Chapter 027

Together Chapter 027

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Present – Liz and Bernie – At Leadville airport


When we exit the C130 which brought us to the Leadville airport, I turn my phone back on and notice fifteen missed calls. I check the name on the caller ID and blurt, "Shit!"


Bernie asks, "What's wrong Liz?"


I answer, "The cat must be out of the bag because I have fifteen missed phone calls from Jens."


I take a deep breath to get ready to call her back when my phone rings and scares the heck out of me. I look at the display and yes it's Jens so I try to be nonchalant as I answer, "Well, I sure didn't expect to hear from the newlyweds so soon. How are you doing Jens?"


Jens says, "Liz, stop trying to distract me - you know why I've called. What in the fricken-fracken heck happened to the cabin?"


I waffle by answering her question with a question, "Jens, how in the hell did you find out? I thought you two were going to be locked up in your room for the next two weeks?"


Jens replies, "We were following the plan but decided to have a nice dinner in the restaurant. An older couple came up to us, congratulated us on the wedding and then dropped the fricken-fracken bombshell about the cabin. Liz, stop stalling and tell me what happened."


I take a deep breath and answer, "Jens, we just arrived at the Leadville airport. The cabin is still an active crime scene and Samantha should be arriving there any moment. From what Sheriff Jim told us the cabin is a total loss and it looks like Zarika and Yasmeen set the fire in retaliation for me forgetting to invite them to the wedding."


Jens sputters, "Those…those…those two little miscreants! They have been nothing but a pain in my rear ever since they arrived. And don't blame yourself for not inviting them. I didn't want them at my wedding because I knew they would do something terrible. Please tell me the tunnels survived?"


I'm happy I can give her some good news, "Yes Jens, Gretchen checked the tunnels and said they're fine. Now how is your honeymoon, is it all you expected?"


I can imagine a very dreamy look on Jens face as she answers, "Liz, it's so wonderful I don't have any words to explain how I feel."


My phone beeps to indicate I have another incoming call so I say, "Jens, the network is calling so I need to take this call. You two continue to have a great time and we will take care of the situation with the cabin."


I answer the phone and the station manager says, "Liz, it's about time you answered your phone."


I reply, "Yeah, we were on the flight back to Leadville so I had my phone turned off. I turned it back on as we left the plane. What's going on?"


He answers, "Well, we wanted your approval before we ran the story Samantha did about Megan and Evelyn Donaldson being killed at the wedding. But we couldn't wait any longer so we ran the story."


I swore, "Son of a bitch! Samantha wasn't supposed to do that story because Jens doesn't know about Evelyn yet. How long ago did you run it?"


The manager apologizes and says, "Liz I'm sorry about this, Samantha assured us you approved of the story. We aired it about ten minutes ago."


I do some quick thinking and reply, "Don't worry about it, I think I can still take care of things."


I end the conversation, call Jens back and she answers, "Geez, can't I get any peace on my honeymoon!"


I lie through my teeth, "Sorry about this Jens, but I just thought of a question for Ben, could you put him on the phone?"


Jens giggles and says, "Sure, but he's taking a nap 'cause my old man is all tuckered from doing – well someeeeething."


It takes a couple of minutes but Ben finally comes on the phone. I say, "Ben, you need to mask your emotions and just listen. Samantha did an unapproved report on Megan and Evelyn's death at the wedding and the station just broadcast it ten minutes ago. You have to figure out some way to keep Jens from watching the television until after your honeymoon is over."


Ben sleepily answers, "Liz, I don't think that will be a problem, she didn't want to leave the room for dinner until I forced her to."


After deciding we just might survive this fiasco, I ask Ben, "Good, let me talk to Jens again."


Jens comes back on and I tease, "Jens, what are you doing to him, he sounds half dead?"


Jens raspberries into the phone and answers, "Nothing that you, Bernie and everyone else haven't been doing for years and hey I have to make up for lost time. And now that Ben's awake again…"


The phone goes dead - I guess Jens hung up. I begin to laugh, Bernie gives me a questioning look so I reply, "Jens has already worn Ben out."


