Chapter 019

Together Chapter 019

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Present – Jack, Destiny, Glen and Hammer – solving a problem


As we approach the clearing where the bodies were, we hear a hell of an argument between Glen and Hammer. They are making so much noise they can't hear us as we approach


…"Ah am tellin' ye Glen th' god damn bears took th' bodies. We need tae hunt th' bastards doon an' kill them."


Glen replies, "Ur ye a bampot? Th' bears wooldnae tak' th' bodies."


Hammer answers, "An' hoo th' heel dae ye ken they didne?"


We are almost to them and Glen makes sense when he answers, "Coz feckin' bears dornt use Tasers. While Ah tried tae keep ye frae rapin' th' body ay Megan, some law doon dobber got th' jump oan baith ay us."


Destiny bravely jumps into the fray, "Glen is correct - bears did not take the bodies."


I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing because Glen and Hammer must have jumped about ten feet straight in the air.


Hammer counters, "Hoo in th' heel dae ye ken 'at th' damn bears didne tak' th' bodies?"


Destiny laughs and answers, "Because I asked them, that's why. And Glen is correct, bears don't use Tasers and from the Taser confetti1 on the ground it's obvious that two Tasers were fired at you almost simultaneously."


1 In June 1994, a non-firearm version of the Taser was developed, allowing it to bypass federal and state laws that only apply to firearms while a tracking system (the "anti-felon identification" or "AFID" system) was created. This enables the Taser to disperse confetti with serial numbers when it is fired and links a specific Taser to the scene where it is used.


I provide information, "Guys, this is Destiny and she's here to help us track the person or persons who took the bodies."


Hammer, who is still irate, complains, " Fa th' heel ur ye sayin' yoo're talkin' tae bears ye main be a bampot."


Destiny laughs, points behind Glen and Hammer, and counters, "Well, here comes one of the bears right now perhaps you would like to ask him."


Hammer spins around, begins to reach for his claymore while Destiny cautions, "I don't think he will like it if you draw your sword on him."


I add a confirmation, "That's right, look at what happened to Evelyn and Megan."


Destiny shocks all of us when she walks between Glen and Hammer, goes right up to the bear and begins to scratch him behind the ears. He moves his head to just the right spot because he obviously loves it. Destiny orders, "Please leave this area because you are scaring the men."


The bear snuffs a few times, growls at Hammer, turns around and heads back into the woods.


Hammer challenges, "Ah can track better than ye wi' a body yak closed."


Destiny points to the ground and complains, "Then why haven't you done that? Oh I understand, you were too busy fighting and destroying many of the clues. Now stand still and don't disrupt any more of the area."


I reiterate, "She's right - now stand the fuck still and let her do her job."


We observe as Destiny first picks up some of the Taser confetti and explains, "This might help identify who took the bodies." Then she begins to circle the area carefully placing each step. She stops a couple of times, gets down on her knees and looks at things, gets back up and continues walking. The circles get larger until she finally gets down on her knees, then stands back up, looks at us, points and says, "The man who took the bodies came from that direction." She points in another direction and adds, "And he left in that direction carrying both of the bodies over his shoulders. He was wearing military style boots and had Megan on his left shoulder and Evelyn on his right shoulder."


Hammer laughs and attempts to insult Destiny, "Hoo in th' bludy heel dae ye ken 'at? Yoo're nae Sherlock feckin' Holmes."


Destiny laughs and declares, "That's right, I'm better than Sherlock Holmes because he was merely a fictional character. All the clues are right here if you just look. The boot prints show the right print is deeper than the left which means he carried the heavier Evelyn on that shoulder."


I've heard all I need to hear so I order, "Well I'm satisfied, so are we going to stand around and beat our gums all day long or are we going to go find the bodies."


Destiny volunteers with a taunt, "I will come with you so you don't get lost or attacked by one of the body eating bears."


Glen laughs and Hammer mutters under his breath as we follow Destiny…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to the cabin on the Truth Network private jet.


