Chapter 050

Together Chapter 050

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Flashback – Jack and Ben – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


I sure as hell didn't like that Banzai told the Butterbar that he had never done this procedure so I complained, "Banzai, what the hell are you planning to do?"


Banzai replied, "Jack, I need to find the bleeder in your ass, and suture the fucker."


I continued the complaints, "What the fuck am I your guinea pig?"


Banzai said, "Hell no! I've done this before on cadavers, just never on a live human."


I began to turn to object but the Butterbar ordered, "Sgt. Reynolds you will stay still or I will inform Colonel Maggie of your insubordination."


Banzai said…


Jack was being his usual pain in the ass self, thank God the Butterbar gave him shit so I didn't need to. I prepared a morphine injection and some lidocaine and said, "Jack, after this you shouldn't feel a thing."


I nailed his leg with the morphine, and injected the lidocaine in his ass adjacent to the wound from the shrapnel.


Jack jumped and swore, "I thought you said this wasn't going to hurt."


I laughed and said, "So I lied! Give it a few minutes."


Jack continued, "Perhaps you should have…"


He lapsed into unconsciousness, I looked at the Butterbar and asked, "Are you ready?"


He asked, "What can I do?"


I answered, "First we need to clean the hell out of our hands." I pulled a bottle of vodka out of the UOP, opened the lid, poured some on my hands and motioned to the Butterbar to hold out his hands. As he did, I poured some over his hands and he asked, "Why are you using vodka?"


I took a big swig and answered, "Because it works externally and internally. Now let's glove up."


I prepared the surgical tray, gloved up and took over holding the bandage. The Butterbar gloved up and I said, "Okay, when we take the bandage off, he's going to bleed like hell. I need to reach into the wound and try to feel for the bleeder."


I nodded at the Butterbar, he pulled off the bandage and the blood shot out of Jack's ass. I reached into the wound from the shrapnel and begin to feel for the bleeder. I must have done something right because the blood stopped spraying.


I looked at the Butterbar and said, "You need to put your hand behind mine and follow your fingers down to my index finger. It's the one that's covering the bleeder. I will slip my hand out of the way and prepare the suture."


For a fucking green Butterbar, he surprised me and followed directions to a T. Once I was sure his index finger was on the bleeder, I slipped my hand out of the wound in Jack's ass and prepared the suture tray.


I looked at the Butterbar and ordered, "Okay, I'm ready. Once I start the suture, you need to try to mop up the blood so I can see and feel what I'm doing. But be careful that I don't nick you with the needle."


He pulled his hands away, I reached in, found the bleeder and began the suture while the Butterbar did a hell of a job controlling the bleeding. One, two, three sutures and the bleeding slowed up. I looked at the Butterbar and said, "Okay, find the flashlight in the UOP and let's take a look at things."


He quickly found the flashlight (I was glad because I had forgotten to pull it out) flipped it on and we examined the wound in Jack's ass. I noticed something and pointed it out, "It looks like I need to add one more suture then I am done."


The Butterbar asked, "Sgt. Blaine I am amazed, where did you learn how to do this?"


I smiled at him, added the last suture and said, "Jack and I were on so many LRPs that I figured we needed someone with some medical skills. I started studying, enjoyed it and continued."


The Butterbar asked, "What's next?"


I said, "We give Jack a few doses of antibiotic and then pack the wound with dressing."


He wisely asked, "So you're not going to close it?"


I smiled and said, "Nope, they would have to cut it open again at the base. By the way, I didn't tell you but you're my new spotter because Jack is headed back to the base to have this checked out."


The Butterbar asked, "How do you expect the Captain to approve that?"


I gave him my shit eating grin and said, "That's your problem." And then I motioned toward the roof.


He left to find the Captain and swore on his way…


Flashback – Masha – A short but sweet…


I began to check our house and realized – to my chagrin – it was not very secure and was almost impossible to secure in a timely manner. Jack and Ben had told me this was a 'rancher' style house with everything on one level but I never considered how impossible it made it to defend. твою мать! My first concern was Linda as she needed to stay safe even at the expense of my life! I made the decision to barricade both of us in the extra bedroom which contained Jack's gun safe and ammunition.


