Chapter 047

Together Chapter 047

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Present – Liz and Bernie – back in Leadville


I make a call to the cabin, talk to Gretchen, tell her what's going on and she yells into the phone, "Liz, what the hell is wrong with Jennifer! We finally help her find Ben, which was practically an impossible job, and she kicks him out?"


I know I need to smooth things over so I respond, "Gretchen, don't blame Jennifer for this because it really is Mira's fault. She met Glen in the Leadville jail and told him she was preggers with Ben's baby."


Gretchen mirrors my feelings when she replies, "Liz, I know those three are your body guards, but I never did trust them." There's a short pause, I wait and Gretchen adds, "…You know those three are missing."


I know that and reply, "Yeah, Bernie and I stopped by the tunnels and Alexi told me they were hunting for Zarika and Yasmeen…"


Gretchen interrupts, "…Liz, it's not just the twins, Alexi is also missing and he took his car."


I want to comment about how that is a good thing, but instead I say, "By the way Gretchen, if you should come across any of the three, make sure you tell them they are fired."


Gretchen backpedals in a hurry, "Liz, there is no way I'm going to tell any of them that because they scare the hell out of me."


I laugh and agree, "Don't worry Gretchen, they sort of scare the hell out of me too. By the way we are staying in Leadville at the Delaware Hotel. Bernie is sick and tired of living in the tunnels. Shit I almost forgot, Jens will be back tomorrow."


Gretchen wisely suggests, "Liz, I don't think Jennifer will be in any shape to handle the mess she created with Ben, so we should probably have a team meeting before then."


I accept the wisdom of her thought, "Gretchen, we will be there as soon as I get something to eat."


Gretchen shocks me when she asks, "Liz, how far along are you?"


I sputter, "I… I… I am not sure, we just found out today. How in the hell did you know?


Gretchen laughs, "Liz, not to be rude, but you've put on a few pounds, have been eating like crazy and well – you have this glow about you."


I end the call, Bernie looks at me, smiles and says, "So Gretchen figured it out too?"


I smile at him and answer, "Hell yes she did! Why am I the last to know? I don't want to wait for room service so let's head out and get something to eat then get to a team meeting at the cabin."


Bernie corrects me, "You mean the fucking tunnels..."


I laugh and interrupt, "…Bernie I never knew how much you really hated the tunnels. But there’s a real possibility that we might have to move back in there to help support Jens."


I am shocked when Bernie puts his foot down…


Present – Glen – Hunting for Miranda


I decide that Miranda and her sister must be at the tunnels under the cabin. I feel I might be able to take on one of them, but there's no way in hell I could handle both of them. So I make a decision which requires an action that I just plain hate. I walk back to the jail and talk to the Sheriff, "Ho ye sheriff, Ah wonder if ye woods reconsider releasin' Hammer tae me?"


The Sheriff gives me a strange look and responds, "Well Glen, what changed your mind?"


I pause for a moment, consider lying to him but I figure he deserves the truth so I say, "Ah foond it 'at Miranda, th' a body pregnant lassie ye hud in yer jail 'at escaped wisnae pregnant wi' Ben's bairn. Ah intend tae fin' 'er an' - weel make 'er pay fur th' damage she's caused."


The Sheriff looks at me and says, "Hell, I could have told you that if you would have asked me. And what sort of damage did she cause?"


I honestly answer, "Ah called mah wee Jennifer an' tauld 'er abit Miranda bein' pregnant. She becam radge an' threw Ben it."


The Sheriff exploded, "You did what! I would say that you created the problem, not Miranda, and you need to fix the mess you've created."


I hang my head and agree, "Och aye sheriff it is mah faut an' Ah want ot fix it, but gonnae efter baith ay th' twins aloyn is akin tae suicide. Sae Ah am askin' ye tae release Hammer in mah custody."


The Sheriff says, "Okay, but if he gets drunk and messes up my town, you're both going back in the jail until hell freezes over."


I smile, thank him and say, "Dornt fash yerse sheriff, Hammer only drinks when he doesnae hae a job ot dae."


Unfortunately the Sheriff remembers, "Oh yeah, if that's the case then what happened during the raid on Stacy's?"


I provide additional facts, "Ah forgot, he also likes a wee bevvy when he has a hangowre."


The Sheriff wisely cautions, "Well, he has a bad hangover now so make sure he doesn't drink the whole town dry."


I promise and hope Hammer will comply, "Och aye sairrr, Ah will make sure Hammer doesnae gie blooter'd. Noo will ye release heem tae me?"


The Sheriff laughs, "Heck, I'm happy to have him out of my hair."


He walks back to the jail, comes back accompanied by Hammer, then Hammer surprises me by saying, "Whit in th' bludy heel dae ye want?"


I tell him what the hell happened and I can't believe what Hammer says and does next.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – in town


Bill and the team arrives and I ask, "Bill, the door for this building was unlocked; please make sure the building is safe for us."


