Chapter 029

Together Chapter 029

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Present – Liz and Bernie – At Leadville airport


Bernie has been so great and I'm so excited to start looking for a house, but there are some loose ends I need to deal with first so I inquire, "Honey, would you mind if we go to the cabin before we start looking for a house"


Bernie asks, "What do we need to do at the cabin?"


I reply, "I hate to say it but the twins leaving the wedding and then the cabin without letting me know has really irked me. I would like to clean up our old life by firing their asses before we start our new life."


Bernie agrees, "Yeah, that's great I really didn't really want them hanging around the house with us. Call me jealous but I want you all to myself."


I smile at Bernie and say, "That sounds great to me. I do have one question though, do you still want to have our wedding at the cabin?"


I can almost see the gears turning in his head as he pauses to think. Then he grins at me and says, "Liz, we don't have any idea when the cabin will be fixed and I don't want to wait that long to marry you and start a family. So why don't we see about having it in one of the churches in Leadville."


His answer surprises me because I hadn't really thought much about starting a family. In fact, until Jens 'fixed' (you all do remember that don't you) my problems I didn't worry about getting pregnant – wait a minute that made me think of something.


I scowl at Bernie and swear, "Shit Bernie, do you remember the last time I had my period?"


The gears begin to turn again in his head, he returns my scowl and says, "Damn Liz, I don't remember, you don't think you're…"


I interrupt, "… yeah Bernie I might be! No wonder I've been so hungry - we need to stop by a drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test."


Bernie whistles, "Damn, we might need to move up the wedding."


I agree, "Yeah, unless you want a pregnant bride with a big stomach."


Bernie hugs me and comforts me when he says, "Liz, it won't matter to me."


I hug him back, we flag down a cab to take us first to a drugstore and then the cabin. And now we continue our discussion…


Present – Samantha – in Leadville.


I still can't believe that this fucking backwoods Sheriff arrested us and locked us in his jail! I was sorry to wake up Stacy but I was glad I was able to contact her because I knew she would fix things. The only good thing about the whole fiasco was that this jail was really nice and clean. I sat on the bed and waited for Stacy to show up…


Present – Jack, Masha and the children – On the C 130


Ivan wants to hold his baby sister Veronika so he sits in the seat across the aisle from me. I stand to hand Veronika to him and oh hell no! My back goes out, I begin to fall to the floor, stretch out the arm that's not around Veronika to break my fall and to keep me from crushing my daughter. My arm contacts the deck of the C130, twists the hell out of my back and pain shoots through my body. It's worth it because it forces me to land on the side where I'm holding my girl but I keep her from hitting the floor. However, it scares her so she begins to cry. Ivan also gets frightened, begins to cry and the noise from both wakes up Masha and she says…


I hear Veronika and Ivan begin to cry. They wake me up from such a wonderful nap so I ask without even opening my eyes, "Jack, what is wrong?"


Ivan screams which makes me snap my eyes open, "Papa almost fall on my baby sister Veronika!"


I look and see Jack lying on the floor of the airplane holding Veronika who is now screaming. I move beside Jack, touch him and ask, "Honey, what is wrong?"


Jack grimaces and replies, "Masha don't worry, Veronika is fine - she's just scared. Nothing to worry about since I just slipped and fell."


I give him 'my look' and warn, "Jack Reynolds, you know better than to lie to me. Now tell me the truth!"


Jack tries to hide things with a very fake chuckle and says, "Yeah, I guess I never could fool you. My back went out when I stood up to hand Veronika to Ivan."


Ivan interjects, "But Papa big hero, he hold out arm so he not hurt baby sister."


I carefully take Veronika from Jack, look at Ivan and ask, "My son, can you hold Veronika even though she is crying."


Ivan vigorously nods his head and assures me, "Yes Mama, I take good care of baby sister."


I step over Jack, put Veronika in Ivan's lap then he holds her close and begins to sing a Russian song to her. Veronika begins to settle down and I turn all my attention to Jack…


Present – Thom and Inga – Heading back to Leadville


I had no idea Inga was already on the C130 until the pilot told me. We hauled ass out to the plane, climbed inside using the back ramp and I couldn't believe what I saw: Inga was there, sitting on one of the crew's lap playing tonsil hockey with the bastard!


