Chapter 033

Together Chapter 033

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Present – Bernie and Liz – at the cabin


I look at Liz and ask, "Since we took care of the problem with the twins, is there anything else we need to do here?"


Liz grins at me and says, "Bernie, I'm itching to find out if I'm preggers so I would love to use the home pregnancy test before we leave. Besides, if I am preggers it would be good to know before we shop for a house because we might need something larger than we originally talked about."


Yeah, Liz and I discussed getting someplace small and quaint, but that was before we thought she might be pregnant. I smile at Liz and tease, "Don't forget to clean yourself first."


Liz gets sassy with me…


Bernie is certainly in a playful mood but that's okay since I can dish it out with the best so I offer, "Well you could always come in with me to help make sure I'm clean."


He laughs and answers, "Sorry, I already have a job. I'm the official clock watcher. Besides, if I did come it to help clean you up, you'd probably end up dirtier than before we started."


He winked at me and I knew that he was intimating sex so I continue to tease, "Okay, but you don't know what you're missing."


Bernie laughs and says, "Liz, I sure know what I would be missing, but I want to wait until after the test."


I enter the bathroom, clean myself with the provided wet wipe then pee on the stick. I set it on a paper towel on the counter, cover it with another paper towel and yell at Bernie, "Start your watch."


This has to be the longest five minutes of my life! Knowing that at one time I could never have children, I hadn't thought much about what life would be like with one. Now I needed to face the cold hard reality which might change…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – at the cabin


Wow, Stacy is really broken up over Ben marrying Jennifer! I thought she was stronger than this but after Liz tells her that Jennifer and Ben are having sex like horny rabbits, she breaks down and cries. I hold my BFF and say, "Stacy, you need to get over this. You're much too good a woman to be pining over Ben."


Stacy sobs, "Samantha that's not true. I am barely good enough for Ben. However, Jennifer surely isn't good enough for him. What the hell does he see in her?"


I have done some research on the two of them and try to provide Stacy an answer, "Stacy, the only thing I can think of is the common bond they share as Marines." I think a bit more then add, "Oh, and the fact that she's been pursuing him like crazy for years."


Stacy surprises me when she says…


I can't accept Samantha's evaluation of why Ben married Jennifer (UGH). I look at Samantha and counter, "I don't agree with all of your evaluation Sam. I think that Ben married her simply because he got tired of being chased by her. If I had been smarter I would have chased after Ben harder."


Samantha reminds me, "Stacy, you tried your hardest to find Ben but your crazy satellite told you Ben was heading to California."


I look at Samantha, snap my fingers and say, "Samantha, I could almost kiss you! I'm sure that Jennifer hacked my satellite and since we're here at the cabin, I bet we can find some proof."


Samantha asks, "Stacy, how do you plan on doing that?"


I smile and answer, "By getting into the tunnels and hacking into her computer system. There has to be some sort of trace of the satellite hacking left on her system. Why don't you keep doing your reports for Liz and I will see about getting into the tunnels."


I begin to head toward the garage and my phone rings…


Present – Liz and Bernie – at the cabin


I haven't been able to watch the home pregnancy stick because – well, because I haven't really dealt with my own emotions on whether or not I want to become a mother. Bernie yells through the closed door, "Liz, it's time!"


I remove the paper towel covering the stick, look at it and now I know. Bernie yells, "Liz, are you okay?"


I open the door, hold up the stick and say, "Bernie, it looks like we're going to be parents."

Bernie's enthusiasm astounds me! He runs to me, picks me up, swings me around and says, "Liz, that's the best news I've ever heard. Now let's get out of here and go find a house."


Bernie puts me down, we head toward the exit, open the door and find Stacy right outside.


Bernie blabs, "Stacy, we're going to have a baby!"


Stacy smiles and offers, "Congratulations to the both of you, I didn't know you were trying."


I announce, "Well, we weren't really but it just sort of happened."


Stacy asks, "I need to go to the bathroom, do you think it would be okay if I used one of them in here?"


Stacy's been so great with us I figure it won't hurt so I say, "Sure. It's down the hallway on the right. Just close the door on your way out and it will automatically lock."


