Chapter 046

Together Chapter 046

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Flashback – Jack and Ben – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


We were hauling ass to the roof after Banzai practically ruined everything by letting the Captain overhear his comment about my back, opened the roof access door and all hell broke loose. I swore, "Shit! We should have known that the Captain hadn't cleared the roof."


Banzai slammed the door and said, "Grenade."


We both dove to the floor as the roof access door was shredded. I yelled, "Grenade my ass - that was too big for a grenade!"


Banzai looked at me and shocked me when he said…


Jack was right it was more than a grenade, it was one of our fucking claymores the bastards threw at us and then detonated.


I looked at Jack and said, "Jack, you're bleeding!"


Jack said, "Where? I don't feel a fucking thing."


Banzai pointed to my back and complained, "Damn Jack, how many of those pain pills did you take? You have a fucking piece of metal from the door sticking out of your ass."


Jack began to squirm around and I ordered, "Jack, stay on your belly and lie still. You don't want to pull that out."


Gunfire masked Jack's reply as the fucking towelheads had moved to the now missing roof access door. I was pissed and decided to end this firefight in the biggest hurry I could manage. I pulled two grenades off my tactical vest, pulled the pins, popped the handles and tossed them through the opening in the roof. The roof erupted in screams and burning flesh. Jack swore, "Damn Banzai, what are you doing using incendiary grenades? Now the whole place smells like…"


I laughed and interrupted, "… It smells like toasted camel jockeys."


The Captain and other Marines finally showed up and the Captain asked, "What the hell is going on? It smells like shit up here."


I stood up and answered, "You forgot to clear the roof and we about bought the farm…"


Jack interrupted, "It smells like shit because Banzai cooked up some lunch with his incendiary grenades."


The Captain complained, "Hell, now we have to live with this smell. Okay you two get your asses on the roof."


I pointed to Jack and said, "Sir, what are you going to do about the piece of metal sticking out of Jack's ass?"


I couldn't believe what the Captain said next…


Flashback – Masha – A rude introduction to America the next day


The alarm seemed to come extremely early this morning, perhaps because I did not sleep adequately last night. I knew Louise and Linda were coming today, so I forced myself out of bed and did my morning exercises while drinking a cup of very strong tea (I probably could have used some coffee, but I had never developed a taste for it - to me it tasted like dirty water). I took a shower and prepared myself for the day. I was apprehensive over telling Louise about last night, but I knew it was my duty.


Louise arrived at 5:45 so I opened the door and went out to help her with Linda. Louise started the conversation, "Did you watch the news this morning? Apparently some woman helped the police capture the gang which had been terrorizing the city buses. I didn't think there was anyone that could stop them, let alone a woman."


Thank God Louise couldn't see me blush! I was now even more apprehensive concerning telling Louise. I did not lie when I answered, "No, I did not have time today to listen to the news."


Louise continued with her praise, "Well, if you ask me this woman must be some sort of super hero, you know like Super Girl."


We walked into the house and I tried to downplay it, "I am sure she was terrified…"


Louise interrupted, "Nah, I don't think so because she kicked ass and took names…"


I began to cry and confessed, "Louise, I know that she was terrified, because I am the woman on the news."


Linda saw me crying so she began to cry. Louise rushed over to me (with Linda in her arms) hugged me and said, "Masha! Stop crying, I am so proud of you. Some of my friends on a different bus were attacked by those teenagers…"


I interrupted, "…Louise, we need to discuss this because my foolishness could put Linda in danger. The police said the teenagers might come after me and if Linda was here…"


Louise put her finger over my lips to silence me and said, "Masha, if what the news report said is even half true, I feel even safer now with you taking care of Linda. By the way, do you think you could teach me how to do some of what you did?"


I am more than amazed! I am shocked and ask, "Are you sure you still want Linda to stay here?"


Louise hands Linda to me and confirms, "Hell yes! If you fought like that on a bus full of people you didn't even know, you'd kill anyone that threatened our Linda in your house."


I remarked on Louise's choice of words, "Our Linda? Louise what do you mean?"


