Chapter 044

Together Chapter 044

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Flashback – Jack and Ben – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


I had just ordered (or maybe just tried to order) Banzai to not go off crazy like he did in Russia, but he grinned at me and said, "Jack, that's a great fucking idea! I hadn't thought about taking off like I did in Russia until you mentioned it."


Son of a bitch! I sure as hell didn't want to give him the idea. I continued my caution, "Banzai, Colonel Maggie won't put up with that bullshit like Major M did!"


He laughed and announced, "Gotcha Jack! Of course this isn't Russia and while I would like to take off and kick ass like I did in the mother country, I can't figure out anyway to get the same thing done in this fucking country."


I swore, "Banzai, keep it up and I will..."


Banzai laughed and interrupted…


Jack was feeling his oats and needed to be taken down a notch or two. I laughed and said, "… You will what? Hell, you couldn't kick my ass when you were 100% and now with your busted up back, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell."


The Captain unfortunately overheard what I said, walked over to us and asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, what's this about you having a busted up back? I was led to believe that you were fit for duty."


I needed to do something fast so I answered, "Sorry Sir! Jack's back is a joke that we share. He's fit for duty. Prove it to him Jack, bend down and touch your toes."


Jack tried to avoid the whole subject by starting what would be an endless number of steps, "Okay, but first I need to take off my pack and body armor."


The Captain waved us off and said, "Forget it, you two need to head for the roof of the hospital and provide over watch for us."


We began to haul ass to the roof and Jack of course complained, "Damn Banzai, keep that yap of yours shut about my back."


Flashback – Masha – A rude introduction to America


Tonight had turned out to be worse than ever! After defending myself on the bus from the youthful hooligans who were intent on raping me, I was arrested and now I was in the back of a police car headed to the police station. I fought back the tears which wanted to fall from my eyes - I needed to be strong and wise.


We arrived at the police station and I was thankful that I was taken in a police car since many of the others on the bus got out of the back of what looked like a delivery truck. We were all taken inside and once again, I was afforded a slightly more civil treatment: Instead of standing at the desk to talk to the desk sergeant, I was taken back to a desk and the policeman requested, "Sit in the chair and I will be back in a few minutes."


I complied and waited and what I saw made me thankful for the 'special' treatment. The police brought in many unruly, loud, smelly and angry people who shouted at the policeman and physically fought against their restraints.


The policeman came back to the desk, sat behind it, sighed and lamented, "What a night!"


I still fought back the tears and agreed, "Yes, this has been a terrible night for me. All I wanted to do was go and see a movie and now…" I could no longer hold back the tears and a few trickled down my cheeks.


The policeman looked surprised and said, "Ms. Reynolds, please don't cry. We have not taken the time to fully explain what is happening but you misunderstand why you are here. You're not being arrested; in fact you did us a very large favor tonight."


He was correct as I did not understand so I inquired, "I do not understand, if I am not arrested, why am I in handcuffs and what is this so called large favor I did for you?"


The policeman apologized profusely, "I'm sorry Ms. Reynolds, I forgot about the handcuffs. Let me take those off you."


I felt better when he removed the handcuffs, then he continued, "As far as the big favor, we had been looking for this gang for many weeks. The bus you were on wasn't the first bus they had ransacked, in fact they usually attacked one bus a night. I will say, you are lucky as hell because most of the people who fought back, either man or woman, were raped – and then stabbed multiple times."


I had regained some courage so I asked, "Then why did you bring me to the police station in handcuffs?"


The policeman simply explained, "Ms. Reynolds, it was for your protection. If the gang thought you were going to get off, then they would have wanted to perform retribution on you. In addition, we need you here to identify the perps in a line-up."


I did not understand the last part of his statement so I asked, "What is a 'perps' and what is a 'line-up'?"


He apologized, "Sorry again Ms. Reynolds, it's what we call police jargon. Perps is short for perpetrator and a line-up is where they bring in the perps along with other people and you are asked to select the perps from the many choices standing next to each other in a line. Do you feel like you can identify the perps?"


