Chapter 036

Together Chapter 036

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – The trip to hell… on the way to the Hospital


We followed the Butterbar to the river and climbed into a waiting SURC. I made sure to stow my Eberlestock pack where it wasn't going to get wet while the Butterbar looked at me and asked, "I hear you have a hell of a rifle in your pack."


Damn, I sure didn't want everyone under the sun knowing about my rifle. It was bad enough someone leaked to the fucking towelheads we were coming and they already had prices on our heads. Now I had to worry about some fucker taking my new rifle.


I sighed and lied, "It's an okay rifle but I sure as hell wouldn't get that excited over it."


Jack ruined my lie when he spouted, "Banzai is being modest, it's a hell of a rifle…"


I kicked Jack and gave him the hand signal to shut the hell up.


The Butterbar commented, "Well, I just hope you're carrying something besides a bolt action rifle. We will need some firepower as we clear the building across from the hospital."


I assured him of the obvious, "Don't worry Sir, I have an M4. I pointed at the M4 hanging around my neck on a tactical sling."


Jack swore, "Banzai, I don't know how you can stand those damn mouse guns. You need to carry a real rifle like my M25."


I teased the hell out of Jack, "An M4 works fine if you can shoot well enough to hit where you aim. Besides with the weight of my sniper rifle's ammo, I need to drop weight somewhere and M4 ammo weighs much less than M25 ammo. Hell a full mag of my ammo only weighs 1.14 pounds while your M25 magazine weighs 2.3 pounds - plus I have 10 more rounds in my magazine."


Jack counters, "But when I shoot one of the fucking towelheads they go down with one shot…"


The Butterbar interrupted, "Sgt. Reynolds you mean insurgents. We don't call them offensive names such as towelheads."


I could tell Jack was feeling his oats when he answered…


Hells bells! No wonder this fucking war is going so damn badly for us! We have pussy-assed officers like this Butterbar.


I grinned at him and answered, "Excuse me Sir! Perhaps you would like it better if I called them sand niggers."


The Butterbar glared at me and threatened, "Sgt. Reynolds, I could write you up for that comment."


I countered, "You sure the hell could. However I know Colonel Maggie and she'd laugh your ass out of her office if you did that." Then I figured I needed to smooth things over with the Butterbar so I continued, "Seeing as I don't want to offend your sensitive feelings, I will call them insurgents or tangos from now on."


Banzai was grinning so I knew he had something on his mind when he said, "Not me! That's not what I'm going to call them."


The Butterbar focused on Banzai and asked, "Sgt. Blaine what are you going to call them,"


Banzai's almost patented shit eating grin appeared and he loudly answered so everyone could hear, "I think I will call them D-E-A-D!"


That got the rest of the squad fired up, they began to laugh and cheer. The Butterbar glared at them so the celebration was short lived.


We passed under a bridge which had several sand… excuse me insurgents standing on it. The Butterbar freaked out aimed his rifle at them and Banzai cautioned before he fired, "Sir, you don't want to shoot the fucking, worthless, lame-assed insurgents"


The Butterbar said, "Sgt. Blaine drop the adjectives, they are just insurgents and why wouldn't I want to shoot them."


Banzai continued to grin as he answered, "Sir, the 'just insurgents' aren't paying any attention to us right now in this SURC. However, if you shoot at them it will only piss them off and then we will be targets for every 'just insurgent' from here to our point of departure."


The Butterbar wondered, "Are you certain about this?"


The Marine driving the SURC replied, "Yes Sir! Sgt. Blaine is correct. So far the insurgents don't feel the SURCs are a threat and we'd like to keep it that way so please don't fire at them."


The driver continued, "We're about two clicks from your departure point so get your men ready."


I had a pretty good idea that the shit was going to hit the fan as soon as we headed toward the building across from the hospital. I readied my M25 and my 1911 and watched as Banzai did the same. Banzai suggested to the Butterbar…


It was good to see that Jack and I were on the same page since he started to ready his weapons. I pulled up my M4 made sure it was ready, checked my 1911 then looked at the clueless Butterbar and suggested, "Sir, not to tell you your job, but you should have the squad lock and load."


The Butterbar wisely listened to my suggestion and ordered, "Marines, lock and load."


The sound of M4s being SPORTed1 throughout the SURC was music to my ears.


1 SPORT – Slap, Pull, Observe, Release and Tap


I threw my Eberlestock pack on my back, loaded my UOP pack on my front, and crouched in the bottom of the SURC.


Jack looked at me and passed me some hand signs: Yeah, we both recognized we were working with a green as hell Butterbar. We both also realized it was up to us to keep this squad from getting killed. I acknowledged his hand signals then Jack ordered, "When we hit the beach, Banzai and I will exfiltrate first and set up a perimeter; the rest of you follow when we signal. Make sure you stay low and move fast to find cover beside us."


Thank God the Butterbar didn't try to countermand Jack. The SURC hit the beach, one of the crew opened the gangway and Jack took off running. I paused in the front of the SURC, covered him with my M4 and yelled, "Next Marine off come beside me."


