Chapter 045

Together Chapter 045

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Present – Liz and Bernie – back in Leadville


Jens must have lost every bit of sanity! She was giving me shit about not telling her about Evelyn and Megan, then she drops a fucking atomic bombshell when she says, "Liz, I'll be back there in a day because the honeymoon is fricken over! I am finished with Ben and all men! Not only that, I'm getting an annulment!"


I can't believe it! My legs grow weak so I sit on the bed and ask, "Jens what the hell do you mean? Last time I talked to you sounded like things were going great."


She answers, "It was going great, but then I got a call from Daddy. He told me that he ran into Miranda at the Leadville jail and she was pregnant with Ben's baby!"


Almost automatically I defend Ben, "Jens, didn't you tell me that Ben couldn't get anyone pregnant?"


Jens argues, "Well, he sure figured out some way to get that female fricken dog pregnant."


This sure as hell doesn't sound right. Then I remember something else so I continue Ben's defense, "Jens, just when the hell was he able to do this? Until he decided to let us know where he was, no one, not even Mira, knew where he was. She sure as hell wasn't gone long enough to rendezvous with Ben. Not only that, I know for a fact that she had been visiting a fertility clinic in Denver. Hell, the police were even after her for going crazy and destroying part of the clinic."


The phone got really quiet then I heard some crying and Jens' voice cracks as she says, "Liz! Oh My God! I think you might be right! What did I do? Ben swore to me that he didn't do anything with Miranda but I didn't believe him, I called him a lying son of a beotch and ordered him to get out of my life forever."


I begin to 'grab at straws' and ask, "Is it too late to call Ben…"


Jens shreds the straws by interrupting, "…Liz after I slapped him across the face, he actually fought back some tears and gave me the most hateful look I have ever seen. Then he turned and left the room leaving his suitcase and everything, even his mobile phone. So I can't call him."


I want to swear, but know it won't do any good then I have an idea, "Jens, perhaps we can call his credit card company and explain things to them, they might be able to tell us if he bought plane tickets."


Jens sounds a little better when she answers, "Thanks Liz that's a great idea. Could you do one more thing for me? Could you get the team together again and get them started on finding Ben."


She hangs up the phone, Bernie looks at me and starts, "Don't tell me…"


I don't even let him finish and interrupt, "…Apparently Glen ran into a pregnant Mira in the Leadville jail. She told him she was carrying Ben's baby."


Bernie states the obvious, "Well, she was going to a fertility clinic so I guess it worked. But why didn't anyone else know about her going to the clinic, and why did she tell Glen it was Ben's baby?"


My brain does a double back flip, I snap my fingers at the result and answer, "Shit Bernie! This was her plan all along, to break up Jens and Ben."


Bernie gives me a questioning look and follows it with an excellent question, "Liz, I'm not sure that assumption is correct. If that was her plan don't you think she would have confronted everyone earlier and stopped the wedding?"


I think about his question and it makes a hell of a lot of sense. After a pause I say, "Well Jens wants me to get the team going on finding Ben."


I make one of the hardest phone calls of my life…


Present – Glen – Hunting for Ben


I get a call from my daughter and ask, "Weel, Ah hiner ye threw 'at dobber it oan his crease."


I about have a heart attack when she cries into the phone and says, "Daddy, we made a damn big mistake! I just talked to Liz and she told me Miranda had been going to a fertility clinic in Denver! So Ben didn't make her pregnant!"


I sputter, "Mah loove, hoo was Ah tae ken 'at an' hoo bad ur things?"


Jennifer continues to cry, "Daddy, it couldn't be worse! I really unloaded on him and told him I didn't know how many times he lied to me, called him so many bad names that I can't remember all of them and even slapped him. He walked out of the room and left everything here." She breaks down crying.


I make a promise that I have no idea how I will keep, "Mah princess, dornt fash yerse, Ah will fin' heem."


She doesn't even complain about the princess comment, hangs up the phone and I know I've been played by that Miranda bitch. I'm going to find her and make her suffer a hundred times more than she's made my princess suffer…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – at the building


Bill comes over and gives me some information, which I sort of expected, "Ms. Summers, after talking with Walt, the retired brew master, it's as we expected that reopening the brewery will require the entire building."


I question, "How much money will this adventure require?"


Bill smiles and says, "Well, because of your wisdom in leaving all the equipment here, surprisingly little. Plus, we're lucky that many of the brewery's previous workers are still in Leadville. So to get the brewery up and running will be about five-hundred thousand dollars. The only bad news I have about this 'adventure' is we can't use the original name of the beer because I contacted the previous owners and they refused to sell it."


I snap up that offer in a minute and say, "Bill, that sounds great to me, I sure never thought I would own a brewery. Now all that we need is a name."