I knew I could but I had a grave concern, "Yes sir, I can easily identify them. However, if they see me identify them will they not want retribution against me?"


The police man laughed, "Sorry once more, I forgot to mention you will be behind a one way mirror, you can see them but they will not be able to see you."


I continued with my concerns, "Will I not be required to identify them at a trial and will they not see my face at that time? What will keep them from seeking retribution at that time?"


The policeman looked concerned and tried to make me believe his statement, "Ms. Reynolds, if your testimony is good enough they will go to jail."


I practically laughed and answered, "Sir! Do not try to tell me that all these hooligan teenagers will go to prison. I know that some of them will avoid jail time and then they will seek the retribution you mentioned earlier. So what is to prevent them from attempting to perform that act."


The policeman gave me a sheepish look and admitted, "Ms. Reynolds, you are correct…"


He tried to continue but I interrupted, "…Sir! Before you become concerned, please answer this question for me: If one of the hooligan teenagers came to my home and attempted to injure a person at my home, what would happen if I terminated them?"


The policeman asked for clarification, "Are you asking what would happen if they tried to attack you on your property and you killed them?"


I replied, "That is exactly what I am asking."


He became slightly defensive and asked, "Ma'am are you sure you would want to kill one of them?"


I smiled at him and made him aware of my Russian attitude, "Sir, Why not? You have told me they have injured many people without concern for the results of their actions. Sir, they are no longer teenagers or even human beings, they have become rabid animals which need to be terminated!"


He shook his head and answered, "Ms. Reynolds, I couldn't believe a woman of your caliber could perform such an act…"


I once again interrupted before he made a fool of himself, "…Sir, if they attack me and my property I most certainly would defend myself and the child I am taking care of."


He finally confessed, "Ms. Reynolds, while I couldn't officially condone such an act, you would be justified in defending yourself and any children on your property."


I smiled at him and closed the conversation, "Then I will perform your line-up and also appear in court if needed. These hooligan teenagers need to be placed behind bars."


He looked relieved and said, "Let's go do the line-up."


After the line-up, which was trivial because I could have identified the hooligan teenagers in my sleep, the police officer drove me back to my house. Before I went to sleep, I made sure to take a shotgun out of Jack's gun safe, load it and place it on the floor beside my bed…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – after dinner


I went to my room after helping Daniela with the dishes (which she complained about - geez wouldn't she ever learn) and thought about how Daniela and Jed made lovey-dovey eyes at each other all night long. How in the heck could Daddy have missed that? I decided when you are an old married couple like Daddy and mother were, that you forgot how to love each other and did a pinky swear with myself that when Ben and I were married, that would never happen to us.


Then I remembered that Daniela found all my hiding places, even the super-secret ones for my diary. I rushed to where I kept my dairy, checked and it was still there. Then I looked for the hair that I always placed across the diary and it was still there. Thank God Daniela didn't read my diary because I wrote some pretty embarrassing things in it about Ben and me.


I wrote a little in it about Daniela and Jed and how I knew that would never happen to Ben and me. Then I kissed the dairy, placed a new hair across it and put it under my pillow as I fell asleep…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


With Chow Mein off chasing 'father' I decided that I could finally escape my devil cat imposed jail. First I checked under my door and didn't see her, then I carefully opened my door, stuck my head out and verified that the devil cat was gone.


I slipped out of the room, ran down the hallway, rounded the corner and… THERE SHE WAS! She let out a yowl, I reversed direction and ran like my life was in danger (which it was) and heard her yowling as she chased me.


I made it back to my room, opened the door and ran inside but Chow Mein followed me. I dashed into the bathroom, slammed the door and locked it. Chow Mein yowled, stuck her paws under the door and then I realized… My situation was even worse than before…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


My sister Ira made a substantial tactical error when she did not realize that our weapons would be useless against the Hind 24 in which Kostia abided. I however used all the gray matter in my cranial carapace and developed a revised plan.


