Chapter 041

Together Chapter 041

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Present – Liz and Bernie – back in Leadville


We are back in Leadville (which we never should have left), back with the taxi driver who's been such a help and this time he's suggested accommodations (hell, he already booked a room for us) called The Delaware hotel. We are met at the car by one of the hotel staff, we follow him into the hotel and I am shocked - it's like we've travelled backward in time.


To one side is a small gift shop with the typical Colorado memorabilia such as we've seen in most of the stores in Leadville. The rest of the lobby is filled with high end gifts, jewelry, and antiques, many of which are for sale. I walk through the lobby and imagine the many guests whom had stayed here.


The staffer who brought our luggage in was behind the front desk so I walk up and ask, "Which room do we have?"


He smiles at us and answers, "You have the Baby Doe Tabor suite." He continues to describe how the local miner, Baby Doe Tabor would come down from her Matchless mine each day to the hotel, where she had a room. She would sit at the desk in her room and talk to friends all day, and then when night approached she would walk back to her mine.


I am ready to see our room so I ask, "I'm a little tired and would like to refresh myself before we have dinner."


He smiles again and answers, "Let me take you to your room."


We begin to climb the stairs and I complain, "Don't you have an elevator?"


I am surprised and a little sad when he answers, "Sorry, they've talked about putting one in, however they haven't found the space for one yet."


I am winded (hey it's almost 10,000 feet in elevation and I'm preggers), so I ask, "Can I take a short break."


Bernie proudly informs our companion, "Sorry, but Liz is pregnant."


The man apologizes, "I'm so sorry, if we had known that we would have tried to find you a room on the first floor. The problem is they're all smaller."


I blush and say, "No, this will be fine, I only need a moment to catch my breath."


We continue, finally make it to our floor, walk toward our room and the hallway is lined with display cases housing many Victorian dresses. I see one particular dress which almost makes me drool so I look at Bernie and practically beg, "Berrnieeee, I want that dress!"


Bernie, being a mere male, has the audacity to ask, "Liz, what do you need that dress for?"


I glare at him and announce, "For our wedding, if you still want to marry me?"


Bernie hugs me and says, "Liz, of course I want to marry you." He pauses slightly then continues, "Oh yeah, your wedding dress was in our room at the cabin so it's gone, but I'm not sure if this dress is for sale."


I anxiously look at the man, he smiles and brightens the day, "Yes ma'am, all the dresses you see are for sale. And if you're looking for a place for a wedding, we do have a reception hall which would be perfect."


I squeeze Bernie, look at him with my best pleading eyes, smile and ask, "Bernie…"


Bernie interrupts…


Damn I've never seen Liz this excited, it's like she's a little girl! Of course I will give her anything she wants (other than a fiasco of an outdoor wedding such as the one for Ben and Jennifer).


I interrupt, "Liz, that would make a great wedding dress and if you want to have it here in the hotel I agree."


I look at the front desk clerk and ask, "So when is the soonest we can schedule our wedding?"


He answers, "I will check when I get back at the front desk and call your room with the available dates and the price of the dress."


Liz gets sassy with him and teases, "I see I'm not the only one that doesn't like climbing these stairs."


The desk clerks laughs, "Well, if you climbed them all day like I do, you would look for an occasional break."


He opens the door to the room, we walk inside and Liz says, "Bernie, this room is great."


The desk clerk leaves, Liz suggests with a wink (I know she wants to get frisky again), "Bernie, why don't we get room service instead of going out for dinner?"


I get ready to call the front desk, when Liz's mobile phone rings. She looks at it and swears, "Dammit to hell! What now?"


Present – Samantha and Stacy – at the building


Now this is living: A great snack from Stacy's chef then being pampered by Sally feels wonderful! She finishes my maniped, begins to trim my hair and suggests, "Samantha, you should really consider coloring your hair."


I am a little bit concerned about why she feels that way so I ask, "Why is that Sally, I like the color of my hair?"


Sally explains, "The color of your hair isn't consistent so what I would do is even it up."


