Chapter 052

Together Chapter 052

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Flashback – Jack and Ben – The trip to hell… at the hospital.


The Butterbar came back with the Captain and the Captain complained, "What's this I hear that Sgt. Reynolds is going back to the base and the Lieutenant is taking over as your spotter."


I pointed to the unconscious Jack and answered, "Yes Sir! That's correct. Even though I repaired the bleeder, he still needs more medical attention than I can give him."


The Captain scowled and asked, "Why did you choose the Lieutenant for your spotter?"


The Butterbar interjected with a slight lie, "Sir! With you here I am redundant so it was my suggestion."


The Captain laughed and insulted him, "Hell, Lieutenants are always redundant."


I wanted to point out the fact that not so long ago he was a redundant Butterbar but wisely held my tongue. The Captain said, "Well, get your asses to the roof."


I was going to refuse and the Butterbar beat me to it when he reminded, "Sir! We will comply with that order as soon as Sgt. Reynolds is on the transport back to the base. Sir, would you like to make the call or should I?"


He shook his head and said, "Hell you do it, I have more important things to do."


He left for the roof, I looked at the Butterbar, smiled and said, "Thanks, I was going to tell the Captain to shove it up his ass."


The Butterbar said, "Yeah, I figured you were going to do something to get yourself in trouble. If you remember, Colonel Maggie ordered me to take care of you so I was just following her orders."


I remarked, "That Captain sure has a bug up his butt. What the hell is his problem?"


The Butterbar added important information, "I guess you didn't know but he was good friends with Captain M. Let me find the radio and get a chopper here for Sgt. Reynolds."


Shit now everything made sense - no wonder the Captain was more of a pain in the ass than most Captains. The Butterbar left to find the radio and I headed to Jack's side to check his vitals (yeah, I should have done it earlier).


Flashback – Masha – A short but sweet…


I heard the hooligan girls start to bang on the front door and one of them yelled, "Come on out bitch, we have something for you!"


I didn't answer the racket and the banging turned into kicking the door which only added to my anger. There was no way I was going to let them destroy my house so I made a tactical decision. I checked one of Jack's 1911's to make sure it was loaded and had a round in the chamber, then I tucked it into the waistband of my pants. The banging on the front door continued as I grabbed the Remington 870 shotgun, made sure it was fully loaded. I moved the table I had placed against the door out of the way, opened the door, stepped into the hallway and worked my way to the front room, staying as far away from the door as possible.


The hooligan girls finally broke the door and they flew into the house, but I had the Remington 870 pointed directly at them. The ones in the front stopped so quickly the ones behind them didn't and they all fell to the floor in a huge mess. I kept the Remington 870 trained on them and said, "I should do the world a favor and kill all of you."


The mouthiest leader made a mistake since she laughed and taunted, "You don't have the balls to do that." She then stood up, pulled out a knife and rushed me. I was smart enough to be across the room from them so I had enough time to pull the trigger. The noise and flash was deafening and the leader's chest exploded. The other girls jumped up and one of them yelled in terror, "She's one crazy bitch! Let's get out of here before she shoots us!"


They ran out the door just as the friendly policemen and two other police cars drove up. The friendly policemen came toward the house while the others chased the hooligan girls. As they approached one of them said, "Ms. Reynolds, please lower your weapon."


I didn't realize I still had it pointed at the mouthy leader. I lowered the weapon, sat on the floor and began to cry. Then I heard Linda crying so I left the shotgun on the floor and told the policemen, "I need to get Linda, she's crying."


I went back to Jack's gun room, moved Linda out of the way, put the pistol and all the other weapons back into the safe and locked it. I came out of the room holding Linda and my house was a flurry of activity. There were more people in my house than I could imagine. The police officer from the station rushed over to me and asked, "Are you okay?"


I forced myself not to cry (because I needed to be strong for Linda) and replied, "No! I am not okay! I just killed a girl!"


He led me over to a chair where I collapsed. Louise ran into the house, saw the dead girl and said, "I'm glad I called the police when your phone went dead. Wow, you really did protect Linda, you're such a badass!"


Linda began to coo and held out her hands for Louise so she took her out of my arms. The police officer from the station said, "Ms. Reynolds, we would like to talk to you about what happened."