I held up several large rocks and suggested, "Ira, you are correct, however these potential projectiles might damage the helicopter."


Ira smiled at me and verbalized, "Mira you are correct, if a rock of sufficient size strikes a rotor blade it could render Kostia's Hind 24 disabled."


We begin to gather many large rocks at the edge of the precipice. Finally the lady of good fortune smiled upon us as our tympanic units detected the approach of Kostia's Hind 24. It began to ascend the slope, Ira smiled at me and instructed, "Now Mira, begin the bombardment."


We tossed rocks over the edge of the precipice as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately many of them passed between the rotors without striking them until finally one impacted the rotor blade. Then two more impacted the rotor, the helicopter shuddered, the pilot lost control, the helicopter impacted the slope with a tremendous noise, the rotor assembly separated from the helicopter and it plunged to the valley terra firma.


I suggested, "Ira, we must have assurance that Kostia was terminated."


Ira agreed, "Yes Mira, we will translocate to the helicopter haste of post."


We ran down the slope, arrived at the scene of the decimated helicopter, occulated the interior and were shocked when our tympanic units heard…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Night fell in the jungle with its normal rapidity. I pulled out my thermal vision glasses, attached them to my helmet and turned them on. It took a couple of seconds then the whole word was illuminated in various shades of color which depicted the heat of the object I observed. This was great because I could see not only the places the sentries were hiding (all ten of them), I could even see their footsteps as they walked to their locations.


I made sure the bull and any other animal surprises didn't lurk around, then I slipped out of the tree and slowly and silently made my way to the closest sentries. There were two of them. I could have taken them out with my suppressed pistol but that had the potential of alerting the other sentries, so I slipped closer to where I could easily smell their foul stench (didn't any of these bastards shower?), crept up on the rearmost sentry and slit his throat. He made some noise and the other sentry turned just in time for my knife to find his throat. Two down and another eight to go.


I had memorized the other locations, began to slip toward the next sentries and my thermal glasses found some other human tracks. I paused for a moment and decided that some of the sentries had found a location which was shielded from my thermal glasses. I decided to follow this trail and was thankful when I did. It lead to a large tree where my thermal glasses displayed not just footprints climbing the tree, but also the matching handprints. I glanced up into the tree and for the life of me I couldn't locate the bastard, not until there was a zip and some light, then a round splatted in the ground close to me. Shit! They had a sniper in the tree with a suppressed weapon. I rolled out of the way, heard him call on the radio and knew my jig was up. The time for stealth was over, so I grabbed a white phosphorus grenade off my vest, pulled the pin and dropped it at the bottom of the tree. I hauled ass away from the tree, then I heard the grenade detonate, I turned and the whole fucking tree was engulfed in flames and the bastard sniper was screaming.


Tactics told me my best action plan was to hunker down, off the side of a trail and wait for the other sentries to show up. It didn't take long as two of the sentries walked right past me. They were noisy as hell, but once again I smelled them before I heard them. I waited until they passed and put two rounds from my suppressed pistol into each of them.


Then I moved so when these two sentries were discovered my position wouldn't be compromised. I was in the process of moving, when I froze since I smelled some more of the bastards. Sure enough, I heard the fuckers whisper to each other. Hell they were close, too damn close! I used their whispers to mark a location, pulled a frag grenade off my vest, pulled the pin, let the handle pop and tossed it toward their whispers. The area erupted with a deafening noise and a huge flash and they, along with their smell was gone.


I continued to move away from the location of my last encounter, making sure not to just listen, but to also take time to smell. Then I detected another… No an unusual smell. It wasn't the stink of the other bastards, it was! Shit, I finally realized it was the smell of a woman's perfume mixed with sweat. My bastard target had sent out some women as soldiers to take care of me. I watched the grass blowing to determine which direction the wind blew, slowly turned and began to crawl in the direction of the women.


I wasn't sure how I would react when I reached them since I sure as hell didn't like the idea of taking them out…