Chapter 049

 Together Chapter 049

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Present – Bernie and Liz – back in Leadville


Liz really doesn't understand my extreme hatred of living in the fucking tunnels - it makes me feel like some sort of rat or mole. When she mentions that we might move back in to support Jens, I glare at Liz and state, "Liz, if you move back into the fucking tunnels it will be without me. I'm staying right here in this hotel room until we buy a house."


Liz whines, "But Bernie, Jens is my best friend and needs…"


Without a lot of thought I interrupt her, "…And what the fuck am I? Chopped fucking liver? Liz, it's time you make a decision, to support Jennifer or me."


I wait for the answer…


Bernie has really upset me with his craziness about not living in the tunnels! He delivers an ultimatum to me so I glare at him and answer, "Bernie, you know I love you. Hell, you're the father of our child! But you of all people should know, I won't tolerate an ultimatum. I am moving out of the hotel now and I hope to hell you have a wonderful life without me or our child."


Bernie tries to add some more, "Liz, don't be…"


I interrupt, "…Bernie, I am not being the unreasonable person right now. It is you! Perhaps if you have some time on your own to think about it, you will see that I'm right."


I pick up the phone, call the front desk and ask them to come up and get my bags. I hang up and call my favorite taxi driver, tell him it's an emergency and ask him to pick me up at the hotel.


Bernie comes over to me, tries to hug me but I push him away and threaten, "Bernie, do not ever touch me again or I will have you arrested for assault."


Bernie starts to justify his actions but thank God the front desk person and the taxi driver show up before he can get up a full head of steam. The taxi driver asks, "Ma'am, you need a taxi?"


I smile and say, "Yes I certainly do. I need you to take me back to the Blaine cabin."


He asks an expected question, "And your husband to be?"


I emphatically declare, "He's sure as hell not coming with me!"


I point to my luggage and ask, "Do you mind taking this downstairs for me?"


The front desk worker asks another expected question, "Ms. Morgan, do you still wish to purchase the 'wedding' dress?"


I think for a moment, come up with an evil idea and answer, "I certainly would."


I see hope in Bernie's eyes until I dash it, "I would like you to leave it on the mannequin, bring it into this room and put it in the corner as a reminder of what should and could have been."


With that, I leave the room with the front desk worker and the taxi driver.


My phone rings several times. I look at it, it's Bernie and I'm sure as hell not answering his phone calls!


Once we're in the taxi the driver begins, "Ms. you and your husband-to-be seemed…"


I interrupt, "Son, you have been such a help to me, however right now is not the time for you to play amateur psychologist with me. Bernie delivered an ultimatum to me which I could not tolerate! What the hell is it about men that they think they own their women!"


The taxi driver slinks down in his seat at my admonition and thank God keeps his mouth shut. We arrive at the cabin and I ask, "Please drive to the garage and would it be possible for you to help me with my suitcase?"


He replies, "Of course Ms."


We walk up to the door leading into the tunnels, I enter my code and the door opens. The taxi driver's eyes grow big when he sees the tunnel complex. Gretchen meets us at the door, notices the taxi driver carrying my suitcase and asks, "Liz, I thought you were staying in town."


I wave my hand and answer, "Gretchen it's a long story which I don't want to go into right now. Please tell me Mabel is here and has some food…"


Gretchen interrupts, "…Of course she is here and doesn't she always have food."


I look at the taxi driver and ask, "Have you eaten dinner tonight?"


He answers, "I was in the middle of my meal when you called me and I didn't get a chance to finish."


I apologize and offer, "Sorry about interrupting your meal, but I'm sure Mabel, our cook, has enough food for both of us."


Gretchen interjects, "Liz she probably has enough food for most of Leadville."


We move through the tunnels while the taxi driver remarks, "I've never seen anything like this. This is – well incredible."


We stop by my room, drop off my suitcase, head into the kitchen, Mabel sees me, runs over, gives me a big hug and says, "Liz you look wonderful, when are you due?"


I shake my head and reply, "Mabel, I won't know until I see a doctor. We're starving, do you have anything to eat."


Mabel answers, "Sit at the table and I will bring you two a feast."


We do as commanded, my phone rings again and of course it's Bernie. I don't answer the call because Mabel brings out an incredible amount of food, and since I'm eating for two…


As I yet again get Liz' voice mail my frustration builds some more. When I again mentally replay the whole scene from the beginning it suddenly occurs to me that Liz' original plan to drop everything and move into the tunnels was an ultimatum on her part.  Without asking for my thoughts she just charged ahead and committed me to an action that I just couldn't take.  For God's sake we are supposed to be partners in starting a family. Now fully depressed, I just laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling…


Present – Glen – Hunting for Miranda


I had decided to find Miranda and make her pay for the damage she created with my daughter. However from the briefings I had read on Miranda and her sister Irina, I knew it was suicide to attempt retribution on the two of them by myself. So I returned to the Sheriff's office to bring Hammer with me.


Hammer rudely asks me, "Whit in th' bludy heel dae ye want?"


