Chapter 040

Together Chapter 040

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Flashback – Jack and Ben – The trip to hell… on the way to the hospital – under fire


The fucking towelhe… I mean insurgents kept boiling out of the hospital like ants swarming out of a disturbed anthill. We were smoking them, but they didn't seem to fucking care. Banzai shouted, "Jack, the fucking insurgents are hopped up on some sort of drug!"


I yelled back, "Probably heroin or speed. There's no way we can hold all of these drug fueled fuckers off for ten minutes, we need to do a tactical retreat."


I looked at the Butterbar and ordered, "You and the squad take off while Banzai and I keep the fucking insurgents busy."


He argued, "Sgt. Reynolds, there is no way we're leaving you and Sgt. Blaine here alone. This isn't a suicide mission and I'm sure as hell not going to lose the two of you on my first command."


His next order surprised the hell out of me…


The Butterbar sure as hell earned my respect when he fired up the squad by repeating the quote made famous by GySgt. Dan Daly1, "Come on you sons of a bitches! Do you want to live forever?"


1 GySgt. Dan Daly – November 11, 1873 – April 27, 1937 one of nineteen men (including seven Marines) to have received the Medal of Honor twice. He uttered these famous words in the battle of Bellaeu Woods during WWI right before charging the Germans.


We were taking hellacious fire but returned even more. The dead fucking insurgents began to pile up like dead ants at the entrance to an anthill when attacked with a magnifying glass. This was a good thing because it slowed down the ones coming through the door. I had switched to my M4 but quickly picked up my sniper rifle and worked on taking out two at a time with one shot. I was surprised as hell when I shot one of them and the whole fucking area exploded taking down ten of the fuckers - shit the fucking insurgent was wearing a suicide vest!


Jack yelled, "Don't let them get close! Some are wearing suicide vests!"


Another two of the fuckers exploded and they were close enough to us by now that the ground shook around our feet. I fired and took out three with one shot and Jack praised my good fortune, "Hell of a shot Banzai!"


We finally heard the choppers and the Butterbar ordered, "Quick get the VS2 panels out so they know we are friendlies."


2 VS panels – bright orange cloth panels displayed by troops to indicate they are friendly forces.


Some of the squad draped the wall with the VS panels while the choppers came in and opened up on the fucking insurgents. It was glorious! The helicopter gunships kept the insurgents busy while a couple of Blackhawks took up positions close to the ground behind us and reinforcements roped down to the ground and even offloaded crates of ammo.


The helicopter gunships found another three of the fuckers who wore suicide vests during their attacks. I was concerned when the helicopter gunships left because there were still more of the fuckers.


A Captain from the reinforcements dropped next to me behind the wall and ordered, "Everyone keep your heads down."


I understood why the helicopter gunships left when the area the insurgents held in front of us was raked by a hailstorm of bullets. The Captain smiled at me and said, "Gotta love those AC-130s3 - they make our jobs easy!"


3 Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed ground-attack aircraft variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed, while Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship and for aircraft support. The AC-130A Gunship II superseded the AC-47 Gunship I during the Vietnam War.


The AC-130 made a couple more passes, then the Captain ordered, "Okay, let's go take this fucking hospital."


I began to get up but the Captain touched my shoulder and ordered, "Not you Sgt. Blaine - you and Sgt. Reynolds stay here and provide over watch."


I pointed at the only other tall building that was standing and suggested, "Sir, we could provide better over watch if we were on top of that building."


The Captain countered, "There is no way Sgt. Blaine that I'm letting you enter a building because more aftershocks are expected. You stay here, with Sgt. Reynolds and two Marines to cover your sixes. Make sure none of the fuckers shoot at us from the windows."


I motioned to Jack, he came over beside me, set up his spotting scope and began to scan the hospital. The Captain, our squad and the reinforcements, sprinted toward the hospital.


Jack yelled, "Banzai, fucker on the roof!"


I swung up my rifle, scoped him, Jack ranged me but instead of fucking with the scope turrets I did a holdover and fired.


Jack narrated, "Hell of a shot, you blew half the fuckers face away."