Present – Stacy – in the tunnels


Getting into the tunnels was almost too easy. I pull out my phone, call Bill (he had called me earlier and I told him to get his ass to the cabin) and announce, "Bill I'm in. The team and you need to get here as soon as possible.


I begin to wander through the tunnels and I'm amazed at how nice they are and how much room there is. I carefully check each room and finally walk into a storage room. I'm really surprised upon finding the back wall has slid open and reveals what has to be Jennifer's (UGH) computer center.


My phone rings - Bill has finally arrived. I head back to the door and open it as he and a small contingent of men walk in. I say, "Bill, the computer center is this way." I take all of them to the computer center.


The other men begin to work on the computer systems while Bill is examining the door. He turns, smiles at me and says, "This is really something - it looks like a certain combination of circuit breakers opens the door. I would say we're lucky as hell it was open otherwise we never would have found this."


I smile since it's about time I started to have some luck (other than bad luck) on my side…


Present – Masha, Jack and the children – Leadville airport


We land safely at the Leadville airport and Ivan begins to clap. Ms. Mabel looks at him and asks, "Ivan, why are you clapping."


Ivan remembers from his early childhood, "Ms. Mabel, I clap for good and well landing like we do in Russia when aeroplane land."


Ms. Mabel remarks, "I have never heard of that but it does sound like a good tradition so she begins to clap and I decide I might as well join them."


Jack had fallen into a drunken sleep, wakes up and asks, "Why is everyone clapping? What's going on?"


Ivan says, "Papa, we clap for good and well landing."


Jack says, "That sounds like a good idea." Then even he begins to clap.


The pilot announces, "Please stay in your seats and keep your seatbelts fastened. We have another C-130 coming in right behind us so we need to move out of the way."


It seems like forever until the pilot finally announces, "Okay, we've stopped so you can all exit the aircraft."


I look at Ms. Mabel and ask, "Ms. Mabel, Jack's back has gone out and I was hoping you could help me…"


She interrupts, "…Heavens yes I will help you! What can I do?"


I reply, "If you could help with Veronika and Ivan I will take care of Jack by myself."


She replies, "I certainly will."


Ms. Mabel takes Veronika in her car seat and the diaper bag while I tell Ivan, "You follow Ms. Mabel while I help your father."


I move over to Jack and ask, "Honey, we need to exit the airplane. Are you up to moving?"


Jack grimaces as I help him up. I put his arm over my shoulder, he leans on me with most of his weight and we shuffle for the back of the plane.


We reach the door, begin down the ramp and I see someone who might be able to help us…


Present – Thom and Inga – Leadville airport


I don't know whether to be pissed at Inga for her bad joke or be thankful she's still on my team. We start down the ramp at the rear of the C-130 and Inga says, "Thom, do you hear that?"


I look at Inga and ask, "Hear what?"


She points and says, "Look at the other C-130. Isn't that Masha and Jack? She seems to be yelling for us."


Masha begins to wave and I comment, "Great, I wonder what those two want."


Inga doesn't answer me and begins to run toward the other C-130 while I decide to take my time.

Then I see them taking a stretcher out of the C-130 and decide someone's hurt so I'd better haul ass. I get to the other C-130 as they are loading Jack on the stretcher and ask, "What the hell happened?"


Jack answers, "My fucking back went out."


Inga is examining Jack and says, "Masha, I think we need to get Jack to a hospital instead of the cabin."


Masha agrees, "Yes Inga, I feel your evaluation is correct. Jack does require the services of a hospital."


Jack plays his normal role and complains, "I'm sure not as hell going to a hospital."


I give everyone some bad news, "Well if Jack's going to a hospital, it needs to be in Denver because the hospital in Leadville closed a few years ago."


Jack says, "That settles it, I'm getting off this stretcher."


He begins to get off the stretcher, tries to stand up, lets out a yell and passes out.


Inga says, "Thom, please help me get Jack back on the stretcher."


I help Inga, then I take one of the straps and begin to strap Jack down. Inga adds, "Thank you Thom, that's a great idea."