Bernie laughs but comments, "So Sam did a report on Megan and Evelyn?"


I angrily answer, "The little bitch sure did! Even though I told her not to, she convinced the station to broadcast it."


Bernie asks, "So what are you going to do about it?"


I answer, "She went too far this time so I'm going to fire her."


Present – Samantha – in Leadville.


I timed it perfectly and my report on Megan and Evelyn was broadcast before the station could contact Liz. They did blank out some of the more graphic video of Megan’s corpse. Bill moved the bodies from inside the coolers into a truck and left. I went to the sleeping areas, checked on Stacy and verified she was sleeping soundly.


I look at the cameramen and say, "Well, let's take one of the vans Bill offered us and get to the cabin."


John says, "The gear's already loaded so we're ready to roll."


We climb into the van and head toward the cabin.


My phone rings, I look at the caller ID and see it's Liz so I warn the guys, "I think the shit is going to hit the fan, it's Liz."


I answer the phone and Liz yells, "Samantha what the hell did you do?"


I smugly answer, "Liz, I did the job you hired me for."


Liz explodes, "I ordered you to not do that story until Jens and Ben were back from their honeymoon and you chose to disobey me. Samantha, you're fired and I will make sure you never work in the business again."


I laugh and answer, "Liz, you can't fire me because I quit and I already have a better job offer."


It gives me huge pleasure to hang up the phone on her.


I tell my cameramen, "Well, it looks like we're working for Stacy, do you guys have any problems with that?"


They both answer, "Not really."


We reach the cabin, pull in and begin to set up the equipment when the Sheriff comes over and I can't believe what he says…


Present – Jack, Masha and the children – On the C 130


I look down at my daughter in wonder because she's already beautiful and by the time she's a teenager we're going to have trouble. In some ways I wish she was another boy since with a boy you only have to worry about his hardware. However, with a girl you have to worry about every boy in the world's hardware. That's okay because when (if) I decide to let her date, they are going to have to meet me first and I will put the fear of me and God in them. I can see it now: I will be in my BDUs doing dry fire practice with my rifle when they come over - if that doesn't scare them enough, I will show them a few of my targets.


I look down at her, she looks up at me and makes baby noises. I hold out my hand, she takes my finger and of course puts it right into her mouth. Maybe I should reconsider about her being a boy… I think of her Auntie Jennifer and how she waited through hell and high water for Ben and decide that Jennifer will be a great ally in making sure Veronika waits until she's married. Plus, I know Masha will teach her martial arts – hell, she's already started with Ivan.


Yeah, my time in the Marines was special and no one can ever take it from me, but it doesn't hold a candle to my life now.


Ivan runs by with Sharik giving chase, he sees me holding Veronika, stops and asks, "Papa, is okay if I hold baby sister?"


I answer, "Of course you can but you have to sit in a seat first."


Ivan sits down across the aisle from me, fastens his seatbelt without being told, I stand up and… oh hell no!


Present – Thom and Inga – Heading back to Leadville


The chopper lands at the Glacier Park International airport and Inga takes off like her ass is on fire. Shit, she's still pissed at me! I had hoped she would calm down some because we still have work to do.


Since she's not here, I take the clipboard with all the guest names on it and double check that they are all crossed off. I still walk around to double check that all the guests for the wedding have left, since I sure as hell don't want to leave anyone here.


Everyone one is gone other than myself and Inga, so I look for her but can't find her. I go to the information booth in the terminal and have them page her and wait and wait and wait - still no Inga. Finally the C-130 pilot comes and says, "Thom, we really need to get moving, there's a new mission for you and your team."


I answer, "Hells bells that's the problem - I'm missing one of my team. Inga isn't here."


The pilot laughs and answers, "Hell Thom, she's been on the C-130 flirting like crazy with the crew and waiting for you."


I sure as hell didn't like the sound of that. I complained, "Damn women, you can't shoot them and you can't trade them for a good dog."


The pilot laughs and says, "Who the hell would want to trade Inga for a dog? Hell, I'd tap that any day of the week!"