Stacy agrees, "I think Sally is right since I've often thought that myself. Besides, I get my hair colored on a regular basis."


Then Sally suggests something more than a little crazy, "You know, if we colored your hair just right, and gave you the right haircut you would look remarkably like your namesake."


Stacy laughs and I complain, "Sally, if you knew how hard I worked when I was a child to not be associated with Elizabeth Montgomery and the stupid Bewitched television show you wouldn't even suggest that thought."


Stacy doesn't help when she laughs, "What, don't you want to be a witch?"


I decide two can play this game and answer, "Well, if I was a witch I would twitch my nose and turn you into a frog. However, I do like the idea of making my hair color consistent."


Stacy continues to laugh, "I thought princes were turned into frogs and princesses were turned into unicorns."


I counter, "I didn't know you were a princess?"


Sally interrupts our silliness, "Well, I'm not setup here to do color work, so why don't you come to the shop tomorrow and I will take care of both of you."


Stacy answers my question, "Well, I'm close enough to being a princess and I could probably buy the title if I really wanted to waste a bunch of money." Stacy pauses for a moment and continues, "Sally, is there a nice clothes store in town, something with some of the newer fashions?"


Sally answers, "Well, we have Leadville Clothing and Apparel and Melanzana but they both lean more toward the outdoor or ski clothing."


I wonder what Stacy is thinking as she bites her lower lip…


I was afraid of that. I really wanted to update Samantha's clothing since hers were getting a little worn looking. But she needed more than the typical Leadville look of flannel and denim I had seen around town.


Sally finishes with Samantha, looks at me laughs and says, "Now I need to see what I can do with the 'unicorn's' hair."


I really like Sally's sense of humor, laugh and reply, "Well don't forget the full treatment for my hooves."


I sit in the chair and enjoy Sally's ministrations - she really is good at this.


Then she complains, "Stacy, have you been biting your nails?"


Samantha laughs and teases, "Stacy! Unicorns should know better!"


I blush and confess, "Normally I don't however I did when I got drunk after the wedding."


Sally pounces on the comment, "Do you mean…"


Thank God Samantha interrupts, "… Sally, that's a subject that we don't talk about."


Sally shrugs her shoulders (obviously disappointed) and says, "No problem with me. Now, what time tomorrow are you coming into the shop."


Because I have plans for tomorrow I ask, "How about right after you open because we're going to be busy the rest of the day."


Sally offers, "If you would like I could open at eight."


Samantha asks, "Stacy, what are we doing tomorrow?"


I answer Sally and then Samantha, "Sally, that would be great, how much time will it take? And Samantha, what we are doing tomorrow is for me to know and for you to find out."


Samantha fakes a pout and then suggests an alternate course of action, "Well if no one minds, I think I will finish off the Chex mix."


We both answer negatively and Samantha begins to chow down., I fondly remember the time when I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight, that seemed so very long ago and perhaps in a galaxy far, far away…


Present – Safia, Mira and Ira – the hunters become the prey


Wh… wha… What happened to me? The last thing I remember is walking into the building, then everything went black! Now I am lying on the floor in only my underwear, with my hands and legs restrained and some sort of nasty thing in my mouth to keep me from talking.


Some fat bastard leans over me, pokes me and says, "Yes, you and your baby will bring us a tidy profit." I begin to cry as the fat bastard laughs so I turn my head toward the right and I can't believe who I see unconscious beside me…


Uhh, I slowly waken from my forced stupor and realize I have been stripped of my outer accoutrements, I am restrained on the floor and have a ball gag in my oral cavity. The last thought I cognate was entering the building and occulating Safia prone upon the floor. I begin to struggle against my restraints when some obese male comes over and pokes my Ben's progeny. I writhe with a greater intensity as the obese male elucidates, "Now you're a fiery one, but not as much trouble as your twin sister. She hurt two of my men before we kicked her ass." He indicates the direction past a likewise restrained Safia, so I rise up slightly and see an equally subdued, restrained and surprisingly nude Ira. He roughly forces my corporeal self back to a reclining position onto the firmament and states, "Your baby and then your body will be worth many dollars." I begin to again writhe on the floor when the obese male leans over me and jabs me with an electronic cattle control device. In response I jump and feel my Ben's progeny jump within me. He laughs and elucidates, "You might as well get used to it, because to us you’re just like another cow. Besides, if you continue to resist me, I will begin to shock your sister or brother."


