Chapter 053

Together Chapter 053

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Present – Liz and Jens – Jens arrival


We had a great team meeting last night (if you didn't include everyone congratulating me and then of course asking where Bernie was). Finally I had my fill of it and yelled at everyone to mind their own fucking business! They looked shocked so of course then I had to apologize.


I told everyone about the nasty trick Mira played on Glen and how Glen called Jens and Jens threw Ben out. Glen, who was at the meeting, apologized profusely and promised to make things right. The general consensus was that Mira planned this during her time at the cabin which pissed everyone off and we decided to do something about it.


Glen then told us about the crime scene at the abandoned building and how he was sure that Mira, Ira, Alexi and Safia had been abducted. He started to get a bit too graphic and we asked him to keep the rest of the information to himself. Glen mentioned that the CBI had contacted the FBI and there was going to be a nationwide hunt for them.


Gretchen told us the computers were acting a little strange so she was shutting them down today to run diagnostics. Of course, this meant access to the tunnels would be controlled by the security team.


I looked at my watch and knew Jens should be arriving any time. I was nervous as hell and wasn't sure what to say to her. I decided it would be better to meet her outside, so I exited the tunnels and paced as I waited for her.


A vehicle I hadn't seen before drove up and, Oh Hell No! It's my estranged fiancé, Bernie and this is the worst possible time for him to arrive. He stops the SUV, gets out of it holding a huge bouquet of roses, walks over to me and says, "Liz, I'm sorry as hell about the fight. Please forgive me!"


For a moment I consider throwing the roses on the ground and stomping on them. But I do love Bernie, even though he is sometimes an idiot and makes mistakes. But then most men suffer from those problems.


I recognize the hope in his eyes so I smile at him and reply, "Thanks for the roses, this will go part of the way of fixing the problems. But do you know what will completely fix the problem?"


Bernie returns my smile and offers, "Yes Liz I know. I brought my luggage in our new Jeep and I will be staying in the tunnels with you on one condition."


I frown and threaten, "Bernie, I don't think you're in any position to set the conditions." Then I remember what he said and ask, "Did you say our Jeep?"


Bernie says, "Liz, please listen to my condition before you get upset. All I want to do is make sure we get out of the tunnels for at least an hour walk each day. And yes I did say our Jeep - I went to Denver and bought it yesterday. Then I packed up all the things from the hotel, including your new wedding dress and came here."


I run to Bernie and hug him. He hugs me so hard it hurts. In the midst of our embrace, we don't hear another car drive up.


We are interrupted when we heard, "Geez you two, get a fricken hotel room!"


I pull away, look over and Jens is here. I drag Bernie by the hand to meet her, hug her and ask, "How are you doing?"


I see her fight back tears as she says, "Liz I'm really sick, all I want to do is eat something and go to sleep."


Bernie says, "Liz go with Jens, I will take care of everything else."


Jens looks at the cabin and says, "Those fricking girls are going to pay for this."


I try to comfort her, "Jens they're gone and you need to concentrate on more important things…"


Jens interrupts, "…Yeah like finding and killing Miranda. Liz how could you have those two working for you?"


I take Jens' hand, we walk toward the garage and I tell her, "Jens, according to your father, someone might have beaten you to that. It looks like they were abducted."


Jens spits, "Good I hope they get what they deserve… Wait, Daddy is here?"


I answer, "Yes, he showed up last night with the information about the twins."


We reach the garage, Jens sees the security guards and asks, "What's going on? Is something wrong with the computer system?"


I tell her, "Don't worry about it, Gretchen is taking care of it."


We head to the dining hall, Mabel comes out, hugs Jens and says, "Sit down and let me get you some food."


We sit down, Mabel brings out two big plates of food, sets one in front of Jens, the other in front of me and orders, "Liz, you need to eat better now that you're eating for two."


Jens drops her fork, looks at me and remarks, "Liz why didn't you tell me you're preggers? Geez, I guess when I fixed you I really fixed you! This is great news!"


I smile at Jens and say, "I was going to tell you, but I didn't want you to be upset."