They asked what seemed like a million questions, which I tried to answer the best I could. But I was dazed and confused and was sure I made many mistakes. I had killed men, but killing a young girl, even a hooligan girl, was different. Finally the police officer from the station said, "Ms. Reynolds we have to give this information to the DA but it appears to be an open and shut case of self-defense to me. So I don't think the prosecutors will file charges against you."


I looked around, noticed Jack's shotgun and the corpse were missing so I asked two questions, "What is a DA? And where is my husband's missing shotgun?"


The policeman apologized, "DA is police terminology for the District Attorney; they are special prosecutors who work for the government. They have the final decision on whether someone is charged with a crime after we provide all the evidence we can collect. Your husband's shotgun is evidence so we had to remove it from the scene."


I ask, "What about the other girls who were with…" I point at the blood on the carpet.


He said, "Thankfully we captured all of them and they are going back to jail to be charged for many new crimes."


I continued to look at the blood stain on the carpet and asked, "Who will clean up that mess?"


The nice policeman admitted, "Unfortunately, that task falls on your shoulders."


I looked around, noticed that Louise and Linda were missing and I was very depressed. I was sure that Louise would never bring Linda here again. Once again my days would be lonely and more depressing.


I changed my clothes to old work clothes, took out a bucket and some cleaners and began to clean up the dead girl's blood.


Then I had an incredible surprise…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – on the way to the shrink


I thought about Daddy's reaction when I told him I was going to be a Goth and realized something: I had a weapon which I could use against him (and I was sure it would also work with Daniela) if I ever needed it.  I never guessed that Daddy would be so bothered by my looks. Heck, I guess I assumed he never cared about my looks. This was a revelation for me!


I practically pleaded, "Daddy, can we stop by the BX before the meeting with the fricken shrink? It's embarrassing wearing this dress."


Daddy shot down my idea when he said, "Jennifer, unfortunately we are late already so we can't stop before the appointment but we can stop afterwards before I take you home. And young lady, you need to fix your attitude about the psychologist."


Rats, double rats and triple rats! Daddy was being a pain in the rear, then I thought of something that would seem to placate him but allowed me to slightly twist the emotional knife and said, "Okay Daddy, I understand. I would like to stop after the shrinkologist does his brain salad surgery on us." Yep, I had a plan. Daddy's 'little princess' was going on the warpath!


We arrived at the shrink's office, I started to get out of the car and purposely tore the sleeve of my dress on the door handle. Daddy asked, "What was that."


I pretended to be bothered by the damage and said, "Your stupid car ripped my dress."


He simply answered, "Don't worry, I'm sure Daniela can fix it."


I knew better than to believe that since I knew when I was finished with this dress it wouldn't even be fit for rags. We walked into the office and I begged, "Daddy, can I have a cup of coffee?"


He looked at the nurse and asked, "Is there any coffee around here?"


The nurse said, "I will bring you some immediately Sir!"


Daddy informed her, "Oh no, it's for my daughter."


She smiled at me and said, "You look like such a nice young lady; it's so unusual to see young ladies wear dresses these days. What do you take in your coffee?"


I thought for a moment and shocked her (and Daddy) when I said, "I like it hot and black like Satan's heart."


She sputtered but managed to say, "Well, let me get it for you."


When she left Daddy scolded me, "Jennifer, why in the hell did you say that?"


I countered, "I guess you're right, I should have used your favorite saying, 'hot and black like I like my women.'"


Daddy glared at me and I knew my plan was working. The nurse came back with the coffee, but when she tried to hand it to me I 'accidently' let it slip through my fingers - and all over my dress."


I jumped and yelled, "Son of a sea biscuit! What in the heck did you do that for? That was fricken-fracken hot!"


The nurse apologized profusely and asked, "Can I get you another cup."


I was going to say yes but the shrink came out and said, "Glen and Jennifer, we're ready for you."


We walk into his office and he asked, "Jennifer, what happened to your dress?"


I complained, "Your fricken-fracken nurse spilled hot coffee on it." Then I added, "You don't suppose I could go to the bathroom and try to clean it up, do you?"