I walked up cleared my throat and growled, "Thanks a hell of a lot for letting me know you were here."


Inga paused her oral exploration of the crewman's mouth, looked at me, grinned and answered, "You're very fucking welcome."


She began her gross exploration again, and I order, "Inga we need to talk, there's a new mission for us."


She paused her search, grinned at me and shocked me when she announced, "Thom, I am thinking of transferring to this crew."


I sputtered, "But Inga, I need you."


Inga corrected me, "No Thom, you need someone who you can boss around and do your work for you. That used to be me but I'm tired of it."


I asked, "So what would it take for you to come back to my team?"


She grinned and answered, "Thom, you know what I want. Now you need to decide if you want the same thing. I will give you until we land in Leadville to make your decision."


Son of a bitch, she was being unreasonable! I had a hell of a decision to make and I bet Byron was laughing his ass off - wherever he was…


Present – Stacy – in Leadville at her building


Things are going to hell in a handbasket! First the Sheriff arrested Samantha over the report she did on the bodies, and now he, Glen and Hammer are here beating on the door of my building. To top it all off, Bill is missing.


I call over the intercom, "This is Stacy, what do you want Sheriff?"


He holds up a piece of paper and says, "I have a search warrant for this building. Now stop delaying and open the door for us."


I answer, "Us? You can't mean you're allowing Glen Donaldson and Hammer to help you conduct the search?"


I figure I have him over a barrel since he wants to use civilians but he shoots down my theory when he replies, "Why not? They are both official deputies of my department. Now either open this door or we will be forced to break it down."


I move over to the door, open it and Sheriff Jim, Glen and Hammer rush into the building. Sheriff Jim hands the search warrant to me and Glen demands…


Present – Glen, Hammer and Stacy – in Leadville at Stacy's building


Even though from the report that Samantha did, we could not tell where Stacy took the bodies, we still got a search warrant for her building and were duly appointed deputy sheriffs. She finally opened the damn door, we rushed in and I asked, "Aw reit missy whaur ur teh bodies ay mah guidwife an' Megan."


Stacy blinked a few times, looked to be in confusion and answered, "Glen, I have no idea what you're talking about."


Hammer interrupted, "Glen jist gezz puckle minutes aloyn wi' 'er an' she will gab."


Stacy swore, "You sons of a bitches! That sounds like a threat to me so I'm calling my lawyers."


Sheriff Jim stopped her, "Stacy, there's no need to do that. Hammer was just teasing. Go ahead and explain it was all just a joke Hammer."


Hammer really fucked up when he replied, "Sorry missy, it is jist 'at Ah ahve a terrible headache. Ye wooldnae hae a wee nip ay scotch aroond haur, woods ye."


Stacy swore again…


I've had my fucking fill of these jokers! They don't realize that I turned on the surveillance system cameras before they came into my building. They had been off while the bodies were here because we didn't want any evidence available. I'm not sure where Bill is right now but I can only assume he's hiding the bodies.


 "Sheriff Jim, what sort of fucking deputies do you have working for you? First I'm threatened and now one of them who's obviously nursing a hangover asks me for a drink. You should know this whole incident has been recorded and now I am calling my lawyer. Not only do we need to deal with this fiasco, we also need to deal with you arresting and detaining my news crew."


Sheriff Jim sputtered, "What do you mean your news crew? I thought they worked for the Truth Network."


I grinned at him and answered, "Not anymore, they now work for me. By the way, I respect your warrant and you can search anywhere you want for the bodies because they have never been here. But remember, all your actions are being recorded so any damage to this building or any property within it will be dealt with by my lawyers."


Glen said, "Aw heel, if she's gonnae lit us search th' buildin' 'en they arenae haur. Sae whaur did ye tak' them missy?"


I once again lied, "Glen, as I said before, they have never been here and are not here now."


I hoped Hammer would threaten me again, but Glen glared at him and he held his tongue.


I pulled out my mobile phone, speed dialed my lawyers, informed them of the situation and they asked to speak with Sheriff Jim. I handed the phone to him, grinned and lowered the proverbial boom, "My lawyers would like to have a word with you."


I could tell from the tone of the conversation it wasn't going well for Sheriff Jim. He handed the phone back to me and suggested, "How about we release your news crew from our jail and you give us your video for the last two days?"


