Chapter 017

Together Chapter 017

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Present – Liz, Thom and Jack – finishing up the wedding coverage and a new problem


I am getting so spoiled by my Bernie and is he ever going to get lucky later! After spending all day in my heels on this dreadful ground and in this terrible dress my legs are hurting. My wonderful Bernie is washing and massaging my feet. It feels so good that I'm almost asleep when Thom and Jack walk up and Jack totally ruins the moment, "Liz, we have a hell of a problem!"


I really am tired of all the problems associated with this wedding and wonder why in the hell I should be responsible for them. I did a hell of a job pulling it together, it went off without too many hitches (other than the craziness with the Mossad, Megan and Evelyn). I glare at Jack and complain, "What the fuck now! Don't tell me someone else has died?"


Thom laughs and the conversation continues…


Man talk about someone needing to grow a pair, the last thing I would ever want to do was wash a woman's feet and give them a foot massage. I am ready to answer Liz when Inga walks up. She sees what Bernie's doing for Liz and remarks, "Liz, you are so lucky that Bernie does that for you! My feet are killing me and I wish someone would take as much loving care of me."


She looks at me, grins and I know what she's thinking - so I change the subject, "Inga, did you find any trace of them?"


Liz interrupts, "Thom, what the hell is going on."


Inga answers, "No Thom, they are both gone, however Glen and Hammer are finally awake."


I ignore Liz and continue my interrogation, "Were Glen or Hammer able to give you any information?"


Liz once again interrupts, "Thom, don't make me kick your ass! What the hell are you three talking about?"


I glare at Liz and grouse, "Liz, shut the hell up and let me talk to Inga."


Inga answers, "Thom, that's not a nice way to talk to Liz! Liz, someone has taken the bodies!"

She finally answers my question, "Thom, Glen and Hammer got in a fight when Hammer wanted to further defile Megan's body. While they were distracted, someone came up and Tased both of them. They are angrier than I have ever seen two men."


Liz jumps to her feet, kicking the pan over and exclaims, "What in the hell is going on? Who would take the bodies?"


Jack answers…


Bernie has given me a hell of an idea! I need to find Masha and see if she needs a foot massage - hell that would score me some big points for later tonight.


Thom's diplomacy is lacking so I decide I need to become more involved. I answer Liz's question, "Liz, we don't have any idea who stole the bodies. What would anyone want with the two bodies to begin with?"


I continue, "If the twins were here I might blame them for this, but they left a while ago."


Liz glares at me and answers, "Jack, I know you don't care for them but I can't see them doing something like this."


Bernie stands up and becomes the beacon of reason, "Instead of blindly casting the blame on anyone and everyone, we need to figure out who would have the most to gain from taking the bodies."


I interject, "…And how they plan on transporting them. Thom, please alert the TSIFFTS transports to make sure they don't let the body bags onto a flight."


Thom looks at Inga and says, "Inga, let's move it."


They leave and we continue looking at each other trying to figure this out.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to the cabin on the Truth Network private jet.


My phone rings, I look at the caller ID and note that it's Bill. I answer and ask, "Bill, I hope you have good news to report?"


Bill who seldom lets me down answers, "Yes Ms. Summers, indeed I do. This mission went off with no problems. They were so busy fighting each other they never heard or saw me."


I continue, "Will you transport them to our facility at Leadville and then have the DNA tests done?"


He answers, "Of course Ms. Summers. I have already alerted our team to purchase the coolers for the cadavers. The smaller cadaver which we believe to be Megan has been seriously mutilated. What are your final plans for the cadavers?"


I look at Samantha, smile and answer, "Bill, nothing evil: I am going to give them back to Ben and Jennifer."


Bill suggests something to me that I sure didn't consider so I revise the orders, "Bill please make sure you document the condition of the bodies."


He replies, "Ms. Summers, I anticipated your wishes and have already done that. Now I need to get them on the chopper we are using to transport the horses and Wojtek. By the way, he is one mean, bear when he's drunk."


I laugh and agree, "He probably has a hangover but should be okay in a couple hours."


I hang up the phone and begin to discuss Bill's idea with Sam…


Present – Ira, Mira, Safia and Alexi – at the destroyed cabin


My sister Mira and I once again quelled the combat between Alexi and Safia by placing both of them in the hold of sleepers. After securing the promise from them of terminating the conflict, we began to release the combatants. Alexi committed the error of spinning around and attempting to strike me in the eyes. He was certainly stronger than my corporeal self, however his swiftness was less than half of mine. I easily deflected his weak attempt at a blow and delivered a resounding palm to the base of his olfactory appendage.