I look at Samantha and reveal Bill's idea, "Sam, Bill says the body of Megan had been mutilated almost beyond belief."


Samantha's eyes grow larger and she asks, "Stacy who would do something like that to a body?"


I respond, "Bill guesses it was probably Hammer, but it might have been Glen in retaliation for getting Evelyn out of the mental hospital and then getting her killed. Bill says there are laws against defacing bodies and suggests we turn the bodies over to the authorities for possible prosecution."


Samantha blinks her eyes and asks, "Stacy are you telling me you would put Jennifer's father in prison?"


I explain, "Sam, that's the dilemma I find myself in. I can't give the bodies to the authorities without causing problems for me and even though I don't like Jennifer…"


Sam giggles and interrupts, "… don't like her, I would say you hate her."


I reply, "Okay you're probably right, I do hate the bitch for taking Ben! But I don't want to do anything which would hurt Ben and I don't want it to appear that I'm being petty about his wedding. When Ben's marriage fails I want it to fail of its own accord, not because of something I did. I just want to be there to help him pick up the pieces."


Samantha smiles at me and comes up with a great plan…


Present – Liz and Bernie – heading back to the destroyed cabin


I look at Bernie and suggest, "How about I change out of this fucking outfit and we catch a flight back to the cabin?"


Bernie asks, "Well just where are we supposed to stay?"


Gretchen walks up with a tablet and responds, "Hey guys, I was kibitzing on your conversation and I have it all taken care of. The tunnels survived just fine so we can stay in them while the cabin gets rebuilt."


I ask, "How do you know the tunnels survived?"


She smiles at me and answers, "I borrowed this tablet from one of the photographers, used my mobile phone to connect to the network and verified the status of the tunnels. You might also be pleased to know that Mira, Ira, Safia and Alexi are already back, have entered the tunnels and have taken up their old rooms. Now I have to get this tablet back to the photographer and I'll meet you at the helicopter landing area."


Bernie gives me a strange look so I ask, "Honey, what's wrong?"


He complains, "I hate living underground in the tunnels."


I ask, "Well do you have a better idea?"


He surprises me with his answer…


Present – Mira and Ira – on the hunt


As we change into our armor of body accoutrements, I surmise, "We were wise to heed Safia's warning about storing our most essential gear within the subterranean tunnels."


Ira concurs, "Yes, if we would have lost our wonderful Katanas gifted to us by your Ben, they could have not been recompensed."


I am struggling in applying my armor of body accoutrements so Ira giggles at me and opines, "Mira, it appears your dreaded fetus has eliminated the possibility for you to apply your armor of body accoutrements."


I finally terminate the ill-rewarded effort, sit on a chair and complain, "My sister Ira, I am concerned about facing the terrible teenagers without the protections of my armor of body."


Ira wisely suggests…


I suggest to my concerned and ever expanding sister, "Perhaps you could use some of the normal armor of body which is in the subterranean tunnels? While it is of inferior quality it would afford some protection. And I would not harbor much concern since I doubt either of them will be with armament."


Mira postulates for a moment, smiles and answers, "Yes, you are correct on both counts. Other than Zarika's interest in Todd's…"


I interrupt, "…you mean my Todd…"


Mira rectifies her mistake, "Sorry sister, other than Zarika’s interest in your Todd's bow lessons undertaken so she could be adjacent to Alexi, neither of the terrible teenagers showed a predilection for weapons."


Those encounters had skated out of my mind but it brought up another question which I hesitated to promulgate. Mira notices and questions, "My sister Ira, does a dog possess your tongue? Please utter your inquiry."


I know of no way to ask other than to blurt, "Mira, you do not suppose Alexi had coitus with Zarika?"


Mira presents a shocked façade and answers, "It is possible they had coitus, they were alone many times."


I make a decision, "We must interrogate Alexi before we leave because he is very fertile and might have procreated with Zarika."


