Chapter 022

Together Chapter 022

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – The trip to hell… Ramadi


Just when I thought things were going fairly well, there was a huge fucking explosion that ripped into the Humvee. It blew me the hell out of the gunner's position and tossed the Humvee like a toy against the far wall of the street. As I flew through the air my first thoughts were of Jack and my rifle. I smacked back first into the same wall as the destroyed Humvee and was stunned for a very brief moment, but then the rounds which the fucking towelheads fired into my body armor rudely brought me back to the real world.


I jumped up, looked at the Humvee and saw it was practically blown in two. I ran toward it and yelled, "Jack, are you okay?"


I reached the wretched Humvee, looked inside and saw Jack beginning to crawl toward the missing back door. I ordered, "You stay inside the Humvee until I get Ma Deuce set up."


The Humvee was resting on its side so I moved to what was left of the roof, pulled the pin that secured Ma Deuce to the gunner's position and headed to the back of the Humvee. Jack handed me the portable tripod for Ma Deuce and said, "Here you go Banzai, make the fuckers pay!"


I set the tripod on the uphill side of the disabled Humvee, making sure it was wedged into some holes in the Humvee, put Ma Deuce on the tripod and began to give us covering fire which worked to keep the fucking towelheads away from us…


Jack yelled…


I hauled out our footlockers, then I went up front to check on the Captain and the Corporal. Unfortunately, the Corporal caught a piece of shrapnel in the head and he was dead. As I moved to the Captain, he woke up and complained, "Sgt. Reynolds, I can't feel my legs."


I replied, "Well Sir, we need to get you the fuck out of this Humvee because I'm not sure how long Banzai can keep the towelheads away from us."


The Captain needlessly cautioned me, "Sgt. Reynolds be careful when moving me because of my back and legs."


I moved Captain M as carefully as I could out of the destroyed Humvee and placed him on the ground. Then I said, "Sir, I really need to help Banzai keep the towel heads off of us."


Then I reached into my pocket, took out the bottle of pills, handed them to the Captain and said, "Sir, take one or two of these - they will help with the pain."


I watched him take two of them and figured that soon we wouldn't have any more problems with the Captain then I ran beside Banzai and asked, "Do you need anything?"


Banzai answered, "I could use some more ammo for Ma Deuce."


I ran to the back of the destroyed Humvee, grabbed a couple of ammo cans and dashed back to Banzai. Then I pulled up my M-14 and began to help keep the fuckers off of us.


Finally there was some help when another Humvee stopped.


The gunner of the new Humvee yelled, "You guys look like shit!"


I replied, "The driver is dead and the Captain can't feel his legs. Do you have room for the three of us?"


He was busy firing, but then caught a break and said, "Hell yeah! You guys need to hump your Captain over here and then dump a WP grenade into your Humvee.


Banzai complained, "Like hell I'm leaving this Ma Deuce."


The gunner answered, "As you wish, just move your asses because we can't stay here forever."


Banzai dashed to the new Humvee with Ma Deuce and dumped it inside. Then he ran back to the destroyed Humvee, grabbed our two foot lockers and humped them to the new Humvee. The gunner complained, "Hell, what else do you two need?"


Banzai flipped him the bird and yelled, "That's all other than the Captain."


Banzai and I met at the Captain and the Captain continued, "Shit just leave me because I can't feel my legs."


Banzai bent down, checked his back and said, "Sir I think your back is broken, but don't worry, we will be careful and you still might be able to walk."


Banzai looked at me and said, "Jack, I have an idea, wait here."


He ran back to the destroyed Humvee, grabbed his rifle case, ran back to the Captain and said, "Sir, we are going to transport you on my rifle case so we don't damage your back any more."


We carefully log-rolled the Captain onto his side, Banzai put his rifle case against the Captain's back, we rolled him upon the rifle case as the Captain swore, "Son of a bitch" and passed out. Once he was on the case Banzai grabbed one end, I grabbed the other and we ran to the new Humvee.


They opened the back, we slide the Captain in on the rifle case, then carefully log rolled the Captain off the rifle case then Banzai said, "Wait the WP grenade."


He jumped out, ran back to the destroyed Humvee, hauled the dead driver out of it, dumped a WP grenade into it, fireman carried the dead driver to the new Humvee and slide him in the back beside the Captain.


Then he ran back to the new Humvee and he no sooner took a seat than the driver took off like his ass was on fire…


Flashback – Masha – child care


Louise thanked me profusely for dinner which made me blush. I told her, "You may have liked the dinner, however I know it was not up to my normal standards. I promise to do better tomorrow."


Louise smiled and declared, "Masha thank you! You are such a help to me. Now I'd better get home and clean my clothes for tomorrow."


I asked for verification, "Will you be here again tomorrow at about six in the morning?"


She smiled and answered, "Of course I will. And if you wouldn't mind, it might be nice if you took Linda for a walk tomorrow and came to the market. I really miss her while I'm at work."


I gave Louise a sincere smile and answered, "Of course, it would be my pleasure."


Louise picked up Linda, thanked me again and then they were gone. And I was once again the only soul in this big, lonely, empty house.


I sat on the couch turned on the television and tried to assuage my loneliness…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – trying to solve a huge problem


I was still in my bed, sick as dog when mother left to go to the store. However, the instant she left I jumped out of bed and renewed my search for the drugs which mother used to adulterate our food and drink. I had searched almost everywhere and was ready to give up when I urgently needed the toilet again. I knew mother didn't like me using the downstairs 'guest half bathroom' but I knew I couldn't make it to my own bathroom without having an 'accident'.


