Chapter 043

Together Chapter 043

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Present – Glen – get out of jail not so free


I am finally out of that fucking jail, I have my mobile phone back and I really hate to make the call I need to make. I make the call, relay the facts as I know them and then hang up my phone.


I hate like hell to do this but it's my responsibility.


Now to find that fucking, bastard, son of a bitch-in-law and kill his ass! I can't believe he married my Jennifer when he had already gotten Miranda pregnant!


Present – Liz and Bernie – back in Leadville


I'm hungry and Bernie is going to call for room service as my mobile phone rings. I look at it, see who it is and swear, "Dammit to hell! What now!"


Bernie gives me a questioning look and I say, "It's Jens calling again. Bernie, what do I say if she found out about her mother and Megan?"


Bernie doesn't help at all on this since he shrugs his shoulders and answers, "Liz, I don't have any idea what to tell her."


Thank God that in the time our conversation takes, Jens gives up and the phone stops ringing. However it doesn't take long for me to get the dreaded chime indicating a voicemail. I look at Bernie and say, "Well, I'd better see what sort of voicemail she left."


My worst fears are confirmed when I hear, "Liz, this is Jens again. What in the fricken-fracken heck is going on back there? I just found out that both my mother and Megan are dead and Samantha did a report on them. Don't you think you should have fricken-fracken called me and told me?"


I feel both pain and embarrassment as I have let down my best friend. Bernie must read my face because he says…


Hell! From the pained look on Liz's face, I would swear she is going to have our baby right now. She had put the voicemail on speaker phone so I heard it. I remember back to her previous phone calls, come up with a possible solution and ask her, "Hey Liz, didn't you tell Ben about the report Samantha did?"


I watch her thinking and she excitedly remarks, "Bernie, you're right, I did…"


I interrupt, "…Then Liz, why the hell didn't he talk to Jens about this before she called you and chewed your ass?"


Liz grins and says, "Bernie, you're right! Why the hell didn't Ben handle this?"


My phone rings again, I look at it, and of course it's Jens. I answer and immediately ask, "Jens, I'm not hiding as much from you as your new husband Ben is. He knew about this the whole time and he was the one who decided not to tell you until the honeymoon was over."


Jens fierily answers, "Liz don't you dare try to dodge the bullet that you have coming. As my best friend you should have told me when we talked earlier. After I found out about it, Ben told me all about it and I understood until…"


I about passed out with what she told me next and it started a hell of a fight…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – at the building


Sally notices me watching Samantha as she finishes off the rest of the Chex Mix and comments, "You look deep in thought."


I chuckle a little and reply, "Yeah, I was remembering when I could eat anything I wanted like Samantha is doing right now and never gain any weight. I sort of miss those days."


Sally asks, "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"


I glance at her and say, "Sure as long as it's not about…"


Sally interrupts, "… Stacy, I already know not to talk to you about the wedding. This is something else, but more than a little personal."


Sally has piqued my interest so I say, "Sure, but if I don't like it, I'm not going to reply."


Sally takes a deep breath then says, "That's fine by me. First Stacy, I would like to say the interview you did about having the abortion took a lot of guts and I admire you for it and I do feel it was the right thing to do with the circumstances involved. So here's my problem: I bet before you were pregnant, you had no problems with your weight."


I blink a couple times and slowly answer, "How did you know?"


Sally says, "Stacy, you're probably suffering from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, it happens to many women after an abortion. You should probably see a counselor for it since sometimes feelings about the abortion cause eating problems. Oh, and sometimes your body's hormones don't return to normal so you might want to get that checked too."


I thank Sally, "Thanks, but how do you know about this?"


She smiles sadly and answers, "Some of us have been there and done that."


I am surprised that Sally would share that with me…


Stacy and Sally look like they're having a huge conversation - it's great to see Stacy making new friends. I worry that she doesn't have many friends, but I realize why - when you have money, many people will be your 'friend' in hopes you will part with some of your money and give it to them. I think about my actions with Stacy and I worry she might feel that way about me.


I walk over beside the two of them and say, "Stacy, thank you for everything you've done for me. I hope you don't feel I've taken advantage of you."


Stacy laughs and replies, "Samantha, you would know if I ever felt that way. Sally was just telling me I should get a medical check-up and possibly some more counseling for my abortion. I was so jealous watching you finish off the Chex Mix and remembered when I could do that without gaining weight. Sally says it's a common thing to have weight problems after an abortion."