The shrink smiled at me and agreed, "That would be fine Jennifer since it will give me time to talk to Glen alone."


I almost ran to the bathroom, took off the dress, threw it in the sink and ran a bunch of hot water on it. Then I pulled it out, twisted the heck out of it to drain out most of the water and put it under the hot air hand drier. It was almost dry when the nurse knocked on the door and announced, "Jennifer the doctor is waiting to see you."


I started to put the dress on and just as I had planned, the hot water had made it shrink so I had a heck of a time getting into it. I looked in the mirror and was shocked with what I saw: I looked really trashy now since the dress was not only way too tight (it showed off the little breasts that I had) it was also scandalously short. I opened the door to the bathroom, the nurse took one look at me and said, "Jennifer what happened to you?"


I fought back a smile, instead faked a sob and replied, "I tried to clean up my dress but I guess I did something wrong."


The nurse suggested, "Jennifer, you can't be walking around looking like that. Wait in the bathroom and I will get you some scrubs to wear."


I looked at the floor and asked, "Do they come in camo?"


The nurse said, "No, but they do come in pink."


I mumbled, "Well, I guess that will have to do."


I went back into the bathroom and waited but it didn't take the nurse long. She knocked on the door, I opened it, she handed me the scrubs and said, "Please change as fast as you can - the doctor is waiting."


I wasn't going to take very long, but the fricken dress was so tight I couldn't take it off. Finally I opened the door and asked, "Could you please help me take off this dress."


The nurse came in the bathroom, we both struggled with the dress then I heard a ripping sound and the nurse said, "Jennifer I'm sorry but I ripped the zipper out of your pretty dress."


I once again feigned sadness and said, "I guess that's not too bad, it's just mother bought this dress for me and now it's ruined."


The nurse offered, "Jennifer, I feel so bad about this. How about I buy you a new dress?"


I countered, "Sorry Ma'am but there's no way to replace this dress because like I mentioned earlier, my mother gave it to me."


I was finally able to get out the fricken dress and into the scrubs. I walked out of the bathroom, Daddy took one look at me and asked, "Jennifer what happened?"


The nurse began to explain it to Daddy and even showed him the dress while I walked into the shrink's office. He started to ask me questions which I decided I would reply with the worst answers I could think of…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


The minute I turned away from the grill which restrained Chow Mein to look at the psychologist, she launched her attack! She hit the grill with a resounding bang which startled me and I dropped the syringe. The psychologist ran toward the syringe and reached it just as Chow Mein totally violated the grill! I waited in dread for her impending attack but was shocked when she leapt over me and onto the back of the psychologist! He began to shriek like a little girl as Chow Mein's fangs found the folds of fat on his back. He gyrated like crazy trying to unseat Chow Mein, but she had her claws and teeth clamped on his back.


He yelled, "Alexi, quick the syringe! Kill this devil cat!"


I reached the syringe and made a decision: I stuck it in Chow Mein, injected half of the Thorazine into her, then jammed it through her and into the psychologist where I emptied the rest of the Thorazine syringe into him."


I backed up and waited. Chow Mein began to loosen her hold on the psychologist until they both slumped to the floor. The psychologist fell on top of Chow Mein who let out one final and pathetic yowl.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – back in Kazakhstan


Ira set a furious pace away from the scene of our pretend demise. I could barely keep pace with her. While having some difficulty breathing I posed a question, "Ira, do you feel we should be translocating to lower ground? Isn't that the most logical escape route?"


Ira replied without slowing, "Mira, that is currently not a concern of mine; my greatest concern is to put the greatest distance possible between us and Kostia. Once I feel we have reached that distance, then we will alter out course. Now concentrate on your breathing as not to impede our progress."


I listened to Ira's admonition and attempted obedience even though I was not sure it was correct.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I was stunned, not just by the blast from what had to be a suicide vest on the woman whose foot I touched: I was stunned that the bastard would do that to a woman. He needed to die.


Thank God I was on the ground when I touched her, and thank Him again that she jumped up when she was startled. Most of the blast went over the top of me, I just had to deal with the heat and the damage to my hearing.


I crawled away from the blast area because I was sure that others were headed to this location and wondered when or if my hearing would return…