Chapter 037

Together Chapter 037

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Present – Liz and Bernie – Denver


Thank God they had a decent car rental agency in Leadville. I was still in shock that the hospital had closed because I really wanted to buy a house with Bernie, settle in, enjoy (hopefully) the remainder of my pregnancy, have my baby in Leadville and bring him or her back to our house.


Bernie programs the trip to Denver into the GPS unit, we follow its directions, leave Leadville and start down I-70 eastbound. And begin to leave the beauty of Leadville and the mountains behind us. I have conflicting thoughts for the majority of the trip during which Bernie interrupts…


Liz has gotten uncomfortably quiet which means she's thinking about something serious. I give her what I hope is enough space for her to solidify her thoughts then I interrupt, "Liz, a penny for you thoughts and a ten for your body!"


Liz snaps out of her mental state, looks at me and demands, "What the hell? My body is only worth ten measly dollars?"


I grin at her and taunt, "Well, you are an old, almost married, pregnant woman…"


I knew that would 'get her goat'. She counters, "Old my ass! If I'm old you're antiquated and… and… and… It's your fucking fault that I'm pregnant and not only that, it's your fault we're not married!"


I begin to laugh and say, "Liz, don't get all worked up, I just wanted to know what you were thinking about so intensely."


Liz bites her lower lip and answers…


Damn it! I was too quiet and Bernie figured out I was thinking of something serious. I hesitate to tell him by waffling, "Bernie, if I tell you you're going to hate me."


Bernie reaches over, takes my hand and says, "Liz, are you fucking crazy? You can't say or do anything that would make me hate you. So stop being so mysterious and spill the beans."


As we begin to enter the suburbs of Denver, I look around and what I see helps me to clarify my feelings. Now if I can only explain them to Bernie. I try my best to explain, "Bernie, I don't know how to tell you this. But… But… But I really miss Leadville! Pleaseeeee Bernie, I don't want to live in Denver. I want our little house in Leadville where we can make a nice room for our baby and get to know our neighbors."


I hold my breath and wait for Bernie's answer…


I practically laugh because Liz has been thinking and feeling the same things I've been experiencing on this whole trip. Hell, I've lived in big cities my whole life and I even grew up in one so I know what life, growing up in a big city is like. And Leadville, though it may not have all the amenities we're used to, has a unique small town charm – Leadville, and the people we met, charmed the hell out of me. They were honest to a fault, hardworking and extremely friendly.


Liz pleads again, "Bernie, pleaseeee don't be angry with me."


I take the next exit, pull into a parking lot, stop the car, turn to Liz, take her hands in mine and laugh, "Liz, how can I be angry with you when I'm feeling the exact same way as you? How about we head back to Leadville, drop off this car, get the taxi driver to take us to the realtor he knows and setup our new life in Leadville?"


Liz answers and then asks a hell of a question, "Bernie, that sounds wonderful to me. But what about delivering our baby?"


I grin at Liz and answer, "Don't worry, I have that all figured out. We will use one of the Leadville doctors for your prenatal care, and when your due date approaches, we will rent a suite in Denver close to the hospital so you can deliver there. And when we have our baby in hand we can return to the good life in Leadville."


Liz gives me a hell of a kiss and says, "Let's get the hell out of here and back to Leadville."


Even though, we had just travelled the route, I still program the route back to Leadville in the GPS unit and began to follow the instructions. Liz is much more relaxed and vocal as we travel back to Leadville…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – at the building


We arrive back at our headquarters building where Bill and the crew have already arrived. I look at Sam and say, "Samantha, why don't you give me a few minutes to talk with Bill, then we will…"


I don't have to finish because Sam knows what I'm talking about and interrupts, "… Stacy that will be great, just show us to our rooms."


I motion to one of my crew, he comes over and I explain, "Please take our guests to their rooms and make sure Samantha's room is right next to mine."