Alexi! The evil obese man has Alexi? I desist in my attempt to escape, he notates the recognition in my eyes and continues, "Yes, we also have your brother and plan on selling him like the rest of you." He indicates an opposing direction with his primary digit so I rotate my cranial carapace and occulate a similarly trussed Alexi. Then this situation becomes maximally untenable…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – the plan is almost completed


I was surprised how easily Boris' men captured Safia and the twins. They had them enter the building one at a time and then used Tasers on them until they were unconscious. Ira however almost escaped. When she was tased, she swept her arm across her body and knocked the electrical probes out of her skin, then she ferociously attacked the man who tased her. When two more men simultaneously tased her, she couldn't defeat them and they unmercifully continued to shock her until she made a mess out of her cloths. Next they stripped Safia and the twins down to their underwear and were surprised when they found many hidden weapons. They tied them very securely and even used handcuffs and manacles on them, then waited for them to awaken.


Now that they were awake, it was time for Zarika and me to have some fun. I move over in front of Safia, she glares at me and I laugh, "So you thought you were going to kill us, well here's a big surprise for you. You, your precious fucking Alexi who raped Zarika, and the twins are going to be sold as some rich person's play toys."


She began to squirm on the floor then Boris came over shocked her with the cattle prod. When she about jumped into the air he ordered, "Stop moving or you will get more of this you stupid cunt."


Yes, the only thing which would have made this better is if we could have included the Jennifer Donaldson bitch…


I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with Yasmeen's plan. Had I known we were going to sell all of them into sexual slavery, especially Alexi, I certainly would have stopped the plan because I knew how terrible it was being a sexual slave. This reminded me too much of my time with Hussain from which Ben rescued me. However, Yasmeen motioned me over to taunt Safia and I couldn't resist.


I walk over to where Safia can see me and announce, "You can all thank Alexi for this situation since he raped me, got me pregnant, then he left me for Safia."


Alexi begins to squirm on the floor, Boris comes over and shocks him with the cattle prod so I complain, "Stop doing that to him!"


Boris laughs and replies, "What the hell! Don't tell me you still have feelings for him because just a little while ago you were going to 'blow his balls off'."


I glare at Boris and answer, "That's right, but I think I've changed my mind. You can have the other three, but I want to keep Alexi."


Boris laughs and says, "That wasn't the agreement we had with Yasmeen."


I counter, "That's right so now I'm changing the agreement."


Yasmeen cautions, "Zarika, don't do this."


I ignore her warning, point my rifle at Boris and announce, "Here's the new agreement: You can have Safia, who I hope rots in hell, and the twins, but you can't have Alexi."


I hear a pop, then crackling noises as I fall to the floor… I also hear someone screaming…


Present – Glen – get out of jail not so free


I continue to work on the lock for this cell, using the knife I kept from one of my meals. That's right, they sure as hell didn't know all there is about keeping prisoners since they didn't bother to count the utensils from our meals and make sure we didn't take some of them. I finally start to get the lock to budge but then the sheriff walks back into the office, sees what I'm doing, laughs and says, "Hell, you must not be much of a lock picker if you haven't escaped by now."


I answer, "Ah am a wee bit ot ay practice. Hoo is yer deputy?"


The sheriff comes over, unlocks the cell and says, "You're free to go, but I'm not sure where you're going to go. And thanks for asking - my deputy is fine since his head is apparently as hard as a rock."


I look at Hammer who's still out cold and say, "It cannae be onie harder than Hammer's heed. Sae whit ur yer plans fur heem?"