I grin at Sheriff Jim and answer, "Sure you can have a copy of the video that's been taken while you were here. We had problems with the cameras for the last week so I just turned them on before you walked in."


Sherriff Jim complains, "Well that is sure convenient."


I continue my grin, shrug my shoulders and say, "Well those things happen. Now do you wish to inspect the whole building?"


He shakes his head and replies, "I guess there's no reason to do that. But you do know we will find those bodies."


I answer with yet one more lie, "Well, Godspeed to you on that."


As I escort them to the door I remind him, "Don't forget to release my news crew as soon as you get back to your jail."


He gives me a pathetic wave because he knows he has been beaten. I just hoped Bill hid those bodies in the deepest darkest hole he could find - otherwise my ass is grass…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – in the Leadville jail.


Sheriff Jim walks into the jail, with a very upset look on his face and threatens, "Your news crew is free to leave, however we will find where you took the videos of the bodies and when we do you won't be in the jail, you will be buried under it."


I reply, "Well, thank you for releasing us. Since you made us leave our van and equipment at the cabin, how about giving us a ride back there."


He glares at me and answers, "You should count yourself lucky you're getting out of here, so don't push your good fortune."


I'm not too worried since I know I can call Stacy, when speak of the devil, she walks into the Sheriff's office. She smiles at me and says, "I decided you might need a ride back to the cabin."


I take her hand, we walk out of the jail with the cameramen in tow and I ask, "What did you do to Sheriff Jim?"


Stacy laughs and answers…


I went to the jail to make sure that Sheriff Jim doesn't drag his feet on letting Samantha out of jail. And even though we had our run-ins in the past, he keeps his word. Samantha and I walk out hand in hand and I answer, "It was a simple case of small town Sherriff meets high-powered big city lawyer."


I explained to Samantha what transpired at the building and she suggests a great plan…


Present – Ira, Mira and Safia – on the hunt


My sister Mira has become totally hormonally unstable. She stands in the middle of the road, endangering her life and the life of her Ben's dreaded fetus while attempting to commandeer a vehicle. I begin to lodge a complaint when a conveyance approaches. Mira raises her rifle and points it at the aforementioned conveyance, which promptly stops.


Mira keeps her rifle trained on the conveyance, approaches the operator side window and states, "Sir, it is a grave emergency: We need an immediate ride into Leadville."


The driver appears relieved as he replies, "I'd be happy to give you a ride but would you please point your rifle in a different direction?"


Mira complies and the driver orders, "Climb in the back of my truck and I will haul ass into town."


We all climb into the aft partition of the conveyance and the driver rapidly translocates us to Leadville. Once we arrive I query, "Mira, what are your plans now for locating the terrible teenagers???"


I am on the most critical mission of my life and I feel as if I am totally alone.


I order as a response to Ira's question, "Safia, please call Alexi's phone and obtain the mobile phone number for Zarika."


Safia gives me an obscene look and balks, "Why in the hell should I call him and get that sluts phone number?"


I threaten, "Because I will bootificate your posterior if you do not!"


Safia continues her expression designed to terminate my corporeal self as she complies…


I cannot believe that Mira wants me to call Alexi to get the sluts phone number! I reluctantly comply because Mira is angrier than I have ever seen her.


I place the call to Alexi and I'm shocked when he doesn't answer. I seriously worry that Mira will blame me and kick my ass. I hold out my mobile phone and announce, "Mira, please don't kick my ass but Alexi isn't answering his phone."


I heave a sigh of relief when Mira says, "Then we need to inquire of the patrons in Leadville if they have perceived the terrible teenagers."


We walk into the first business and…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the run


We find a suitable location for my plan and I order Zarika, "You need to call Alexi and tell him you are pregnant with his baby."


Zarika resists, "Yasmeen that is the last thing I want to do."


I explain to her, "Zarika, it is critical for the success of my plan that you do this, no matter how much it hurts. We need him to come here to us."


She reluctantly places the call but I can tell from the way she's acting that something is wrong. She hangs up the phone and says, "Alexi promised he would be here as soon as possible, but we have a big problem. Safia and Alexi's sisters are hunting for us. He said they planned to kill us."


I smile at Zarika and try to comfort her, "Don't you see this is even better than ever?"


This could end up even better than I hoped for. I take out my mobile phone and placed a call…