finally determined a method to covertly continue my tortures of Chow Mein, it was remarkably easy. Each day I received many pills which I was supposed to take. I began hiding them under my tongue then I would pretend to cough and put them in my hand. I accumulated red pills, blue pills, green pills and white pills. I decided to run my own experiments on Chow Mein by experimenting with what effect the pills had on her. The ones I disliked the most were the white pills as when I took them they made me nervous. I took two of the white pills, crushed them up very well and put them in Chow Mein's food. She was hungry and ate all of her food immediately. The fun started after about fifteen minutes when Chow Mein looked at the wall and began her infernal yowling. Then it was like she saw something which scared her: She arched her back, started to spit, ran toward the wall but didn't stop! Yes, she ran headfirst into the wall and knocked herself out. There she laid on the floor, quivered in spasms and began to froth at the mouth.


I had to fight to keep from laughing my hardest as this was even better than my tortures at home. I opened the hallway door and called, "Help, my cat is dying!"


The orderlies ran into my room, I pointed at Chow Mein and cried, "She started acting crazy then ran headfirst into the wall."


The psychologist came and asked, "She didn't bite or scratch you did she?"


I smiled at him and lied, "No Sir, please don't let her die. I lost my 'mother' and I'm not sure what I would do if I also lost her."


He directed the orderlies to remove her from the room and he answered, "Don't worry Alexi, we know how attached the two of you are to each other. We will take her to a safe area and call a veterinarian."


They left and I had a great day without the annoying Chow Mein…


Flashback –Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


Kostia translocated into our prison cell, pitched some accoutrements onto the floor and ordered, "Get out of those filthy stinking rags, clean yourselves up and put these new clothes on."


We arose from the floor and began to comply with Kostia's order. He grinned at us the entire time, especially when he occulated the many bruises on my sister Ira's body. I was concerned because many times our injuries excited Kostia and then he inflicted torture upon our corporeal selves' with his training tool. Unfortunately this was one of those times! He was exceptionally brutal and when he finished with us, he delighted in striking our private places until they ached. He then ordered, "Well, it looks like you two need to clean yourselves again."


We once again scrubbed ourselves, then picked up the new accoutrements. My sister Ira unwisely complained…


I held up a miniscule piece of cloth and complained, "Sir! You expect us to wear just this?"


The Beast laughed, "Yes, that is all you are wearing for your S.E.R.E. training. When the men see you two in those outfits, it will motivate them to capture you."


The accoutrements consisted of what appeared to be just the lower half of a very small suit of swimming. We wriggled into the miniscule accoutrements as Kostia ordered, "Follow me to meet the other men whom you will be training."


We dutifully translocated behind him from our prison cell and stopped on a stage. I occulated an auditorium full of men who whistled, cheered and made obscene noises and gestures at us.


Kostia held up his digits and announced, "Miranda and Irina are here to assist with your S.E.R.E. training. They will be released thirty minutes ahead of you. Your job is to capture them and when you do capture them, you can do anything you wish to them other than killing them or permanently defacing them."


The men cheered even louder and I felt myself crimson.


Thank God I had a plan of contingency to provide results which they did not expect…


Flashback – Todd – leaving on the mission


Well, my bitch interpreter tried to get me alone. I wasn't sure if she was going to rape me or kill me but either one would have been hell for me. I deftly avoided her because I needed to be thoroughly briefed on the mission which was 'need to know' and she sure didn't the hell need to know.


I was slightly shocked at my response to her as before Lin and Liu I would have gladly taken what she gave me and asked for more. The sex with her made me realize what I had on the island and I silently cursed myself for returning to civilization. Hell, I should have stayed there and grown old with Lin. My heart ached for the chance to escape and return to Lin.


Since I agreed to the mission, I was given all the details and this was going to be a hell of a mission. During the briefing I continued to use Morse Code to ask questions and to get greater understanding of mission parameters. It made me feel good to be self-sufficient but even more important was being free from the interpreter!


The time arrived and it was time for me to be inserted…