Chapter 056

Together Chapter 056

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Flashback – Ben and George (the Butterbar) – Spotter training and other things.


With Jack safely away on the chopper and headed for the hospital, I handed the Butterbar Jack's spotting gear and asked, "You know Sir, I don't even know your name."


He laughed and said, "You can call me George instead of Butterbar, yeah I overheard you two talking and using that term."


The fact that he wasn't sensitive about being called a Butterbar further reinforced my positive feelings toward him." I suggested, "Well George, let's head up to the roof before the Captain gives us more shit."


We hiked up to the roof where the Captain came over and complained, "Hells Bells it's about time you two got up here. We've seen a whole bunch of towelheads and it's frustrating as hell because they're staying just out of range of our M4s."


I looked at George then back to the Captain and I replied, "Well Sir! Just point us in their direction and I will take care of that problem."


He waved his hand with an all-encompassing sweeping motion and said, "Hell, choose your direction because we're fucking surrounded."


I looked at George and asked for guidance, "Pick a direction Sir!"


He smiled and suggested, "How about the points of the compass?"


I replied, "North it is."


We moved to the side of the building which faced mostly North and George asked, "Sgt. Blaine…"


I interrupted, "… George, please call me Ben."


George asked, "How about if I call you Banzai like Sgt. Reynolds does?"


I smiled and answered, "That works for me, now you were asking..."


George continued, "Banzai, what am I supposed to do?"


I smiled at him and said, "George to be truthful, I don't really need you to do anything. But in the Marines a sniper always has a spotter."


George complained a little, "Banzai, I don't want to sit on my ass doing nothing so why don't you help me out here?"


I agreed, "Okay, but I hope you understand I'm not going to let you slow me down."


I showed George how to set up the spotting scope, was instructing him on the reticle when the Captain came over and once again complained, "Sgt. Blaine, when the fuck are you going to fire that rifle of yours?"


I looked at him and answered, "Immediately Sir! Perhaps you would like to observe through the spotting scope."


He muscled George out of the way without asking, began to look through the spotting scope and asked, "Which one of the towelheads are you trying to waste?"


I pulled up my rifle, easily spotted one of the insurgents and said, "One O'clock the insurgent with the RPG."


It took the fucking Captain forever to find him, he finally said, "He's damn far away, I hope you can hit him."


Damn fucking Captain! I decided to show off and called my shot, "Keep an eye on his head."


I did my breath control, slowly tickled the trigger, my rifle barked and the insurgents head exploded.


The Captain complained, "Sgt. Blaine I thought you were supposed to do chest shots?"


I had my fill of this fucking Captain - shit he was worse than Captain M and if he kept it up he might get his ass fragged.


I answered, "Sir! I wasn't sure your untrained eyes would see a chest shot and I wanted to make sure I got credit for the kill."


He laughed, "That's a lame fucking excuse, now make sure the rest of your shots are chest shots."


I wanted to give the Captain the one finger salute but George (who had taken control of the spotting scope) looked up and interrupted, "Sgt. Blaine, you might want to get moving on shooting the other insurgents before they figure out what happened."


I looked through my scope and noticed the remainder of the insurgents were looking around, trying to figure out who in the hell shot the RPG idiot and said, "Thank you Sir! You're correct."


I began to take out the remaining towelheads on the 'North' side of the building until they finally wised up and began to run away. I smoked a couple of them as they retreated while George remarked, "Those shots at the running insurgents were incredible."


I laughed and said, "When you run from a sniper, you only die tired. Which side of the building next?"


We moved to the opposite side and started again…


Flashback – Jack – medivac to the hospital


I continued to complain, "Hells Bells my ass is on fire, are you sure you can't give me something?"


The flight nurse said, "The only thing I could do is to put some lidocaine in your wound…"


I interrupted, "…Hell yeah please do that."


She said, "You need to know that at first it will make the pain worse."


I frantically said, "I don't give a fuck."


She said, "Okay, just remember, you asked for this."


I felt her messing around on my ass, then Oh My Fucking God! And things began to go dark…


Flashback – Masha – Not alone tonight


I was so very happy that Louise and Linda were spending the night with me. There was only one issue: I was concerned that some of the hooligan teenagers might try to return and injure us. As Louise and I finished the bottle of wine, I suggested, "Louise, please help me move the couch in front of the door."


Louise gave me a funny look and asked, "Why Masha?"


I answered, "Even though the police assured me they captured the other hooligan girls, I do not trust them to keep them in jail and we also do not know if they contacted other of their hooligan friends. The door is not secure, so we will make it more difficult if someone tries to enter our house."


Louise and I moved the couch in front of the door then I said, "Louise, I am going in one of the extra bedrooms and I will come back with several guns, will this cause you any discomfort?"


Louise laughed, "Hell no my badass aunt (Louise placed a sing-song emphasis on those two words)! I just wish I knew how to shoot so I could help you if you needed it."


I replied, "In the future we can teach you how to shoot so do not worry."


