Chapter 051

Together Chapter 051

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Present – Liz – in the tunnels.


After my huge fight with Bernie, I came back to the tunnels and Mabel served the taxi driver and me a huge amount of food. I was eating for two so I devoured most of it, but I did keep my senses about me since I didn't want to get fat.


The taxi driver comments, "Wow, I could get use to eating like this."


I smile and respond, "Mabel loves to cook and is excellent at her job."


Mabel comes over, clears our plates and says, "You two were hungry. Liz, I've never seen you eat that much food."


I smile and answer, "I guess you might be the only one that doesn't know - I'm eating for two."


Mabel grins and says, "You're wrong about that, Gretchen told everyone the good news. But where's Bernie so I can congratulate him?"


I frown at Mabel and complain, "Men! What is it about them that they think they own you?"


Mabel's face displays shock while she continues, "Don't tell me, you two had a little lover's spat."


I correct, "Spat hell! Bernie gave me an ultimatum so I gave him one right back and backed mine up with actions!"


The taxi driver appears to be uncomfortable as hell and interrupts, "Ms. Mabel is it? I wanted to say that was some of the best food I have ever eaten."


Mabel smiles at him and says, "Why thank you son, but I didn't get your name."


This makes me feel bad because he's been driving me all over hell and back and I don't know his name, I apologize, "I need to apologize to you because I never asked your name."


He laughs and says, "Ms. Morgan, it's right on the business card but I guess you missed it. My name is Rick."


Mabel saves me by offering, "Well Rick, I want you to know if you're ever in the area feel free to stop in for a meal."


Rick almost embarrasses himself when he gratefully says, "Wow! Are you certain of that?"


Mabel says, "Of course! I love cooking and it's even better when it's appreciated."


Rick offers, "Well Mabel, if you ever need a ride anywhere, feel free to call me." With a flourish he hands her one of his business cards.


Mabel says, "I sure will since I need to make regular trips into town or the airport to pick up groceries."


Gretchen comes into the dining room and asks, "Liz, are you ready for the meeting?"


Mabel interrupts, "Gretchen, can you give Rick access to the tunnels."


Gretchen logically asks, "Why does he need access to the tunnels?"


Mabel says, "Because he's going to be driving me to the market and to the airport to pick up the groceries so no one else will be bothered anymore. Plus he has a standing invitation from me to eat here anytime he wants."


Gretchen smiles and says, "I sure will, that's great news for all of us."


Mabel interjects, "You see Rick, no-one likes driving me to those places so you are a God send."


Gretchen says, "That's for sure! Liz why don't you give me about ten minutes to set Rick up in the system and give him a procedure manual, then meet me in the conference room."


Gretchen and Rick leave as Mabel says, "Well, I need to take care of some things." And I quickly found myself alone in the room. I wander back to my room and cry about my fight with Bernie: Things were going so well with us, why did he have to be so stupid?


I pull myself together, wash my face and head to the conference room…


Present – Glen – Hunting for Miranda


We leave the crime scene to the CBI. The instant we step outside the Sheriff explodes, "Those self-righteous pricks! We give them a hell of a lead and they throw crap back in our faces."


I attempt to calm the sheriff, "Dornt gie yer feaithers in a ruffle, ye did mess up th' crime scene some."


The Sheriff counters, "Like hell I did! You don't know shit about crime scene investigation."


I decide it's wiser to not infuriate him further so I change the subject, "Ah was wonderin' if ye coods gie me a ride it tae mah daughter's cabin."


The Sheriff again corrects me, "Glen, you need to get it through your head, it's still Ben's cabin. Come on let's go."


After a few minutes of travel I begin a conversation, "How do you know my son-in-law Ben?"


The Sheriff glances at me and asks, "Glen what the hell happened, you're talking normal all of a sudden?"


I laugh and answer, "Jim, my family was from Scotland and when I'm around Hammer for any length of time I begin to pick up his idiosyncrasies."


Jim makes a joke, "I would say they are more idiot-syncrasies."


We both get a good laugh out of it, then Jim begins, "Glen, Ben and I were best friends in high school, hell we were the only friends either of us had. Ben had a real son of a bitch for a father who beat the shit out of Ben all the time; sometimes it was so bad Ben had to miss school. I was so happy when he married Jennifer. If anyone deserved a break in life, he sure as hell did. And now – well shit I guess it wasn't meant to be."


His last few words made me feel even worse so I reply, "Jim, you're right, Ben deserves a better life and if you're willing, then I say we do everything we can to fix the situation."


Jim looks over at me, smiles and says, "Glen, I would say we have our work cut out for us. No one in the world is going to find Ben if he doesn't want to be found."


I remember how Destiny helped us at the wedding and countered, "Jim, there is one person that I know of that can always find Ben, the problem is I'm not sure how to contact her."


Jim laughs and replies, "So then I was right in the first place - we have no way to find Ben."


We arrive at the cabin and Jim asks, "I know there are tunnels under the cabin - do you know how to get into them? We can't go through the house because it's still a crime scene and I don't want another run in with the CBI."


I scan the area and remark, "I know that Jennifer wouldn't have just one entrance to the tunnels, what's that building on the hill?"


Jim replies, "That's the garage."


I request, "Well, it's worth a try."


Jim drives up to the garage but we no sooner get inside than the lights come on and three people are pointing weapons at us. One of them yells, "State your business or leave."


Jim is reaching for his shotgun but I advise caution, "Jim, that's not the thing to do right now, let me handle this."