The sheriff scratches his chin and asks, "We're you serious when you told me about his drinking problem?"


I affirm, "Serioos as a heart lat at."


The sheriff shows his wisdom and trust in me when he answers, "I think it would be better if Hammer stays here for the time being. Why don't you come back tomorrow and we will have a talk with him about his drinking?"


I respond, "Whit time shoods Ah arrife."


The sheriff says, "Let's make him suffer some so how about three in the afternoon. You know I never did find the girls who escaped from my jail."


I laugh about the suffer comment but Hammer needs it to realize his problem and I comment, "They ur trained assassins, ye waur lucky tae catch tois ay them withit gettin' killed. If Ah waur ye Ah wooldnae gang chasin' efter them.


He offers, "With my deputy being out of commission, how about giving me a hand?"


I hold both hands up in a defensive move and decline, "Nae nae but heel nae! Ah dornt want tae kick 'at hornet's nest."


The sheriff threatens, "I could always make your release dependent on helping me?"


I honestly state, "If ye dae 'at 'en Ah woods raither bide in jail."


The sheriff looks perplexed as he whistles and says, "Wow, you must be serious about those girls."


I reply again, "Serioos as a heart lat at."


He says, "Well then I might follow your advice. It's just that they shot up Sally's Beauty Shop and I sure as hell don't want them running around my town with those automatic weapons. Anyway, you're free to leave."


I walk out of the jail and delight in the sweet smell of freedom…


Present – Jack, Thom, Inga, Masha and the children – flying to Denver


Masha finally lets me loose, I begin to sit up, my back makes a snapping noise which hurts like hell, I fall back on the stretcher and begin to swear, "Son of a…"


I stop when I see my son Ivan standing close. He giggles and teases, "Papa almost say a bad word!"


Masha face shows her concern as she grabs my hand and asks, "Jack my love, what is wrong?"


I fake a smile and tell her, "Masha it's nothing. My back…"


I'm interrupted when I notice Thom and Inga are here and Inga asks, "Jack, was that you who screamed?"


Ivan giggles again and repeats, "Papa almost say bad word."


I do love my children but sometimes they can be a pain in my ass. I ignore Ivan and answer, "Yeah, my back went snap when I tried to sit up."


Inga offers, "I know some treatments which might help your back.


Masha has hope in her eyes as she answers for me, "Inga, if you could help my Jack we would be eternally grateful."


Inga looks at me, looks around the plane and says, "The first thing we need to do is get Jack higher into the air. Thom, please help me put the stretcher on the gurney."


Inga takes one end of the stretcher, Thom the other end, they pick me up and Thom complains, "Damn Jack, when did you get so fat?"


Ivan, who is still here, giggles and says, "Mr. Thom say bad word, he owe me one dollar."


They set me on the gurney and Thom replies, "It's your fat father's fault so get the money from him."


Now it's my turn so I complain to Thom, "Me fat? That's like the pot calling the kettle black. What have you gained since you left the Army, fifty pounds?"


I almost laugh as Thom tries to suck in his gut and says, "I haven't gained any weight."


Inga giggles and says, "Black! There now if you two are finished with your quarrel, I need some help turning Jack over. Oh Thooommm!"


Thom comes over, he and Inga carefully perform a log roll on me then slide me forward so my face isn't on the fucking stretcher. I'm amazed that the movement doesn't hurt much. Inga asks, "Masha, do you mind if we remove Jack's shirt?"


Once again, Masha answers for me, "Of course not Inga, let me help you." They don't seem to take in to consideration that I'm even here!


Thom rudely suggests, "Hell it's damn near worn out, why don't you just cut it off him?"


I sarcastically reply, "How about keeping the comments from the peanut gallery to yourself."


Thom acts insulted and pouts, "Well if I'm not needed…"


Inga interrupts, "…Thom don't you dare leave, we might need you."


Masha and Inga remove the shirt from me which only causes a little extra pain, then Inga says, "Jack, I'm sorry but there is no easy way to do what I need to do next. This is going to hurt."