I glare at the pilot and demand, "And what the hell would your wife say about that?"


He laughs and admits, "For Inga, it would almost be worth it."


I counter, "Just remember, marriage is grand but divorce is a hundred grand."


I head out to the waiting C-130 with him, board and can't believe what I see…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – in Leadville.


I'm sleeping so well and having a great dream: Ben dumped Jennifer at the altar and he and I rode away together on Bo and Patches to start our life together. Then my fucking phone rings and ruins the dream. I wake up in a sleepy fog and angrily answer, "This had better be a fucking emergency!"


Samantha answers, "Stacy, sorry to wake you but this is an emergency."


I don't remember too many times that I've heard Samantha flustered like this so I sit up in bed, flip on the light and say, "Samantha, calm down and let me know what's going on."


Samantha says, "Stacy, this is my one phone call. We're currently being held at the jail in the Sheriff's office."


I ask, "What the hell is going on?"


Samantha replies, "Sheriff Jim saw my report on the bodies, told me he wanted to know where I filmed the report and where the bodies were. I invoked reporter/informant privilege so he hauled us to the jail and locked us up."


I think for a moment and ask, "Did you call Liz about this?"


Samantha replies, "Stacy that's the other thing going on. Liz was going to fire me for doing the report so I beat her to the punch and quit."


Shit, when it rains it pours! Then I hear someone beating on the door downstairs and I yell, "Bill, please answer the door."


I don't get an answer from Bill so I jump out of bed (thank God I left my clothes on) run downstairs, look at the front door security camera and I can't believe who it is…


Present – Safia, Mira and Ira – on the hunt


Mira is upset because we've convinced her that Ben probably had sex with the whore and Yasmeen. She begins to sob, looks up at Ira and informs us, "Then I will terminate all of them."


I agree…


"Now you're talking, let's find both of the teenage bitches and make them pay!"


Mira looks at me and then says something I can't believe…


I look at Safia and elucidate, "Safia, not just Zarika and Yasmeen. I am fatigued by the insults and lack of respect so I will also eliminate Jennifer Donaldson."


I cannot believe Mira would say such a thing and I am totally speechless, thank God Ira isn't…


My honest assessment of Mira's Ben's possible dalliances with the terrible teenagers, and the reminder of his betrothal to Jennifer Donaldson have totally unseated any logic which remained in Mira's hormone compromised brain and she has committed herself to a very grievous course.


I caution, "Mira, your thinking has many fallacies, but the primary consequence if you eliminate Jennifer Donaldson is that your Ben will never love you."


Mira rubs the dreaded fetus through her body armor and counters, "Ira, it is you that has fallacies controlling your thoughts. Once I deliver my Ben's progeny he will fall insanely in love with me."


My sister's reasoning is max-eccentric! I continue with my cautioning, "Mira, if that is a factoid, then please elucidate on the need to terminate Jennifer Donaldson?"


Mira states, "She must be terminated because she has lain in a biblical sense with my future husband and therefore contaminated his training tool."


I think I might have found a chink in my sister's mental chainmail so I carefully ask, "Mira, your Ben has most likely had other women with whom he has performed the act of coitus. What action should be undertaken toward them?"


Mira's glare causes me consternation as she answers, "Ira, your assumptions are probably true. Therefore, I will force my Ben to divulge the names of those harlots. Then I will eliminate them all and let God decide if any should abide in heaven."


I comprehend that further conversation with my unbalanced sister on this subject would be striking an expired Equus caballus. As an alternate I suggest, "Mira, our initial action should be directed toward finding the terrible teenagers."


She smiles and agrees, "Yes Ira you are correct. However, their trail has abruptly departed this tracking domain."


I look and realize she is correct then I see evidence of the pausing of a vehicle upon the highway and state, "Mira, they acquired conveyance transportation."


Mira stands in the center of the road and states, "Then we will acquire the same."


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the run


The driver takes us to Leadville, I make a few phone calls to some 'friends' and we begin my plan of revenge…