I open the door on his truck, get out with my hands raised and announce, "I'm Glen Donaldson, Jennifer's father."


One of the guards answers, "Please stand in one place while we verify your identity."


I wait for a couple minutes and the security guard says, "Welcome Mr. Donaldson, sorry for the delay."


I wave to Jim, he waves back and leaves. I am escorted into the tunnels and it's fucking amazing!


Even though I feel I know the answer I still ask, "Is Miranda Sedankina or her sister here?"


The security guard replies, "The four of them are missing and we have no idea where they are."


Present – Samantha – crime scene investigation


We finish recording the crime scene for the CBI and they both had quite a few pictures taken with me. I even had some publicity shots with me which I gladly autographed with a personalized message to both of them. It was a good thing that Stacy wasn't here to see this. The whole place was so gross and I felt filthy dirty just from recording the crime scene. The worst was when the agents discovered some of the condoms had fecal matter on them, which they remarked was typical with all the empty bottles of lube!


We head down the hill toward the current offices and John remarks, "I sure as hell hope I don't ever have to do that again. I practically puked a few times."


I agree, "I had heard things like this happened but I never thought we would ever see anything like this. I'm not even sure what to do with the video we shot."


John makes an excellent suggestion, "Well Samantha, that's not for you to decide, that's Liz's problem."


I smile at him and answer, "You're right, this is Liz's problem. I will call her right after I take a very hot, very long shower."


We reach the offices, I check on Stacy and she was sleeping so I strip off my clothes, throw them away (I know I will never get the smell and filth from them) and begin my shower…


Present – Masha, Jack, Inga and the children – flying back to Leadville


Oh my head! It feels like there is a whole drum corps performing inside my head. Why, oh why did I let Inga talk me into drinking all of Veronika's vodka? The plane hits a downdraft, drops like a rock and I barely make it to the toilet in time. I begin to wretch into the toilet, then Jack adds to my pain by banging on the door and yelling, "Masha are you okay?"


I compound things further when I yell, "Jack my love, I am sick, please go away…"


I am laughing to myself: Masha is sick, sick with a hangover. She told a little lie to Inga when she said she could hold her alcohol better when she was younger - bull shit! She's never been able to hold her liquor and the hangovers I've experienced with her, well, they are never pretty. Hell, if I had half the hangover she had, it would probably force me to stop drinking.


I wander back to the seat and suddenly remember that Ivan was playing with Sharik when we hit the downdraft. I head toward the front of the plane and call, "Ivan! Ivan!"


Inga jumps up and asks, "Jack, what's wrong."


I explain to her, "Ivan was playing with Sharik when we hit the downdraft and I need to make sure he's okay."


Inga joins me and we both call, "Ivan, Ivan!"


We make it all the way to the front of the plane and finally find Ivan: He's curled up on Thom's lap, Sharik is on the floor beside them and they are all sleeping.


Inga remarks, "Thom is so good with Ivan, it's a shame he doesn't have children."


I nudge Inga's arm and suggest, "Well you could stop taking your birth control and cure that problem."


Inga shocks me when she frowns and replies, "Jack, I only wish that Thom and I were doing the horizontal mambo. The old fart refuses me all the time."


I sputter, "Are you telling me that Thom's gay?"


Inga giggles and says, "No, and he gets very offended if you ask him that. He has this crazy idea that he's too old for me."


I declare, "He must be fucking crazy!"


Inga says, "It's worse than that. I found out that he has waitresses in virtually every truck stop the TSIFFTS truck stops at."


I think for a moment, grin at Inga and say, "Inga, I might have it figured out."


Inga prods me, "Well don't make me beg you."


I pronounce, "Inga, you're too good of a woman for him…"


She interrupts, "…Jack, I don't think you're right, I'm just like every other woman…"


It's my turn to interrupt, "…No Inga, that's not what I mean. You telling me that Thom sleeps with nasty truck stop waitresses and not you means that he has issues having sex with what he considers a 'good' woman."


Inga processes my thought and says, "You know you might be right. I've never seen him look or flirt with any women other than the truck stop waitress. So what should I do?"


I smile at her and suggest, "Well, your team is headed out on a mission. When you guys setup at a truck stop, go in and get a job as a waitress and flirt the hell out of the customers. It should drive Thom crazy."


Inga foolishly asks, "Do you think they will hire me?"


I laugh and say, "Hell yeah they will, you look better than most of the women that work there. Hell, you will probably make a killing on the tips."


Inga laughs and says, "Thanks Jack, I hope it works."


Inga's laugh starts to wake Thom, he stirs and asks, "You hope what will work?"


Inga's quick thinking saves our goose when she says, "Jack was giving me some suggestions on how to fire a pistol better."


Thom says…


"Hell I've forgotten more about firing a pistol than that old fart ever knew. If you want some pointers I can give them too you."


Jack counters, "Like hell! I can shoot rings around your groups any day of the week."


Thom changes the subject again when he says, "By the way, I took care of your boy again. When are you going to start taking better care of him?"


Jack teases the shit out of me, "It looked to me like you were using him as an excuse to take a nap. I guess that happens when you're older than dirt."


I try to get up, but I can't because Ivan is on my lap. I slide him off my lap, stand up, go nose-to-nose with Jack and say, "I can take you any day of the week."


Inga comes between us and says, "Both of you! Be good or I will have to spank you."


I look at Inga, can tell she isn't kidding so I say, "We will settle this later when Inga's not around."


Jack says, "No problem, there's a shooting range at the cabin."