Louis matter-of-factly said as she walked out the door, "Masha, you're sort of like the older sister I've always wanted so in my mind, you're Linda's Aunt. It's great to know my older sister is also a super hero. Oh by the way, don't bring Linda to the store today because we have a meeting over lunch. I can't wait to tell all the other girls at work that you are the super hero from the bus - they will be so jealous!"


With that Louise was gone. Linda smiled at me, made goo noises and pulled at my hair. I began to play with Linda and thought all day about what Louise had said. It was foreign to me to consider being an older sister to someone I had just met, let alone an aunt. However, I could not deny the warm feeling building in my chest.


We were in the middle of playing when the phone rang and scared both of us. I was concerned when I answered it and heard…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – the next day


There's a knock on the door which wakes me out of a great dream (of course it was about Ben and me!) I yawn and Daniela announced, "Ms. Jennifer it is time for breakfast, if you do not come down soon I will feed it to the dog."


I yelled my reply, "We don't have a dog!"


Daniela really motivated me when she laughed and said, "You are correct so I will have to feed it to your father."


I replied in a panic, "Don't you dare give Daddy my food. I will be right down after I take care of some necessary things."


Daniela added, "Ms. Jennifer, you have cinco minutos then your father gets your food."


If I could bring myself to really swear, I would have sworn at that! Instead I decided I needed to start setting my alarm. Yeah, this wasn't like when mother was here and I could sleep as late as I wanted, wake up, eat a bowl of cereal and then even go back to bed if I felt like it. I rushed into the bathroom, hurriedly took care of my business, splashed a little water on my face and ran downstairs right as Daniela was starting to put my food on Daddy's plate. I ordered, "Oh no you don't! I'm here and Daddy sure as heck doesn't need moooorrrreeee food."


Daniela and Daddy both laughed and Daddy said, "Gotcha my perfect Princess!


I stamped my foot and complained, "Dadddddyyyyyyy! I am neither perfect nor a princess!"


Daniela said, "I beg to differ Ms. Jennifer, to your father you are both perfecto and a princesa!"


I came up with an evil idea and ordered, "Welllll, if I am a princess then I want to be treated like one! I want my fricken breakfast in bed."


I spun around began to march upstairs when Daddy countermanded, "Young lady, don't you dare leave this kitchen."


I spun back around stuck my tongue out at them and said, "Ha, who got who now!"


We all laughed, I sat at the table and was shocked when Daniela put rice, chicken and beans on my plate. I looked at it and asked, "What is this?"


Daddy said, "My Jennifer, you're a little slow this morning: It's called breakfast."


I poked at the massive amount of food on my plate with my fork and stated, "This looks more like lunch or dinner."


Daniela replied, "Ms. Jennifer, this is a typical breakfast in Peru."


Daddy decided I needed a little attitude adjustment so he said, "I think my daughter woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Stop complaining and eat your breakfast."


Daniela asked, "How could Ms. Jennifer wake up on the wrong side of the bed? One side of her bed is against the wall."


I had put some rice in my mouth, started to laugh and choked on the food. Daddy jumped up from the chair, ran over to me and asked, "Can you talk?"


I coughed a few more times and said, "Yes I can talk. Daddy if you are going to use American euphemisms then you need to explain them to Daniela."


Daddy laughed and agreed, "Jennifer you're right. Daniela waking up on the wrong side of the bed means that Jennifer woke up crabby."


Daniela gave Daddy a funny look and asked, "Señor, why would Ms. Jennifer wake up like a cangrejo?"


Daddy and I looked at each other in confusion and I asked, "Daniela, what the heck is a cangrejo?"


Daniela shook her head and remarked, "Dios mio, I forget you do not speak Spanish. A cangrejo is an animal that lives in the ocean with a hard shell and runs sideways."


Daddy laughed and said, "No Daniela I did not call Jennifer a crab, when you call someone crabby it means they are difficult to get along with."


Daniela laughed and said, "Thank you Señor for correcting me, I still have many things to learn in English."


I offered, "Daniela, I think it would do both of us good if we learned some Spanish."


Daddy agreed, "Yes, Jennifer is right, I would love to learn some Spanish."