Jens swears, "Liz, what in the fricken-fracken heck were you thinking! This is more important than anything other than finding Ben. So how far along are you?"


I smile and answer, "Jens we don't know, we just found out the other day and I haven't been to a gynecologist yet."


Jens orders, "Well that's the first thing we need to do tomorrow. But right now I'm tired and need to try to sleep."


We thank Mabel for the food and I walk with her toward her room. We get to her room, open her door, walk in and Jens complains as I almost lose the breakfast Mabel gave me, "What in the heck is that terrible smell?"


I step outside the room to catch my breath and hear Jens swear, "Those beotchs! One of them took a dump on my pillow and not only that, they stole my picture of Ben! Now I'm really pissed off! I will terminate then with the most extreme prejudice."


I look back into the room and sure enough, there's a huge turd on Jens pillow. I suggest, "Jens there's lots of extra rooms, why don't you take one of them for the night until we get your room cleaned."


Jens breaks down begins to cry. I bravely hold my breath, head back into her room and lead her to a different empty room.


I tuck her in and say, "Jens try to get some sleep, it will all be better when you wake up."


Jens asks, "Liz, do you have one of your sleeping pills?"


I hadn't taken any for a long time other than… Shit! I forgot about being preggers and took one last night when Bernie wasn't here. One more fucking thing I need to talk to a gynecologist about. I say, "Jens, let me go and get one of them for you."


I head to my room, which is adjacent to Jens', see that Bernie has already brought his suitcase and the fucking mannequin with the wedding dress into our room and I decide I deserve it. I practically laugh when I see the mannequin faced towards the wall. Bernie us such a kidder.


I get a sleeping pill for Jens, go back to her room, carefully open the door and see that she's already sleeping. It's good because the pills can leave you groggy as hell.


I leave to go find Bernie to see how 'sorry' he is…  


Present – Bernie – at the cabin


I could have been a real ass about Liz' ultimatum to me, just like she was to me. But I decide to 'take one' for the relationship because I know Liz and in the long run, it will pay off. So I swallowed my pride and came to live in the tunnels, even though I hated them. I was talking to Mabel when Liz comes up and says, "Bernie, I wondered where you were. I hope you know I'm the only one here eating for two."


I smile at Liz and reply, "Don't worry my love, I was just catching up on the going-ons with Mabel. You do realize she knows everything around here – she is almost like information central."


Liz grins and says, "Yes, she even knew about our baby before I told her. But if you're through talking with her, I'd like to have a word with you in our room."


From the look in Liz' eyes I could tell my coming to the cabin was already going to pay off.


Present – Samantha – working on things


I finish the very long shower and I'm thankful that Stacy had a commercial water heater installed and make up my mind to do the same at my… I still can't believe it… my 'castle.' I remember Stacy's admonition about my financials and decide I need to meet with Bill to start the project of renovating my 'castle'.


I leave my room and realize I don't have any way to contact Bill! He always seems to be available when Stacy needs him, so I decide to stop by Stacy's room and see if she can help me with contacting Bill.


Present – Stacy – waking up


I wake up, turn over and the first thing I see is the picture of Ben that I stole from Jennifer's (UGH) room in the tunnels. I chuckle and wonder if the bitch is home yet and if she discovered the 'gift' I left her on the pillow.


I jump out of bed take a long hot shower and go to find Samantha.


I walk out of my bathroom and she's waiting for me. We hug and Sam asks, "Stacy, how do I contact Bill so I can start on the renovation of my 'castle' and begin setting up the WIFI in Leadville."


I pull back and say, "Sam, here is his mobile phone number. He always answers when I call him and I will tell him he needs to make sure he also answers if you call."


I pause and then asks a question, "So how was the crime scene?"


Sam begins to waffle so I realize she's not comfortable talking about it but she says, "Bill was certainly correct: It was a good thing you didn't see it and that's all I'm going to say."


I notice Sam's crappy clothes and ask, "What's going on with your clothes."


Sam looks a little sick and answers, "Stacy, my normal clothes, the ones I like to wear… Well how do I explain this? I felt so dirty after taking the video of the crime scene, I threw them in the trash. There is no way in hell I could ever wear them again."