Bill grins at me and suggests, "Walt and I talked about this and came up with what we think is a great name…"


He doesn't finish and I can tell he wants me to ask so I comply, "Are you going to make me beg?"


He continues the grin and relents, "Nope. Walt and I decided we would call the beer, 'Stacy's Summer Ale'."


I get the biggest smile and say, "Hey I like that name since it's a great wordplay on both my names. So, if it's real ale that means the yeast ferments on the top of the barrel and at a higher temperature. Is the brewery only doing one type of beer?"


Bill grins some more and gives additional information, "Oh no, they were setup to do six different beers and we also came up with a name for your second beer…"


Again Bill makes me wait so I stamp my foot in frustration and complain, "Bill…"


Bill holds up his hands and interrupts, "…How about 'Grandmamma's Summer Stout'?"


I smile like crazy - Bill thought of not only me but Grandmamma so I nod, "Bill those are both excellent names. Now let's get moving on this."


I motion to Samantha, she begins to walk toward us and I continue, "Sam and I are going to town to talk with Sally about finding a new building for our base of operations, and we're going to get our hair finished while we're there. Please make all the arrangements with Walt and the other workers. Then call the contractors and get them lined up to start on remodeling the new building when we find it."


Samantha arrives right as Bill asks, "So should we give them the standard workers package? I ask because with the depressed economy here, we could get by paying them much less."


I slightly scold Bill, "You should know better than to ask me that. Of course we will give them the standard package."


Bill smiles and says, "That's one of the reasons I like working for you, we are all treated fairly and you never take advantage of situations."


Samantha asks…


"So Stacy, you're hiring new workers?"


Stacy smiles at me and answers, "That right, we're reopening the brewery and I need workers to run it. Now Sam, you and I need to head to town, to talk to Sally and get our hair finished."


I ask, "I thought we were doing this tomorrow?"


Stacy informs me, "Bill said that the brewery will use this whole building so we're going to talk with Sally about a new headquarters building and I figured we would kill two birds with one stone so we would have more time tomorrow."


I start to ask, "So tomorrow we're…"


Stacy interrupts, "…Sam, tomorrow is a surprise so I'm not going to tell you about it. Now let's go and talk to Sally."


I was certainly curious about what Stacy had planned for tomorrow, but I knew she had made up her mind to not tell me…


Present – Alexi, Zarika, Yasmeen, Safia, Mira and Ira – the hunters become the prey


I can't hold back the tears. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before and if we don't escape then I can look forward to that continuing until I kill myself. Zarika looks at me, sees my tears and because she's still not gagged, laughs and taunts, "Now you know what that feels like you bastard."


Boris walks over and shocks Zarika with the cattle prod, she jumps like crazy and he demands, "Why the hell doesn't she have the ball gag in her mouth?"


One of the men walks over to Zarika, roughly pulls back her head but she offers, "Please if you don't put that in my mouth, I will do 'other' things with my mouth."


Boris laughs and answers, "Now that's a real whore talking. I'm going first and missy if you dare bite me, I will push this cattle prod all the way inside you and shock you until you die."


I start to turn away when Boris commands, "All of you watch this and learn, especially you Alexi. After I'm done with Zarika, I will have all of you perform the same."


I gather from the way Boris grunts that Zarika is doing something very special (much more special than Safia ever did for me). He doesn't last long, moves over to Yasmeen and says, "It's your turn bitch."


When Yasmeen does not perform as well as Zarika, Boris slaps her and says, "You're doing it all wrong." He stands up and makes good on his threat to Zarika by shocking Yasmeen until she passes out, then he roughly assaults her.


My sister Mira must do okay because he doesn't complain. He looks at my other sister Ira and says, "There's no way I trust you to do this." So he just shocks her for several minutes with the cattle prod.


Then unfortunately, it's my turn and I don't know what to do… I try my best but receive many beatings for my poor performance.


Finally the torture is over, they put black cloth bags over our heads and roughly haul us outside and into a vehicle. Boris laughs and says, "The rest of you take the vans, since Alexi doesn't need it anymore, I'm taking his Bentley."


Present – Stacy and Samantha – in town


We drive to Sally's beauty shop, and find that she's holding 'court' telling all the other women about our building. We walk in, and overhear, "…And Stacy, might even reopen the brewery." One of the women points to us, Sally turns to see who just came in, blushes and apologizes, "Sorry about that. I was just letting everyone know about all the good you've done at the old brewery."


I dismissively wave my hand and say, "Don't worry about it. But you do have the details wrong."


Sally displays some confusion and asks, "What do you mean?"


I tease her a little, "Well, we're leaving."


Sally`s mouth falls open and she begs, "Please don't tell me you're leaving Leadville."