They leave, I move over by Bill, he smiles and says, "Ms. Summers, we have some good news for you." He continues with his report, "Ms. Donaldson…"


I interrupt, "… You mean the bitch!"


Bill laughs and continues, "Okay, the bitch' was really good at hiding her tracks, however she made one surprising mistake. She deleted all the hacking files on her hard drive; however she did not securely delete them. As you are aware, when a file is not securely deleted, the data is still retained on the hard drive, just the pointers to the file are removed. So the team recovered some of them and is in the process of restoring more of them. The initial results prove that the bitch did indeed hack your satellite daily."


Now I have one more situation, besides the bodies, to deal with. What to do with this data? I praise Bill, "You've done a great job and please inform the team of how pleased I am with their work. Let them know there will be a little extra in their paychecks this week."


I inform Bill, "I want you to keep the camera crew and Samantha from sending any reports to the Truth Network for the time being. Samantha did a report on a confrontation between Liz's assassins, and the sheriff. I'm concerned if the report is broadcast, the messengers will become targets."


Bill nods his head and affirms, "Thank you Ms. Summer for telling me this and you are correct - those women are dangerous as hell and hate publicity. We will lock down all outgoing internet communication until you give us the word. What are your plans now?"


I trust Bill implicitly so I tell him, "I'm going to Samantha's room to read her the report on Liz's body guards. She has dyslexia and hasn't had the time to wade through them. After I do that I hope she realizes how dangerous broadcasting the report would be."


Bill thoughtfully suggests, "Ms. Summers, we could get a specialist here to help Samantha with her problem."


I ask, "It would have to be very discreet, because you and I are the only ones who know about her problem."


Bill says, "I know just the person. If they aren't busy I can have them here tomorrow."


I head to Samantha's room, open the door and realize she's in the shower.


I yell, "Sam, I'm right next door - let me know when you're done!"


Samantha calls back, "Stacy, I should be done in about ten minutes."


I go to my room, take a look at myself in the mirror, and I'm shocked at how worn I look. I call Bill on the intercom and ask, "Bill, could you call Sally's Beauty Shop and see if she does house calls?"


Bill answers, "Ms. Summers, I'm betting she will be willing to come here even if she doesn't normally do house calls. From what I've heard around town, the people in Leadville are dying to get in here and see what we've done and she's the biggest purveyor of gossip in all of Leadville so naturally has the greatest interest in seeing the place."


I think for a moment and decide, "Bill, let's make sure the place is spotless, have the chef prepare a great snack and then give her a call. We could use some good publicity."


Bill agrees, "Yes Ms. Summers, I will do that immediately and may I commend you on a very wise move."


Samantha knocks on my door, comes into my room and I realize that we need to do something else. I begin to read Sam the report and I'm sure her eyes get as big as mine did the first time I read it. We're almost done when Bill calls me, "Ms. Summers, Sally should be here in fifteen minutes."


Samantha asks, "What's Sally going to do here?"


I answer, "Sam, she's coming for two reasons: One to give both of us the full beauty treatment and two we're going to use her to get good publicity in Leadville."


Samantha smiles and says, "Wow that's great! I could use a manicure, pedicure and a haircut. And you're right, the best way to get publicity in a small town is either the barbershop for men or the beauty shop for women."


That gives me another idea…


Present – Ira, Mira and Safia – on the hunt


We translocate through the posterior portal of the constabulary office. Mira begins to take the lead and translocate toward the main thoroughfare, so I cease movement and inquire, "Miranda Sedankina, to where are you translocating?"


Mira responds, "Ira, we must regain the trail of the terrible teenagers so I am regaining the main thoroughfare which was their last known location."


I counter, "Mira, do you desire for the sheriff to again capture your corporeal self? Because that surely will occur if you continue in your current direction."


I begin to lead them in a path posterior to the constabulary office. We traverse sufficiently that I sense we are safe and then we all pause because Safia's mobile telephonic unit annoys us by chirping a love song. Safia explains, "It is Alexi." She then terminates the annoyance.