I quickly put a mattress against the window, moved Linda into the room in her car seat, opened Jack's safe and withdrew more guns and ammunition than any sane person should need. I set Linda with her car seat in the open safe door, closed it slightly so she would be protected from any gun fire then I decided to do one more thing.


I pushed the desk in the room against the door, then I called Louise at the store and told her what was happening. Louise offered, "Masha, I can come right over to the house and pickup Linda."


I replied, "Louise, I do not feel there is enough time for you to arrive before the hooligan girls get here. I promise you as your adopted sister and Linda's adopted aunt that they will not injure her."


Louise suggests, "Perhaps we should call the police?"


I thought about it a moment (but because of my Russian distrust of the police dismissed it) and said, "Louise because they are not here yet, calling the police would be an exercise in futility."


Then Louise suggested something I had not considered, "What if you called the 'good' policemen who brought you to the store?"


That was a great idea, however the problem was their business card was in my purse which was in the kitchen. I said, "Louise…"


Then the phone died in the middle of our conversation. I pushed the button on the phone many times but never received the dial tone. I knew that the hooligan girls had arrived.


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – the next day


I heard the door to my bathroom open and started to complain, "I don't know who's…"


Then I screamed like crazy because someone tossed cold water over the top of the shower! I yelled, "Someone is going to get their rear kicked!"


I heard Daniela order, "Ms. Jennifer, you will not talk to me or your father that way! Now exit the shower or I will throw more cold water on you."


At least it was Daniela and not Daddy! I would have been sooooo embarrassed if Daddy had come into my bathroom. I flung open the shower door, glared at Daniela and complained, "If you ever…"


Daniela threw the rest of the bucket of cold water she was holding on me she was holding, I screamed again, Daniela laughed and stated, "Ms. Jennifer, I have more cold water to calm that hot temper of yours. Now get out of the shower and get dressed. You are making your father late."


She held out my towel for me, I glared at her, took it and began to dry myself. She really made me angry when she added, "Ms. Jennifer, I picked out a nice dress for you to wear, now hurry up."


I glared at her and threatened, "Daniela, someway I will get even for this outrage. And I will not wear a dress today!"


Daniela waved her hands in a dismissive manner and said, "Then I guess you won't wear anything because all your other clothes are dirty."


I stutter, "Wha… Wha… What do you mean all my other clothes are dirty?"


Daniela replied, "Ms. Jennifer, you are a smart girl and know what dirty clothes are. I was shocked at the totally filthy condition of your clothes. Your mother must not have known how to do laundry properly. So all your clothes are being washed, other than your dresses which look to be new."


I continue in amazement, "All… All… All my other clothes are being washed?"


Daniela began to help me dry my hair (which was sort of nice) and replied, "Yes, they are all being washed and will probably be finished tomorrow. So you will wear a nice new dress today."


I stuck my tongue out, blew a raspberry at Daniela and said, "No dress is nice!"


Daniela made a clucking noise and countered, "Ms. Jennifer that is where you are wrong. One day when you get married you will wear a wedding dress and you and your future husband will love it."


She made me think of my dreams, I sigh and as a mistake said, "Yes Ben will love my wedding dress."


Daniela stopped and queried, "Ben? Who is this Señor Ben and how do you know you will marry him?"


I realized my mistake and replied, "Oh he is no one; forget I said anything."


Of course Daniela chose the dress I hated the most. She rushed me into the stupid fricken-fracken dress, and tried to make me wear some stupid dress shoes however they didn't fit me. I laughed and countered, "Since my feet have grown only my boots or tennis shoes fit me."


I can see the shocked look on Daniela's face, grin and announce, "So I will wear my boots."


Daniela complained, "Ms. Jennifer…"


I interrupted, "…Sorry Daniela but you said Daddy is waiting." I put on my boots (more out of rebellion than anything else) and dashed downstairs.


Daddy saw me, smiled at me and I stopped him before he started, "Daddy, don't you dare say a single word."


