Chapter 048

Together Chapter 048

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


I informed the Captain of the piece of metal stuck in Jack's ass. The Captain glanced at it and ordered, "Hell, pull it out, slap a Band-Aid on his ass and get both your asses to the roof."


I glared at the Captain and complained, "Sir! That is not the recommended treatment for this type of injury."


The Captain challenged my statement, "Sgt. Blaine, since when did you become a medic?"


I should have known better (and I DID know better), but I couldn't resist so I said, "Sir! I'm the closest person to a medic you have here. I even have a UOP1 to prove it." I should have stopped digging myself in but I added, "And it was you that didn't deem a medic was necessary on this mission."


1UOP – Unit One Pack – a basic medic's kit defined earlier


The Captain glared at me while I waited for the rebuff but Jack interrupted, "Shit Banzai, don't have a fucking cow."


The old fart reached back, ignored my previous warning about pulling out the shrapnel, yanked it out of his ass and – hells bells – fucking blood began to spray out of the wound!


I jumped to Jack's side and scolded him, "Jack, that piece of shrapnel nicked an artery!" I began to put pressure on the wound, glared at the Captain and swore, "I hope you're fucking happy! We're not going anywhere until I take care of this bleeder! And if you don't fucking like it then I suggest you take it up with Colonel Maggie."


The Captain ordered the remainder of his team to the roof. The Butterbar came over beside me and asked, "Sgt. Blaine, can I help?"


I looked at him and couldn't quite believe that a Butterbar was actually asking so I decided to test it and said, "Yes Sir! If you could keep pressure on Jack's wound, I will prepare for the field surgery he needs."


The Butterbar wisely asked, "Sgt. Blaine are you certain…"


I interrupted, "Sorry Sir! But yes I am certain that Jack needs the bleeder fixed and we can't afford to wait and see if the Captain requests a corpsman."


The Butterbar said, "I understand Sgt. Let me assist you."


The Captain came over and complained, "Lieutenant, what are you doing? Get your ass on the roof to help with the over watch."


I was again impressed because the Lieutenant held his ground and answered, "Sir! I am providing support to Sgt. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds as ordered by your commanding officer Colonel Maggie. If you have an issue with this order I suggest you take it up with her when you get back."


The Captain wisely backed down and ordered, "Lieutenant, that won't be necessary, continue with your current actions."


The Captain left, I grinned at the Lieutenant and said, "Thanks, I can use the help since I haven't done this procedure before."


Jack complained like hell…


Flashback – Masha – A rude introduction to America the next day


I answered the phone (which always frightened me when it rang) and heard, "Is this Ms. Reynolds?"


I responded, "That would depend on who is calling."


The policeman identified himself, "I am the police officer from last night. I am calling to let you know the girls who attacked you on the bus last night have been released on bail."


I requested clarification, "Sir! I do not understand, 'released on bail'."


He replied, "Ms. Reynolds, it means that someone provided the money for them to get out of jail. In exchange for the bail the teens promise they will show up when a hearing is scheduled.  If they fail to attend the hearing the bond will be revoked, the money will be forfeited, and a warrant for the girls arrest will be issued. I am telling you in case you need to – well prepare for protective matters."


I hoped for a negative response and asked, "Sir, would the girls know where I live?"


I received additional bad new when he answered, "Sorry Ms. Reynolds, but the lawyer who secured their release had that information and I am certain he gave it to them."


He paused and offered, "I could send a car to your house."


I said, "Sir! That will not be necessary. I could not trust them to protect me therefore I will protect myself."


The policeman cautioned, "Ms. Reynolds just remember they have to present imminent danger. I do not want you to get into trouble."


I asked for clarification, "Would imminent danger be any attempt to forcefully enter my domicile?"


The policeman concurred, "Yes Ms. Reynolds that is correct. But do make sure they are trying to enter your house."


I thanked him, "Officer, I appreciate your call. Should I call you to retrieve the corpses in the aftermath of their attempt to invade my domicile?"


The officer said, "No Ma'am, if they show up, call 911 first."


He hung up the phone then I went to Jack's gun safe and prepared for my own war…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – the next day


I couldn't fricken believe it, this entire morning was terrible! First I was rousted out of a great dream (naturally about Ben) then almost forced downstairs by Daniela before I could comfortably take care of my normal morning duties. Then Daddy once again called me a perfect fricken-fracken princess and Daniela even came to Daddy's defense. Now I had to go with Daddy to see the fracken shrink and only had ten minutes to shower and dress.


I made a decision: If I was going to be called a perfect fracken princess, then I was going to act like a perfect fracken princess. Daddy and everyone else could just wait for me.


I was enjoying a long hot shower until Daddy banged on the door to my bathroom and ordered, "Jennifer, we need to leave or we will be late."


I sarcastically yelled back, "Sorry Daddy, but we're going to be late. This perfect princess isn't close to being ready to leave yet. I need at least another thirty minutes."


