Chapter 021

Together Chapter 021

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Present – Jack, Masha and the children – leaving for the cabin


Well shit, with the bodies gone there's no sense in me hanging around here. I ponder as I wander back to the campsite on why the hell Stacy would want the bodies but I draw a complete blank.


I enter the campsite and see a guided missile in the form of my boy Ivan flying toward me. He gets close then launches into the air but this time he knocks me over backwards. I land on my ass and it hurts the hell out of my back. I let out a moan and swear, "Damn, my back!"


Ivan apologizes, "Sorry Papa, I excited to see you and did not know you were not as strong as Destiny wolf lady." Then he clambers off and stands beside me.


Masha runs over, recognizes the grimace on my face and asks, "Jack, you appear injured?"


I force a smile and reply with a joke to alleviate her fears, "Don't worry, my back is just acting up. Damn, it's bad growing old because my back goes out more than we do."


Masha scolds Ivan, "Just look what you have done to your Papa, you should be ashamed of yourself."


He looks down at the ground, begins to cry, kicks at the dirt and says, "Sorry again Papa, I not do this anymore."


I look at Masha, begin to stand up, ruffle Ivan's hair and say, "Don't you dare stop running to me and greeting me; just make sure next time that you don't knock me down."


He goes into his bouncing movement from foot to foot and says, "Thank you Papa you are best! Did Destiny wolf lady help you find the things you were missing?"


Masha adds to Ivan's question, "Yes my husband, did she find what was missing."


I look at the two of them and answer, "She was able to help us find what happened to the things, but unfortunately they were taken away from the area. Now, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm ready to get back to the cabin."


Masha notates and motions with her head, "Well Jack, I think you need to speak with Thom and Inga first to let them know what you discovered about the missing items."


I smile at Masha and suggest, "Why don't you get everything ready to leave because this should only take a couple of minutes. Masha, I have a couple things to ask you on the flight back to the cabin." And then I walk toward Thom and Inga…


Present – Jack, Thom and Inga – at the campsite


I meet Thom and Inga as they are just entering the campsite and I sure don't want anyone hearing what I'm going to tell them.


Thom says, "We made sure that no one will use TSIFFTS to transport the bodies."


I shake my head and answer, "Well, we're about a day late and a few dollars short since the bodies are already gone."


Inga's face shows obvious disbelief and asks, "But how was that possible?"


I explain, "Destiny helped Glen, Hammer and me track the bodies to a large rock outcropping where they were taken away in a helicopter. The only helicopters I know of that weren't TSIFFTS belonged to Stacy Summers and were used to bring her horses and the bear to the wedding."


Inga swears, "I should have done a more thorough job on that bitches face!"


I look at Thom and he explains…


Jack missed the fight so I needed to bring him up to speed, "Jack, a very drunk Stacy stumbled into the clearing while I was busy trying to put out the fire Hammer set on Megan. She became the royal rich bitch she is and refused to leave so Inga and she got into a bit of a run-in."


Inga interrupts, "A bit of a run in my ass! Thom tell the truth, I kicked her butt!"


I laugh and append my first statement, "Yes Inga, you did kick her butt - but she was very drunk."


Inga folds her arms across her chest and says, "Okay, the next time I have a repeat of this discussion with her I hope she's not drunk."


Jack smiles and then asks, "I've been trying to figure out why in the hell Stacy would take the bodies."


I nod my head in agreement, "Yeah, why in the hell would anyone steal two bodies."


Inga punches the shit out of my arm and exclaims, "Are you two getting senile? It makes perfect sense to me: She is going to use the bodies for blackmail."


Son of a bitch, I hadn't thought about that!


Jack nods his head and agrees, "You know I bet you're right. She was pissed as hell that Banzai and Jennifer got married."


I laugh and say, "She'd better hope she doesn't piss off Ben because he's liable to permanently remove her from the rolls of the living."


Inga asks, "Thom, you act like he's some sort of god of retribution?"


I laugh and sing, "Well, you don't tug on superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Ben."


Jack laughs and adds an insult, "Well, on those sour-assed notes, I'm taking my family back to the tunnels under the cabin. My kid fucked up my back and I need to get a massage from Masha."