I grin at her and reply, "This is perfect! You and I are going clothes shopping."


Sam looks at me and says, "I didn't think there were that many good clothing stores in Leadville."


I pull out my mobile phone, call Bill and ask him to get the jet ready, then I look at Sam and say, "Don't worry, we're taking a trip to New York City."


Samantha can barely contain her excitement, "Stacy are you sure?"


I smile at her and say, "Sam not to complain, but for a news reporter of your caliber, you need to dress better. Most of the time you look like a refugee."


Bill calls back and lets me know the jet will be ready in an hour. I look at Sam and suggest, "Well, we have an hour, how about lunch or breakfast or whatever the hell meal time it is?"


Sam grins and says, "Stacy you slept half the day, it's now lunch time."


We wander down to the kitchen and put in our orders for lunch, sit at the table and Sam asks, "Can Bill meet us for lunch, I would love to get a start on my 'castle'?"


Sam thinks a bit more then requests, "Do you think Bill could travel with us to New York City? I would like to do more work on the projects you gave me."


I hate to tell her no, but I inform her, "Sorry Sam, but with me leaving for NYC, Bill needs to stay here to manage things. However, you could do a video chat with him on the flight."


Sam naively asks, "You mean I can do a video chat with Bill whenever I need to?"


I think for a few moments before answering and make a decision, "Sam, I seem to keep Bill busy, perhaps you need a 'man Friday' for yourself?"


Sam gives me a perplexed look which slowly shifts to a look of hope and asks, "Stacy, do you think I could afford someone like Bill?"


I know the exorbitant amount of money I pay Bill so I ponder things for a moment, remember the many ex-military that Bill has told me about that need a good job and answer, "Sam we need to talk to Bill, but we might be able to find someone for you."


Sam says, "Stacy, you're too good to me."


I answer, "Sam that's what friends are for…"


Present – Inga, Jack, Thom, Masha and the children – flying back to Leadville


I do love it when men posture, trying to prove who is the better man - especially in this case because it's going to be a pistol shooting contest, which I excel at. I look at the two of them and feigning innocence ask, "Is this shooting competition open to everyone?"


Thom snidely remarks, "I thought Jack was going to help you…"


Masha interrupts and fills in my question, "…Yes, is this competition open to Inga and myself?"


Jack smiles and says, "Masha honey, of course this is open to you and Inga."


He then smiles at Thom and suggests, "Thom, I don't need to enter this contest because Masha will represent my family interests."


Thom pauses, gets a funny look on his face and then asks…


I'm not sure what the hell is going on - the old fart is dropping out of the pistol shooting competition and letting his wife take over. I decide to tease the shit out of him, "Hell I should have known that you would back out!"


Jack laughs and surprises me when he says, "Shit Thom, you're going to get your ass kicked! I'm a hell of a shot with a pistol but Masha is at least twice as good as I am."


Inga interjects, "Then I guess it will be a contest between me and Masha, because I've seen you shoot Thom and I know I can beat you."


I counter, "Yeah, in a battle situation you're pretty good, but shooting at targets is different."


Jack laughs and adds, "Did I forget to tell you, there's a Hogan's alley at Ben's cabin."


I grin at them and say, "I never meet a Hogan's alley I didn't like."


Jack laughs like crazy, Masha joins in and Jack says, "Hell, you've never seen one of Ben's Hogan's alley."


Masha pulls up her pants leg, shows a scar on her leg and adds, "Jack is correct, I got this scar the first time I went through Ben's Hogan's alley. If you don't kill the bad guys, they hurt you."


Suddenly I'm not so sure about winning this battle, let alone the war but I put on my game face, "Hell if a woman finished it, it can't be that bad."


Jack asks, like a typical Marine, "I don't suppose you'd like a little side wager on this?'


I smile at him and reply, "No problem, what do you want to lose?"


Jack says, "How about a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon?"


I counter, "And if I win?"


Jack laughs and boldly states, "That's never going to happen."


Then Inga shocks me by interjecting, "Thom if you win, I will do whatever you want me to do."


I have visions of her doing my laundry for a month and quickly agree, "You've got your bet!"