Alexi covers his olfactory appendage with both digital extremities, falls to his knees and complains, "Ira, you broke my nose."


I nonchalantly reply, "Absence of excrement Sherlock! You sought to damage my eyes with your blow, which is a serious offense. Therefore I responded with equal aggressiveness."


Safia yells and returns to the offensive, "Ira, look at Alexi's nose - it's bleeding like crazy. I'm going to kick your ass!"


I advise caution, "Young Safia, in your present condition I would not recommend attempting an act so hardy fool otherwise your fetus could become damaged."


She of course does not heed my warning so I nod quickly to my sister Mira, she wraps her arm around Safia's neck and places her once again in the hold of sleeper."


Mira states…


Alexi was lucky he did not try to assault my eyes, otherwise I would have fractured his humerus.  I have Safia totally in control so I suggest, "Ira, Safia will not trouble either of us. Perhaps you should tend to Alexi's injury because we are expending precious time to no accrued benefit."


She kneels on the floor in front of Alexi as he complains like a young child, "Ira, you have done enough, leave me alone."


Ira replies, "Alexi, stop behaving like a child. I have not done enough and I must examine your olfactory appendage to ascertain if it has deviated from midline."


He removes his digital extremities, Safia occulates the all too apparent damage and begins to struggle greatly. I slowly increase the pressure on the hold of sleeper and render her corporeal self slightly incapacitated.


Ira touches Alexi's olfactory appendage moves it slightly, then grabs the end and pulls down with extreme force! That produces a loud snap as his olfactory appendage is realigned. Alexi releases a large sigh and promptly becomes incapacitated.


Ira occulates me and inquires, "Mira, perhaps bringing these two on our quest is an error in tactical judgement."


I concur, "Yes Ira, they need to abide in the subterranean tunnels while we locate the terrible teenagers."


I release Safia, she crawls to Alexi's side, begins to wipe the plasma off his face and threatens,  "This isn't over."


Ira and I vocalize our mirth and I reply, "Safia, it would be unwise to continue this ill-fated combat. You and Alexi are relatively competent in martial arts, but are not of the same caliber as our corporeal selves. The next time Alexi desires to attack either one of us, he should reconsider it twice as our retribution for repeated lessons in humility might damage him further. I would suggest you both apply your mandibular muscle to the wounds you have."


Ira and I leave to change our accoutrements and retrieve our weapons…


Present – Masha and Jack – solving a problem


I relent and do let Ivan enjoy one tiny piece of Ben and Jennifer's wedding cake after he convinces me that Destiny lured him away from the table. Of course I exact a promise from him that he would never ever do that again under the threat of punishment from Jack's belt. Now we are sitting at a table, enjoying the forest and wishing we could go for a hike. But Jack had reminded me of the wolves and bears and I had no desire to fight one of them over my children.


I notice Jack walking toward us and tell Ivan, "Papa is coming and looks like he is sad about something. Please run, meet him and cheer him up."


Ivan jumps up, gives me a terribly executed salute (because he's excited about Papa) and says, "Yes Sir! General Sir!"


I smile as my boy runs toward his father…


We have had no luck figuring anything out about the bodies. I was coming to find Masha because with my old eyes, she's a much better tracker than I am. I find her where I knew she would be: At the campsite. I really wish I had the time to give her a foot massage like Bernie was doing for Liz but there just isn't any time.


I smile as Ivan launches toward me like a guided missile. He's a great kid and I feel a little guilty about being so angry with him earlier when he left the campsite. He runs up, gets close then launches himself through the air. I grab him tightly and hug him.


He giggles and says, "Papa, Mama was nice and let me have a tiny piece of Unca Ben and Auntie Jennifer's special cake. Do you think I could have another little piece of the special cake?"


I laugh because he was always trying to play us against each other. I reply, "What did your mother say?"


I set him down, take his hand and as we walk toward Masha Ivan says, "Papa, I not ask Mama, I ask you."


We reach Masha and I say, "Ivan was wondering about having more wedding cake."


Masha smiles at us and says, "Ivan not now, but since you are such a good boy we will take some home with us. And Ms. Mabel made the cake so if you are a very good boy and eat all your vegetables, she might make another cake someday."