I grin at her and say, "Oh no! There's no way we're leaving Leadville. However, I was told that the brewery, which we are in the process of reopening, will use the whole building. So Sam and I are here to take you up on the offer to help us find a new building for our offices."


We are immediately bombarded by questions from the court. I hold up my hands and say, "Sorry, but I don't have time right now to give you all the details. We need to get moving on finding a new headquarters building and then moving my people here."


It's surprising when the other women who compose Sally's court begin to clap and cheer and even more surprising when they come over and begin to hug me. One of them asks, "My husband used to work at the brewery…"


I interrupt, "…We've already talked to Walt and we are looking into hiring as many of the employees that used to work there as possible."


One of the ladies in Sally's court walks up and introduces herself, "Ms. Summers, I am Mary and a realtor and I think I know the perfect building for you."


Sally adds, "Stacy, you can't go wrong using Mary, she knows about all the buildings in town."


I hold out my hand, Mary shakes it and I say, "Well, let's go see this building."


The first building she take us too, I don't like so I say, "Mary, I would prefer a building that's walking distance from the brewery."


Mary wisely asks, "Do you have any other preferences in a new building."


I begin to think and Samantha answers…


Looking for a new building with Stacy is exciting because I don't even really have a place to call home. When Mary asks Stacy what other requirements she has I interject, "Mary, I know Stacy because we're BFFs. She really loves her current building and wants something close to it."


Stacy adds, "Yeah who knows, I might want to drop in for a beer or two over lunch."


Mary looks at both of us and asks, "Sally was bragging to us about your chef, have you thought of opening a restaurant in the brewery?"


I smile at Stacy and say, "You know, I was talking to the chef and he was complaining that he didn't have enough work, it might be a good idea to open a restaurant."


Stacy smiles and finally says, "Sam is correct, I like the brewery building because of the location and the history of the building. My only other requirement is as I mentioned, it needs to be within walking distance of the brewery. And we will talk to the chef and see how he feels about opening a restaurant."


Mary pulls out a paper notebook, looks at it and says, "You know I think I have the perfect building for you. It used to be a textile mill and has tons of history behind it."


I ask, "Mary, why don't you use a tablet for that instead of a paper notebook."


Mary answers, "Probably because this is the way I have always done things. Besides I would need an internet connection for the tablet."


I have an idea to discuss with Stacy later. We drive to the brewery, park the van and Mary says, "Follow me please."


We walk a short distance, up a slight hill and see a marvelous old brick building. It has many facets around the windows (unfortunately most of the windows have been broken by vandals) and the drain pipes off the roof are topped by gargoyles. What sets it apart from the rest of the buildings are the corners facing us: They are rounded battlements and make it look like a castle. Even the main entrance is an arch.


At the top of the hill is another building, Stacy notices it, points at it and asks, "What about that building."


Mary looks at it and says, "You don't want that building, it's the old ore processing plant and would cost a fortune to clean up."


We notice several vans and a really nice car drive away from the building and Mary remarks, "I wonder what those people were doing there, don't they know it's an environmental waste site? Excuse me a minute while I call the sheriff."


Mary calls the sheriff, Stacy looks at the building we're standing in front of and asks, "Sam, what do you think about this building?"


I giggle and answer, "Stacy it looks like a castle. If you buy it could I have one of the corner rooms?"


Stacy smiles at me and says, "No problem other than I want one of those rooms too."


I begin to fantasize, "Stacy, could we put in an outer wall and a moat?"


Stacy answers, "I think the outside wall would ruin the ambiance of the castle but a moat could be a great idea."


Mary finishes her call, comes back and says, "Well, what do you think?"


Stacy says, "Well, let's take a look inside."


Mary has the keys, begins to unlock the door and complains, "Someone left the door unlocked."


I want to rush inside but Stacy cautions, "Sam let's get Bill and the team up here to make sure the building is safe."


Mary starts to argue and Stacy stops her, "Mary, we are going to do this my way, especially since you noticed the strange vans and cars leaving the building at the top of the hill." Stacy takes out her mobile phone, calls Bill then we see him and the team exit the brewery and run up the hill toward us.


Present – Masha, Inga, Thom, Jack and the children – flying to Denver


I am amazed at how Inga has fixed my Jack's back. He is so relaxed from the massage (and probably the large dose of vodka earlier) that he falls asleep.


Inga carefully steps off him so he doesn't wake and I whisper, "Thank you so very much Inga, Jack's condition is improved so much that we won't need the hospital."


Thom hears my statement and says, "Well, I'm going up to the pilot and tell them to turn this plane around." He leaves, Inga smiles and says, "It is not big deal Masha, I can't stand to see people in pain."