Inga begins to press on my back and she's more than right since it hurts like hell! In response, I try to move. Inga orders, "Thom, hold him down to keep him from moving."


Thom roughly grabs me which hurts more than Inga's treatment so I complain, "Thom, get your hands off me - I promise I won't move."


Thom says, "Have it your way you angry old fart."


Ivan giggles again and states, "Now it two dollar."


Inga continues her probing of my back and asks, "Jack, did your back have disk damage?"


I reply before Masha can, "Yeah, I was tossed around during a flight to Iraq and some big Marine fell on top of me and twisted the hell out of my back. Plus my rear (I remember Ivan) was damaged by a piece of shrapnel."


Masha adds more information, "Unlike our situation now with the great job Jennifer has given my Jack, he had to keep working because at the time we could not have lived on a medical retirement pay."


Thom insults, "Damn! I thought the Marines took better care of their own."


Ivan giggles again and says, "Mr. Thom now owe me three whole dollar."


Inga complains, "Thom, stop being such a problem."


We're surprised at what Thom does next…


Well, I've had my fill of this bullshit about swearing! Hell Ivan is a Marine's kid so he should be used to it by now. I whip out my wallet, pull out ten dollars, hand it to Ivan and ask for confirmation, "So now with this payment can I fucking swear seven more times."


Ivan giggles and the little brat corrects him, "No Mr. Thom, you said another bad word so you can only use six more."


Inga, Masha and even the old fart Jack laugh at me about that.


I grin and swear, "Fuck, fuck, fuck…" Then I'm shockingly interrupted by…


Thom is insultingly swearing in front of Ivan and I do not like it. There is only one way I know to make Thom shut his mouth. He's right behind me so I spin around and give him a big kiss!


Ivan giggles and says, "Inga give Thom big kiss! When they have wedding like Auntie Jennifer and Unca Ben?"


Thom pulls away and sputters, "What in the hell…"


Because he swears again, I grab him around the back of the neck and give him another kiss. When he pulls away I tell him, "I've decided every time you swear in front of Ivan I will kiss you in retribution."


Masha praises my action, "Thank you Inga, Thom was upsetting me and I was going to punish him."


Ivan giggles and says, "Mama going to make Mr. Thom stand in the corner."


Thom starts to open his mouth, looks at me, I grin at him, he shuts his mouth and I continue to assess Jack.


I am finished and announce, "Jack, I think I can help you. Thom, please assist me in turning and positioning Jack."


Thom states, "Only if you promise not to kiss me again."


I grin at Thom and say, "Well you haven't sworn again so you're safe for now."


Thom helps me position Jack and I can tell the movement obviously causes him pain. We have him in position but he needs to be distracted so I motion to Masha. She comes closer and I whisper, "Masha, when I nod at you please kiss Jack to distract him."


Jack frowns and asks, "What are you two cooking up?"


I nod at Masha and she kisses Jack. I force my leg down on his bent leg and push his shoulders back. His back makes many cracking noises, Jack jumps on the stretcher, then looks up at me and says, "Hey, my back feels better. But why did you have Masha kiss me?"


I giggle and answer, "Because you needed to be distracted - now we need to do the other side. Oh Thooommm."


Thom comes over, we place Jack on his other side. I put his bottom leg straight, bend his upper leg, get ready and without even a warning Masha kisses Jack. I push down on his knee with mine and push his shoulders back. This side of his back pops even more and Jack says, "Wow, that's great! Now let me stand to see how I feel."


I'm not done yet so I order, "Not yet Jack, I'm not complete. Oh Thooommm."


We set Jack's stretcher on the floor and I inform him, "Now comes your massage."


I begin to take off my shoes and Masha asks, "Do not tell me you are using your feet."


I make sure my feet are clean and answer, "Of course I will be using my feet! You have not lived until you have had a Geisha foot massage."


I begin the massage as Jack remarks, "This is the best feeling massage I have ever had."


I look over, notice the look on Thom's face and stick out my tongue at him…