I swore, "Shit I was aiming at his chest!" I pulled my sniper rifle down, looked at it and realized I hadn't returned the elevation turret to zero, I just got lucky as hell to hit the fucker. I zeroed the elevation and waited.


We didn't wait long until there was a shot that hit the wall in front of us. Jack swore, "Where the hell did that come from?"


We were answered when the two Marines behind us alerted, "Fucking towelheads on our six."


I looked at Jack and said, "I'll cover the hospital, you help the Marines on our six."


Jack spun around and swore, "Shit, we never did dig those foxholes!"


He crawled behind some debris and I did likewise as I couldn't believe what happened next. Those motherfuckers! I began to kill them with the most extreme prejudice!!!


Flashback – Masha – Another lonely night


I continued to dwell on the possibility of taking care of more children until boredom overtook me.


With Louise, Linda and Ms. Ray gone, the house felt interminably empty! I looked at a map I had found at the market of things to do downtown and decided I would go watch a movie tonight. I didn't even care what it was, I just wanted to be out of the house.


I slightly adjusted my makeup, made sure my clothes were still presentable, remembered Ben's admonition and added one extra item to my purse (which I hoped I would not have to use). I walked out the door, made sure it was locked and mentally prayed, "God, please keep me and our house safe tonight."


Then I walked toward the bus stop which Ben noted on his map, easily found the bus stop, entered the bus, paid my fair (which seemed extremely high compared to Russia), took one look at the 'people' on the bus and realized Ben's admonition should have been more emphatic.


I do not recall seeing such a wretched group of people ever in Russia. Thank God I found an empty seat, pulled a plastic bag out of my purse and placed in on the seat so I would not contaminate my clothing. I sat at the very edge of my seat and hoped no one would want to acquire the seat adjacent to me.


Old skills came to the fore and my senses were alert to every sound and movement - this was not going to be a pleasant trip…


Flashback – Glen and Jennifer – a big mess


I parked my car as close as I could to Evelyn's car, walked over and noted that as I had trained her, Jennifer had locked all the doors. I waved at her, she leaned over and unlocked the driver's door. I climbed in and Jennifer said, "Daddy, while you were gone I searched everywhere but couldn't find the parking ticket." I started Evelyn's car and headed toward the exit, then I answered, "Jennifer, thanks for doing that but I'm sure your mother did that on purpose just to aggravate me."


Jennifer answered with a very adult remark…


Geez Louise! Sometimes I wondered who the real child was in our family! Mother had been acting like a spoiled brat ever since we checked her out of the hospital: First giving us drugs to make us sick and now taking the stupid parking ticket.


I was upset and remarked, "Daddy, I don't understand your wife! Sometime she drives me crazy!"


Daddy laughed and answered, "Jennifer, if you think it's bad being her child, you should try being married to her."


I dramatically (and falsely) retched and with too much sarcasm replied, "No fricken-fracken thank you! When I marry my man, I will make sure I never act like mother."


I could tell I unintentionally hurt Daddy when he sadly replied, "Jennifer, not everything your mother has done has been bad. And you do need to remember, she is your mother!"


I replied, "Sorry Daddy for offending you, but sometimes she frustrates the heck out of me!"


Daddy didn't answer because we reached the ticket booth. Daddy explained the situation the best he could to the ticket agent who looked at Daddy and said, "Sorry Sir, but rules are rules and without the ticket I will have to charge you the maximum which equals four twenty-four hour days."


Daddy asked, "So what's the damage?"


It seemed like it took the ticket agent forever to calculate the charge, then he said, "It will be two-hundred and fifteen dollars."


I watched as Daddy's face turned red and worried that he was going to explode. But then he calmly pulled his wallet out of his pocket, took out a charge card, handed it to the ticket agent and said, "Put it on this."


The ticket agent ran Daddy's card, looked at Daddy and said, "Sorry Sir, your card was declined because you're over your limit."


Daddy finally had enough and exploded, "God Dammit! Evelyn what in the hell have you done?"


Daddy took out another personal card, handed it to the ticket agent and apologized, "Sorry about that, my wife left us and left the car in the lot without telling us where it was. It took us this long to figure it out."


The ticket agent looked at Daddy, then he smiled and commented, "General Donaldson, I didn't recognize you until you exploded. Do you know you're entitled to a discount for being in the service?"