We strap him to the stretcher, I look at Masha and say, "Let me go talk to the pilots and see if they will take all of us to Denver." I go up front, talk to the pilots and they agree to haul all of us to Denver. I head to the back of the plane and say, "Well, let's load up, we're all going to Denver."


They button up the C-130, we all take our seats and begin the flight for Denver.


I'm shocked when Inga pulls out a wad of bills that would choke a horse and begins to count them…


Present – Glen and Hammer – in the jail


I can't believe it: Being locked up for vagrancy! This two bit sheriff must be on some sort of power trip. The only good news he gave me was that he and my new son in law – I sure as hell like the sound of that – were good friends in high school and that he was going to do everything he could to find my Evelyn's body.


The sheriff is on the phone and when he finishes I ask, "Wa isnae Samantha in th' jail?"


The sheriff looks at me and answers, "Well I had her here and was ready to throw away the key when Stacy Summers had her high powered lawyer threaten me…"


I interrupt, "… Dornt teel me yoo're afraid ay 'er lawyer, ye didne dae anythin' wrang."


He glares at me and replies, "That's right I didn't do anything wrong. However, you threatening Stacy and Hammer asking her for a drink got my ass in trouble."


I remembered our earlier actions and after a bit thought to ask, "When dae ye plan oan lettin' us it ay th' jail?"


He laughs and says, "I was thinking about the time hell freezes over. Now look, you're keeping me from looking for your wife's body so how about you shut the hell up and cool your heels."


He goes back to making his phone calls while I look at Hammer and notice he's beginning to wake up.


He's finally awake, sits up and complains, "Where's th' feckin' bus 'at burst me?"


I laugh at him and reply, "It wasnae a feckin' bus, it was th' sheriff's Taser an' ye feckin' deserved it."


Hammer counters, "Wa in th' heel dae ye say Ah deserve it!"


I glare at him and answer, "Coz ye speart Stacy fur a bevvy, ye fucked everythin' up. Th' sheriff hud Samantha in th' jail but hud tae release 'er coz ay yer alcoholism."


Hammer complains, "Ah am nae a feckin' jakey!"


I laugh and answer, "Hammer when was th' lest time ye went a whole day withit takin' a bevvy?"


He countered, "Sae Ah loch tae tak' a wee nip noo an' 'en. It ainae hurtin' anyain.


I deliver an ultimatum, "Hammer unless ye gang in fur treatment an' gie dried it. We're dain workin' together."


Hammer says, "Weel 'en Ah guess waur dain coz Ah ainae gonnae in fur treatment fur a problem Ah dornt hae."


I call to the sheriff, "When dae Ah gie mah phain caa?"


I guess the sheriff doesn't realize, Stacy isn't the only one with high powered lawyers.


The sheriff answers, "Give me a minute."


He comes over to the cell and orders, "Hammer, move to the back of the cell and face the wall."


Hammer complies then he orders me, "Glen, come here and stick both your hands through the same space in the bars." I do as ordered, the sheriff puts a pair of handcuffs on me, takes out his Taser, opens the cell door and I walk out. He closes the door, takes me into an interview room, hooks my handcuffs into a bar on the table which is bolted to the floor and places the phone within my reach.


I drop my Scottish accent as I talk to my lawyer and explain to him the details. He says, "Don't worry, we should be able to get you out of there. Now let me talk to this sheriff."


I call the sheriff over, hand him the phone, he talks to the lawyer hands the phone back to me and my lawyer advises, "Glen, I didn't know you threatened Stacy Summers and that the sheriff has a video of what happened. Because you were working as one of his deputies, he has you dead to rights. He told me he plans on holding you for the rest of the day and releasing you tonight. So I would suggest you count yourself lucky."


I hang up the phone, look at the sheriff, he smiles at me and says, "That didn't quite work out like you planned. Now if you're not anymore of a pain in the ass to me I won't let you and Hammer out tonight."


I answer, "Ah coods caur less abit Hammer an' woods recommend ye keep heem in jail. He willnae gie treatment fur his alcoholism sae we hae parted ways."


