Chapter 054

Together Chapter 054

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – The trip to hell… there's a problem!


I began to check Jack's vitals and – son of a bitch! His breathing was shallow and his pulse was weak – dammit! In the excitement of the field surgery, I forgot that Jack had been self-medicating. The OxyContin, muscle relaxer and the morphine had done a number on Jack's vitals. I scrambled to find the Narcan1 in my UOP, finally found it and began to give Jack small doses through his IV.


1 Narcan - Naloxone, also known as Narcan among others names, is a medication used to reverse the effects of opioids especially in anoverdose.


The Butterbar came back, saw what I was doing and asked, "What's going on?"


I omitted part of the truth in my explanation, "The morphine dose was too strong for Jack and he was having some breathing problems. I'm giving him Narcan to counter the effects of the morphine."


The Butterbar informed, "I hope he's ready to transport in twenty because the chopper will be here by then."


Jack was already doing better so I assured him, "Yeah, not a problem." I needed to keep the Butterbar busy so I asked, "Can you take over here? I need to go through Jack's pack and pull out the spotter gear. Just give him one cc every minute and continue to check his breathing."


The Butterbar took over for me and I began to search Jack's pack, not only for the spotter gear, but also for the extra drugs I had obtained for him. The last thing I needed was someone like Colonel Maggie finding those in his pack.


Son of a bitch! I took the time to arrange Jack's pack before we left and the old fart had already messed it up, nothing was where it was supposed to be. I swore under my breath and continued to search for the spotter gear and the drugs. The Butterbar wondered, "Sgt. Blaine, what is taking you so long?"


This time I didn't omit anything when I said, "Jack never does keep his pack organized." I finally found the drugs and distracted the Butterbar, "How are Jack's vital signs."


He began to check Jack's pulse while I slipped the pills out of Jack's pack and into one of my leg pockets that was empty. The Butterbar said, "I think he's doing fine."


Jack woke up and yelled…


Son of a bitch! I woke up and my ass felt like it was on fire! I swore, "Banzai what in the fuck did you do to me?"


Banzai came over, touched my arm and said, "Jack, the piece of shrapnel in your ass hit an artery. I had to do surgery to close the bleeder."


I vaguely remember the shrapnel and that I pulled it out of my ass but I was in a hell of a lot of pain so I continued the complaints, "Shit Banzai! Can't you give me something for pain?"


Banzai leaned down and whispered, "Jack, the morphine combined with all the other drugs you'd taken did a number on you. Sorry about this, but for right now you're going to have to man up and tough it out."


The Butterbar remarked, "I think that's our chopper…"


I interrupted, "…What fucking chopper is that…"


Banzai interrupted me, "…Jack, you're headed back to the base so the real surgeons can finish what I've started." Then he leans closer and whispers, "Just remember – don't let them know about your back."


I asked, "Well, who the fuck is going to be your spotter?"


The Butterbar said, "Sgt. Blaine told me I was going to be the spotter."


I swore, "Hells Bells! What the fuck do you know about being a spotter? Banzai…"


Banzai interrupted, "… Jack, there's no choice in this, your chopper's here so man up."


Banzai and the Butterbar tossed my pack on the back of my legs, picked up my stretcher and began to haul ass down the stairs. The fuckers almost tipped me off the stretcher a couple times so I complained like hell…


They finally got me to the ground without dumping my ass off the stretcher, hauled me to the chopper loaded me on board and Banzai said to the flight nurse, "Jack's in a hell of a lot of pain. The morphine tanked his vitals so I gave him some Narcan IV to counteract the morphine. But it's made him crabby as hell. I put four sutures in the bleeder in his ass and packed it with gauze."


The flight nurse praised my report, "Sgt., it looks like you've done an excellent job. Thanks for not closing the wound, it would only make things worse. Don't worry I will take good care of your friend."


I complained, "I'm not crabby when I'm not in pain."


Banzai, shook my hand and said, "Godspeed Jack! Don't worry about me."


He left with the fucking Butterbar and I asked, "Hey how about something for pain?"


The nurse replied, "Sorry but with the Narcan in your system it wouldn't work anyway."


Son of a bitch – Banzai did it to me again!


Flashback – Masha – A pleasant surprise!


I started to clean the blood from the dead teenage girl off my carpet when I heard a car drive up. I was concerned it might be some of the hooligans come to harass me again. I briefly thought about getting another shotgun out of Jack's safe, but decided to look out the window instead and was happy with that decision: Jack's car was in the driveway and several other cars were parked along the curb in front of my house. I watched as Louise, Linda, several other women and Michael exited the additional cars. What were they doing here? And I certainly did not look presentable for company, not while in my work clothes.


Louise led them to the front door, which was destroyed, knocked on the door, stuck her head inside and said, "Masha, do you mind if we come in? I've brought some friends to help clean up your house and fix your door."


I sputtered, "Louise, I… I… I…"


Louise laughed and said, "Come on in everyone and meet my adopted aunt Masha."


They walked into my house and Louise began the introductions, "Masha, this is Gwen and her boy George, Brenda and her girl Tina and of course you know Michael. Everyone this is my badass aunt Masha."


The women came over, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Michael said, "It looks like I need to get to work fixing the front door."


I didn't notice it, but he had a tool box with him so he walked over to the front door and said, "Wow, they really messed this up, but don't worry, I can fix it, at least for tonight."


He began to work and the other women asked, "Masha, tell us what happened."


Louise interrupted, "First Masha let me take those cleaning items from you. I will get started on your carpet and wall."


I looked and then noticed the wall, it was a huge mess.