Mary says, "I'm sure it's fine."


Bill scolds her, "Ma'am, Ms. Summers acted correctly. It is easier to make sure the building is safe than to try to rescue all of you from a dangerous situation."


Bill and the team enter the building while we wait. It takes about ten minutes then Bill comes out and says, "No one is in the building so it's safe." He pulls out a pistol, hands it to me and scolds me this time, "Ms. Summers, you really need to carry a weapon with you at all times."


I take the pistol, accept the admonition and say, "Thanks Bill, you're right."


He looks up the hill and says, "It looks like the Sheriff is checking out that building. I wonder if he would like some help?"


I smile at Bill since I know he misses the excitement of when he was in the military so I suggest, "You won't know unless you ask."


He wisely orders two of the men, "Stay here and accompany Ms. Summers."


Bill leaves and Mary comments, "Stacy do you really…"


I interrupt her, "…Yes Mary I do feel this was necessary and if you had received the threats Samantha and I have you would understand. Now let's see if we're buying this building."


The five of us walk inside…


I wasn't sure that Stacy knew about the threats I had received, it was good to know that she did but I questioned how she knew about them. We all walked into the building and it was… incredible! I had dreams when I was a little girl about owning a castle and this was… Well, it was the closest thing to a castle I had ever seen. I sure hoped Stacy would buy it.


I guess Stay can read my face better than I realize because she smiles at me and says, "Sam, you look like you're in heaven."


I feel my face grow hot as I blush and say, "Sorry Stacy, it's just this building looks so much like a castle and I had dreams when I was a little girl about living in a castle."


Stacy answers, "I can remember dreaming that too. In fact Grandmamma bought a castle when I told her that."


She looks at Mary and asks, "So how much are you asking for this building."


Mary asks, "Don't you want to see the rest of the building?"


Stacy smiles at me and says, "Not really, however it will have to pass an inspection and get the approval of my structural engineer."


Mary and Stacy begin to negotiate on the price and I am amazed at how easy it is for Stacy. Mary finally says, "That's my last and lowest offer."


Stacy shakes Mary's hand and says, "Sorry to hear that, I also guess we will use a Denver realtor for when I bring all my employees to Leadville."


We turn, begin to walk away and Mary says, "Stacy, if you could wait a minute, let me make a couple of phone calls."


Mary moves away, to make her calls in private and I say, "Stacy, how did you…"


Stacy interrupts, "… Sam, I know what all the property in Leadville is worth. Mary was trying to inflate the price so she could get a larger commission and because she knows that I have money. She is calling the bank that owns this building and will come back with a lower offer, which I also won't accept. We will get this building for my price."


I ask, "Stacy, how do you know that?"


Stacy smiles, gets ready to answer but Mary comes back and interrupts, "Okay here's the absolute lowest price I can give you." She declares the amount, Stacy smiles and says, "Mary, did you happen to tell the bank who was buying the building?"


Mary's face is a mirror of confusion and she admits, "No, I didn't think that was important."


Stacy orders, "Mary, please call them back and tell them I, Stacy Summers, want this building."


Mary moves away again to place the call and Stacy says, "Watch Mary closely."


I watch and study Mary's face: She shows a little anger then comes back over and spouts, "Stacy, you could have told me your bank owns this property instead of wasting my time."


Stacy smiles and says, "Yes Mary, I could have but then I wouldn't have known how you work. Now here's the deal: As I said earlier, I am moving my people here and I will need a good realtor to help them find places to live. If you work hard to get them the best prices on the properties they are interested in, especially the ones my bank doesn't already own, then you have the job. If not, then I will use someone else. Oh while I'm thinking about it, I will pay you three-thousand dollars for helping us today."


Mary thinks for a few moments and admits, "Well, I really can't complain about this deal."


Stay continues, "I forgot to mention, you will only make five percent on your sales to my people."


Mary asks, "How many people are we talking about?"


Stacy answers, "Five hundred to begin with, but possibly another five hundred."


It's almost like I can see the cash registers recording the sales in Mary's head. She nods and says, "Stacy, you're going to be the largest employer in Leadville, it will be an honor working with you."


Stacy looks at me, grins and shocks me by saying, 'Well Samantha how do you like your new castle?"


I shock I sputter, "My… my… my… Castle? Stacy what do you mean?"


Stacy smiles at me and simply says, "Well Sam, you always wanted a castle so I figured we would give you this one at a great price."


I gasp and tell Stacy, "But I don't…"


Stacy interrupts, "Sam, did you forget how I told you about the accounts I setup for you. You have more than enough money to purchase this castle, especially at the price we want for it."


Then she cautions, "However, you need to go slow on fixing it up because you can't do it all at once and will have to prioritize what to fix first."


I run over, hug Stacy and begin to cry, "How can I ever repay you…"


Stacy again interrupts, "Sam, your true and honest friendship is payment enough."