I question, "How did you determine it was Alexi without viewing your mobile telephonic device?"


Safia spits on the ground and says, "Because the song which played was 'our song'."


Mira smiles and inquires…


It interests me that Safia and Alexi have a 'song' and since I desire to share ' ‘song' with my Ben I further question, "Safia, how did you determine the identity of 'your song' and then how did you apply it to your mobile telephonic device?"


Safia crimsons slightly and explains, "Mira, it was the song which was playing on the stereo the first time we… well you know what I mean…"


Ira interrupts and completes the missing thoughts, "… I assume you are referring to the first ill-conceived time you two performed coitus."


Safia glares at Ira and sasses, "Yes, the first time we had wonderful, glorious, soul shaking sex! Something you and Todd have obviously never experienced."


I perceive that a confrontation is pending when Safia's mobile telephonic device utters the same song so I suggest, "Safia, perhaps you should reply to the phone call?"


She again terminates the song and swears, "I don't want to talk to your bastard brother now. Not until I terminate the whore!"


Ira finally explodes, "Safia, my Todd and I did not perform coitus because we both desired to await our betrothal night."


I glean from Safia's countenance that she will say something to greatly offend Ira. Her offensive retort is interrupted with an unusual sound emanating from her mobile telephonic device. This time, as she looks at the screen of her mobile telephonic device her countenance pales to white, she drops the mobile telephonic device and stutters, "Alexi… Alexi… Aaaaalexi…"


Ira who has already been slightly offended says, "Safia, what are you trying to utter?"


Safia, slumps to the ground and answers, "That was a text message from Alexi. I cannot believe it but somehow the whore has tricked my love and is holding him hostage."


Safia's mobile telephonic device emanates the unusual sound once again. Safia fails to retrieve it so I acquire it, occulate the picture, share the view with my sister Ira and she utters, "We will eliminate them with the prejudice of extreme…"


When the mobile telephonic device emits the annoying song again, I answer…


Present – Hammer and Glen – still in jail


Ah cannae believe th' bonnie kimmers teased me abit mah tossel! They main be a bampot, it has satisfied mony kimmers withit problems. Ah realize wa Glen is upsit sae Ah decide tae tak a rise it o heem, "Sae whit dae ye hink abit yer son in law noo? Especially since he got 'at a body hen up th' spit?"


Glen swears…


I can't believe it! My Jennifer had waited her whole life for Ben and that bastard has gotten another woman pregnant. I reply to Hammer's teasing, "Aam gonnae kill 'at dobber th' next time Ah see heem!"


Hammer laughs and suggests, "Aiblins next time ye will gie yer dochter tae me?"


I shut him the fuck up when I reply, "She's tay guid fur a drunken rockit loch ye."


Hammer continues his insults, "At leest Ah ainae got a hen up th' spit wile marryin' yer dochter."


I figure I need to dish out a little insult of my own so I grin at him and say, "Hoo mony kimmers noo hae complained abit th' size ay yer tossel? Ah dornt hink yoo're cheil enaw fur mah wee Jennifer."


Hammer turns red and threatens, "Tak' 'at back afair Ah kick yer crease."


I raise both fists and say, "Wa dornt ye make me ye jakey rockit."


He jumps toward me, catches my fist square on his chin and he goes out like a light. The sheriff walks in, looks at his deputy then sees Hammer passed out on the floor of the cell and swears, "What the hell happened here?"


I laugh and answer, "Ye only captured a body ay th' kimmers, th' second cam, knocked ot yer deputy an' freed th' other tois."


The sheriff asks, "Where did they go."


I sit on the bed, my ass firmly planted and reply, "Ye can gang tae heel! Aam nae helpin' ye until ye release me."