When I explain to him what Miranda did, Hammer gives me a funny look, laughs like crazy and says, "Sheriff, tak' me back tae th' ceel, aam nae gonnae anywhaur wi' thes dobber. Especially nae oan a suicide mission."


I begin to argue, "Hammer, dornt be a pain in th' crease! Ah need ye!"


Hammer reiterates, "Sheriff, Ah woods raither die in yer jail than gang anywhaur wi' thes dobber."


The Sheriff shrugs his shoulders and says, "Sorry Glen, if Hammer doesn't want out of the jail, I can't force him to leave."


He comes back and asks, "So Glen what are your plans now that they don't include Hammer."


I respond, "Aam still headin' it tae mah daughter's cabin tae see if Ah can fin' th' Miranda huir."


The Sheriff corrects, "Don't you mean Ben's cabin? I don't suppose you would like some company would you?" He pauses then continues, "Hell Glen, I almost forgot about it. Could you take a look at some items we found in one of the abandoned building and give me your thoughts about their origin?"


I reply, "Onie help woods be greatly appreciated."


He takes me into a back office and there on the table is para-military clothing. There is one very interesting set of body armor. I pick it up, look at it and exclaim, "Aam nae complete sure but thes looks loch th' body armur Miranda's sister Irina was wearin' when she cam in tae release th' other tois!"


I pick up the other body armor, smell it and the Sheriff asks, "Glen what the hell are you doing?"


I explain, "Th' yoonger pregnant lassie hud oan a distintictife perfume. However, it's nae oan thes body armur."


I pick up the other set of body armor and excitedly remark, "Thes is it, thes is 'er body armur. Whaur did ye fin' it."


The Sheriff shakes his head and says, "I was concerned you would say that. I hate to tell you this Glen but I'm afraid someone has already beaten you to finding Miranda and Irina. All this was found at a crime scene."


I wonder, "Don't teel me they killed someain an' abandoned thaur clothin'."


The Sheriff shocks me when he says, "I don't think that's what happened. From the crime scene it looked like someone captured all of them and raped them multiple times. I'm waiting for CBI1 to come and help me with the scene."


1 CBI – Colorado Bureau of Investigation


I was thinking it couldn't happen to a nicer group of people then the Sheriff reminds me, "Glen, you're still a deputy and I could use some help on this."


I begrudgingly agree, "Ye ken Ah dornt want tae dae thes, but since yoo're a mukker ay Ben, Ah will help ye. Whit ur th' plans?"


He tells me then we head off together to the scene of the crime. When I arrive and witness what evidently happened I decide that no one should have that happen to them - not even the Miranda bitch.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – in town


Mary looks at me and I can't believe it when she suggests, "You know Stacy, you should consider running for Leadville city council."


I had never considered that so I ask, "Mary, please tell me what's involved if I was on the city council?"


Mary answers, "You need to attend the monthly council meetings is all."


I think about it some and say, "Mary while that is a great idea, I think I need to decline. I can't be sure I will be here for the meetings."


Mary complains slightly, "Well, I was just thinking with you being the largest employer in Leadville you might want a say in the management of the city. I would hate to see the city get you upset and force you to leave."


I smile at Mary and answer, "I don't see that happening, besides I have found it better to support the local politicians so they don't do things that upset me."


I remember something and ask, "What can you tell me about the ski area to the north of town."


Mary provides the basics, "Oh, you mean Ski Cooper? It was used during World War II to train the 10th Mountain Division…"


I stop her and say, "… Mary, I know the history of it, I was wondering how profitable it is and if it might be for sale."


Mary was taken aback and replies, "Wow Stacy, I'm not sure. Would you like me to look into it?"


I touch Mary's hand and say, "Please, but make sure your inquiries are very discreet."


Mary gives me an assurance that no one will know. I of course will check that promise with Sally later.


Samantha pulls me to the side and says…


Wow, Stacy might buy the ski area? I love to ski and that would be great. However there's something I want to talk to Stacy about so I pull her to the side and ask, "Stacy, I was just thinking, it might be a nice gesture for you to put in free municipal WIFI."


Stacy smiles at me and asks, "Sam, what made you think of that idea?"


I reply, "Mary not using a tablet even though it would be very helpful."


Stacy surprises me when she says, "Okay Sam, why don't you look into this for me. Figure out the coverage area you feel is needed then calculate the cost of installation and the monthly maintenance fee." Stacy thinks for a moment more and adds, "While you're at it, why don't you figure out the cost to provide the high school students with a new chrome book computer."


I sputter, "Sta…Stac…Stacy, I'm not sure I would know where or how to start."


Stacy laughs and says, "Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you high and dry. Bill will help you with this and also with the remodeling of your castle."


I ask another question, "Why did you want to use a chrome book computer?"


Stacy smiles and answers, "I have read some reports on school districts that have provided Android, Apple and Windows devices where the students invariably hack those systems. Many districts have switched to chrome books because the management and collaboration tools are great and the cost is minimal. Plus they are harder to hack than the traditional operating systems. Bill has more information on this if you're interested."