Ivan dances from foot to foot, I look at Masha and say, "Honey, I hate to bother you but the things I told you about earlier are missing and I was wondering if you could help us track where they might have gone."


Masha gasps, and asks, "You mean the things you got the bags for?"


I affirm, "That's right. As Glen and Hammer were fighting over proper treatment, someone Tased them and took the bags. We have no idea who it is but we do need to find them before they leave."


Ivan pulls on my pants leg and says, "Papa…"


I look at him and say, "Not right now Ivan, we are discussing something very important."


Masha begins to answer and Ivan again interrupts, "But Papa, Destiny lady is a good and well tracker and she could help. She could track a knitting needle in a stack of straw."


I laugh because he got the saying a little wrong. Masha looks at me and says, "Jack, Ivan might be right. If she is what he believes she is then she could track them much better than I could. The problem is how to contact her."


Ivan dances from one foot to the other and announces, "I know how to contact Destiny. She give me this to contact her."


He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little silver whistle on a chain, then continues with his explanation, "Destiny give me this to contact she the only problem is it works not."


He blows it and I don't hear anything so I ask, "Ivan, can I see the whistle?"


He asks, "Only if you promise to give it back."


I laugh and reply, "Of course I will give it back."


He hands me the whistle, I look at it and see I picture of a wolf etched into the whistle and tell Masha, "I think this is an ultrasonic whistle."


Ivan continues his bouncing and says, "Yes! She say some many things I not understand about how it is magic whistle that only she hear."


I hand it back to Ivan and request, "Ivan, please blow it again."


He makes a huge production of taking in as much breath as he can, then blows on the whistle so hard his face turns red and I worry he's going to pop the eyeballs right out of his head. He finishes, then excitedly points, "Looky! Here she come like she promise."


I turn and see her walking toward us as Ivan asks, "Papa, I run to meet her?"


I look at Masha, she nods her head and I answer, "Sure Ivan but don't jump into her arms like you did into mine or you might hurt her."


Ivan giggles and says, "Oh no Papa, she strong but not as strong as you."


Ivan dashes toward Destiny and Masha remarks, "Jack, I'm not really sure I like her and the strange relationship with Ivan."


I alleviate Masha's fears by saying, "Masha, if Banzai trusts her, if they travelled the whole Continental Divide Trail together, if she really took care of Ivan when we were in the prison camp then how can we not like her and trust her."


We watch as Ivan launches into Destiny's arms like he does into mine. I remark, "Hell Masha, sometimes he damn near knocks me over when he does that to me and it didn't even faze her."


She walks up easily holding Ivan on her hip, smiles at us (and I swear I hear the leaves rustle in the trees) and says, "Hello, we haven't been formally introduced. I am Ben's friend Destiny. But I remember you two: You are Ivan's parent Jack and Masha. He told me so many wonderful things about both of you."


I smile at her and ask, "Destiny, we seemed to have lost a couple things and Ivan says you're good at tracking…"


Ivan interrupts, "… I say good and well at tracking."


Destiny smiles again and says, "Of course I will gladly help." She turns looks at Ivan and continues, "Ivan I hate to tell you this but you will need to stay here with your mother."


Ivan pouts and asks, "Why Destiny, I not bother you?"


She hugs him, sets him to the ground and says, "Ivan, you need to stay here because if you come with us, you might accidentally step on the tracks and ruin them then I could not find what your father is looking for."


Ivan looks at me then Masha and asks, "If I good boy and stay here perhaps and maybe get another tiny piece of Unca Ben and Auntie Jenny's special cake?"


Masha says, "Only if you are good and do not pout anymore."


He dances around and Destiny says, "Jack, we should go before the area gets anymore compromised."


She walks toward the clearing where the bodies were and when we're far enough away I ask, "How the hell did you know?"


She shrugs her shoulders and replies, "I was busy with the third body and when I came back I noticed the others were gone."


I am puzzled so I ask for clarification, "The third body? You mean the body of the wolf?"


She gives a solemn answer, "Yes she was a beautiful wolf. It was a shame she lost her life but at least she prevented Megan and Evelyn from attacking the wedding. They had already seen what happened to the Mossad soldiers so they knew what to expect. And Megan and Evelynplanned to kill as many people as they could."


I want to ask her how she knows all this, but we're almost at the clearing and hear a hell of an argument…