Stacy looks at Mary and says…


Once I saw the look on Sam's face, I knew I had to give her this building, besides I really had my eye on the building at the top of the hill (a far superior tactical location) which was also owned by my bank.


I look at Mary and say, "Well Mary, let's head to the building at the top of the hill and see how truly bad it is."


Mary again cautions, "Stacy it's a registered toxic waste site."


I smile at Mary and agree, "Yes I know that. I knew that before my bank bought the loan on it and I also know there are Federal and State funds which will assist in the cleanup."


Mary comments, "You have certainly done your homework on Leadville."


If she only knew the half of it! We leave Sam's pending 'castle' along with the two sentries Bill left with us and begin to walk up the hill.


Bill meets us before we reach the halfway point and provides information, "Stacy, it looks like something nefarious and possibly terrible happened in your building."


This gave me great concern, however I need to correct a misperception, "Bill, please provide me the details. However, this is not my building yet since it is still owned by the bank. So if there are any legal issues then it's really the banks responsibility."


Bill apologizes, "Sorry Ms. Summers, I will correct this information with the Sheriff, because I told him it was your building. It would appear that a number of people used the building for a huge orgy, possibly forced. We found some high tech military clothing. One set of body armor was incredible, I have never seen anything like it. Mixed in the mess were a huge number of used condoms and empty tubes of lube. There is no reason to continue to the building because the Sheriff has declared the whole lower floor a crime scene."


I think for a moment and give Bill an order, "Please return to the building and fix the misperception with the Sheriff and ask him when we can begin work on our new headquarters."


Mary wisely suggests, "If you tell Jim that the brewery reopening depends on him letting you get started on the building so you can move your offices, it will give him great motivation to speed things up."


I praise her for the suggestion, "Thank you Mary that's an excellent idea. The Sheriff and I haven't always gotten along."


Mary replies, "Sheriff Jim is a good guy but he takes a little getting used to."


I heartily agree, "You can say that again."


I don't believe what Mary suggests next…


Present – Thom, Jack, Masha, Inga and the children – flying back to Leadville


What the hell? The last thing I remember was getting an adjustment then a hell of a Geisha foot massage from Masha (I wish it would have been from Inga because I think she had better technique) and now I hear a bunch of terrible singing and giggling. I rise off the stretcher and see Masha and Inga are the two making all the noise.


I get up and hell, my back feels better than it's felt in years.  I walk over to the seats where Inga and Masha are sitting and complain, "Hell, you two could wake the dead."


Inga takes one look at me, giggles like crazy and says, "Well, we sure woke you up so I guess you are right."


Masha begins to giggle and I ask the obvious, "Are you two drunk?"


Inga shushes me and answers, "Thom, don't talk so loud you will wake up Jack…"


What the hell? Thom and the women are making enough noise to raise the dead! I climb off the stretcher, head over to the three of them and ask, "What the hell is going on?"


Masha looks at Inga, Inga looks at Masha and they begin to giggle. Thom says, "Hell Jack, I think they're drunk."


I begin to complain and Inga interrupts, "Jack, please tell me how your back feels?"


When I think about it I realize that, hell, it feels fine and I didn't even notice. I reply, "Inga it feels great, you are a miracle worker."


Inga says, "Well, I taught Masha how to do the same thing so you should never have those issues again."


I reiterate Thom's question, "Ladies are you drunk?'


Masha giggles and answers, "Jack, we only had this much vodka."


She holds up an empty bottle.


Ivan (who is still holding Veronika) interrupts, "Papa, they have very good time and sing many songs - one funny song about a Drunken Sailor."


Ivan tries to sing; "What you do with a drunken sailor; You kiss him on the lips until he's sober."


The ladies giggle, attempt to help Ivan sing it correctly and I ask, "Are you two done?"


Veronika interrupts by beginning to cry and Ivan announces, "Mama! Veronika make bah!"


Thom asks, "Does that mean what I think it does?"


I answer, "It sure does. Masha can you change Veronika's diaper?"


Masha tries to get out of the seat but I can see it's a lost cause because she drunk as a skunk and counter, "Masha forget it. I will change her diaper, just hand me the diaper bag."


I take Veronika out of Ivan's hands, take the diaper bag that Masha proffers and move to the gurney. This diaper is really bad! I clean Veronika up the best I can and Thom complains, "Damn that stunk up the whole C-130."


I decide to tease him so I say, "Don't worry, when you and Inga have one of your own you will get used to it."


Thom immediately counters, "That's never going to happen!"


I begin to take Veronika back to Masha, but she and Inga are passed out and leaning on each other. I look at Ivan and ask, "Would you like to hold your baby sister."


Ivan declines the honor, "No Papa, I want to play with Sharik again." Ivan takes off to find Sharik.


I look at Thom but he holds up his hands and says, "Don't try to give the shit making machine to me."


I sit down, hold Veronika and decide that it was a good thing Masha blew off some steam with Inga. I softly chuckle because I know Masha well enough to know she is going to have a hell of a hangover when she wakes up…