I opened Jack's safe, removed another shotgun, this one was a Mossberg 500 Mariner, and two 1911 style pistols. I verified they were loaded with a round chambered, walked back into the living room with the weapons and suggested, "Louise, I am ready to go to sleep, it has been a very hard day for me."


Louise yawned and said, "That would be great, because wine makes me sleepy. Are Linda and I sleeping in the extra bedroom?"


I thought for a moment and decided, "I will feel safer if you share my bed and if you do not mind Linda can sleep on the floor beside the bed."


Louise smiled and said, "That sounds great, I brought some pajamas from the store. Let me go to the bathroom, clean up Linda and myself and change into them."


Louise and Linda went into the bathroom as I took the weapons into the bedroom. I placed the shotgun on top of the headboard where I could easily reach it, put one of the pistols under my pillow and placed the other one on the bedside table. Then I moved the little mattress I had for Linda beside Louise's side of the bed and waited for Louise to finish. She came out of the bathroom, walked into the bedroom and said, "Thanks for moving Linda's mattress."


She placed Linda on the mattress and she almost immediately fell to sleep, I said, "I’ll take my turn in the bathroom."


I took care of my bathroom needs, came out of the bathroom and Louise was fast asleep. I carefully crawled into the bed, closed my eyes and tried to sleep. However, sleep did not come for many hours. I continued to see the hooligan girl I killed…


Flashback – Jennifer and Glen – on the way to the shrink


When I told Daddy and the fricken-fracken shrink I knew exactly how to get mother to come back, I had their rapt attention.


Daddy asked, "Jennifer what will bring Evelyn back?"


I faked a bored yawn and said, "Daddy, this is soooooo easy I'm shocked you didn't think of it."


I purposefully didn't answer Daddy since I wanted to give him heck for forcing me to come to this fricken shrink.


Daddy looked frustrated and said, "Jennifer, are you going to tell me or not?"


I giggled and said, "I guess you have waited long enough. It's easy-peasy - all I have to do is to perform in another ballet and mother will return."


Daddy smiled and accused me, "Jennifer you are so devious."


I giggled and said, "Hey blame yourself, you taught me."


The fricken shrink interjected, "Glen, didn't you say Evelyn left because of the housekeeper, how to you plan on handling that situation when she comes back?"


I had visions of mother making both of us sick again and complained, "Yeah Daddy, how do you plan on fixing this because I'm sure as heck not going to eat her food again."


Daddy smiled at me and said, "Jennifer that's not your worry, it's mine."


I wasn't so sure about my plan now since I hadn't thought about Daniela and mother being together again, this could be really bad. However, I came to the conclusion I could always become the prima-beotcharina again and insist that only Daniela prepare my food.


Daddy said, "Well Jennifer, I really like your idea. It's time to go so how about we stop by the ballet studio and talk to Olga."


It was great to be finished with this shrinkarama and I was sooooo glad to leave. I did ask, "Daddy can we stop by the BX after we talk to Olga, I want to buy a few things on the way home."


Daddy said, "Sure my little princess."


I threw a fit, "Daddy that is going to cost you!"


He laughed and taunted, "Yeah right, what are you going to do ground me?"


Daddy would regret his princess bovine-excrement statement after we got home from the BX…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


I asked the orderly who had determined that I dosed both Chow Mein and the psychologist with Thorazine, if he felt that the Thorazine would kill Chow Mein and controlled my jubilation when he replied, "Unfortunately Alexi, the Thorazine probably killed Chow Mein."


I could sense from the tone in his voice that he was not sad at that fact so I faked crying, "Chow Mein, my Chow Mein…"


The orderly moved the psychologist off Chow Mein, reached down, brushed her and…


Chow Mein let out a yowl and attacked the orderly's arm. I knew better than to wait around so I dashed out of the psychologist's office, making sure to slam the door behind me, and then bolted the door on the outside.


The orderly frantically yelled and banged on the door, "Alexi, let me out! Chow Mein is biting my ass!"


But there was no way I was opening that door, not with Chow Mein on the loose again. Just then the veterinary and other orderly returned and they asked, "What's all the yelling we're hearing?"


I replied, "Chow Mein woke up and is attacking the other orderly."


The orderly with the psychologist said, "Shit! We need to get him out of there, that devil cat will kill him."


He moved toward the door while I declared, "I'm out of here." And I promptly began running - there was no way I wanted to be around that devil cat when the door was opened.


At my quick departure, I came up with a truly evil idea and ran toward a specific room…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I started to hear something but because my hearing was still slightly messed up I couldn't really fathom the sound even though it was familiar. So my best course of action was to stay put and hope that my hearing continued to clear. Which it did albeit much too slowly for my liking.


I could finally make sense of the sounds that I heard earlier - it was another group of men on patrol. They were close; much too close to my current location for me to attempt an escape. I hunkered down, made sure my suppressed pistol had a full magazine in it and hoped they passed without noticing me.


Fortune smiled again on me (how many times has that happened this mission?) and I heard them moving away from me. From the way they moved and talked (it reminded me of a group of monkeys), I could only surmise that the bull had been restrained.


I slipped out behind them and slowly crept up on the last man in line…