I bravely hope, "Do you think it would be possible to teach me how to do what you did to Jack?"


Inga smiles and replies, "Sure, because Jack is going to need several more treatments before he's finished."


Inga giggles and says…


Masha can certainly learn how to treat Jack like I did. I only have one concern: She's larger than I am and might be too heavy for Jack. I suggest, "Masha, why don't we practice on Thom. Oh Thooommm!"


Thom comes back from talking with the pilot, walks up and I order, "Thom, we're going to teach Masha how to give Jack the same treatment I gave him. And we're going to practice on you."


Thom falters, "Uh, Inga not to complain…"


I interrupt, "…Thom almost all you do is complain so stop it. We're not going to hurt you and you might even enjoy it." I giggle a little and continue, "Well at least no more pain than a big strong man like you can tolerate. Now take off your shirt and lay on the gurney."


Thom looks at the gurney and of course complains, "Inga the gurney is going to be cold."


I practically swear, "Thom, do not be such a baby!" I walk over and spread a blanket over the gurney and continue, "There is that better?"


Thom smiles and admits, "Yeah, that will work."


He takes off his shirt and climbs on the gurney. I motion to Masha and she comes over. I begin the examination of Thom's back and narrate, "Masha, the first and hardest thing you need to do is identify if they have any injuries - it's also the most painful part for the person."


I begin to palpitate Thom's back, and he complains, "Son of a…"


I don't let him finish and interrupt, "Thom, why didn't you tell me you have a bad back. Masha come over here and feel this."


Masha puts her hands on Thom's back and of course he complains, "Hey, your hands are cold!"


Masha apologizes, "Sorry Thom. Now Inga what am I supposed to feel?"


Shoot, I didn't think that she would have trouble feeling the discrepancies in Thom's back, then I realize that being married to Jack, she probably hasn't ever felt a normal back. I order, "Thom, keep your eyes closed. I need to take off my shirt so Masha can feel my back which has no injuries."


I take off my shirt and notice that Thom doesn't keep his eyes closed, but then I was confident he wouldn't. I lie on the floor and tell Masha, "Now feel my back, then we will move back to Thom and you will notice the difference."


Masha palpitates my back and comments, "Inga the muscles in your back are soft, while Thom's muscles are hard."


We move back to Thom and I comment, "That's right, the tightness in the muscles is a sign of injury or a sign of the person not stretching often enough. Now notice how the right side of Thom's back is worse than the other?"


Masha feels Thom's back, thank God he doesn't complain this time and answers, "Yes I feel how this muscle right here is…"


Thom jumps and complains, "Hey that hurt!"


I caution Masha, "Be careful how much pressure you apply to the back, otherwise you will engage Thom's complaint factory."


I carefully touch Thom's back and continue, "See, his complaint factory isn't engaged when you carefully palpitate his back. Now you try it."


Masha tries it more gently and this time Thom doesn't complain. I look carefully at Thom's back and order, "Thom you need to loosen your belt, I need to check something."


I wait for the complaint but this time it doesn't come as he rises up, loosens his belt and lies back down. I slightly slip down his pants and it's just as I suspected. I comment, "Masha Thom's back has an issue that Jack's back doesn't. Thom's pelvis is rotated forward on the right side, probably because of the injury." I point to what I see and continue, "Do you see what I'm talking about."


Masha looks at Thom's back, shakes her head and says, "Inga, I really do not see that."


It's so natural for me to see these things that I did not expect Masha to have any difficulties. I reassure her, "Do not worry about it, Jack doesn't have this problem so you won't need to do this."


I warn Thom, "Thom, this is not going to be very comfortable for you."


Thom begins to complain, however I don't wait to hear it. I slide my fist under the right side of his hip, put my left arm on his low back and push down as hard as I can.


There's a satisfying crack, Thom jumps like crazy and complains, "Hell Inga, you should have let me prepare myself."


I continue with my narration as if Thom had said nothing, "Masha, you never want to let them prepare because they tense up and then you can't do the adjustment."


I spank Thom's butt and comment, "Do not worry the worst is over for now."


I show Masha how to position Thom for the normal back adjustment and how to perform them and I'm happy to see that she does better than I do, probably because she's larger than me.


I have Thom move to the floor and begin to give him the Geisha foot massage. Then I have Masha try and Thom complains, "Damn Masha, that hurts."


I caution Masha, "Because you are larger than I am, you might need to support part of your weight with a chair."


We try it again, this time using a chair for some support. Thom doesn't complain, in fact he quickly falls asleep. I help Masha off Thom and say, "Well, we are done."


Masha asks, "Do they always fall asleep?"


I giggle and answer, "Almost always, now how about we have some of your daughter's vodka?"