Yes! We finally had some good news. Daddy asked, "Will it save us much money?"


The ticket agent informed, "Hell yes, you get a fifty percent discount."


The agent ran Daddy's personal credit card, which of course worked (and I learned that I should always have some personal money when I marry my Ben), handed Daddy the revised bill which he quickly signed then as a whim he asked, "I don't suppose I could ask you to help me get my car out of the lot."


The agent looked at the time and said, "I'm off in another ten minutes and would be glad to help you. I don't know if you remember me…"


Daddy impressed me as he interrupted, "…Of course I remember you. When you were active duty I knew you as Cpl. Connors."


We waited for former Cpl. Connors to get off work and I realized that knowing the right people could be a big benefit…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


After Chow Mein's escape, the orderlies escorted me back to my room, put me inside and warned, "Alexi, do not leave this room until Chow Mein is once again captured."


The orderlies were easy to fool so I faked some tears and requested, "Can I please see my 'father'? I am worried that Chow Mein might have seriously injured him."


They told me that they would tell my 'father' I wanted to see him then they left to help capture Chow Mein. When they left, I went into the bathroom and laughed because once again Chow Mein was terrorizing the hospital; this was better than I ever dreamed. I did not stay too long in the bathroom, went to my bed extracted my notebook and began to document the current situation with Chow Mein until I was greatly surprised…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


We continued our escape beneath the arbors. While in transit I occulated my sister and inquired, "Ira, how do you propose we escape Kostia's aerial pursuit?"


She shocked me when she suggested, "Mira, I propose we terminate his helicopter. We will find an area in which he cannot reasonably occulate our corporeal selves then we will deliver a terrifying terminal discharge from our rifles accurately directed at the turbine of his helicopter."


I did not, at the current time, possess heart sufficient to explain to my sister Ira the huge fallacy in her plan…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


After my experience with the bull, I carefully followed him to where the other 'soldiers' were located and I had keep from laughing (not that it would have caused enough noise for them to hear me). The bull had them all in the trees! Yeah, he had treed them like a hound trees a coon. Not only that, being the 'excellent soldiers' they considered themselves, all their weapons were on the ground below the trees.


The bull was currently engaged with goring and stomping the hell out of the dead tiger. That was until one of the brilliant 'soldiers' had the great idea to throw a piece of a limb at the bull. I have to say, he had a hell of an arm. He bounced the limb off the bull’s head which only served to piss the bull off even more (he already had a bad attitude) and remind him about the men in the trees. The 'soldiers' also began to laugh when they should have kept quiet. The greatly infuriated bull bellowed loudly, charged the trees and began to ram them and tear into them with his blood tipped (from encounters with the other 'soldiers' and the dead tiger) horns. The bull was shaking the hell out of the trees and damn near knocked some of the soldiers out of the trees. Instead of keeping quiet in hope that the bull would leave, the 'soldiers' began to rain limbs, branches and fruit upon the bull. He rammed the trees even harder and actually shook one of the 'soldiers' from his perch. He tumbled to the ground and remarkably, the bull saw him falling and met him as he hit the ground. A few tosses of the bulls head and another 'soldier' bit the dust.


I was disappointed when the 'soldiers' finally wised up and got quiet. I decided the bull needed to have some more fun, so I pulled up my suppressed pistol, took careful aim and drilled one of the lower 'soldiers' in the leg. He screamed, let go of the branch and fell to the ground. Mr. Bull was there waiting for him and again made short work of him.


The other 'soldiers' yelled at the bull which only infuriated it even more. I pulled up my pistol again, shot another of the idiots and when he fell, his foot got caught in a low branch. However, the branch was low enough for the bull to reach. The bull began to bounce him around like a human piñata, and he lasted even less time. The others began to cry and several of them even pissed their pants. Two bold 'soldiers' became two dead 'soldiers' when they dropped out of the tree and tried to run away.


I slowly eliminated the rest of the so-called soldiers. With his adversaries gone the bull looked around, pawed the ground and ran off down the trail. I slowly slipped out of my hiding place and silently followed him, keeping all my senses at their peak for whatever crazy animal showed up next…