Mary is waving and Stacy says, "It looks like Mary wants to talk to us."


We move back over to Mary just as Bill walks in and says, "Ms. Summers, the Sheriff and Glen are inspecting the crime scene, do you care to see it for yourself."


Stacy looks at Bill and asks, "How bad is it?"


Bill pulls Stacy and me to the side and suggests, "Ms. Summers, because of incidents in your past, I would recommend that you do not visit the crime scene." He looks at me and further suggests, "However, I do feel that Samantha should record the scene before it is further contaminated."


I ask, "What do you mean?"


Bill explains, "Well the Sheriff is waiting for the CBI to investigate the scene but he has already taken the body armor away from the scene and now with Glen there the scene is going to be further destroyed."


I pull out my mobile phone and call the camera men. They rush up the hill with the equipment. Stacy says, "Sam, I'm heading back to the brewery since I'm still a few hours short on sleep. Please document the crime scene as much as the Sheriff will let you. Bill please make sure the Sheriff doesn't give Sam any problems."


I hug Stacy and say, "Thanks again for everything."


We reach the building at the top of the hill right as a vehicle arrives from the CBI. Bill says, "Let me talk with these agents first."


Bill walks up, shakes their hands and they begin to talk, he gestures toward me a couple of times, then waves me over. We come beside Bill and he says, "Gentlemen, this is Samantha Stevens from the Truth Network. Sam, they have given you permission to record the crime scene if you will provide them with a copy of the video."


One of the CBI agents also says, "Ms. Stevens we would also like to ask you to take certain shots for us and – well, I hate to ask this…"


He pauses so I say, "Well go ahead and say what you want."


He blushes and says, "Well it would be great if we could get a picture together."


I giggle and say, "No problem with that. Now shall we begin?"


We walk into the building, the Sheriff comes over to the CBI agents and they announce, "Sheriff, please leave the scene before it's contaminated even more by your amateur tactics."


We begin to record the scene and the Sheriff answers, "Sorry about that, but we do have some information that you might find useful."


Then the Sheriff sees me and remarks, "What is she doing here?"


One of the agents answers, "Ms. Stevens is going to record the scene for us. Now what information do you have for us?"


The Sheriff points at Glen Donaldson to indicate they are together and says, "We're quite sure that Miranda and Irina Sedankina were two of the captives that were tortured here."


Glen comes over and says, "Ah recognized th' body armur Irina was wearin' when she broke tae capti'es it ay teh sheriff's jail."


The CBI agent asks the Sheriff, "You let some of the captives that were held here escape from your jail?"


The Sheriff tries to minimize his responsibility, "I wasn't at the jail when it happened and they put my deputy in the hospital."


The agent continues, "Don't you think that should have been reported to the CBI?"


The Sheriff, becomes defensive, "Hell no! The last thing I need is you guys messing up my county."


The agent counters, "You're lucky we don't charge you for this negligence. Now leave this crime scene and let us do our work. We will stop by your office when we're complete to examine the items removed from the crime scene."


The Sheriff leaves and the agents have me begin to video the scene while they collect samples. I can't believe how gross it is! I haven't seen this many condoms and empty containers of lube in my whole life…


Present – Jack, Thom, Masha, Inga and the children – flying back to Leadville


Thom finally shows back up and says, "I checked with the pilot and we should be back in Leadville soon. You think we should wake up the drunks?"


I figure what Thom doesn't know is his problem and answer, "Yeah, that's a great idea."


I watch as he heads over to Masha and Inga. When he gets close to them he orders, "Time for you two drunks wake up!"


He doesn't get a response so he reaches over and begins to shake Inga and gets the surprise of his life…


I can't get these two drunks to wake up by talking to them so I decide I need to shake them a little. I start shaking Inga and I can't believe it! Not only does she wake up, she grabs my arm in an arm bar and practically breaks it. I yell, "Inga, Hells Bells! What the fuck are you doing?"


Inga yells back, "Thom, you should know better by now than to wake me like that."


Jack begins to laugh like crazy so I look at the old fart and figure he planned this somehow. Inga finally lets me go, I rub my arm and threaten, "The next time you do that to me…"


Inga laughs and interrupts, "Thom, don't embarrass yourself. We both know that I could take you any day of the week."


Jack adds an insult to the process, "Hell, I'd pay to see that!"


Masha finally wakes up and inquires, "What are we paying to watch?"


Jack yells, "Inga is going to kick Thom's ass."


Masha yawns, stretches and says, "From what I've seen, I believe Inga wouldn't even work up a sweat."


Thom begins to mutter under his breath and moves toward the front of the plane.


Masha holds her head and complains, "Oh, I don't feel well."


Inga taunts, "I thought you Russians could hold your alcohol better."


Masha answers, "I could when I was younger but not anymore."


I suggest, "Masha, you might want to go to the toilet, splash some water on your face and then drink some of the bottled water."


Masha stumbles to the bathroom to take care of her hangover.