Jack leaves, Inga looks at me and asks, "Thom, why would you say what you did about Ben, he seems like a nice man to me."


I begin to enumerate, "Inga, look at all that Ben has done: He drove Jennifer and the rest of us crazy looking for him; Ben and Destiny kicked the shit out of the Greenies who invaded his land; Ben and Stacy kicked the shit out of the Mexican invasion of Texas; hell even the Mossad team got their asses handed to them. And I would tell you to pull the military records on Ben, but the ones that haven't been destroyed are classified so deeply that even we can't get to them. Just so you know, Ben and Jack sent a huge number of towelheads to their heaven but when they got to their heaven they had a huge problem."


Inga gives me a shocked look and asks, "What was the big problem?"


I chuckle because she put her foot in this one, "Ben got there before them and the seventy-one virgins they were supposed to get were already knocked up."


Inga stamps her foot and says, "Thom, it's not nice to insult someone's religion!"


I laugh and answer, "Inga, it's not a fucking religion. It's a made up story about a pedophile. Now come on, we need make sure all the gear gets hauled out of here and then I think we might try to figure out where Stacy stashed the bodies."


Present – Glen and Hammer – Leaving Glacier National Park


Hammer finally wakes up and asks, "Son ay a huir, mah heed feels loch jobby. Whit th' heel did ye burst me fur?"


I glared at him and answered, "Aam pished aff at ye, if ye wooldnae hae bin messin' wi' Megan th' law doon dobber wooldnae hae swatched Evelyn's body."


Hammer laughs and insults, "Weel excuse th' heel it ay me fur bein' a cheil abit thes!"


I confront him, "Hammer, Evelyn hud a skitin' problem an' I'm tellin' ye 'at ye also hae a skitin' problem."


Hammer glares at me and swears, "Ah dornt hae a feckin' skitin' problem other than Ah dornt hae a bevvy reit noo."


I laugh and say, "Weel, ye used up aw th' scotch when ye sit Megan oan fire sae ye will hae tae bide. Main 'en, we need tae gie it ay haur an' see if we can fin' whaur Stacy took th' bodies."


I help Hammer up and we head back to the campsite to catch a ride to the airport.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to the cabin on the Truth Network private jet.


I have a big problem - no I should say I have two big problems in the bodies of Evelyn and Megan. Now that I have them what the hell should I do with them? Should I give them back to Ben and ugh – I can barely tolerate her name – Jennifer, or should I turn them over to the authorities. I talked it over with Samantha, then she comes up with what might be an answer to the problem, Samantha suggests…


I have a great idea for what to do with the bodies. I look at Stacy, smile and suggest, "Stacy, why don't you let me do a report on the bodies? We can even include you in the report so you could tell everyone how you saw them in a clearing at the wedding."


I watch as Stacy thinks, then she counters, "Do you really think the Truth Network, especially Liz, would let you air that report?"


I mention, "If we time it right, the station will air it before Liz knows about it."


Stacy cautions, "Don't you think Liz is going to be pissed off about this?"


I laugh and answer, "Of course she will, but what's the worst she can do?"


Stacy answers, "I don’t think I really want to contemplate that scenario but OK it's your funeral."


She takes out her phone and calls Bill to make the arrangements…


Present – Liz and Bernie – heading back to the destroyed cabin


Bernie shocks me when he says he doesn't like living in the tunnels - that's something I never knew about my soon to be husband. So I ask him if he has a better idea when he suggests…


I really have had my fill of living under Jennifer's roof! Oh yes, there are benefits, but the drawbacks (in my mind) are too numerous to enumerate. Liz asks me if I have a better idea than living in the tunnels and I simply reply, "Hell yes I have a better idea! How about we either rent or buy a house in Leadville or stay at the hotel?"


I watch Liz as she thinks; I can see her face go through different emotions then she smiles and says, "Bernie that's a great idea."


Just like a clueless male I ask, "Which one is a great idea?"


Liz smiles and replies, "I like the idea of purchasing a place of our own. It's so romantic."


Liz continues, "Now let me get out of this blasted stupid fucking bridesmaid dress and let's get to Leadville so we can start looking for a place."