Once again I had huge cramps and began to sweat because of the pain. I flushed the toilet and heard a funny banging noise come from inside which I had never heard before. I took all the stupid knickknacks off the top of the toilet tank, then removed the lid and there was a baggie filled with two different medicine bottles. I pulled the baggie out of the toilet, wiped it dry on the hand towel and read the two medicine bottles through the baggie. One said the medicine was diaren and the other didn't have a name on it. I replaced the lid back on the toilet, set the knickknacks back in the exact location where they had been (the dust on the toilet lid helped). And I quickly ran upstairs with my prize to research what in the heck mother had been poisoning us with.


By using the internet, I was able to determine that she gave us the diaren to make us constipated and the other pills, which weren't labeled, were just Ex-Lax pills to make us have diarrhea. I read the warnings on the Ex-Lax site about not taking more than the recommended dose because cramping could result. I seriously questioned how many of the fricken pills she was giving us.


I decided to give Daddy the good news so I called him. He answered his phone, "Hello my princess."


I stamped my foot and complained, "Daddy! I am not a princess!"


He laughed and continued to tease, "Jennifer, you will always be my princess. So why did you call?"


I told him the good news, waited for what seemed to be too long when Daddy finally answered, "Jennifer, I think you should put the pills back where you found them."


I yelled into the phone, "Daddy, have you gone fricken-fracken crazy! What I should do is flush them down the toilet!"


Daddy tried to calm me, "Listen Jennifer, I found us a maid today and she's a real piece of work! Evelyn won't stand a chance against her. Now you need to put the pills back so your mother won't be wise to our plan."


I still wasn't sure about this and I came up with my own idea (but didn't tell Daddy) so I lied just a little, "Okay Daddy, I will put the pills back but if I get sick again I'm going to…"


Daddy interrupted, "Jennifer, this bullshit of getting sick is going to end so don't you dare threaten me."


I could tell that Daddy was in a bad mood today so I consented, "Okay Daddy, you win."


He laughed and said, "Now that's my good girl." And then he just hung up the phone.


I took the fricken-fracken pills back downstairs to the guest bathroom, loosened the lids on the pill bottles, made sure the baggie seal wasn't very well and tossed them back into the toilet tank. I was happy when I saw the bag begin to fill with water and was even happier as bubbles began to come out of the pill bottles.


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


Chow Mein was finally captured, but not before she contaminated a good portion of the laboratory with her trail of feces. They took her to the veterinary again and his initial suggestion, because he didn't know my medicine precipitated the problem, was to sanitize the laboratory, sanitize me, give me a new room and replace all of my clothes. He was concerned that Chow Mein might pass some sort of infection to the personnel in the laboratory.


I liked the idea of changing rooms because my old room smelled terrible and I was not sure when or if they could adequately clean it. However I was not happy about having to be sanitized and even more chagrined with losing all my clothes.


Once they started to sanitize me I hated it even more because it hurt and the chemicals they used smelled almost as bad as the mess that Chow Mein made. The worst part they didn't even tell me about before completion: I could not believe it when they shaved my head!


I was given hospital scrubs, which the doctors wore, as my new clothes but without any underwear because they didn't have anything small enough to fit me. Then I was taken to my new room and everything smelled like a hospital room. I hated it!


I decided that my experiments on Chow Mein had to soon end in her termination…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


We transversed down the steep slope to the destroyed pullet conveyance. Our journey required more effort than normal because our lower extremities were unshod and the littered slope was fraught with stones. We finally arrived at the pullet conveyance, occulated the interior and Ira remarked, "My sister, when we apply the accouterments of the occupants we will appear as buffoons.


I chided my sister, "Ira, if you wish to participate in a show of fashion then you can remain in your current accouterments. I however will exchange my accouterments with the smaller passenger."


Ira vociferously complained...


"My sister Mira, why should you acquire the accouterments of the smaller passenger?"


I grinned at my sister and stated, "Because I am not a clothes of horse who worries about my fashion as you are wont to do."


Ira swore as her manner became more formal, "Miranda, you know your statement is the epitome of falseness; if either of us aspires to be a clothes of horse, it of course is you."


Then I noticed Mira had already accessed the passenger area of the pullet conveyance and was busily engaged in removing the accouterments from the smallest passenger. I was going to complain but instead giggled when she forced the scrap of clothing Kostia provided for us into the expired passengers mouth and said, "This should inform Kostia exactly of my feelings about this insufficient accoutrement. Hurry my sister, day light is aflame."


I still complained, "Mira, we should have played scissor, paper and rock for the privilege of having primary choice of accouterments."


Mira laughed and insulted, "Sister, if you somnambulate you lose."


I finished removing the accouterments from the driver and complained, "Mira he... He... He... He was a swine who defecated in his trousers."


Mira giggled, "As I vocalized earlier, if you do not care to acquire his accouterments continue to abide in your current clothing."


I had already transferred into his defiled accouterments, threw Kostia's joke at Mira and instructed, "I would suggest that you place this into your nether regions where the darkness does not penetrate."


Mira began to answer when our tympanic units detected the sound of an approaching conveyance...


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I turned off the audible alarm on the GPS unit since I did not want it to alert anyone to my presence. I approached the designated landing area and saw something which thoroughly pissed me off: I saw the distinctive flare of several cigarettes. So once again my intuition was correct - there had been a leak and my mission was compromised.


I had considered this when my last mission (the one which landed me on Liu's island) went so far south, and now I had the confirmation. I had two choices to make: One to continue with the mission or two to terminate the mission. I sat and watched the idiots as they smoked and even talked and laughed and knew what my answer would be. However, I wasn't going to tell my handler or HQ anything because of the leak