I told Gwen and Brenda what happened; it was very hard and I cried several times. They both hugged me and told me how I was a hero and kept calling me a 'badass'. Their children played with each other and Linda while I spoke with their mothers. Louise came over and said, "All done Masha, how does it look."


I looked at the rug and the wall and they were practically perfect. I didn't want to appear insensitive so I lied, "Louise thank you, they look great!" However, I knew I would later perform a more thorough cleaning job.


Louise smiled and said, "The pizza should be here anytime, do you have some wine in your fridge?"


I responded, "Louise, I'm not sure."


She went to the fridge, pulled out two bottles and said, "This should be good enough for us."


Michael came over and said, "Ms. Reynolds, I did the best I could on your door and it should be fine for tonight. I will call a friend who is a carpenter tomorrow and get him to replace your door."


I began to cry, Louise hugged me and asked, "Masha's what's wrong?"


I blubbered, "I… I… I… can't believe you all did this for me. I hardly know you."


Louise giggled and said, "Masha, don't be silly, you're my aunt and Gwen and Brenda were impressed and wanted to meet you and hopefully become your friends."


Gwen and Brenda confirmed what Louise said. We were interrupted by a knock on the front door. I was startled and jumped and Michael said, "Don't worry, it's only the pizza."


He paid for the pizza, brought it in the house and said, "I hope you all like Hawaiian pizza."


The pizza was different than I had ever had - it had pineapple on it but was very good. I was shocked when I ate two pieces, twice what I would normally consume.


After we finished the pizza, Michael said, "Well, I need to get going. The man who's coming tomorrow to finish the repair on your front door is named John."


Gwen and Brenda stood up, they both gave me a funny look and Brenda asked, "Masha, we were wondering if you would consider babysitting for our children."


I was shocked and proceeded with caution, "Ladies, you would still want me to watch your children after seeing this?"


Gwen said, "Masha don't be silly. We're impressed with how well you handled yourself so if you would consider it, we would appreciate it."


They left, I looked at Louise and said, "I guess you're leaving too?"


Louise giggled and replied, "Masha don't be silly. I can see that you need someone here tonight so Linda and I are spending the night. Now, what do you say that we finish off the wine?"


I was very thankful that Louise was staying and even more thankful for more wine…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – on the way to the shrink


When I was finished giving the fracking shrink the worst possible answers to his questions that I could imagine, he said, "Well Jennifer, we're done, how about letting me discuss this with your father?"


I continued being a pain in the rear and demanded, "Don't tell me you need to say something to Daddy that you can't say in front of me."


He was taken aback by the question and sputtered, "Jennifer that's not the case."


I stayed in my chair and replied, "Good! Then you won't mind me staying here."


I could tell he wasn't happy but I had no plans of letting him talk to Daddy (about my crazy responses to his stupid questions) without me in the room. He buzzed the nurse and directed, "Please bring Glen into the room."


She brought Daddy into the room and asked, "Should I remove Jennifer?"

I complained, "Heck no! I'm not going anywhere."


Daddy walked into the office, looked at me and asked, "Jennifer, are you supposed to be here?"


I stood my ground, "Heck yeah! If you and the fricken-fracken shrink are going to talk about me, I'm not leaving."


The shrink began to give Daddy the 'bad news' about how dysfunctional I was. Daddy looked at him, then at me and asked, "Jennifer what did you do?"


I laughed and answered, "Don't worry Daddy, I only put the fun in dysfunctional."


The shrink complained, "Don't tell me I just wasted my time."


I laughed and added, "Okay, but I will tell you this. You not only wasted your time, you also wasted my time and Daddy's time. Most of the things I told you were only to upset you. I am doing mostly fine with mother leaving and I know what will make her come back."


Daddy and the shrink gave me a shocked look and Daddy asked, "Jennifer what will bring Evelyn back?"


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


After Chow Mein violated the psychologist's office, and I had medicated her and him, rendering them both unconscious, I ran to the office doorway, opened it and yelled, "Help! I need immediate help in here! Chow Mein attacked the psychologist!"


It didn't take very long until the orderlies arrived. They slowly (because of fear) stepped into the office and asked, "Where is that devil cat?"


I pointed at the psychologist and answered, "He fell on top of her. I am concerned that he might have killed her."


One of the orderlies muttered under his breath, "God I hope so."


I made sure to not react (for the present time) to his comment. They carefully moved the obese psychologist off Chow Mein. I had to fight back laughter because it looked as if they expected her to attack them at any moment. One of them touched her but she didn't move and commented, "Alexi, I think your cat is dead."


I began to cry, "Nooooooo! Do not tell me that! Please do something."


They looked at each other and one suggested, "We could get the veterinarian."


I affirmed, "Yes please do that! I would be so despondent if Chow Mein died."


The one who suggested the veterinarian left (I assume to get him) while the other began to look at the psychologist and asked, "Alexi, what happened to him?"


I replied, "In my haste to remove Chow Mein from his back, I am afraid I gave him some of this medication."


I showed him the empty syringe and he continued, "Do you know what medicine it contained?"


I pointed to the table with all the bottles on it and said, "One of those."


He stood up, went to the table, looked at the drugs and said, "Some of these are lethal, do you know which one he placed into the syringe?"


I shrugged my shoulders and lied, "Not really."


He requested, "Please hand me the syringe."


I wished I had more Thorazine in the syringe because I would give it to the orderly. I handed him the syringe, he tasted the small remainder and said, "We're in luck for the professor, this is Thorazine and shouldn't kill him."


I asked, "What will it do to Chow Mein?"


He replied…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


My hearing was still a mess, but I maneuvered successfully away from the self-detonated woman before I was captured. I crawled under a bush to lick my wounds and wait for my hearing (if it ever did) to improve.