I head to the changing area, Bernie follows me and it takes much longer for me to change than I thought it would…


Present – Safia, Ira and Mira – on the hunt


It's shocking that my Alexi had sex with that worthless slut Zarika! I shove his head off my lap, jump to my feet and announce to Mira and Ira, "I am coming with you to find the terrible teens."


Alexi questions, "Should perhaps I also come?"


Mira, Ira and I glare at him and I announce, "There is no way in hell I'm letting you get close to that bitch again. You're lucky as hell I don't harvest your penis! What the hell were you thinking?"


Alexi backpedals, "I guess I wasn't thinking!"


Ira interrupts with a supremely valid question, "Alexi, did you use a sheath with Zarika?"


Alexi looks guilty and I know the answer so I begin to kick him and swear, "Alexi, why were you so stupid! You could have infected me with whatever you got from that whore."


He begins to crawl away and I deliver an ultimatum, "And if she's pregnant, I'm going to kill both of your asses!"


I look at Ira and Mira and ask, "Will you wait for me to change my clothes?"


Mira answers, "Of course we will pause while you acquire new accoutrements."


Ira adds, "Safia we are both regretful and shocked at the behavior of our brother. We did not comprehend he was such of a dog of horny with no wisdom of responsibility."


They accompany me to the BDU room, I find an outfit that fits me and I ask, "Do you feel that I need body armor?"


Ira replies…


With Alexi's sexual antics, I am almost thankful that Todd and I didn't perform coitus. Safia poses an armor of body question and I reply "Most certainly, you need protection for you and your dreaded fetus."


Mira concurs, "Most certainly Safia, we do not wish any harm to come to our future niece or nephew."


Safia has changed her accoutrements, applied armor of body that essentially fit, and retrieved her bow while we retrieved our Katanas. We provisioned our packs with mine being the most heavily encumbered because I was not also burdened with a dreaded fetus. Then we departed the tunnels to pursue the terrible teens…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – on the run


We didn't thoroughly think about our escape plan because there were no cars in the garage and we were forced to walk toward Leadville. We had not walked far when a man with a pickup truck stopped and asked, "You two need a lift into Leadville?"


I smile at him and answer, "Yes Sir that would be great."


He motions to the back of the truck, we climb in, move to the front of the bed of the truck and lean against our backpacks.


I lean over so Yasmeen can hear me and ask, "Why don't you call your friends in Denver to pick us up."


Yasmeen makes a bad face and advises, "Zarika, after what they did to me I do not wish to ever see them again."


I show my surprise, "Yasmeen, tell me what happened!"


She looks down and confesses, "Zarika it was terrible. They got me drunk one night and when I woke up many men were having their way with me. One was even filming it."


She begins to cry and I finally understand why she has been depressed and spent most of the time in her room. I hug her and try to comfort her by saying, "Yasmeen, do not feel so bad."


She cries even harder and adds to her confession, "Zarika, you do not understand, I had never… never… never…"


I hug her tighter and console, "Yasmeen, before Ben saved me, many men did that to me. In fact just recently it happened to me again…"


Yasmeen gave me a look of surprise and asks…


It was hard but I felt good telling someone what happened to me in Denver. I knew about Zarika's past with terrible Hussain but I had no idea what she was talking about now. I even worried a little that perhaps she and Ben…


No, I need to find out the truth. So I ask, "Zarika, what do you mean?"


Zarika gets some tears in her eyes and answers, "Yasmeen, you know how I liked being with the twin's brother Alexi?"


I nod my head and answer, "Yes, I remember that you spent much of your time with him and then suddenly stopped."


I realize what happened, put my hand over my mouth and utter, "Don't tell me he raped you!"


Zarika cries and blurts out, "Yes he did Yasmeen. He held me down on his bed and forced himself on me. But that's not the worst."


I foolishly ask, "What could be worse than that?"


Zarika is crying like crazy and answers, "Yasmeen, I've missed my periods. I'm pregnant!"


We hold each other and cry over the many bad things which have happened to both of us.


I pull away, look Zarika in the face and come up with a new plan.