Daniela smiled and said, "We will try to teach both of you, but you must understand I speak Peruvian Spanish not Castilian Spanish."


Daddy asked, "What is Castilian Spanish?"


Daniela answered, "It is the Spanish they speak in Spain. In the rest of the world we speak Spanish differently."


Daddy looked at his watch and said, "Jennifer, we need to get going."


I gave Daddy a shocked look and answered, "What! Where are we going?"


Daddy answered, "Did you forget we have a meeting with the psychologist today?"


I glared at Daddy and countered, "No, I couldn't forget what you didn't tell me."


Daddy said, "Oh well, consider yourself told now. We need to leave in ten minutes."


I complained, "Ten fricken minutes, I haven't showered yet."


Daddy teased me, "Well, if you didn't sleep till noon…"


I jumped up from the table and threatened, "…The next time you call me princess, that's exactly what I will do. Now I have to hurry."


I ran up to my room to get ready for the fricken-fracken shrink…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


Chow Mein, who was now totally insane, had tricked me out of my room, chased me back into my room and had me trapped in my own bathroom. She continued her infernal yowling and kept sticking her paws under the door.


I was frightened and began to breathe strangely until I became dizzy. Chow Mein made me feel worse when she increased her assault on the door by employing her teeth - she began to rip pieces off the bottom of the door. I was too dizzy to stand so I sat on the floor and then I saw that Chow Mein had succeeded in opening a small hole in the door. I knew I had to do something because soon she would be in the bathroom and after seeing what she did to my 'mother' I did not want her doing the same to me. My mind was burdened from the fear and my breathing problems but I applied myself and finally came up with an idea that might save me. I ran to the towel rack, took my big bath towel and waited by the hole which Chow Mein had enlarged. She finally enlarged the hole enough to put her head through the hole, I grabbed her around the neck with the towel, pulled her through the hole, ran over to the toilet then threw her and the towel into the toilet. I slammed the lid before she could escape and sat on the closed lid. Chow Mein created a terrific racket and tried to escape. I decided to aggravate her more so I flushed the toilet repeatedly, each time I did she renewed her assault on the closed toilet seat.


Finally the orderlies and the psychologist ran into my bathroom and I said, "Chow Mein ripped a hole in my bathroom door and I trapped her in the toilet."


The psychologist asked, "Did she harm you Alexi?"


I answered, "No Sir, I used the towel when I grabbed her and put her in the toilet."


The psychologist further informed me, "Chow Mein severely injured your father and we worried about you. You were very brave and wise to capture her."


Chow Mein continued her assault on the toilet seat so I asked, "How am I to vacate my location without letting Chow Mein escape."


The psychologist ordered, "The orderlies will hold down the seat. Once you are free then we will leave your room and barricade ourselves in my office."


I asked, "Is it necessary to hide in your office?"


He answered, "Most certainly! Chow Mein has terrorized the entire laboratory and my office is one of the few safe places."


The orderlies held down the toilet lid, I hopped off the seat, grabbed the psychologist's hand and we ran to his office…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


We incorrectly assumed we had terminated Kostia but when we approached the helicopter we heard the disembodied voice, "Good try girls. However as you can see I was not on the helicopter."


Ira swore, "Male offspring of a female saluki! Mira, he has avoided our trap."


Kostia further taunted, "And now my girls I know your location and have a present headed your way."


I looked at Ira and hurriedly instructed, "My sister, translocate with haste of post."


We ran down the slope and reached the bottommost of the valley while a rocket whooshed overhead and destroyed the top of the precipice. Ira yelled…


I instructed my sister, "Mira locomotivate rapidly, the precipice is tumbling toward our corporeal selves."


We dashed away from the precipice in what we perceived was a timely manner…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I continued my quest to find the women the bastard had sent out as soldiers. My task proved to be more difficult than locating the men. The men were easy because of their stench and their noise. With the exception of the tree borne sniper I had maintained an advantage by finding their forces before I was discovered. But even though I used all my skills and spent much of my time waiting and listening all I could get from the women was the occasional wafting of perfume on the slight breeze.


I continued onward in a careful crawl until! Shit!