Jack made it to cover, I looked at the LCpl. that came up beside me and ordered, "Each man needs to cover the next man off the SURC like I did with Jack. Now cover my ass and whatever you do don't fucking shoot me."


He looked scared, which was good, and answered, "Yes Sergeant."


I hit the gangway, ran toward the other side of the beach, found a good cover, looked back and motioned for the LCpl. I noticed the Butterbar was next in line after the LCpl. and was surprised: If he was willing to get so close to the front he might actually end up being worth more than the powder it would take to blow him to hell.


The LCpl. headed toward Jack and made it okay; I looked back and motioned to the Butterbar. Just as he hit the gangway, a fucking towel… excuse me insurgent, popped up, the Butterbar stopped running and began to fire his M4. He missed but Jack smoked the insurgent's, ass while I frantically waved for the Butterbar to keep running. Some rounds hit the SURC which helped to motivate him to move his ass. He ran toward me, came up behind my cover and said, "Thanks."


I swore and instructed, "Shit! Don't ever stop moving again unless you feel like fucking dying. The fuck… excuse me, the insurgents can't shoot worth shit at moving targets."


The firing Jack and the Butterbar started had succeeded in waking up the insurgents and we were beginning to take some fire from one of the taller buildings. I grinned at the Butterbar and said, "It's time for me to do the voodoo I do so well."


I reached my hand over my shoulder, loosened the cover of the Eberlestock scabbard, pulled out my new rifle, locked the suppressor on the end of the barrel and slapped a mag home in it. I popped the lens caps up on the scope, found one of the towel… excuse me insurgents, in a window, loaded a round and smoked his ass.


The Butterbar commented, "Damn that was a nice shot and you didn't even range him."


I located the next insurgent, and replied, "Anything closer than three hundred meters doesn't need ranging." This one was a head shot and I gloried in the exploding head and the red mist in my scope.


The Butterbar updated me, "We're all off the SURC."


I replied, "Good, now watch Jack and do what he does."


I knew without looking that Jack and the rest of the squad with him were taking random turns popping up above the cover and firing at the insurgents. The Butterbar ordered, "Okay we're going to do this in order…"


I had just taken care of another insurgent and interrupted with a suggestion, "Sir, you don't want to do that in a set order or the insurgents will figure it out. Give each man a number and then you call out the number when you want them to return fire."


I was shocked again when the Butterbar listened and ordered, "Okay men you heard the Sgt. -count off."


I found the next fucking insurgent, just about the time some rounds danced off the log in front of me. I ducked and swore, "Son of a bitch! Get the rest of this squad returning fire."


The Butterbar started calling off numbers, the squad was popping up and giving them hell. With the fucking insurgent's taking some more fire from our position, they dropped down where I couldn`t see them anymore. I stowed my sniper rifle in the Eberlestock pack and suggested, "Sir! We need to advance and get the hell off this beach. We're going to do this just like we did getting off the SURC. I will go first while you all cover me, then each man will leapfrog after me when I signal. First everyone give me a long burst to make sure the insurgents stay behind cover."


The Butterbar asked, "Are you ready?"


I nodded, he ordered the squad to all fire and once they began to fire, I jumped up and ran like hell for the building.


I hugged the side of the building and was surprised when some rounds danced across the side of the building. Then I was thankful when I saw they smoked an insurgent who had hung out the window and planned on shooting me.


I motioned to the squad, and this time instead of the Butterbar coming next, a Pvt. ran up. I looked over and saw Jack was well on his way to getting his half of the squad to the other side of the main door.


The Butterbar came next, worked his way beside me and commented, "So far this mission is going better than I anticipated."


He should have known better than to say that because he jinxed the mission! The next thing we knew we were taking fire but not from the side or front - it was from above. I looked up, saw one of the insurgents hang over the side of the roof and fire at us. I pulled up my M4, smoked his ass and he fell off the roof I ordered, "Watch out." Then I quickly moved to the side. He made a satisfying resounding smack as he hit the ground and I pulled up my M4 and put another two rounds into him."


I could tell the Butterbar was going to ask me why so I simply answered, "Those two rounds were insurance." I pointed at two of the Marines and continued with my orders, "You two are assigned roof detail. If any insurgents peek over the roof, shoot them."


The Butterbar informed me, "We're all here Sergeant."


I answered, "Great, now it's time we enter this building. Join on and follow me making sure to keep your weapons in high ready position."


I sent some hand signs to Jack then he and I both moved toward the doorway. When we were at the edge of the door, I nodded and Jack tossed a frag grenade into the room. I waited till it detonated then I slowly began to pie my half of the doorway while Jack pied his half of the doorway. It was great to see the frag had done its work - two insurgents were on their way to hell.


Jack nodded at me so I slipped into the room dropped to one knee and covered him as he entered the room. I motioned to the Butterbar, and the rest of the squad slipped into the room. I told the Butterbar before I moved, "Make sure two of the men cover our asses." Then Jack and I moved to the next doorway.