Present - Safia and Alexi – at the destroyed cabin


I am holding my Alexi's head in my lap and applying ice to his nose to reduce the swelling. While I didn't like what Ira did to his nose, I do have to say she straightened it very well. I only hope it heals without the tell-tale bump many broken noses produce. I move the ice to the areas under his eyes and say, "Alexi, it appears you will also have two black eyes from your fight with your sister. It wasn't wise to attempt to hurt her."


He dejectedly replies, "Oh great, now I will appear even worse."


I kiss him on the check and advise, "Don't worry, I will still love you."


Alexi notices some movement, "Hey did I just feel a kick by our baby?"


I smile at him, get ready to answer when Mira and Ira dash into our room and Ira demands, "Alexi, did you have coitus with Zarika?"


I glare at her and announce, "Alexi is mine, I'm sure he didn't."


Then I look down at Alexi and notice his face resembles a face of a child stealing cookies from a cookie jar and I know that my Alexi did indeed have sex with that bitch.


Alexi stammers, "I uh… we uh…" Then he totally lies, "No we didn't, not what you would really call sex!"


I look at Mira and Ira and surprise them when I announce…


Present – Jack, Destiny, Glen and Hammer – solving a problem


Destiny set a blistering pace which has all of us, especially the moderately drunk Hammer wheezing. We understand the purpose behind the direction the bastard took when we reach a rocky outcropping. I look at Destiny and ask, "Can you track him here?"


She gives me a strange look and demands, "Yes I can. However, I need the three of you to turn around and face the other way. I will call you to follow me when we are off the rocks."


I begin to complain, but one look from Destiny proves to me she's not kidding. I order Glen and Hammer, "Okay you heard her, let's turn around and take five."


Hammer who is still wheezing says, "Hoo abit if we tak' ten an' a wee nip ay scotch?"


Thank God Glen countermands the thought by ordering, "Hammer yer drunkenness is slowin' us up sae thaur will be nae mair scotch fur ye."


Hammer sits on the ground, his back toward Destiny and continues to wheeze. As Glen and I face away from Destiny, I hear a noise, turn and look but she's gone - damn she's fast!


About ten minutes later she comes back and announces, "The bodies are gone."


Glen about loses it and cries, "Hoo in th' feckin' heel did 'at happen?"


Destiny suggests, "Follow me and I will show you."


We follow here across a huge expanse of rock and Destiny announces, "There are no tracks leading off this rock." Then she takes us back to the middle of the rock, points at some scratches and says, "I think a helicopter landed here and the bodies were loaded into it."


I reply, "Thanks Destiny, I don't know how you were able to do all this."


She smiles at me and says, "There is one more thing: I do believe some horses were located here too and possibly a bear. I don't see their hoof or paw prints, but I do seem to smell them."


Hammer erupts, "See Ah tauld ye it was th' feckin' bear 'at took th' bodies."


We've all had our fill of Hammer and I almost applaud as Glen hauls off and decks his ass. Hammer goes out like a light and his head even bounces as it hits the rock.


I look at Glen and say, "I do know Stacy Summers had horses and a bear here today. But she left with Samantha on the Truth Network jet and what would she want with the bodies?"


Glen looks at Destiny and says, "Thenk ye miss fur yer help. An' Ah hae nae idea wa she woods want th' bodies but Ah dae plan tae fin' it."


Destiny also thanks Glen, "I also want to thank you for taking care of Hammer, the looks he kept giving me made me feel sick. Now if I'm not needed here anymore I have things to do."


She waves goodbye and leaves while I look at Glen and suggest, "Well if the bodies aren't here, I guess there's no reason for us to stay."


Glen looks at Hammer and says, "Thenk ye fur yer help but ye need tae gie back tae yer fowk. dornt fash yerse, Ah will tak' caur ay Hammer until he wakes up 'en we will lae."


As I left to find Masha and the rest of my family I still pondered if Stacy did have the bodies taken, it was the only thing that made sense…