Daddy smiled and said, "I was just going to comment on your choice of footwear."


I grinned and replied, "Yeah none of my other shoes fit anymore."


Daddy laughed and said, "I suppose I need to teach you how to shine those boots the Marine way."


I scuffed the boots together more and teased, "Not really, I think I will embrace the Goth look."


Daddy complained, "Like hell my daughter is going to look like some half-dead vampire…"


I laughed and corrected, "Daddy, vampires are the undead, so how could they be half-dead." I continued just to score some more points, "Yeah, I can see myself with black fingernail polish, black lipstick and hot pink hair."


Daddy erupted, "No daughter of mine is going to look like that!"


I really had him going but I made a mistake and giggled, so I said, "Gotcha Daddy! Just so you know, the next time you send Daniela into my bathroom, I will embrace the Goth look."


Daddy muttered under his breath - it felt good to have won this one.


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


The psychologist felt we would be safe, locked in his office until we heard Chow Mein's yowl coming from the air duct. I looked at the psychologist and hopefully expressed, "Sir, do you think that Chow Mein is just sitting by the vent?"


We heard some banging and the psychologist answered, "No Alexi, I fear that Chow Mein has discovered a flaw in our plans. She has accessed the heating ducts and if the grill doesn't keep her out, she will soon gain access to my office."


Someone yelled, "How did you get in here, get the hell away from me you devil cat!" Followed by angry yowling and obvious fight noises.


I was shocked and said, "Tha… Tha… That was 'father'. Chow Mein is attacking him."


I did not want 'father' to be injured further by Chow Mein, so I ran to the grill, banged on it and yelled, "Chow Mein, I am here."


The psychologist scolded me (I think mostly from fear), "Alexi, do not call her here."


I continued to bang on the grill because I had a plan. I looked at the psychologist and asked, "Do you still have a big syringe and many drugs in your office?"


He answered, "Of course I do Alexi, why do you ask?"


I told the psychologist my plan, "Fill up your biggest syringe with that medicine you give to the really crazy patients…"


The psychologist interrupted, "…Do you mean Thorazine?"


I continued, "Yes, that is the one. Put a very long needle on it and hand it to me."


He asked, "Alexi what are you going to do?"


I finished the plan, "I will lure Chow Mein here. When she comes to the grill I will stick her with the needle and inject her with all the Thorazine."


The psychologist cautioned, "Alexi, that much Thorazine will probably kill Chow Mein!"


The more I had thought about the injuries Chow Mein inflicted upon my 'parents' and how it was my fault because of the experiments I performed upon her, the worse I felt. I needed to make some recompense for my actions. Killing Chow Mein would be that recompense – I hated the cat for stealing all of 'mother's' love so ridding the world of the Frankenstein monster she had become was a small price for the redemption I hoped to gain. Of course I had a soul, however it did not concern any action against Chow Mein. She had become the 'devil cat' and needed to die and I was to be the instrument of her destruction!


I said, "Yes it will probably kill Chow Mein but she has harmed too many people to be able to co-exist with us."


I continued to beat upon the grill and called, "Chow Mein! You stupid idiotic devil cat! I am here."


The psychologist brought me the syringe while I took it in my right hand and continued to taunt Chow Mien, "You stupid, fecal eating, foul feline! I am here waiting for you. You know you hate me as much as I hate you! I have a special treat for you!"


It was hard to tell if the yowls grew closer and then… There was the devil cat! She sat down about a half a meter away from the grill, stared at me and yowled!


I called, "Chow Mein come closer, I have a special treat for you."


She hissed, yowled and purred but would not come closer.


I turned, looked at the psychologist and then…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


I smiled, looked at Ira and remarked, "Your plan is completed. Now we need to vacate the area."


Ira replied, "Yes, vacate with haste of post."


We ran for our lives and knew that Kostia would eventually discover our ruse. But we hoped when he did we would be gone long…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


When I actually touched the foot of one of the women she jumped up, began to scream and then the jungle exploded in a brilliant flash of light and cacophony of noise…