He swore, "Like hell I'm releasing you now!" He began to work on his deputy, then he gets up and calls an ambulance…


Present – Jack, Thom, Masha, Inga and the children – flying to Denver


After Masha gave me a dose of my own words, she left to take care of our children. Thom wanders back, he looks at me and asks, "How are you doing?"


I struggle against the straps on the stretcher and say, "I'd be doing a hell of a lot better if you let me go. I'm tired as hell of lying on my back."


Thom laughs and says…


Damn Jack should know better than to ask me to let him go - there's no way in hell I'm doing that. I advise, "Jack don't try to bullshit me, there's no way I'm letting you go and then have to face the wrath of Masha."


I tease, "Don't tell me you're afraid of Masha."


Thom continues his laughter and says, "It’s real stupid to not be afraid of Masha and I sure as hell know you are too. Hell she's got you roped, tied and branded."


I make a wild attempt to dish it out, "Oh yeah, what about you! Inga has you wrapped around her little finger so tight you will never get loose."


Thom glares at me and says, "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!"


He turns and leaves then I get another chance to escape: My son Ivan comes back to see me and drags Sharik along.


Ivan and Sharik sit on the floor beside the stretcher and Ivan asks, "How Papa feel? I sorry I hurt you so much."


I smile at Ivan and say, "Son, I would feel much better if you took the straps off me."


Ivan giggles and says, "Papa, what Mama say about the straps? She say I not ever loosen them or you might be hurt bad and worse. Now I sad because I need to tell Mama about tricksy you try to play." He leaves with Sharik and once again I'm alone to feel sorry for myself.


Son of a bitch, Masha already talked to Ivan about it - I should have known better.


Masha comes back smiles at me and says, "My Jack, Ivan told me what you tried to do. I am disappointed that you tried to trick him."


I complain, "Well Masha what do you expect? You have me strapped to this damn stretcher."


Masha volunteers, "Jack, I could let you up however…"


Present – Alexi – captured


Zarika gives me my phone. I get excited because I know my sisters (and hopefully Safia) will come and rescue me from these crazy females. I call Safia, the phone rings but she doesn't answer.


Zarika glares at me and threatens, "Alexi, you had better hope she answers this time or I will blow your balls off."


She places the barrel of her AK against my balls! I begin to sweat as I call Safia again, this time I put it on speaker. We hear it ring and then the line goes dead.


Zarika gives me an evil look and I beg, "Please give me a minute and let me explain."


Yasmeen, the less crazy one comes in and says, "Zarika, let us hear what he wants to say."


I swallow and tell them, "Safia is angry at me because she found out I had sex…"


Zarika jams her rifle into my balls, I scream and beg, "Please, listen to me."


Yasmeen corrects me, "Alexi, you did not have sex with Zarika, you raped her. Now continue."


I continue, "Safia is angry at me because I lied to her when I told her that Zarika and I had sex when really I raped Zarika. Please, I am so very sorry for what I did to you but I thought you wanted it."


Zarika jams the rifle into my balls again, twists it and threatens, "How in the hell could you think I wanted it when I screamed NO the whole time."


I change the subject by offering, "Look I can send Safia a text message. You can even take a picture of me with Zarika holding the rifle to my head and we can send that to her."


Yasmeen says, "Alexi, this is your last chance, you had better hope it works or Zarika is going to blow your balls off."


I show Yasmeen how to take a picture of me. Zarika thankfully moves the rifle from my balls to the side of my head, where she jams it with enough force to make me bleed. Yasmeen takes the picture, I send it to Safia, then Yasmeen directs, "Alexi, we will give them a few minutes then you will call then and read this script to them. If you say one word that's not on the script, Zarika will blow your balls off. And you had better hope they follow these instructions perfectly otherwise, well you know what Zarika will do."


Zarika presses her AK into my crotch again, this time not so hard that it hurt. I place the call to Safia's phone and I am surprised when Mira answers. However, I don't dare deviate from the script…