Daddy threatened, "Young Lady get your ass out here now or I will leave you home!"


I laughed and said, "So leave me home, I don't really mind."


Daddy then started to whine, "Jennifer, don't be unreasonable…"


I interrupted, "…Well, you wanted a perfect fracken princess, now you have one so stop complaining."


Daddy began with another threat but I was tired of his bullying. After all, I wasn't one of his Marines that he could boss around. So I began to sing as loud as I could. Looking back on things, that probably wasn't the wisest thing to do because…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


We almost made it to the psychologist's office, started to feel we were home free and then we heard the orderlies behind us, "Run for your lives the devil cat escaped!"


They ran past us, I looked at the psychologist, he squeezed my hand and ordered, "Alexi, run and save yourself. I will detain Chow Mein."


I could not let the psychologist face Chow Mein alone, especially since I was the one who precipitated her insane behavior (plus he had been more like a father to me than my 'real parents'). So I stopped and said, "Sir! I will not run from Chow Mein. I will stay here with you and face her."


He was going to complain and then it was too late! There was a blood curdling yowl and Chow Mein approached us. She did not charge us but instead she stalked us like she was stalking a mouse. I suddenly realized I possessed the perfect tool for our defense: I had the flashlight in my pocket. I quickly pulled it from my pocket, turned it on and shined the beam on the wall. Chow Mein yowled and chased the beam up the wall with an acrobatic jump.


The psychologist praised my action, "Good thinking Alexi, we just might survive Chow Mein."


I slowly moved the beam to the adjacent wall and of course Chow Mein chased it up that wall. The psychologist put his hand on my shoulder and ordered, "Keep her busy Alexi and I will help you walk backwards toward my office."


We slowly worked our way toward the office and were doing fine until the batteries started to die in my flashlight. I knew I needed to think of something fast. We walked by a fire suppression station, I handed the light to the psychologist and said, "Keep Chow Mein busy Sir! I have an idea."


I opened the cabinet, removed the fire extinguisher, pulled the safety pin on it, pointed it at Chow Mein and began to spray her with the gas. Chow Mein yowled like crazy, charged toward me but I kept spraying her with the gas. I was sure in her denuded state, the gas had to be freezing her, but she didn't stop and kept coming. I finally rammed the nozzle of the fire extinguisher over her head, pressed her down to the floor and kept spraying her with the gas. She fought like crazy, finally got away, turned tail and ran down the hallway. The psychologist grabbed my hand and we ran like crazy to his office.


Once there, he slammed the door and said, "Good job Alexi, finally we are safe."


However he spoke too quickly…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


We had underestimated Kostia. He was not on the Hind helicopter and taunted us through the destroyed Hind helicopter's radio device. The son of Lucifer then sent a rocket toward our previous location. We barely translocated and avoided being decimated. I bent to catch my breath and Ira said, "Mira we must locomotivate from this area haste of post. Kostia will not be appeased with one rocket."


I straightened and agreed, "Yes Ira, our actions have seriously wounded Kostia's pride and he will not obtain ataraxis until we are terminated."


Ira came up with a marvelous plan…


There was only one way in which to escape Kostia's wrath: That was for him to assume we had been terminated. I suggested to my sister Mira, "We need to delude Kostia by making him believe we have been terminated."


Mira smiled and said, "Yes Ira, that is an excellent idea but how are we to implement it?"


I grinned at Mira and informed her, "Mira, we will acquire two of the terminated soldiers, perform some creative surgery on them to remove their male reproductive parts, place our accoutrements on them and entice Kostia to flambé au rocket the corpses."


Mira praised my idea, "Ira, once again your plan might have uncooked our gooses."


We quickly moved back to the area with the previously terminated soldiers, found two who approximated our sizes and began the odious surgical duties.


With the emasculation of the terminated adversaries completed, it was time to agitate Kostia again. We dragged the corpses back to the location of the prior rocket bombardment, placed them adjacent to the decimated helicopter and I taunted, "Kostia your rockets' red glare did not terminate us."


Mira added an excellent insult, "Kostia, I release odiferous alimentary canal flatulence in the direction of your corporeal self!"


Kostia voice reverberated over the radio, "My girls I assumed the rocket terminated you. Perhaps this one will."


I provided one more taunt, "Kostia you could not strike your derriere with both of your digital extremities in a planned assault. We await your misfired missile at your terminated helicopter."


I motioned to Mira and we both vacated the area. We remotely observed as Kostia's rocket decimated the helicopter and flambéed our corpsi.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I knew I needed to find the female soldiers my target had deployed to kill me. So I carefully crawled through the jungle, lead only by the faint smell of their perfume. Even with my high-tech thermal goggles, I couldn't see any tracks left by the women.


I reached forward with my hand and touched something – oh shit! It was a foot! The woman jumped up, began screaming and then something terrible happened.