I volunteer, "Stacy, I will research this for you if you wish?


Stacy waves her hand in dismissal and says, "Don't worry about it Samantha, I can do the research."


I realize she's protecting me from my dyslexia and I'm thankful for it. So far I've been able to hide it from everyone and I sure want to keep it that way.


Sally finishes with Stacy and says, "Thanks for letting me see your building. I am very impressed that you've kept all the important brewery equipment in the building and have worked around it. I sure hope you consider reopening the brewery since not only would it be good for the town, it will send a positive message to all the townsfolk who resent you for purchasing the old brewery."


Stacy's face shows concern as she answers, "Sally, I sure hope that you tell everyone I have no plan on destroying this historic building, and if it makes financial… no that's just not right! Even if it doesn't make financial sense, I think we need to reopen this brewery. I just hope that we can still use this building for my needs."


Sally affirms, "Stacy that would be wise and would endear you to the town. And if you don't have room enough for both the brewery and your other needs, there are several other buildings which I will make sure you can purchase at a bargain price."


Stacy shakes Sally's hand and says, "Have a good trip back to your beauty shop, Sam and I will see you bright and early tomorrow at eight."


Sally laughs and says, "Stacy, I wake up with the roosters so don't worry, I will be there."


Sally leaves, I look at Stacy and ask, "So it looks like you and Sally really bonded.


Stacy answers, "Don't worry Sam, you and I will always be BFFs. But having Sally as an ally is important for me."


I knew Stacy wanted the locals on her side, but I wasn't sure it was so important so I ask, "Stacy, why is it so important to you?


Stacy smiles and answers, "Sam, Leadville is such a great little town that I'm moving almost all my operations here."


I ask, "What about the places you own in other locations?"


Stacy wisely answers, "Grandmamma taught me that property is one of the best investments you can have. If you knew what she paid for our existing properties, and what they are worth now, you would understand. I have no problem at all if the brewery consumes this entire building, as I assume it will, because I will just purchase a new headquarters in Leadville."


I blink at Stacy since I can't really understand the depth of her wealth and ask, "Aren't you worried that someday you might run out of money?"


Stacy laughs and answers, "Sam, there is no way that will ever happen. Even as we are talking my businesses and investments are automatically earning money for me."


I confess to one of my deepest fears, "Stacy, I wish I had the financial security you have. It seems like I live from one paycheck to the next."


Stacy smiles at me and answers, "Sam, you are richer than you imagine." She shocks me when she continues, "Although I have not said anything, I have purchased some investments for you that are doing quite well."


I begin to complain when Bill walks in and Stacy says, "Sam, I need to talk with Bill so please excuse me."


Stacy moves to the side, I wonder what she always talks about with Bill but I know better than to ask…


Present – Zarika, Alexi, Yasmeen, Safia, Mira and Ira – the hunters become the prey


I… I… I… awaken and realize I am restrained like Mira, Ira and the others! I begin to struggle, Boris comes over, stands above me, pokes me in my stomach and says, "Finally you are awake! You will learn the very hard way not to threaten Boris. Now you, your child and Yasmeen will provide me with even more money."


I began to cry and Boris teases, "Zarika, do not cry. Yasmeen has told us of your past, where you were a sex slave, so we decided you needed to do this again. But do not worry, I and all my men will make sure to sample you before we sell you."


I struggle, Boris applies the cattle prod to my stomach, I lurch like crazy, then begin to vomit and choke because I have a ball gag in my mouth.


As I struggle, Boris finally realizes my problems and orders, "Zarika is vomiting, take the ball gag out of her mouth."


They barely take it out in time, I turn my head, vomit up all the food I've eaten in the last few hours and see… Alexi and he…


I regret more than anyone could imagine raping Zarika, I think back to the incident and justify it to myself by thinking she really wanted to have coitus even though she told me NO many times. She still seemed to enjoy it and now Zarika, Yasmeen, Safia, and my sisters have been captured by this evil man. He fully intends to sell all of us into sexual slavery. However he doesn't realize, I have never let anyone, not even my love my Safia, touch my… well my posterior hole and I never will allow that. I would kill myself or the perpetrator first.