I checked our six, made sure we had two Marines covering our asses, then began to pie the doorway and…


Flashback – Masha – sometimes being a 'mother' is a hard job


I certainly didn't do my best job today while taking care of Linda since I was too tired from not sleeping last night. It made me appreciate the times I remembered when my mother had a bad night and still took such excellent care of me. Yes, I was a lucky young girl because even though I had no father, mother took excellent care of me. She worked all day while I went to Soviet childcare, but she still found so much time for me at night that I never felt neglected.


I decided I would try to mirror my mother’s actions with Linda. We sat on a blanket in her room and I began to read a book to her about animals in the zoo. She was fascinated by the pictures of the animals and we spent as much time with me trying to teach her the names of the animals as we actually did reading the book.


Thank God she began to yawn because that was the sign that she was sleepy. I lay her on the blanket, lay down beside her and we both fell asleep.


Flashback – Glen and Jennifer – a big mess


We arrived at the airport, I looked at the signs for parking and realized we could have a problem. I told Jennifer, "If Evelyn parked in the short term parking lot, it could be bad."


Jennifer innocently asked, "Why's that Daddy?"


I said, "Well look at the rates for parking on the signs. If she parked in the short term parking lot, it will cost a fortune to get her car out of it."


Then Jennifer asked a question I hadn't thought about…


I think Daddy forgot about something so I asked, "Daddy, what are we going to do about moving mother's car? You know I can't drive yet."


Daddy swore, "Shit! I didn't even think about that. Well, let's find the car first then I can get one of the Marines to come and drive it home."


Unfortunately, there was no 'easy' way to find mother's car. Daddy was going to enter the long term parking lot first until I suggested, "Daddy, I think we should search the short term parking lot first."


Daddy asked, "Why's that Jennifer?"


I smiled at him and said, "For two reasons: One it's closer to the terminal and since mother is a little lazy I think she probably used the short term lot. And second because the more time we waste looking for her car, the more it will cost if it's in the short term lot."


Daddy, made me happy when he praised, "Good thinking my princess."


I stamped my foot in the car and complained, "Daddddddyyyyyy! Don't you dare…"


He interrupted me with a laugh, we entered the short term lot and began to search for mother's car, which was turning out to be a huge ordeal…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


I needed to see 'mother' so I could evaluate the damage Chow Mein did to her for and update my research project on Chow Mein. The psychologist agreed to my request so 'father' the psychologist and I walked into my 'mother's' room and I was shocked when she shrieked, "No… No…No! Not him! Get that ungrateful child out of my room!"


Then 'mother' began to throw things at me. 'Father' ran toward her so she began to throw things at him and continued with her shrieking, "Both of you leave my room; it's your fault that Chow Mein attacked me. That ungrateful little brat corrupted my beautiful and loving Chow Mein."


The psychologist rushed me out of the room, knelt down and said, "Alexi, I am sorry you had to endure your mother's rants."


I gave him my most innocent smile and asked, "Sir, what is wrong with my 'mother'? She seems like she hates me."


'Father' rushed out of the room and I observed huge scratches on his face. The psychologist said, "Alexi, we will have a session in my office to discuss what happened and your feelings about it. But first I need to medicate your mother."


He looked at 'father' and requested, "Can you take Alexi back to his room?"


'Father' answered, "Yes, but first I need to deal with my injuries."


The psychologist called for some orderlies and ordered, "Please take Alexi back to his room and make sure he's comfortable until I can see him later."


They escorted me back to my room where I couldn't wait to document my findings…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


Ira and I tried to advance our way past one of the adversaries who had stumbled into our stake trap. He loudly vocalized like a young female because one of my spikes was embedded in his nether regions. Because of my overtly large pedal coverings, I accidentally stepped on a stick which echoed with a resounding snap. That snap triggered an attack from the remaining adversaries, which made me realize the male that vocalized like a young female was bait in the now prematurely sprung trap.


The forest erupted in gunfire as Ira and I dove behind a log and returned fire.


Ira vocalized. "Mira, your ill-advised pedal placement has caused hades to erupt."


I smiled and answered, "Ira, this is good as we no longer need to pursue our adversaries."


Ira angrily vocalized, "Mira, I would have preferred to pursue them and eliminate them singly."


I stuck my tongue out at me sister and concurrently eliminated one more of the adversaries…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I almost hesitate to call these men soldiers because it would be an insult to all the 'real' soldiers in the world. No I couldn't do it so I decided to call them bumbling idiots. Yes, that was suitable for their skill level. They were noisy as hell walking through the jungle, they smelled so bad I could have tracked them with my eyes closed, and one of them farted almost continuously which elicited laughter from the others as if they were school children.


The march back to their camp was painfully slow, and the path they cut through the jungle was immense. I dropped back further so I wouldn't have to smell their foulness anymore and was surprised when I heard screams and yells coming from them, punctuated with automatic weapon fire. I ducked into so bushes right before one of them ran past me and was shocked with what I saw chasing him.