The sheriff grins and threatens, "Perhaps I will release him into your custody. That way if he gets into trouble, it's your ass too."


I complain, "Th' lest hin' Ah want is tae be responsible fur 'at blooter'd."


The sheriff laughs, then leaves and I hope to God he's not serious…


Present – Safia, Ira and Mira – on the hunt


Luckily, I get all of us out of the beauty salon without Mira killing anyone. However, because of Mira's rash actions we are no closer to finding the whore and Yasmeen than we were earlier. I look at Mira and complain, "I told you that I should handle the beauty shop, now because you ignored me, we have no idea where the whore and Yasmeen went."


Mira challenges my statement, "If you would have let me eliminate one of the other females, Sally would have provided the information."


Ira interrupts us and suggests, "Sally has contacted the constabulary by now therefore we need to vacate this locale."


I say as I pointed down the street, "Well, if they were headed in this direction when they were last seen, they probably continued in the same direction."


We begin to run down the sidewalk and I hope we are headed in the correct direction…


Could Mira and Safia become more dysfunctional? My logic informs me NO! Their hormonally infected minds have been overtaken by the lust of blood. Safia (because of Alexi's dalliance with Zarika) demands Zarika's death in retribution, while it is obvious to me that Alexi has become a dog of horny and copulates readily with any female available and must be responsible for the situation.


In the whilemean, Mira has exceeded Safia's madness! She is determined to eliminate any and all females with which her Ben might have copulated including his current bride Jennifer. My suspicion is Ben has indeed had many females and that Mira's occupation will consume many months if not years of time and will eventually result in her Ben hating her.


I realize my mistake in allowing both of them on this mission. Never again will I trust a hormonally challenged female carrying a dreaded fetus.


I suggest, "Sally will certainly inform the constabulary regarding the direction of our meanderings. Therefore, we need to translocate in a new direction."


Safia complains, "Ira, if we depart from this path we might never find the whore and Yasmeen."


Mira further states…


My sister Ira has become a pullet! She is overly concerned about the local constabulary when it is logical to continue on our current path if we desire to eliminate the terrible teens. Such action is of primary importance to me now that I possess the knowledge my Ben had coitus with them.


I challenge and tease Ira, "Buack buack! Ira has become a pullet!"


Ira complains, "Mira, I am not now nor will ever be a pullet. What I am is the only corporeal entity who is not infected with hormones from a dreaded fetus. Therefore my logical functions are not impeded."


Safia also teases, "Wa, wa, wa! Ira is upset that she and Todd never copulated and that she isn't pregnant. Mira, we need to change her diaper."


Ira stops and says, "I will not further tolerate either of you! I will find the terrible teenagers without your assistance and will eliminate them." With her statement, she translocates away from the main thoroughfare.


Safia says, "Mira, it is better for us to not be burdened with her."


I however was not convinced of that statement, especially with what occurred next…


Present – Alexi – captured


After Zarika attacked me, I awaken to find myself gagged and tied to a chair. I struggle which only succeeds in making the chair fall on its side. I attempt to scream and the noise attracts the attention of Zarika. She walks into the room and laughs, "Well, it's about time you woke up."


I try to plead with her but she just laughs, forces the barrel of her AK against my crotch and threatens, "You know, I should blow your balls off for raping me."


I struggle even more trying to escape impending death but Yasmeen comes into the room and orders, "Zarika, you can't blow Alexi's balls off yet, we still need him."


Zarika admits, "Yes, I guess you are right."


She roughly shoves the AK against my crotch and it hurts like hades. I fight the tendency to succumb to unconsciousness…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the run


I need to keep Zarika from killing Alexi because my plan is dependent on him. I catch her torturing him and secretly wish I could have done the same to the men that raped me – I consider the possibility that once we have taken care of Safia and the twins and Zarika kills Alexi, we could find the men who raped me and kill them.


I move Zarika out of Alexi's room and scold, "Zarika once again, you cannot kill him yet - not until he serves his purpose."


Zarika smiles and says, "Yes, then I will blow his balls of and watch him slowly bleed to death…