I worry as I see Zarika choke because I realize she is vomiting! I begin to move, the fucking bastard Boris comes over, looks at me, I motion with my head toward Zarika until the fucking fool finally figures it out and orders her ball gag be removed.


The other men remove it and she vomits up a tremendous amount of food.


Then she unwisely threatens, "Boris I will kill…"


She never gets to finish because Boris shocks her with the cattle prod into unconsciousness. I worry about my child with her. I turn my head in the other direction and see my Safia that I really love. Yes Zarika was just an opportunity, however Safia preformed so many more 'things' for me that I – well at least I think I loved her.


Safia glares at me. Yes, I know she is angry because I had sex with Zarika. I refuse to call it rape, like Yasmeen and Zarika wish, because I am still sure Zarika wanted sex. I plead with my eyes, however it does not do any good. Safia turns her head in the other direction.


Then Boris announces, "It is time for us to reap… excuse me, rape the fruits of our efforts. Zarika, since you were a whore before, you will go first."


I turn my head away as Boris and the men begin to rape Zarika. I am impressed that she doesn't make a sound.


Then Boris announces, "Yasmeen, you are next!"


Unlike Zarika, Yasmeen makes a tremendous amount of noise, I glance and see her crying.


Then they take my sister Mira and I cannot bear to watch.


Then my sister Ira who from what I can comprehend, injures several of them.


Finally Boris says, "Alexi, you are last."


I fight like crazy, however...


Present – Thom, Inga, Masha, Jack and the children – flying to Denver


Damn the lucky old fart Jack is getting a hell of a Geisha foot massage from Inga. I look at her with hope in my eyes and she sticks out her tongue at me. So I comment, "Only snakes stick out their tongues."


The fucking little brat Ivan says, "I like snakes but I know also other things stick out tongue."


I glare and confront him, "Okay mister smarty pants, what the hell else sticks out its tongue?"


Ivan not only sticks out his tongue, he makes raspberry noises at me and says, "I do for one Mr. Thom and Inga for another. Dog Sharik also stick out tongue when he tired."


I decide to put him in his place so I say, "Well Sharik licks his balls, so are you going to do that?"


Ivan begins to ask, "Mama, what are balls?"


Inga interrupts, "Ivan, you don't need to know about those right now. Thom, here's what I think of you."


Inga sticks out her tongue and gives me the raspberries, then I can't believe it when Masha does the same.


I decide that Inga is busy right now and I can get away with swearing so I comment, "Well fuck a duck!"


I sure don't expect what happens next…


I am tired of Thom insulting Ivan and teaching him bad words by swearing. Even though I'm in the middle of a Geisha foot massage on Jack, I hop off Jack, run over, tackle Thom and begin to kiss him like crazy.


He sputters and complains, "Inga, what the hell!"


I kiss him on his lips and say, "I warned you what was going to happen if you kept swearing. Now quit it and if you're a very good boy, I might give you a Geisha foot massage."


Thom relents and says, "Hell, that's all I really wanted."


I lightly slap Thom and comment, "Well, that swear word just cost you the massage."


Thom complains, "But Inga, I didn't mean to this time."


I am surprised that Masha comes to his defense…


Inga needs to keep the possible promise of a Geisha foot massage on the table to keep Thom's swearing under control. So I suggest, "Inga, I do feel that this time Thom is telling the truth, his bad word was an honest mistake."


Ivan adds, "Mr. Thom has used up all the ten dollars he gave me and now owes me another dollar. Mama, I like having Mr. Thom around because I earn more money. You have Papa under control and he not say many bad words anymore."


Unfortunately Ivan's comment upsets Jack…


What the hell! Ivan feels that Masha has me under control! In a futile attempt at my defense I complain, "Ivan, like fucking hell your mother Masha has me under control! I will say whatever I feel like saying!"


Ivan claps in glee, "Oh goodie, Papa upset like I knew he would be! Now I make money from him too!"


Hells bells, when did Ivan get smart enough to play me like a violin! Masha, Inga and Thom begin to laugh, Ivan joins in and says, "I learn to be tricksy so I earn more money."


I shoot down his idea by telling him, "Ivan, because you were tricksy you didn't make any money this time. So Inga when are you going to finish your Geisha foot massage?"


Inga jumps off Thom and answers, "Right now mon capitaine." Then she re-starts the massage, it feels so good that…